Diasporas of Old and New

•December 5, 2012 • 5 Comments

This week’s show is definitely one you don’t want to miss. The topic was Diasporas of old, and the present voluntary variety which is going on right under our nose.

Disconnecting and running away from it all, be it the media stream or the community around us may not necessarily be our own idea, or even a good one.


I explored these notions and myself, while hoping others would venture forward to the mirror and do same, stripping away notions that may not necessarily be their own, and dear attachments that were implanted [unavailable].

Also, got into a long overdue explanation of exactly why the Black Friday experiment happens and will continue to happen as long as we participate ignorantly, yet willingly. More coming, last show post was just updated too.

Jive Turkey Hashing

•November 27, 2012 • 10 Comments

Aye, it’s that time of the year again, the time when a bunch of stupid cunts walk around proudly proclaiming their own ignorance and callousness by wishing “Happy Turkey Day” to one another. They may as well be saying “Happy Niggar Day,” but the only reason they don’t is because they haven’t been programmed to.

unhappy turkeyignorant and indifferent

This week’s show looked at the traditional idiocracy we keep repeating, while giving thanks for family and experiences [downloadable].


Also, took a look at the connections of the alternative media going back over time and how they’ve long been programming their listeners to believe the most preposterous of notions, even those that should defy even basic common sense.

nazi moon landing bin laden whalers

Never mind this: “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.” – Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869

Perhaps traveling does help change one’s mind by changing one’s perspective. Perhaps, the use of some words is overly condemning. Then again, most of the same idiots who’d argue for abortion rights are against prostitution. Perhaps, getting high will help. Perhaps, not.

Note: I joined Lee Rogers on Tuesday night, November 27th [unavailable], for our monthly look at the charlatans and buffoons comprising the alternative media.

Maoism Time after Time

•November 21, 2012 • 11 Comments

Alex Jones has now called for a Cultural Revolution, further demonstrating the Judaic/Marxist subersion he’s been selling, and that the Celtic Revel was Right.

The first half of the show focused on the direction the alternative media has been going and the shady salesmen knocking on our aural doors:.


The second half of the show focused on the continuing masculinization of women, and the ongoing effeminazation of men, and the increasing dissatisfaction in relationships and enjoyment of life that follows. For the duration of the last two hours, I was joined by a woman, Joanne from theloosh.com.

battle of sexes

Yes, I did promote the below film, as I felt it showed a rare, natural, and mutually rewarding behavior. For the moment, I hold on to the claim that it is the first time-travel film I’ve seen in ages that isn’t about buttsex, though I may need to watch it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Enjoy the holy days with the family. I will see you all next Sunday….

The Waters of History

•November 14, 2012 • 14 Comments

Eugene from the Underground Stream returned this week for a chance 11/11 setting to pick up our last conversation about the water of life.

That’s the show, playable below [more imagery coming to help explain this rather complicted topic].


The first half of the show was dedicated to water and our place within and without it. The second half of the show was focused on some reshuffled history.

More to come…

Who Do You Want to Be?

•November 7, 2012 • 12 Comments

The Celtic Rebel was back on the air live this week, and returning to asking the questions asked long ago near the inception of the creative stream of this blog: Who are you? Are you sure? Who made you?

mirror two

That’s the show, playable below:.


Of course, we couldn’t ask the questions without getting to the group responsible for much of our self-perception, the manufacturers of our [idiot] mind and our [false] reality. Those who have shattered our potential for individualised growth.

mirror one

Note: I hosted Live Free or Die in place of Lee Rogers on Wednesday, November 7th [not available] and on Thursday, November 8th [unavailable]. It was a different format and tone than the regular Rebel shows, so some may enjoy them.

The Two-Step Solution

•October 17, 2012 • 4 Comments

Sorry, due to some circumstances (discussed partly on show), I had neglected to post last Sunday’s (14th) show to the blog. It picked up where the prior show left off: resetting the economy and then what?


That’s it above [downloadable]. Will try to add more, time permitting.

Note A: There was no live show the following Sunday (21st). I replayed the Nixon show, which if you missed the first time, is well worth a listen.

Note B: There was also no live show the following Sunday (28th). I replayed the Visualymbic Castrations show, which if you missed the first time, is also well worth a listen. I anticipate being well enough to do a show next week.

Happy Days May Be Here Again

•October 10, 2012 • 19 Comments

The Church of Truth has been having daily sermons of late, each and everyone heralding the horns of the apocalypse with more vim, more vigor and more, beyond all, doom and gloom. The TUR[D]H of TRUTH is just another bullshit religion.

Beyond all the fearmongering [psychological warfare], there is far more going on, and I think more than anything right now, we may need to hear a positive message about a potential positive outcome, and I think me, and my two guests, Greg from New Jersey and The Fat Drunk Coward, brought one (message) worth hearing:


We’ve seen all the symbols before. The fear is now omnipresent. So, why are we “awake” individuals so oblivious, as to have bought the notion that the fearful hammer of persuasion has instilled, that harvest time is the end of time?

Perhaps, things won’t turn out as badly as we’ve been led to believe. Then again, we’ve become pretty inept at interpreting symbols. It/they cuts both ways.

The one thing that we have on our side, more potent than our endless well of naivete and ignorance, would be our apathy. And these traits, have been overprogrammed into us to such an extent, they may literally be our saving graces. It may be what helps us avoid the worst of the chaos before the planned/cyclical reset takes place.

Victims, Trauma and Blame

•October 3, 2012 • 16 Comments

Sometimes it’s easy to feel superior to others and sometimes it’s easy to make moral calls. But, how often do we consider the history of those we dismiss?

As this warrior has temporarily set aside his axe, I wonder about the traumatized victims around us, some of which, I may have inadvertently compounded the suffering of. All I’m doing is asking questions, we all should be [unavailable].


While I again (repeat) am not comparing one tragedy to another, we can’t dismiss that the end result of long-term exposure to fear and psychological abuse is extremely destructive, particularly to those who are in the process of growing.

The girl below [right] is the Siberian one I spoke of from the film Girl Model (2011). She is the one (of thousands) taken away from her family, under the promise of a better life, into the system and under the care of those far less scrupulous.

Ignore the “fear porn” truths we keep getting INFORMED that we and our lesser “sheeple” don’t want to face. The real truths are fare more uncomfortable to face.

What chance do we have to grow and become a better world when we treat the daughters of others (and of other species) like mere more than slabs of meat?

And how far gone are we, regardless of whom our adversary may be, when we don’t even afford treating our own daughters the same negligent/traumatic way?

Note: I returned as a guest on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers on Wednesday, October 3rd [unavailable]. The show went over four hours (commercial-free) and we took phone calls.

Battles Warriors and the War

•September 19, 2012 • 19 Comments

Sometimes, a warrior grows weary of fighting. Not every battle needs to be won, much less fought. Sometimes, other calls may need be answered.

That’s how this week’s show began. And, I do hope to exercise and demonstrate some of my other talents in the week’s to come.


That was the beginning of the show [unavailable]. I connected to last week’s thoughts regarding infection, and wrapped up this series in three parts.

Swords and axes, we need remember there is still a war going on. The enemy has a plan. And should we elect to stay out of the entire war, the only way it will end is in the utter destruction of all that we, and our parents once held dear. They boldly (and repeatedly) announce their intent while mocking their victims (us).

Unfortunately, the video that inspired the discussion, and details the above and sets of movies is no longer available on the youtube/jewtube. I won’t theorize.

Close up the threads discussing the industry of conmen and disinformation artists that shovel loads of turds (while scrambling the word a bit and mispronouncing the delta as a theta). They are just doing their job (whether they know it or not).

I suspect that I will be a guest on somewhere between 2 to 3 shows by week’s end. Will post an update herein soonest.

Note A: There was no live show the following Sunday (23rd), but I appeared on another show on Saturday, September 22nd [unavailable] to discuss historical facts surrounding “Nazis,” and yet another show on Sunday, September 23rd [downloadable] to discuss the [jewish] media manufactured present wave of “Neo-Nazism.

Note B: There will be a live show this upcoming Sunday (30th), but I will also be appearing on Andrew Sholly’s Cold Reality on Blogtalk this Friday, September 28th @ 9:00 PM Eastern until 11:00 PM [link to channel].

The Art of Infection

•September 13, 2012 • 14 Comments

This week’s show followed up where last week’s show left off. Words are indeed powerful, far more invasive and far more infective than any known virus.

biophillia virus

The power of words to harm or heal, inspire or destroy. How does that play into the imbalance of feminine and masculine and how do words, diseases and hungry zombies interplay? Those were but some of the topics this week:


The beginning may just throw some people off. Then again, perhaps it is too late?

blue velvet

Many in this self-help, fear-porn, nonsense-spinning, mind-poison business will vie for your attention, selling you literal and metaphoric “snake” oil. Why rebel against the one[s] who are only try to reveal that you are once again the butt of a joke?

sucks ass is an inside job

They love to flip and reverse and sometimes throw the most blatant viral marketing campaigns at us. Why dare they be so bold, because they know the zombies who eat their excretive mind-filth are too busy waiting for something.

free pussy riot scam china beach masks

They are waiting for the zombie apocalypse to begin. Now, I guess should some of the few remaining creative individuals left in this world desist from handing out ideas, we may find out how long it takes the zombies to starve to death.

zombie starving to death

More words, thoughts, and shows coming. For now 😉 At least, until the next great avenger is born.

Feminine Secrets of Jewish Patriarchs

•September 5, 2012 • 9 Comments

How do you bring down a princess and turn her into a pauper? Well, first you block up her natural flow and connection the natural. Then, you convince her that all her powers are weaknesses, and to compensate for the strengths of others.

That’s one of the focal points of this week’s impromptu show, as well as another look at those doing the “con-vincing” [downloadable]:


Perhaps Lucy did fall, into the same mental-trap many of us have, but her powers have waned not, and the priests of inversion and subversion, while having emulated her tactics, are using the their mass weapons of psychological warfare to convince their subjects the exact opposite of everything natural is true.

The alternative media, of course, is just yet another weapon in their arsenal of feminine weaponry. Who else would so readily do the bidding of subtle forces who’ve been mentally and emotionally have them wrapped around their fingers?

shade documentary intel hub anal sex fisting

The neuro linguistic elements and their flow through the consciousness of the masses may not be as difficult to trace as one unfamiliar may assume. We should all have learned enough by watching the local phenomenon of feminine manipulation to remove some of the awe from the process.

However, though methods are feminine, the practitioners on the global scale are not women, but effeminated men, who despise women, and will seek to continue building them up falsely, while destroying their natural flow. More words and images to flow?

Note: On Friday, September 7th, I made an appearance on the Emerald Isle. I was on the Delcroix show on Awake Radio [downloadable]. 😀

Seductive Female Prayers [2]

•August 29, 2012 • 16 Comments

Well, we finally delivered the goods. Well, to some I guess. I know I’ve delved into and covered the topic before, but this time it was much bigger. Hello Roberta!

roberta sarah singerroberta pedon

The Living Tiki returned for the second week in a row to finish talking about what we left off with last week, Deadly Jewesses with Gigantic Boobs:


Alternately, I guess I could have added the colloquial expression “killer boobs” as it might be quite fitting when we start looking back on our history. Heck, even if we start looking about present events, we will should indubitably end up stopping, scratching our heads, and asking ourselves, “Just what the hell is going on?”

There are many uncanny events, transpired and transpiring, where few logical explanations seem to suffice, hence we may have to ask a few improbable questions. More troubling however, is why we have been so slow to notice even the most obvious of repeating facts. Hypnotism and gematria may help explain.

Oddly, chatango, for the duration of this past weekend, and the only time since I’ve been using it for my chatroom, stopped the auto display of images. Hence, it failed/stopped on Sunday. Apologies to those of you who were looking forward to the boobfest, and “you’re welcome” to those of you who were spared it. 😀

Note: I was back on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers this Wednesday, August 29th [unavailable]. The show went over four hours, commercial-free.

Seductive Female Prayers [1]

•August 22, 2012 • 7 Comments

When I first hazarded the connection between James Holmes and John Holmes, I was half-joking myself, hooking for a comedic angle. Now, there is little (if any) doubt in my mind that this “sink” wrecks both theatrically staged houses of cards.

The Living Tiki returned once again, to discuss the above matters and other far more interesting curves and lures demanding our [at] attention:


The below montage of images, could easily be played off with clever/punic wordplay about rising to the occasion, but looking at them now, what I find somewhat incredible is that Obama’s partner/adviser was a ballerina (Rahm Israel Emanuel), and so was the most present of the Batmen/Cockswains (Christian Bale).

They are all bottoms, even those who “act/play” the role of the top. For those interested, here are the two referenced videos featuring these lying actors: Obama Showing Off his Qualification, and Alex Jones Digging for a Truffle.

The career arc of Jenny Agutter, now standing quite proud/erect, is likely properly summarized above, and I assumed that Walkabout was the bottom/top arc or her rising/falling star. But, I was unaware of the below factoid before the show:

Mr Skin’s New Blu-Ray Nudes Corner: “Jenny Agutter Winks Her Brown Eye in Walkabout: There is no more deep, dark, and mysterious place than the anus. The brown eye shot is one of the rarest in cinema for a reason–to reveal that hidden spot, the lighting must be bright and direct, and the ass cheeks must be spread.”

“However, thanks to the wonder of Blu-Ray, even a shadowy hollow can now be defined as 100% brown eye action. Case in point, the asstastic Jenny Agutter in Walkabout (1971). What we previously though was just crack can now be revealed as the rear port!”

The human race is advancing, the wonder of technology has allowed previously undiscovered stars to now be clearly seen. 🙄 Apparently, Jenny recently had an 88 page novel devoted to her. Looking at the pics below, I now wonder if I seriously overguessed the age she hit said career focus-point. There’s a good reason I didn’t link said article, I’ll leave the exploration of that rabbit hole to the gutter-minded.

I kind of screwed up the show for Tiki by adding some new related material to the front of the show outline, instead of the back, hence considered yourself formally teased on the Big Breasted Jewess topic. That is to come, or not, next week.

Note: I recently updated a discussed post, Visualymbic Castration Follies with new images and thoughts, be sure to check it out.

Hacking Away at the Hydra

•August 15, 2012 • 8 Comments

Well, the 2012/Zion Olympics is over and absolutely none of the fearmongering or spectacular predictions made by all the hucksters, fools and wankers in the alternative media came true. The retraction mills must be working overtime. 🙄

I know I’ve focused and refocused (i.e., hacked away and hacked away at this hydra of lies) before, but there is a method to my stabbing away at the madness:


There are nexxus points (i.e, “hearts”) that this shit-spell of lies originated from, hence I felt it important to rehash some of that information, especially pertaining to the Queen of Liars, Mae Brussell, a focal point of the show [unavailable].

Is the alternative media, composed of ignoramuses and scam artists “evil?” That depends on your interpretation, but I feel vindicated in calling out some of the sources, as they are directly responsible for an interpretation I read of the above [right] image. It was something to the effect of “look, the butterflies prove mkultra monarch programming.” No, you fucking idiots, the butt flies represent what may be attracted to the result of giving some fool an enema. The only reason you are missing the obvious, is you’ve been hopelessly brainwashed by the bullshit hydra.

So, for now, until the hydra either dies, or most of the people around stop paying attention to it, I know nothing better to do than hack away. More coming…

Return of the Goldbug [III]

•August 7, 2012 • 24 Comments

Ed Chiarini came back for his third appearance on The Rebel Path. Be it actors with make-up, “family” or look-a-likes, we have ask wonder what exactly is happening?

golda meir lyndon johnson

The above comparison (thanks random chatter), was really not central to our discussion, but some relevant current events were:


The first half of the show was dedicated to the latest staged marketing promotion, the horribly written marketing event that just [allegedly] took place in Aurora.

viral internet marketing

Aside from some of the issues I raised on the show, I recommend you check out Ed’s page on the topic: Aurora Hoax. There you will find his videos on the topic, along with photos of some of the people we discussed. You may also want to take a look at Mass Casualty Exercise at Community College of Aurora in Colorado which didn’t come up on the show, but reveals plenty (thanks to Gomer for sending).

Beyond all the actors going by coons and the cunts, at the end of the day, nothing says more than the following image. No, it’s not synchronicity, it is called scripting.

gateway high school

Note: I neglected to get into it during the show, but Ed is under the impression that some of the actors from the One Day at a Time television series are also being used in the Aurora Terror event promotion. That might make some sense, as the same actors were used in a pivotal script used to break down the family unit (prior show).

dicks jackass dickhouse

While I feel close to 100% on some of my own prior attempts at matching (The Shepards, Teri Buhl, Rick Clay/Julian Assange), I can’t say the same about above (hard to say with a child who is growing/changing rapidly). However, as crazy as some of Ed’s theories may seem, the below match started off at 0% for me, and is now inching closer to leaving me wondering. Is there something else going on?

queen elizabeth betty white

As I did with the discussed Jewish cleavage queen, I won’t make up my own mind on The Queen herself, or any other female specimens until I see the type of evidence I can derive concrete conclusions from based on the way my brain perceives items of importance. Yes, no doubt in my mind on below um, pairing. 😉

lindsay lohan nipples

I’m not saying Lindsay’s boobs are fake, but that she has been replaced. I am saying that at some point, assuming it had not already happened, they found someone else to step into the role/life of Lindsay Lohan (clients still abound).

ben breedlove fraud

But, I am saying the entire above story is fake. Ben Breedlove is fake. His death was fake. His family is fake. Everything is fake, other than the very real money the operation has made off of suckers. Gateway? To Heaven? Or, is it the other one my tangent of research may suggest, them letting you know you’re getting fucked.

farrell nazi handlebar moustachejim marrs jfk nazi aliens jack ruby

I will address it next time I’m on air, but I was seriously disappointed by the chat room. The lynch mob mentality rendered the chat utterly useless for the entire duration of the show. How come flash mobs don’t form whenever either of the above clowns (whom we know are both entirely full of shit) appear on air?

Few Other Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
June 2012: The Bat Actor Con Piracy May 2012: Rebel Sightings (A Week Of)
Apr 2012: Rabbi’d Temple Dogs [II] May 2011: Obama Jones (The Godspell)

Note: The above articles all closely relate to what was discussed on this show, and contain images that may be both relevant and revelant. I just updated the “Week Of” post, and hope to update others in the near future.

Visualymbic Castration Follies

•August 1, 2012 • 8 Comments

The Olympics Games are upon us and while a bunch of fools will be looking for hidden things we’re allegedly not supposed to see, I felt it more important to focus on obvious things we should be seeing. Below, are two such prime examples:

spanish volleyball assolympic beach signals

If you are a male who would claim to be a “man” then you should by now feel somewhat confused by the paradox presented above. If not, you really need to listen to this show [downloadable]. Women should appreciate it as well.


While there are many now proselytizing the gospel of crazy for events that are due to transpire after the 2012 London Olympics commence, I am not one of them.

swerdlow clay henry schlenker

Believe it or not, the above image had only a few minor Rebel alterations made to it, the rest was put in by someone who was allegedly not trying to create a frightful collage of sexual debauchery. One of my slight changes, was to add the faces of some of those responsible for making a slew of bold ridiculous predictions that will not come to pass, such as the young/late Rik Clay (er, I mean Julian Assange).

zeus torch boy runnerusa athletes obnoxious

Worth a brief focus is the ritual anti-human ritual we gladly participate in every four years (the one behind the flagrant and intentional conspirasymbolism). Also, the flagrant attempt by Jewish designers [fashion and mental], to make Americans look like a bunch of loud insensitive militaristic assholes to the rest of the world.

pissed off topless girls

We should all look at what we are supposed to be looking at (by nature), instead of the programmed path of either looking away, or refocusing on the unnatural. Yes, I assume the above girls are likely angry because someone is actually taking their picture, but the image works (and, I suspect is relevant as to the expected reaction those of us who dare use their eyes as we choose in the brave new world).

cowardly bitch-bois hyenas pack mentality

Today’s young men have been well-trained [heeled] to be respectful, recessive and feminine, while women are being pushed towards the direction where men once were. But, that runs counter to our nature. And, how will women’s self-confidence fare when they dress in a manner that demands attention and get none of it?

see through shirtshort skirts bare ass shopping

Recent events forced me to wonder how far gone all of us are while focusing on absurdities that will likely never transpire anytime soon, much less our lifetime, instead of focusing on these destructive trends that most undeniably are now.

pole shift predictionstampa airport runway disinformation

The only relevant pole shift we should be concerned about is the one that should be taking place in our pants when our eyes encounter a fertile female specimen, glances are exchanged, and rather than wait for the gods to strike (serendipity, fate, and such crap), we realize (real-eyes) the potential for passion to take place.

olympic beach volleyball eyes and ass

So, ye who would be “men,” please go ahead and use the eyes you were born with, and cast off the televised notions of what you should and should not be looking at. Else, you run the risk of turning into the guy below: a follower, who follows her.

polizei topless woman

But, as I’ve oft repeated, “whom is she following.” My work has revealed the answer to that question. The plan will only work to all our benefit, if women stop rewarding men who fit the advertised mold. What are you girls afraid of?

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Note: I was back on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers on Wednesday, August 1st [unavailable]. The topic was the timeline of the alternative media, and some of the facts I presented served as a template to a future path show (Hacking the Hydra).

Two: Bat Actor Con Piracy

•July 24, 2012 • 17 Comments

Of course, had to address the latest scripted conspiracy spectacle about Dark Nights in Aurora this week. John Preston came on to add some of his findings.

james holmes aurora

The latter half of the show was a continuation of thoughts from the prior week:


I’ll try to post some more thoughts and images on this and prior posts soon.

One: Smoke and the Center Sail

•July 18, 2012 • 12 Comments

Pretty amusing the term “truth” is owned by the lying propagandists of totalitarian bullshit, no?

This week’s show was about smoking, the ardors and importance of preserving a centrist philosophy, and one naughty salty seaman by the name of popeye. [unavailable]:


On Wednesday, July 18th, I was back on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers. That show is now available [not presently].

On Saturday, July 21st, I joined Mao and Gomer to celebrate Mao’s anniversary on BlogTalk and had a discussion about the nuttiness surrounding the staged theater shooting [downloadable]. What the hell is up with all these young guys who join the conpsindusty and go batshit insane?

Jesus the Son of Man, Man

•July 10, 2012 • 16 Comments

Was Jesus a “real” person? Is there something true to be found by disregarding the two extreme schools of thought, be they modern or ancient?

This was the focal point of Sunday’s discussion [unavailable]:


Obviously, a lot of what we’ve been told, from theologians, historians, new age gurus and conspiracists isn’t adding up. Time to play detective.

The one thing you can usually count on when two popular viewpoints are extremely polarized is that they are both extremely wrong.

Also got a bit into Welcome Back Kotter and Anti-Smoking Assholes before show’s end. I anticipate some type of more proper write-up. Until next time…

Note: On Saturday (7th) The Fat Drunk Coward and I did Oracle Unhinged for a couple of hours and tried to keep it as light as possible. Some may find our evening amusing [downloadable].

Dick Nixon: the Last Great American President

•July 2, 2012 • 19 Comments

The entirety of Sunday’s show was dedicated to an oft-maligned (by his enemies) and little understood (by just about everyone else) man that went by the name of Richard Nixon:


I had already spent two hours speaking with The Fat Drunk Coward about Nixon earlier that day on his new show, Deconstructions Live []:


Pics, quotes and thoughts coming (soon).

Note: On Wednesday (the 4th) Truther Bob took over Live Free or Die, looking at the gay metal spectacular Rock of Ages:


Note: On Thursday (the 5th), The Fat Drunk Coward joined me to fill in Live Free or Die with Jew Talk and other fun things:


Prime Twist Pump and Inject

•June 28, 2012 • 6 Comments

The answers to life are actually a lot simpler than most of the idiots in this conspindustry would have us you believe.

got assthen think

The show [downloadable] could have easily be entitled “everything I ever needed to know about the world of conspiracy can be summed up in one word … buttsex,” but that would wrap endlessly and perhaps I’m a little “anal” about that. 😆


I’m sure may pundits of poop will bitch and yell like a bunch of little emo-ciated manbois on fire that I got it all wrong and they “have the documents” to substantiate a fetid pile of turths like the one below.

But then again, most such people are actually about as usefull as the bright young women below.

Not sure about what will be going on this upcoming weekend, but I’ve got a couple of real good shows scheduled. More to come…

Mental Boxes and Moral Adversaries

•June 20, 2012 • 19 Comments

This week’s show started off asking the tired old questions, “Who are we and how did we get here?” More specifically, “what” were we?

elfsapesdragon masters

Of course, at this disjointed point from all wisdom and more importantly, nature, the best we can do is make guesses, and I laid out some non-ejewcated ones:


Growing and maturing, I am reViewing the “x-box” construct, and now wondering if it IS a mental trap, and not a material one (taking into account how a mental box creates a physical prison).


I’d be a fair assumption, looking at the pathways and the symbology associated with it, traces back to a particular group, or should I say tribe, of individuals collectivists (communists/socialists). To deny such is folly.

black baby jew jitsuresist nwo

Even a mountain of books may not be remedy for an ignorant mind, especially considering those books themselves serve no other purpose other than to program the mind into the confines of a smaller box.

Holocaust Library of Shame

Of course, this is all reinforced by the far more damaging mental-box the viewscreen confines us too. Watch at your own risk. Else, you’ll end up being about as free as Alice, Dorothy and Key Anus.

red wig

Due to a culmination of factors (notably hardware issues), I’ve fallen behind on final write-ups. Am still hoping to get to. Until next week…

The Law and Our Briny Deep

•June 12, 2012 • 11 Comments

Where does possession begin and end? Just how far do reasonable legal claims extend? How do such things relate to concepts of intimacy and privacy?

split man beastda vinci man

These were among a few of the topics discussed on this somewhat different week on The Rebel Path [download]:


Are circular legal arguments really about protection of “intellectual property” or, more likely than not, yet another tool in the arsenal of collectivism and mediocrity?

celtic rebel account terminated

But then again, what does it matter when such concepts are far beyond the understanding of most self-described individuals, who express no need for claiming rights, when you consider how they mimic and repeat, without question, even going so far as to suppress every single natural urge to at least stop and think for even a second?

Monkey DoMonkey DoMonkey Do

Quest-ion‘ing, after all, may lead to exclusion. Singing your own song may lead to loneliness. Best to sing along with the choir, no matter how repulsive the beat.

ass eater

Didn’t I mention something about casting pearls before swine? What’s the point of even trying to “prevent” anything? Reason and logic take a [literal] back-seat to subconscious indoctrination.

tampax pearls

The above product, per my understanding, has upgraded itself from paper to plastic. Never mind the surefire recipe for Chlamydia, what’s the point of even bothering to restate the obvious? People will stick anything up inside themselves, ANYTHING.


If only there were some honest adverts out there, like the one below. I’m sure the collectivist mentality of the present jewdicial system would allow for it. Really. 🙄


Beyond the issues of barriers, porousness, absorption, privacy and property, isn’t the basic problem how we will go to extreme ends to avoid true intimacy? How for fear of a passion that may burn, we gladly trade freedom for comfort?


As long as we keep busy and are not quest-ion’ing, we may not stop long enough to look in the mirror and realize [real eyes, not “reel eyes”] we are simply g-hosting in z-ion and that we are in fact, already dead. Expect more…

PS: I filled in as a guest host for Live Free or Die w/out Lee Rogers tonight, Wednesday, June 13th [unavailable]. As advertised, there were guests, chaos and some insanity.

The Question Is: 368.9 [B]

•June 6, 2012 • 20 Comments

Hm, I wonder why the “optimal zone” for Barney is the precise same spot as the “no-bully” zone? Probably, very intimately related, and probably a reason why such a place might merit a thumb up, or two.

The answers to such questions, would of course be found in this week’s show, which is a bit of a continuation of the last. Enjoy:


And there’s probably a good reason why the below Barney looks as he does, and operates as he does, and that it connects in many ways to the issue of gender roles in Jurassic Park.

To set praise aside for the substory, the below image makes one stop and ask “why?”

The “why” should pretty much wrapped up for us by the following scene, along with the “how.”

Of course, the subliminal expectations may not match real world results. Expectations may be shattered.

However, considering the repetition involved (i.e., the number of viewings) by the target audience, after a while, it will seem inevitable and expected.

Yes, there was no show last Sunday, but I made a couple of appearances. I’ve got a slew of images to connect to the last few posts and I will try to get those posts updated and some comments replied to as the week progresses. Have been dealing with some crazy stuff and if you appreciate the recent direction of shows, please feel free to “reward creativity.”

Rebel Sightings (Week Off)

•May 29, 2012 • 13 Comments

There was no Rebel Path show this Sunday. The Rebel was out “doing stuff.” Speaking of stuff, here is one of the things I have done as of late [the image]:

teri buhl russia today

However, I was back on the air on Thursday, May 31st with Lee Rogers on Live Free or Die to talk about what a bunch of frauds most of the alternative media is [show unavailable]. Note: If you missed the premier of the “top secret recorded conversation between Jason Bermass and Alex Jones,” this is where to find it.

rik clay julian assange

I returned to Live Free or Die on Friday, June 1st to continue the aforementioned show [show unavailable],and further discuss the Build-a-Bear Barbeque and “stuff.”

shepard ambellas intel hub gay unicorn

Yes, Julian Ass Angel is the late great and gay Rik Clay, get over it. And while, Paul Joseph Watson and Syrian Girl “may” not be the same person, they are both entirely full of shit. Did you really need me to figure that one out? Get over it! 😆

syrian girl paul joseph watson

Finally, as if I didn’t have enough air-time on a week “off,” there is Truther Bob’s call into Lee’s show on Friday night (May 25th) which may have served as a preview of sorts [download].

The Question Is: 368.9 [A]

•May 22, 2012 • 22 Comments

Last night got into an old topic, and old puzzle of sorts.

Rubik's MazeHellraiser CubePerson in Cube

Here’s the show:


Look at these numerical “problems” with new eyes.

Infinity CubedTentacular Infinity

What are the mysteries behind the numerology behind the numbers 3, 6, 8 and to a lesser degree, 9? What use might solving such a riddle be?

Aladin Plugged UpJim Henson's Cube

More to come…

Bulls Girls and Volcanoes [2]

•May 15, 2012 • 20 Comments

Living Tiki from Age of Volcanoes was back for the second consecutive week, for our Mother’s Day Special (his corresponding post). Picked up where last show ended.

Some may feel that it was an inappropriate time/day to discuss sensitive issues about what constitutes appropriate mothering and what constitutes womanhood. Others, myself included, may feel this was the best time to raise some questions.


So, I chose to do the topic as a gift to the feminists. As the bottom right picture confirms, feminists have neither common sense or even the common decency to consider when and where any “what” may be appropriate.

does this dick make my rights look bigger

They are lost beyond hope, and neither the academics nor the conspiracists have the slightest clue what’s going. Below, is one controversial and much maligned demon queen. I’m not advocating on her behalf, I’m just saying the picture is likely much simpler or far more complex than either side of idiots believes.

The man below is just about where the feminist ideology wanted to put him. If he’s been listening to voices on either extreme, he still has no idea what hit him.

I’ve heard man women ask: “Where have all the good men gone?” See above. I”ve heard many people ask what ever happened to mothering? Don’t look below.

I don’t want to get into the mentality of blaming victims (have addressed before). There’s plenty of blame to go around. I am hoping to move us away from the extremes; back towards center. If this felt anti-feminine, well you need to consider where the scales are tipping at the moment, and that the “definition” may be off.

As I’ve also adressed previously, you can lead the men of the present quite indirectly, because you know they will follow the women down whatever dark road they are led by the nose. There is precise purpose to near every fad and trend.

There will be a rewrite/expansion of this article, with more words and pictures. In the meantime, please refrain from taking out your anger on the undeserving. 😆

It looks like I will be hosting Live Free or Die this Wednesday, May 16th [10:00 PM Eastern]. Check this post again for an update prior to the show.

Note: If you missed Part I of this show, you may want to give it listen. I just updated the corresponding post earlier today with quite a few more images and thoughts as well [link to show/post].

Bulls Girls and Volcanoes [1]

•May 8, 2012 • 9 Comments

Living Tiki from Age of Volcanoes joined me this week, to talk about something we both can’t get enough of, the lovely creatures known as women, our other hellves. Like all good things, they [used to] come in variety of colors, sizes and flavors.

hair colorsliving volcano

We had a discussion about blondes, brunettes and fiery redheads, but do note, the theory I espoused was something I threw together based on my experience, your own mile-age and interpretation may vary:


Regardless, I think many would be hard-pressed to argue that most of the [mis] crea[n]tures running around posing as women today are anywhere even near, or even pose a vague similarity to, the archetypes of Lilith, Sophia, and Lucifer.

real fake boobsreal male girls

Did we neglect to mention how much we love [real] boobs? I don’t remember. 😈 That, having likely been said, there is something even more important to be worth saying. The social engineers have done a pretty good job of chipping away at the remaining modicum of modesty women possess, but there is more intrigue and allure to being a bit shy at times … Everywoman naturally veils her mysteries.

shy girls in water

Regardless, men being men, we need to see them every once in a while, so that we are reminded of how much we appreciate them. The [few remaining] real men love all shapes and sizes (some social/medical engineered exceptions withstanding].

boobs revealed

Real men are men with balls, and such men pose a threat to the system. The virile bull must be sacrificed for the benefit of our Brave New World. As I’ve been harping on about quite a bit lately, this turning of women into men, and of men into women will lead us all down a very miserable path; one that by no means will end well.

bulls have ballsbully demi lovato

And The Priests of Hole and Wood have long been chipping away at what constitutes maleness, slowly supplanting the alpha male with a glamourized bitch in disguise.

homosexual gay biker codespee wee rides a bike

Not much is truly “hidden” as the conspindustry © likes to repeat. They did then, same as they do know. They are happy to let you know that they are “insiders” (in every sense). Why go to lengths to obfuscate, when so few get the jokes and the immeasurable few who see through the shite are considered insane by most?

pee wee anus lickmax keiser anus lick

We have all grown up with the belief that men abuse women and children, and perhaps, considering that everything else we believed has been wrong, it may be time to ask some tough questions. If mostly everything else we believe is a lie, then why would this foregone conclusion in regards to women be any different?

A good reason to surmise as to why we know so little about this [and many other matters], is that the media has been so tightly controlled for so long (both the mainstream and the alternative). Our investigators of all matters “true” are in fact quite the shady lot (shade as in hades, the place “where the sun don’t shine”).

And when it comes down to where to place responsibility, all we need is reverse engineer the confounded reality back to the reels of code that created it, and behind those reels we will find some familiar and distinguishable characteristics. The second image was gleamed off Living Tiki’s blog (see his corresponding post). It is an actual ad for Subaru that appeared in Israeli print. One of the Palestinian victims was killed, the other maimed. But, oy vey, not a single scratch on the car.

Next week, Living Tiki will return for Part II of this discussion and I’ll continue asking some of the questions we should all be asking by now. Ongawa! 😀

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Note: On Tuesday May 8th, I was back on Life Free or Die with Lee Rogers, as his guest. The show went on for nearly four hours commercial free, even overdriving into following program [unavailable]. I think most would find it worth a listen.

The Divining Divide of Cybelle [2]

•May 1, 2012 • 19 Comments

Eugene from Underground Stream was back for Part II of our prior discussion about the Corybantes, also known as the Cult of Cybele [Part I: if you missed it].

corybantes of cybeler

This time we got more into the history of the cult, going back in time and looking at their methodology and trademark footprints [downloadable]:


One major are where they have long established a foothold is in the music industry. Below are just a few pics that have come up on previous shows.

more shitmore shitmore shit

little boy ass lightninggay stage hijinkslullabies for bois

rush boy hole star gategay tom sawyerrush naked british lord

At the end of the day, we have to wonder why so many programmed robots believe the dictated lie that the “hand horn” symbol represents something from from the simple dirty truth.

You’d have to be a real idiot to believe the two following assets have joined the illuminati or are swearing allegiance to satan.

We finished up talking about the water of life, and how it relates to ourselves, our spirit and the event horizon.

More coming…

Note A: I just updated last week’s post on Monday. Be sure to check it out, as there are a slew of additional pictures and thoughts.

Note B: During the prior week, while Lee was away, me and some other mice were playing during his radio show. I did a joint show with Charles Giuliani on Wednesday [unavailable]. I also participated in a couple of round tables for two of the three hours respectively, on Thursday [unavailable] and Friday [unavailable].

Pussy Bullies in High Times

•April 24, 2012 • 12 Comments

This week’s show, If I had to sum it up tidily, was about looking at the crap we were fed and swallowed, without even bothering to look at it with our own eyes first.

led zeppelin perversion

The week off will have been well spent, at least in some of your opinions as quite a few of you have likely gotten a response from me in your inbox by now. Anyone wishing to contribute to the show, that option is located to the right of this text.


That’s the show above [downloadable]. One of the topics was the amount of whores who all too willing to feed us the most ridiculous of notions. Perhaps, it is much for [at least half of] us easier to believe them when they’re not so hard on the eyes?

alex chance russia todayann barnhardt israeli whore

Sometimes I find myself wondering if it’s just that thanks to the work of many (myself, and others) our acumen for spotting their codes has improved, or whether more of the Medes are becoming ridiculously overt in the jokes they write to distract/ensnare our energy [¿a lil of both?]. The above right was a spam mail that bypassed my filter but caught my improved senses before I hit the delete button.

uranus takes a poundingrose shithole spam

Star Theory came on for an hour to discuss his recent spate of revulsion to the out of control faggotry (while politically incorrect, probably the most accurate description) which is now omnipresent in the alternative media.

stefan molyneux

While there was no show last week, but on April 17th, I was back as a guest on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers to discuss the conmen, er bois of the alternative media.


Coincidentally, the above character came up. On the prior Saturday, I was a guest on kHunt Radio, to discuss Vampires [show also unavailable] and Lucifer.

gay vampires eat shit

Metro Bob has lots of things going on, and stuff. I hope you guys can encourage him by really getting behind his Pussy Bullying Must Stawp Campaign, or whatever.

metro bob cat bullyingmetro bob fans

Why is it that most of our reality is crafted by events that happen on the idiot box rather than what happens via direct experience? Whether it is the below right [scripted] narrative now commonly held as opinion, or the blatant mockery of idiot minds demonstrated by below left image, [many] questions need to be asked.

shit celebs out gay bullyingbullies are gay propaganda

I would suggest thinking about it, but thanks to real synchronicity, I for the first time real-eyes’d something which I am now disgusted that so few thinkers among us have thought of this? Our meme for thinking is yet another joke upon us, for those who intake unwittingly do not think, they just crap out what they are fed.

celtic rebel thinking for dummiesstupid origins for dummies

Worth a mention to those of you who spend enough time on the pot to think, you are still not thinking, because you cannot even “think” about why you are spending so much time on the toilet. There is something seriously wrong with your diet if that is the case. Reference above manual. Repeat. Got it yet? No? Think harder.

angels in the outfieldangels in the endzone

So, 420 has something to do with marijuana because someone said it does. Despite the obvious overt innuendos in both of them, the above promo posters have nothing to with anally violating young boys, because someone said they did not.

justin bieber rose servicesusher being hard on the bieber

This gullibility, combined with our steadfast stubbornness to recognize our own inability to think is what allows repeated references [such as above left] to the series of services available to those with enough cash and an interest in Justin Bieber’s Rose. The “growin pains” reference is just a bitch-slap to the collective face of the mAsses who allow their daughter’s to eye-doll-eyes their prostitute.

robert plant band of joyno gay cock holds barred

For those remaining minds still stubbornly doubting or questioning if Led Zeppelin was obsessed with something other than what the header image to this post suggests, well, all you need to do is look a the above [left] later album [and, interpret]. As for the latter image, I quite easily figured out what the suggested end goal of the promoted match between Zues and Rip [as in “tear” which can connect to the “eye” in two ways], and what is being “held” off-screen.

However, were it not for image coinciding with the previous image of Miss Chance on Russia Today, I probably would have missed their reason for why one of the adversaries is “cock-eyed.”

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Note: As an added bonus, on Wednesday (April 25th), I was back on the air hosting LFOD and making possible my first appearance with Charles Giuliani of Truth Hertz Radio. Naturally, the subject was The Whos [unavailable]. To give proper credit where it is due, I’d like to thank jaymzdean for the Alex Jones Cherry Pickiing clip we included in said show, and Lee for making the show possible.

Actors and Rabbi’d Temple Dogs [II]

•April 10, 2012 • 33 Comments

Ed Chiarini returned for his second appearance on The Rebel Path, however Joe Rogan and a bevy of other Temple Doggies failed to appear. Probably for the better, else Ed may have had some interesting questions for them. Say it isn’t so, Joe!

joe rogan actor liar bitch

I’d like to thank Ed (@WellAware1) for his flexibility in scheduling, and for what I, and many others felt was a interesting and informative discussion [unavailable]:


I have to say, Ed seemed quite coherent for one who was just recently “rocked by a horrorcane.” Facial recognition methodologies aside, should we need anything other than their own content to realize how utterly full of shit the below tag-team is.

leonard horowitz horokane fraudsherri kane cointelpro ballas

I may be guilty myself of having fallen, for the “hidden story” behind the Casey Anthony spectacle. But, that was just another rabbit hole [most literally]. When even one of the cast of players for such theater is made evident, then the entirety of it falls apart, into a steaming pile of crap. Right, Doctor Keith a Blow[job]?

casey anthony faces of meth

Anyone with two critical neurons in their brain [or anyone listening to their gut] would laugh at the preposterous “news” below. Beyond, all one has to do is start connecting the actors (e.g., Drudge regularly promotes Alex Jones, whom in turn promotes Rogan), and voila, no sense of smell required to see who’s covered in it.

staged war imagery fakematt drudge toilet paper drag

Finding these “kah-rear” opportunities listed (after hearing Ed mention the company name), is as the paid prostitutes might say “gravy,” though I prefer the far more accurate, “damning and incontrovertible evidence.”

VALBIN Corporation is HIRING!

Hiring: Amputee Casualty Role Players for Army simulation exercises at Ft. Irwin, CA (in San Bernardino county- between Death Valley and the Mojave National Preserve).

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, have a clean background check & credit score, and be physically fit to operate long hours in all types of weather. Amputee Role Players will portray insurgents.

Schedule: Up to 12 hours per day, with work beginning in late October 2010. Insurgent Experience and CI Screening is not required, but is highly preferred.

This is precisely how they operate and supports how Ed suggests these “events” are recorded and later parlayed/narrated, and maybe even, why so many keep quiet.

Valbin has requested additional personnel! 100 positions!

Hiring: Civilian Role Players, Special Effects Technicians, Arabic and Pashto speakers for Army simulation exercises at Camp Blanding, FL.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Applicants must be 18 years or older, have a clean background check, must be legal to work in the US and be physically fit to operate long hours in all types of weather.

Role players will portray Afghan & Iraqi villagers for National Guard cultural training.

Pay:$14.10/hr ($10.51 for labor plus $3.59 for health & welfare), Over time is $15.77/hr (applied to hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a week)

There may yet be hope for Metro Bob. During the show, I peeked into the chat room to find him make the connection that IF a Pen Is a Penis, then Under-Writing equals Butt-Sex. Well, insurance is a “dirty busyness” Bob, so maybe, maybe.

matthew shepard family hoax

Hm, addressing the [real] synchronicity that can occur between individuals (came up during the show), it would seem that in less than a few hours, between a few simple messages between myself, Ed Chiarini and Star Theory, we pretty much named every actor involved in The Matthew Shepard Tear-Jerker, and dismantled that entire fiasco. If you missed The Shepard Chronicles, then change that oversight.

bill coooper jordan maxwell naziholocaust director billy wilder

Most of what we know about history consists of repeated programming via movies while hypnotized by the Wizards of Id (overtly appropriate term now), reinforced by exposure to textbooks filled with lies. On the last Beverly Shills 90011 Reversary, I discussed the Nazi Myth, Billy Wilder and even our boi of the week, Joe Rogan.

jolie diaz madonna gaga richards turkey

When confronted with a bold new idea/image, which does not fit into the world view we subscribe to, the only way to properly meditate/contemplate the new concept, requires a willingness to destroy everything you think you know. Be it The History of The World, or The Prostitute Parade above, it may be time.

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Note: Be sure to check out last week’s post, which was just finalized on Monday with some rather inspired [and perspired] images, along with a few new thoughts. My next on-air appearance will be next Saturday to disgus[t] “Gay Jewish Vampires” on The Gomer Kyle Show [unavailable].

Invasion of The Bobs

•April 3, 2012 • 21 Comments

Do not attempt to adjust your audio, let The One Bob do it for you. Tonight was the [fabulous] world premier of Metro Bob‘s ephemeral mercurially-named show.

Metro Bob's Red Pill Experience

Technically, a Lot of Bobs turned up for the event, hence the title:


Enjoy! Much was said about infinite love and “handling” the truth. Undoubtedly, the alternative media has clouded the eyes of many with so much salty verbal glucose, they’ve been rendered unable to see through the simplest of jokes aimed at them.

tap that assreturn to the manholemanhole rabbit beanstalk

Speaking of such jokes, Truther Bob grew quite irate when having to contemplate whether or not his teenboy eye-dolls [¡eye-cons!] bamboozled/victimized him.

phil collins anal eyeronny james dio anal signgeddy lew gay jew

How many of us saw through the Rock and Cock bullshit for what it was? All the media needed to do was override the blatant with a dissociative whisper, “This is cool and manly.” They’ve been doing it forever (in the aural and visual realms).

taste dick blackspinal taps make fartskicking your ass

Does one even need to do a full lyrical analysis to see that the below images are gay [never mind the above]? Heck, look into the flamboyant Tom Sawyer character himself [¿flame-boy-aunt?]. Did you catch the name of album stacked under that of Nigel Pepper Cock? “Dad/Revenge” by “No Means No.” Ah, so now can you see?

rush boy hole star gategay tom sawyerrush naked british lord

As I have long been saying [perhaps the official start of], there is little difference between the “in your face” mainstream media and the “behind your back” alternative. A Quiz: How many obvious jokes on the [un”initiated”] truth-seekers can you find on the below highlight reel of but one real [derelict] “truth” site?

occupy the rabbit hole

If you haven’t seen Metro Bob’s video, you bloody well should and also, follow him about the jewtube, vote up his comments and “show him some love.”

Whether the gullible [¿quillable?] public will ever overcome their lifetime of programming and face [up to] the obvious fact of the intimate connection between the gay agenda and judaism, at least some of us can’t help but see it (now). This, despite Holy Wood’s multiple synctrails leading fools away from “seeing.”

mass effect shepard gay

I made another [regular] appearance by the Ham-Shire of Lee Rogers on Wednesday April 4th to further discuss some of these [¿anti?] truths:


Some felt that said show may have been the best of our series. Aside from the usual [ongoing] discussion concerning the circus of clowns and conmen that comprise the “anti-establishment” media, I also spoke [again] of the below [right] “despicable” “branded” production and how it intimately relates to the former.

woodard thomas kavassilas wilcock fulforddespicable me

Why hide one’s affiliations? Why pretend to be something you are not? Why are those most full of shit always those promoted the farthest? Who are the people promoting these frauds and misdirectors? Why are they doing so? These are fair questions. A few more of us need to stop fearing them and start asking them.

chuck norris is gay and jewish

Alas, back to the Sunday show, Jim Bob from Alabama closed us out, saving my voice [and I gather, some of your ears], with some sage basic old-time wisdom.

jim bob's front porch

As far as the internet conspirafool cornucopia [¿corn you copy, ah?] goes, words like Jim Bobs are a literal breath of fresh air, yet few and far between when compared to the constipatorial conspindustry and the endless rabbit holes they conspire to drag us through. Yes, for some the notion of jumping into a “rabbi hole” is a good place to [holy] dive; an endless cycle of “tapping in” and then, “tapping out.”

king of poopthe end rabbit asshole

Ugh! 😡 Hopefully, through some minor miracle, Metro Bob’s video will via the process of reverse osmosis, help break the cycle, purge the programming of, and rewire a few such fools.

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Note: Be sure to tune on Sunday, April 8th for the Easter Special, with Ed Chiarini (aka Dallas Goldbug) returning and I have been informed, may also presenting some new and [in or un]-sane notions for us to contemplate and discuss.

The Divining Divide of Cybelle [1]

•March 27, 2012 • 18 Comments

Eugene from Underground Stream returned this week. We started off talking about the gender neutralization programs, which as the below youth indoctrination poster suggests (even without the hints), will spell out a destructive end for all humanity.

Metro 2033transgressive tilda

As mentioned early on, if you appreciate conversations unique to the “alternative media” and original content, please feel free to show your appreciation [go —>].


A good part of the show was spent talking about the programmed divide between sexes, a gulf which benefits the half at the expense of the whole [unavailable]. Note: Some may remember cover girl Tilda’s advertisement of her acting skills.

feminine chakrassurvivor women tribe

There are a multitude of concurrent programs running, and as my work has shown countless times, these programs, whether we like them or even view them, shape our reality. Sometimes, like it or not, our personal life is directly affected by the triggering of subroutines in the public mind.

Good to know, courtesy of the above [right] pile of excrement, that the homosexual caste is now free to denigrate those of darker skin, and those with disabilities.

alpha slutsvoices of the feminine

There is, and has long been a “divine feminine,” but it is not even remotely related to what the mindless kumbaya-crooning new age hope-pimps are selling, or what hopelessly deluded academics like Leonard Shlain babble on about [link to the rancid pile of dung he laid in malibu, thanks to lugh for stepping in]. Am I harsh? I think not, there is good reason for my reaction of disgust [inversion is not liberation].

gender benderwomen mars men venusgirl thing

The [hidden/actual] target of this long-culminating program of extinction is neither the independent woman, or some minority de’jour [determined by usefulness in relation to agenda of pushing latest wave of propaganda], but is, and has been, the alpha male. Making men more like women, and women more like men, is not some elevating form of Hermeticism, it is a collectivist formula for assured mediocrity.

rape of dorothy

When the response to a certain image, story or even idea, falls clearly along those lines of gender, then no matter how hard is to face, we must recognize that such a mental division is not natural, and hence, is likely the result of a [false] program.

spit on your graveit's date nightwalking dead propaganda

Yes, rape is a horrific crime, and the metaphoric equivalent of ripping someone’s heart out, but there are degrees to the notion of torture and to the principles of “justice.” Should we sink to unimaginable depths far of depravity far exceeding the original offense, we become nothing more than a crafted monster, a golem shaped by those puppeteers who twist the divide and turn their pawns into the wretched creatures like themselves [this “theme” has been repeated in far too many films to name, and yes, they chose Issue 33, Part 3, Volume 6 for subversive reasons].

grab that penisgirl bugs cock

There is a basic curiosity, a basic need that women have, from an early age, for the divine rod of life and fulfillment. It is nature’s way of propagating the species. The Medes, manipulate that fact by bombarding victims subliminally while young, and then inverting that notion later on, into something destructive [for all of us].

It does not matter whether or not the twisted imagery put forth correlates in any way to the reality of personal experience. For victims of psychological warfare, the mind manipulation narrative supersedes life, hence responses are predictable.

bob tuskin submissivenaked carcass jelloman hater

Aside from a virtual avalanche of graphic castrative porn in cinema, there is an undeniable metaphorical equivalent being reflected in the world we live in.

“And if there’s war between the sexes
Then there’ll be no people left.””

Joe Jackson

Generations of women, and the newest generation of “men” have been turned into an unpaid global army of volunteers for the cause/war. Of course, this has led to previously unparalleled levels of mass dissatisfaction with the new breed of effemimales, which for lack of visible options, are being misinterpreted as men.

androgyny equals death

But fret not ye believers and soldiers, even if that war never takes place, there are alternate plans to ensure there will be no people left [see above]. I seriously doubt the story about the extermination of emos in Iraq was real, but were it, might not such an act be viewed as a desperate preemptive measure to ensure a future?

girl and biblehe's just not into you

Now, I do expect that many will disagree with me/us vehemently on some of the ideas discussed/written herein, but I would suspect, and do so with confidence as to a high degree of accuracy, that such objections are rooted in overexposure to the two extreme ends of programming traps crafted for minds to fall into [if you’re not familiar with the latter/right pitfall above, then see why romance is now dead].

terrible lizardcorybantes of cybele

Well, we “dinosaurs” may be on the brink of extinction, but in the meantime, we can still roar. Eugene will be back on within a month for Part II, which will get into the history of the “men who were allowed to wear pants;” the culprits behind the misery we discussed.

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Note: On Thursday the 29th, I made a surprise midweek appearance on a Show hosted by a Ballet Major who somehow ended up becoming a Hate-Mongering White Supremacist Douchebag: Figuring Out Who Runs the Shoah.

Celebrating C/R Day [03:18]

•March 20, 2012 • 22 Comments

I really wasn’t gonna do a show this week, but some forces of nature, the network and a[n] aptLy notorious kHunt (aka The Neo Nazi Ballerina), conspired to make for a show.

super panty waste manx-men are handicapped

Had no plans/outline, but it being 318/CR [day], we managed to talk for quite a while about a number of things, including [oddly enough, in retrospect] the useless dreamer/victim program marketed/directed towards angry/rebellious young males:


After the show, realized there was another far more famous Henry, John, who was known for his legendary “big black hammer.” While looking for the below [left] image of the former, also dug up the subsequent: it pretty much supports my once preposterous supposition regarding the joke of the infamous Long Spear of In Us.

william henry ass explorergay spear of destiny

Just like so many tall tales and well-endowed fables, at the end of the day, just more gay jokes on outsiders. The two above giggles may seem pretty blatant now, but they are invisible to the blind. The joke below [of the same genre], is subtler.

austin powers love mini bois

Keys, boys, apples and “miniature me[n]” are roughly equivalent codes. Stargates, vortexes, wormholes and “twisters,” among other things, refer to same orifice.

solomon's key is the blue boy

We also talked about women and sex related issues, including the idea[s] behind the horse, the carriage, and how many seats may make for the optimum ark.

married hangerstwisted marriage

The above [left] image would far more accurately reflect modern reality if the man were leashed and on his knees (the woman would still be naked). The modern twisted arrangement is doomed to fail, hence it wouldn’t hurt to at least entertain other options: Gomer did so during his preceding show on the same day, while I wrote an article on the topic long ago (please forgive “syncromystic” slant of the time).

rabbid whoresho made gravywhore suicide

The programming of women is one of our worst enemies, and that would be all of us. Even though I’ve railed against it endlessly, the glamourization of whoredom is a strong mental force, masking even the most visible consequences for the blind.

cosmopolitan ass lickingsour ass pucker

Aside from the promotion of analingus, complete with step by step instructions on how to receive it, the above [left] magazine cover, contains even more subliminal elements [actually, quite impressive how much effort went into it]. Did you catch the folded dress vagina strategically placed exactly over where Selena’s vagina would be located? What about the joke of the “secrets” behind her “megastar” sucks ass? Don’t worry, your daughters would not fall for such propaganda! 🙄

girls eat ass

Gomer has been on “a tear” in regards to his Pro Defamation League activities [one of his targets below], but we didn’t really get to explore the topic during this show.

leon panetta is a jewgentiles are not invited

However, the issue of Judaism/Zionism came up extensively during my Wednesday, March 21st appearance on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers [unavailable].

wiki answers jewish lies

In fairness to the female listeners/readers, those who’s gender is the target of most of the social engineering, I will remind all that men [technically, what once were men], are also being targeted with their fair share [and few are immune].

gq men eat shitboneless inverted pork rectums

“Magical Stinking?” Really, guys? Coincidentally, the above [left] magazine was found on a page alongside the latest issue of bAss Player, featuring a story about Pearl Jam. 😕 Don’t worry, your sons won’t fall prey to their emasculation. 🙄

metrosexual pretend warriorsmetrobob says resist the nwo

One theme that came up during this show, would be the growing male/female divide of perspective. Next week, our friend Eugene will return, and we will be addressing this topic, along with a few others hinted at during this show. It should be a revelant and relevant evening.

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Note A: If you missed it, be sure to check out the final write-up of Collapsing the Chaos Stream, which had several images and some undiscussed revelations added.

Note B: This was recorded long before (Gomer) Kyle became the poster child for angry white boys who blame Negroes and Mexicans for life not giving them everything they feel they deserve. It’s a shame such turns tend to negatively impact prior associations, but for the record, am stating here I have never and will never have anything to do with such hate-mongering.

Collapsing the Chaos Stream [8]

•March 13, 2012 • 32 Comments

Managed to wrap up the latest multi-tentacled thread this week. The closing may have been a bit anti-climactic; the formal stitching of the thread came last week.

loose ends tiedhang loose mickey

Yea, tying up loose ends may invoke odd connotations, but it may be an appropriate metaphor on what transpired. 😯 Hear it for yourself [unavailable]:


Started off the show expanding on the anti-heroic parable(s) presented to us by gay Shepards. Where are these pair-of-ball-less narratives leading us stupid lambs?

matthew sheparddennis shepard is shelton lankford

Star Theory wrote a peace on The Shepard Tails in the interim, picking up from where the topic arose when I was on Lee’s show the prior week [during the last hour].

crazy moon goddessesvirginia foxx lucifer

Real [of late] crazy women aside, the Virginia Foxx character, may be a reflection of the true Luciferean spirit in this world where up is down and down is up. A quick image search reveals her to be the object of much derision among the idiot class.

shelton and lankfordnc foxx triangle

Some truly random findings, should they lead to insight, can be a strong testament to the power of asynchronous nonmysticism. As the number of revelant connections increase, the possibility of coincidence proportionately decreases. I will now have to conclude that this foxx was most likely the “controlled opposition” of our narrative.

log cabin homoslog cabin ass immolatedlincoln log boy

We learned that for one young Shepard [shepard], “Abraham Lincoln had a deep impact on him.” We could argue that in a similar manner, The Matrix Rapist had a Deep Impact on Jason Shepard, just like Morpheus had on a young one/neo[‘s] rabbi hole. We can also safely conclude, that for some among us, the term “log cabin” means exactly what an average [nondeviantly inclined] person might trepidate.

shepard ambellas

And all this came out of looking at just one variant of the peculiar name Shepard [other spelling variants carry different weights and would likely not help us hone in as focusing on one angle did]. We could also assume that when someone chooses the name “lamb held ass rape,” there may well be a reason [nefarious or just silly].

american women are fat and disgusting

I’ve addressed the topic of go[u]rdian womanhood before, but it just seemed like it was relevant yet once again. We are all programmed, some less so than others. I just felt it necessary to reinforce deconstruction of the be-lie-f [¿beefly?] system.

rudy ray mooremicrowave obesity

Finally got to the [promised] topic of Microwaves. The core problem is we are so out of touch with nature [our own and that of the living world around us]. We should be more wary of anything we take in, be it via mouth, nose, flesh or eyes and ears.

red velvet bingleduck butter bear oysters

If you’re too lazy to follow the above [right] instructions yourself, here’s your bit of truth, thought be forewarned: you may find yourself the butt of yet another joke.

blue boy getting deepblue rod ejaculates

As I have been remonstrating for quite some time, most of what we consume [take in via said methods] is served up by Temple Dogs in service of the Pederastocracy. How long will we remain willfully ignorant and repeatedly dismissive of the open perversion the media thrusts in our faces; all the while mocking and belittling us? There is little new under our sun. It has been going on for a very very long time.

pederast jehovahjack and beanstalk

Too long. Always at the ready, precrafted imaginary history of a more innocent time, when the most obvious of terms meant “something completely different,” paid distorters will alleviate the idiot-mind that such was not the case back then.

codman's cruiseluggage boy wants cockstruggling upward

Is that really any different from the spin put out by today’s alternative media? The average nitwit infected by their fantastic yarns, will interpret Egyptian or Illuminati meanings from the [below] tombstone, and miss the simplest conclusion of all!

shit polishpink cock tombstone

The above [left] image was the only one included on a glowing critique (promotion) of Horatio Alger’s ragged Bibliography by a self-proclaimed “reading enthusiast”. Incidentally, the photograph of said blogger was overtly flamboyant and effeminate.

scouts in bondagebeck ablow boyalbom ablow mindfuck

Shirley, that’s just coincidence! Who in their right mind, would let Keith Ablow, one who so easily fits two of the three criteria of The Venn Diagram anywhere near their children? Judging by his popularity and repeated frequency in the media, it would be a safe assumption that our creepy psychoanal‘ist can found right in the middle.

jew nazi rockjailhouse ass pounding

Even the “hero of freedom” Bill Hicks is but a neighing controlled goat [not to those who are “awake” as instructed, but ones actually paying attention, like living tiki].

romney fascinated by boyjehovah clips the rear

Where does one turn? The only people we can really trust, are ourselves, but only if we’ve taken the steps necessary to deprogram ourselves first [and do not stop]. Beyond that, once we learn to develop and trust our intuition, in lieu of embedded instructions as to what is “right”, we can begin [en]trusting those around us.

hassidic clown boykids love bender

While I can infer what is going on in almost every single on of the images herein with a high degree of confidence, I am really at a loss as to what is transpiring in one immediately above [left]. In a reversed (upside-down vs left-right) mindset, is “the clown” the one who gets it in the end?

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Note: If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check the last part, which was just updated on Sunday with a slew of additional bits. Speaking of, once again I’d like to thank the prolific chatters and contributors of imagery, a few of which was used in these two posts. Notably: Michael, Shannon, John, and Ryan

The War for Young Minds [7]

•March 6, 2012 • 24 Comments

One of the skills below can, even after a lifetime of practice make you stand out as slightly better than average at best, while the other, even after a minimal amount learning, can make you stand immediately head and shoulders above your peers.

dick lollipopart of cooking

Can you guess which is which? This show focused a bit more on the practical, getting to the root of what we’re supposed to be fighting for, while continuing with a bit of the harsh male energy that this series has been about:


For those who’ve been thoroughly and hopelessly programmed and still think there is some legitimate skill involved in putting a dick in your mouth, you are (a) very wrong, (b) very stupid, and (c) probably a “whore.” Learning to cook, especially after years of practice, to where you finally get to the point of no longer needing recipes or measures, relying on your own instinct [gut] and creativity, makes you a wizard, a shaper of yourself and all those around you. Oh, and as an added bonus, you can still look damn sexy doing it, even without having to take your clothes off.

whores suckgorgeous chef

Has anyone else ever noticed that the two below movies are essentially the same story? Oddly, the Morpheus character in the latter [right] was named Pigeon Bob.

neo wants papa bearmy private idaho

And we should know well by now, we shouldn’t go advertising or boasting that “we got a ring” within earshot of certain people. What’s the old adage about being careful, cause someone could lose a [third] eye? Oh, poor deer Paris Hilton!

jonas brothers anushilton sodomized

The below clip from Happy (Gay) Days is like a test, if you’re male and make it through the nonstop homoeroticism without getting aroused, you’re a homophobe [Episode: “Kiss My Sickly”].


Note: There is always a deeper layer to the subversion. Euguene from Underground Stream was good enough to create this interesting analysis of some of the “chance” (cough, cough) elements in the scene[ry].

It’s the same old story, the media, as my work should have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt now, has long been about subversion, particularly subverting the young.

robin shamedrobin facialrobin the cradle

It is a long running predatory mental program on the young, particularly on boys. Your parents do not appreciate you, they can’t see your [fantastic] hidden talents. Don’t you worry though, there is always some stranger [inevitably, an older man] out there, who’ll see you’re “the one,” take you in and appreciate you immensely.

liquid stranger facial

The rewards of that appreciation, just like with every other truth that comes from the pederast media, is whispered, implied, and over the heads of [du]m[b]asses.

aquaman semenspiderman semen

What’s that batman? Fonzie has to leave town? I guess there’s only room for one closet-homosexual pederast fecalfiliac in Gotham. Papa bears don’t like to share!

pederast showdownfonzie wants buttsex

I know I swung the wiffle-bat about, and wouldn’t have felt the need to while those of different opinion synchromsticize all day long. But, when the fanboys start to proselytize the same talking points as the Israeli Intelligence Network, well …

the secret sunjason bermas bitch boy

After all thanks in large parts to such wankers, there is a rapidly increasing number of fools who’d look at the below [left] image and think it means those two bitch-boys have now “joined the illuminati.” Argh! Next time you run into a crack whore and he/she makes that sign, are you gonna assume they too have joined The Jesuit Antichrist Order, rather than the most simple of sexual admissions?

my asshole is this bigjesuit conspiracy

Oddly enough, Dicks apparently used to do commercials as a child. Am I wrong to suspect more scripted shenanigans? Isn’t the [center] film poster [yet another] rather open admission of what part of the body Holy Wood revolves around?

anus asunbottoms upshallow gravy

The alternative media has excelled at scaring the shit out of people, now we need to [rationally] start asking why they are doing it. There is Method to Madness.

a girl is a holeteen battleshits

And of course, as discussed, we should have a pretty good idea of what will follow after our digestive tract is evacuated and we “relax.” Oh poo dear Paris Hilton!

anal televisionanal kingdom

The media, all they have to do is put out the memes, and get us all moving in a certain direction. The rest just follows on its own, as it might down a circuit board. Because we are that stupid, and spend one-fifth of our lives being hypnotized by the degenerate [hojepe] engineers [on average, today’s generation, a lot more].

ass piratesass abuseass chocolate

A lot of what many fools label as synchronicity, is really actually rather predictable. All a crafty person really has to do is get the ball-rolling, give it a gentle nudge … the meme-stream and pre-installed collectivist programs ensure the rest.

hooters shockersnever regret self debasement

Aside for the occult reason behind the term “the shocker” that long-time listeners of this program may readily guess at, we should laugh [or cry, alternately] when considering that unless you pulled the stunt [the shocker] on a Western woman that was over 60 these days, she wouldn’t really be “shocked,” and probably not even “surprised.” The above [right] image is actually a combination of two images that were randomly in sequence on some self-realized individualistic girl’s facebook.

pick the whoremale emasculation

Whether it’s the whorification of women [turning girls into boys] or the bitch-boy fecation of men [turning boys into girls], the results are devastating to society. Hence, the need to preprogram fools to defend the indefensible (discussed during this show on a multitude of occasions), and the reasons for anchoring strong reactions against anyone who suggests these trends are by no means natural.

handmaid's tailspill your guts

Perhaps this great period of change we are undergoing, is meant to force us all to finally look at our own shit, and hence force the human organism to evolve into a higher state. On the other hand, I have to account for the [possible to assured] likelihood that many of these social engineers are not as smart as we/they may think. As the last image (which oddly came up while looking for the aquarian evolution book) suggests, the best plans can flip to nightmarish scenarios at the blink of an eye [the original too graphic to share, was on a mysterious fear site].

joker truthhuman stargate

The Truth, as I keep repeating, is really really simple. But, I know it pales in comparison the the grandest and most fantastic tales of the highly improbable.

prophecy club springmeier bullshitbeat bottoms

Next week, I’ll be wrapping up this series, tying up loose ends so to speak, and focusing a bit more on The Bears.

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Note: I was back on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers this past Wednesday (March 7th) [show unavailable]. The last hour is relevant to next week’s show.

Wash Bleach Rinse Repeat [6]

•February 28, 2012 • 28 Comments

Bleach, it is what sanitizes, gentrifies, collectivizes, mutes and washes out all differences. Most importantly, it is what kills life. “Love and light, bro!” Exactly! When people start applying bleach to their base/root, then all may be lost:

bleach gender outanal bleaching kit ronco

Continuing this series, this show focused on old and present “mysteries,” looking at some of the scripts we are read, and some of the actors (temple dogs) which present such to us:


One of the old mysteries I began the show with was the [now] century old Titanic [link to referenced documentary], which may have more to do with the present [end the] Federal Reserve and [instigate] 9/11 movements than most have guessed.

titanic or olympia

When you’ve done as I have, and look back on the seeds that were planted, the watering of those seeds and early care via the alternative channels, to the grand melodramatic theatrics taking place now, you’d guess harvest time is approaching. Yet, there is an evergrowing army of fools wandering by and thinking everything they are seeing now just sprung up magically. Yes, they’re laughing at, not with us.

These scripts, spells and neuro-linguistic memes don’t just come out of nowhere. They are presented to us in a very organized fashion, but that’s hard to see when you just woke up to “the game,” and are facing an adversary who is not only capable of being able to think 30 moves ahead of you, but[t] created this game.

whitney houston gravy boat

It is mildy amusing to look at all the comments on the webs, coming from people who still aren’t even aware of the game, complaining about “respect for the dead,” to those looking for deep [provided] connections to the imaginary Illuminati. Amusing, until I look back down the stream and see I was also in their place once.

rick santorum cum on your face

That said, I gotta say, I did get a laugh at one of the articles that came up while looking for the above [discussed] image. It was from a self-professed “GLBT News” site called “Unicorn Booty” [gotta ask, what the fuck is wrong with you folks that actually read that]. The author[ette] asked, “Can you believe this, you can’t make this shit up!” Um, sorry to tell you cupcake, they can make this shit up and do!

During my last two appearances on Live Free or Die [relevant to series: part one, part two], I speculated that many [if not all] of the preposterous conspiracy theories we’ve been fed, may at the very core, be the dissociative escapist fantasies of molested children. On the other hand, mixing such fantasies with politically-correct “gay rights” talk, along with pro-isnotrael propaganda [technically, “anyone but israel misdirection”], shows there are hidden hands busy at work; leaving those who entertain such nonsense rife to mockery [from gawker again not so surprisingly]. A tip to those who would be the wiser: be wary of what and whom you promote.

Speaking of shit, why is it that [nearly] every time we find a fecalfile or some promoter of scatology, they belong to the same small group of people? Do you recall how in South Park the same kid they suspected of being behind 911, was also the one whom while in the counselor’s office, right after he gets accused of being a fecalpheliac, the counselor adds, “And I see you’re also a Jew?” [See DGW2.0].

gravy boat productionschina latest disney prostitute

The above, are the result of one of the closing phone calls; me looking into this mysterious “gravy boat productions” company and their only endeavor, Disney’s ANT Farm. The second image [right], might lead some to assume that I took artistic license. Nope, there was no need for me to do anything; there are enough perverted degenerates working at Disney who can operate openly considering there are still very few of us who can guess at their jokes and double-entendre’s.

Hence, why they are free to create promotional videos of toddlers playing with “magical” purple rods that spew out cool white stuff from the tip [see it for yourself]. But, I’d not recommend sharing such insight with your well-programmed friends, their NLP-subroutine(s) will trigger them into accusing you of perversion.

jason bermas manifesto

And don’t you dare dell even thin of telling The Truthers their heroes are frauds. Their own [new and improved] subroutines will trigger a similar reaction, accusing you of belonging to a long-defunct program called CointelPro! Am sure there are new programs now, with different names, but you can rely on the same old slogans used tirelessly through the ages, like the communist [i.e., judaic] man-i-fist-oh.

It didn’t occur to me until after the show that perhaps this manufactured vaudeville confessor of Jewish crimes, Rabbi Finkelstein [Herr Feinberg to some], may have chosen [or was given] the name in order to create a mental association to Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish voice that has been threatening the Holocaust Mafia’s longest running fairy-tale cash cow [extortion tactic]. The rest as they say, is just gravy!

Is Metro Bob leaving The Rebel Path for real [and stuff]? Well, you will just have to tune back in for the latest in deprogramming and hot gossip. More coming. In the meantime, I’m sure you can find a lot more sublime subversive subterfuge/double-talk/shite I’ve been addressing. 😉 Talk to you next Sunday.

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Note: The last post/show was of late updated with additional images and additional. If you missed it, be sure to check it out. Also, I’d like to thank Kathy, a listener who sent in the two above magazine adverts long ago.

Unbearable Light of Not Being [5]

•February 21, 2012 • 26 Comments

Sometimes, very weird things happen, very weird bad things and there’s not fuck all we can do about them. The show, whether or not it truly must,” goes on…

accidents will happen

We picked up where the last show left off, expanding ideas on the programs, the programmed, and the programmers:


At times like these that Tanerlorn beckons me, and as I gather my belongings, I’m reminded that if the collectivist push continues, there will be no more Tanerlorns.

jesus exiting asshole xp-shitlittle boy money shot microphone

Would that be “Lord” as in Lord of the manor, or “Lord” as in the old gay Brittanic pederastocratic variety? It would likely be a safe bet to presume that “the new Michael Jackson” had the lyrics written for him:

“probe me and know me lord, turn me, fill me with you, to see all of you on me, use me oh lord, use me, like an arrow that hits the target, i want to be used in that way if it pleases you oh lord, anytime, anywhere, probe me and know me oh lord, break my heart, come and fill me, to see all of you all over me, probe me, break me, turn me, fill me, probe me, break me, turn me, fill me, here is my life, oh lord use me”

The above production, in all likelihood, is intimately connected to the below um, “products.” Obviously, there could never be a possibility of inbreeding involved, when it leads to the production of such fine specimens as the studs below. 🙄

repulsive jewish lead actors

Just as inexplicable (for the idiot mind at least) as the resultant fame of the above “stars” is, when evaluating factors such as alleged talent, skills, ability or even just looks, we see pretty much the exact same results repeated on the female side.

inbreeding leads to predictable results

For those unfmailiar with the last face, that would be the infamous mass-murderess and Isnotraeli prime-minister Golda Meir. This um, “heroine” reminds me of one of those old Monty Python cross-dressing skits. Perhaps, I should have included her in the first image instead? Technically, she looks about as female as other incestual spawn like Lady Gaga and Lana Warchowski [a heroine for the conspiradolts].

simpsons incestsemenT garden incest

The Simpsons have a long history of subliminally promoting incest (along with a lot of other degenerative tangents), so the latest season pushing a little mother-daughter lesbian action shouldn’t really shock anyone. For the incredulous, listening to Marge coo and groan as the above fondling takes place may help.

I have also commented on vile Serge Gainsbourg [¿sounds so much less Jewish than Ginsburg doesn’t it?] and his daughter Charlotte before (incidentally, not the first Charlotte to be traumatized by her overly attentive tribal father). Hell, old Serge was quite happy to boast about his molestations from virtual rooftops [video].

ufc blood mayhem programmingkill everything fuck everything

Ugh, it is becoming quite the challenge just to stomach the world growing around us. Men being turned into girls. Women being turned into boys. mASS insanity.

The timeframe for whatever is being shown on the programming box, becoming the reality we witness around is bypassing all natural filtration mechanisms and is now almost instant. The Logan’s Run futuristic vision is already our present de facto reality; the sentiments of anyone over 30 are quickly dismissed as outdated, while all internal regulation has given way to external (and we see the good that results):

idiocracy bridges thx pepper spray

And as painful as it is for some to hear, regulation of womanhood, the basis of life, and centerpiece of familial bonds, is meant to be regulated from within; not by the old Pederast Pulpit, nor the present whore-enabling box preaching that one’s vagina should be on public display and open 24/7 to all convenient bystanders. The symbols are all around us, but as discussed during this series, the only people left who seem capable of interpreting them are (a) Stupid Whores and (b) the Celtic Rebel:

one brown eye zionstupid whores know the vee

One significant difference, however, the former group, while grasping the meanings intuitively (yet, only subconsciously), cannot connect that knowing to the reasoning center, hence they cannot see the immediate future that is coming. Yea, this show is harsh, and my points will embitter delicate ears, but I do not want to find myself living in, or being reborn into, such a pathetically soulless passionless collective:

THX 1138 Androgyny

The above image, not only captures the passive effeminization of men, the gender neutralization, but also how bland and meaningless an existence of similarities will be. It is the only possible ultimatation of all this do-gooder kumbayah kollektivism I so rail against. Everything’s turning to white. Fuck it, I should just move to [what’s left of] Tanerlorn before it vanishes over the horizon [¿whore-zion?].

I guess that’s what makes me such a horrible person. Bitterly determined to clog up whatever plans might lead to such and nonapocalyptic catastrophe. Am I “bad?”

celtic rebel's rules for tanerlornsweet brazilian bottom

Hm, BAD is 214, which aside from the Jehova/Britton/Pederast interpolations [the same sect responsible for the slave commandments; my more practical stab above], is also Vagina Day, this bittersweet anniversary. Sometimes, bad things happen.

A few more of us need to start taking this crap personally. After all, from the individual can come the most wondrous and inspired of in-sane in-genious and un-expected moments. It is the only remaining threat left to eternal blindness.

Tune in this/next Sunday for Part VI, which I can promise, will be extremely politically incorrect (and not the manipulated palatable bitch-boy version thereof), and highly caustic to the ears of those hanging on dearly to the implanted subroutines running through their heads.

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Note A: I was a guest on Live Free or Die this past Tuesday @ 10::00 PM [Eastern]. The show is alas, available [or not]

Note B: I just finished updating the last show/post with some awesome images and additional thoughts (today). Be sure to check it out.

The Power Behind the Who [4]

•February 14, 2012 • 41 Comments

I guess the impact of my show is sometimes more immediate than I had accounted?

the celtic rebel wins

Thanks Kat! 😀 This show continued where the last left off, about the who’s and eventually getting to whom may be the power behind the whos:


While I can present a theory, I can also entertain the notion that there are definitely Powers hiding behind The Whos, as with great reward, may also come great risk. It would seem The Whos have also become quite adept at having one set of victims accept responsibility for crimes that are not their own, while having another set of victims blame someone else entirely for crimes belonging to The Whos themselves.

white guilt travolta

Non-Jewish people, those who should not bother wasting their breath referring to themselves as Goyim or Gentiles, need to drop the burden of White Guilt. Neither they, nor their forefathers bear any of the blame or burden. Yea, I know this doesn’t jive with the story as narrated by male prostitutes who enjoy taking it up the ass.

sean penn this must be the placejewish mafia not italian

White men do seem to be fair game and quite open to derision and abuse. The emphasis being on “men” there and of course, not effeminate derivatives thereof, which mockery of would be explicitly verbotten. Thus I have to ask the question: why are so many people programmed to hate men, and more specifically, real men.

jesuit bashes homosexualbig squirrel testicles

One of the above images is so obviously fake, that only the most mind-controlled of fools would think it plausible. Here’s a hint: it’s got nothing to do with balls.

hannah montana fannahlick balls miley

Speaking of balls and staged photos …. don’t you worry, if your daughter grew up under the influence of Miley Montana. No programs will trigger. She’ll be just fine.

the jewish comedian

As will all the Americans who’ve found themselves infiltrated and taken over by a foreign influence. There is nothing but infinite love. We all are one. You’ll be fine.

miley cyrus ice cream pole dancemiley gay marriage fuck you joke

Despite repeated displays of disdain for the children whose minds have been turned over to prostitutes (some documented), the average moron with children is not up to the task of throwing their child on anything other than the passing whore train. I’m almost to the point where I admire the chutzpah of Miley basically saying “fuck you” rather openly to their victims, while letting other propagandists throw in current politically-correct and friendly terms like “christian” and “gay-marriage.”

bitch bois do not equal orgasm

People are so divided and disconnected from everything that would be natural, or even practical. I shouldn’t have to put together the two above images to show they are in no manner whatsover even remotely connected, much less possible. But, sadly, thanks to media programming many fools still can’t see the disconnection.

mkultra nazi mind control pimp

The alternative media has done its part quite well, programming its own victims to contemplate the most fantastic and in some cases, impossible of scenarios, as well as leading them deep into shit-holes of disinformation (i.e., them “rabbit holes”).

ok ass beluccirose eye buttsexkaty perry vanity fair subliminals

Hence, why even the most obvious admissions of prostitute defiling are lost on the average brainwashed conspindustry victim. Such, may never see the simplicity behind the messages communicated in the above images. If you’re relatively new and have no idea what I’m talking about, Monica is telling you something about the size of her abused asshole (documented in great detail previously). The rest, really?

apocalyptoana pauker jewess

And while it is of interest, to speculate as to the ultimate power structure of the world around us, it is far more practical to focus on the ones screwing you at the moment. Especially so, when the ones screwing are openly boasting of their accomplishments, and even exposing how blatantly false the propaganda of their own victimization has been (e.g., the myth of antisemitism in the Union/Pact).

boardwalk empire gay fisting hbo incest

Next week, I will continue this series and get into what type of world we can all expect to live in if no one does anything practical to stop it. That would be world house slaves and field hands alike will share, and by practical, I do not mean chasing shadows.

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Note A: I just finished updating the last show/post with new images and thoughts (today). Be sure to check it out. I’ve included yet another test to see who’s synthesizing knowledge with reason, so go see how you fare. 😉

Note B: I would like to thank the chat room regulars for the great images they’ve been posting, some of which, have made it into these write-ups; notably: Shannon and Michael.

What Have the Chosen Done? [3]

•February 7, 2012 • 36 Comments

At the moment, I can’t think of a better example of how “awake” yet completely ignorant to the most obvious the conspindustry has made its victims than this:

Christina Aguilera Rectal Blowout

Started off the show connecting to where we left off last week, eventually making our way to the long-promised discussion of “the whos”:


At risk of overestimating my own reach, I do believe there is great value in tossing out all the conspiratorial garbage we were fed, especially the nonsense about the mind-control of prostitute celebrities, while neglecting that they are promoting repeated viewing of the real mind control, that aimed at the fools watching.

ready for my facialhi my name is whore

The two girls/whores above are obviously both the victims of mind-control, but here’s a question to test your mental acumen: Which one is smarter?

The one on the left has been set up to become a perpetual victim, an easy mark for those in the entertainment/prostitution industry. She will pursue her “dream” of having the world recognize her “amazing talents.” In the end, she, like most who pursue that programmed dream, will receive many [close-up] semen deposits, but little else in pursuit of her career (while giving away her kah-rear).

The one on the right, however, has demonstrated true ingenuity. Regardless of how much she is used over her lifetime, and regardless of which end she services others through, unlike the girl on the left, they will at least remember her name.

the grabblerariel toaff

The above left image may be comical, and perhaps [as per the video] quite a clever way to talk about something very substantive and real under the guise of comedy. But the crimes of those who subscribe to the mindset are very “real,” and beyond debate: I went through an extensive list of [undeniable] facts during the show.

the pope is an actorchabad jews own bush

Hopefully, some will listen [and hear], and the spurious debate about The Vatican versus The Jews may end. It is pointless and based on dated, hence now false arguments [yes, I once fell for it too]. Yes, The Vatican was once very powerful, and held great sway on the public mind, but times change. We are in new age.

The psychopathic mindset of Chabad Lubavism (pictured around their boy d’jour Bush), has spewed out some of the most vile and racist rhetoric ever put forth in the history of mankind (no, that is not a hyperbole, look into it). Remarkably few are ware of this; for some strange reason, no one’s ever made a movie about it.

madagascar jewish actorsmadagascar war by deception

The two images above both speak to the idea that the Priests of Wood know there is much more to the [media-ridiculed] notion that Madagascar may have actually been a considered post-detention plan for Jews by many in Germany (those whom were not part of the Zionist Nazi hierarchy leading by way of deception).

Poster Says: “Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly.”
Poster Means: “No, we’re not trying to infiltrate your country! We’re victims of the Holocaust! 3000 years of oppression we have suffered!”

Mind Control: The Power to Program Your Victims to Ignore Their Own Senses and Chase Imaginary Shadows, while you Openly Mock Them.

Cast-off the programming. The content of each and every book below (many of which were in school curriculum and used to program Jews and Gentiles alike) has been unequivocally proven as false. Further “debate” about the scripted fiction [¡The Show-ah!] ultimately reduces to one lowest common denominator: shit.

Holocaust Library of Shame

Tonight was also the world premiere of the latest addition to our growing list of experts, English Bob, live at The Super Bowl. Who else is gonna give you that extra inch when you’re so desperate that you’ll crawl on your knees and scratch for it? 😉

super hand jobbrotherly prostate exam

Holy Wood has long been associated with anal fixation. Hopefully, everyone can see that (and smell it) clearly now. The sports world is just being cemented into the mix along with all forms of entertainment (the real mind control). Hence, why we are also seeing the same tell-tale fecal signs in the scripted news stories we are fed.

stroker aceone whore for the moneyeverybody gets it in the end

For those who haven’t been keeping up: “ace” as in spade card which translates to “buttsex.” Alternately: “Stoke her Ass.” Burt Reynolds never really cared for vagina anyway. The second image [thanks Peter for posting] is pretty straightforward as to what Katherine “thinks” she is looking for quite overt as to the specific physical result of such activity. It may also indirectly address why Christina Aguilera could not contain herself [“wide open”]. The last of the above images pretty much spells out what inevitably happens to all the fools with stars in their eyes [no doubt].

leonardo dicaprio ass poundedbaby squirrel girl

Oh no! I sure hope that Leonardo hasn’t already slept with more than seven other producers, cause according the new logic, that would make him a “whore” and he’ll never get married. 🙄 It’s true! It was in Elle Magazine and written by a female Jewish psychologist who graduated from Haarfvaard! 😀 This series will continue until it’s done.

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Note A: I was a guest on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers on Wednesday night, February 8th [no longer available]. The show was commercial-free and contains a few points that may be of interest even to regular listeners, a few of which apply to this current series and will be expanded upon. There may be a Part II coming.

Note B: The mystery of exactly “what” is dripping down Christina Aguilerra’s legs has finally been solved (thanks to all the great commenters below). It is now official and undeniable: it’s “gravy!” For an explanation as to how I know, listen to the following show. If you’re not an actor and don’t know what that is: get caught up.

Geisha Boys & Temple Girls [2]

•January 31, 2012 • 25 Comments

It’s that time of year again, time for America’s most massive stupification and brainwashing spectacular, where the alcohol will flow and the colonists will invest emotions in false dialectics, while actually looking forward to the latest propaganda nuggets. The outcome rests assured: The Union Jack will reign supreme Sunday.

god save the union jack

The donate button I referred to is located immediately to the right of these words. Until I come up some type of alternate means of deriving some deserved income for the free content I’ve long been putting out, I would recommend those of you who have never tried it before (and aren’t financially destitute), click on it —>


This show picked up where we left off, rehashing the controversy over just what exactly constitutes a “whore?” The engineers have been working overtime for years to program women to defend the indefensible, and of course, attack any messenger who strikes at the nerve of the giant fallacy [phallus-see]. Sadly, while all the below images are adult-rated, they are also unadulterated.

However unsavory, they are a reflection of “the truth;” the reality of the present world we’ve been engineered to create around us. Anyone who dares question if they’re just programs is obviously a woman-hater. 🙄 Hence, why the truth industry was created at the turn of the century, so people would finally wake up to la turth:

elenin bulshit artists

Never mind that yet another prediction from the movement failed to materialize [¿have any?], that’s no reason to discredit its prophets. The messengers of the truth are there to ask all the right questions, and by “right” I mean all those that don’t make their chumps (market/audience) uncomfortable.

Once again, we asked the [¿path-ic?] question of what constitutes morality that stems from reason/sense versus that of dissociative program loops, and from there, worked our way to the question of “who?” Pop quiz: ready for a test?

There is only one answer to The Test. To fail it, is to disqualify yourself from any claim to humanity. To quantify your answer with a phrase that includes an “if,” “but,” or “unless” is a surefire mark of deep disassociation. To not even realize that the image itself is a test, may indicate that you are already a psychopath.

The connections that everyone is afraid to make, are the ones that are most politically incorrect, and are also, the ones that need to be made. The reason [among others] that this show is the most hated in alternative media, is because it stands up and asks the questions that so many of the kumbaya-singing believers or snake-oil salesmen of fear (in either case, hopelessly programmed symbiants) would never dare. Let’s not start mixing honesty and truth, people just aren’t ready.

There is far more reason to the length that the programmers have gone to create all these false divisions among us, and why creating a generational gap was indeed key to allowing other virus-like programs to spread unchecked. How else would the above confluence of factors have even become possible?

Note: If you are confused as to the “why” of the above image, check out the show where I explain the factors and how they add up. Incidentally, it also happens to be the same show where I elucidate today’s omni-present whore/piece symbol, and rant for a while about the bitch-boys who steal and water-down my material.

Perhaps one of the reasons our entrusted watchers failed to see the siege weapons being built upon the hill, is due to how cleverly they were disguised? Wizards rarely ever attack out in the open. They are too cowardly. They disguise themselves with terms like priests, rabbi, or jester, rather than announcing their true intentions.

The alleged real men that were our forefathers did nothing to stop them, and thus, we are where we are today. Judging by this new crop of er, “men” we see bobbing about today, hard to see how we’ll ever even begin to turn things around. That, rest assured is part of the reason for the below trend as to the “lures” for women.

There is a definite calculated precision behind the above trend, and it should by no means be taken lightly. It is far more of a threat to humankind than any amount of boulders, flaming pitch, howitzers or nuclear bombs could ever wreak. For when the day comes that more people figure out that these effeminate “we all are one” gurus are useless to them and begin to seek out the help of the few unsavory men left who resisted the deevolutionary softening trend above … those remaining men may well be so jaded by then, that they will respond, “and why should I give a shit now?”

Next week, we’ll get a lot deeper into who the “whos” are than I think I’ve delved before. There will be some relevant revelating.

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Note: As I said during the show, this will be a multi-part series, of at this juncture, indeterminable length. There may be some retitling or reshuffling of associated links by the time it ends.

Cougars Whores and Fools [1]

•January 23, 2012 • 18 Comments

Today’s show was about the reason advertisements like this [found by Shannon] are and have long been acceptable. It’s the slight of hand, the programming that leads to mental disassociation and the programs that make such a mental rift possible.

coffee boy bumtrauma abuse soapfor particular people

A good part of the reasons, as discussed via the show [unavailable], is the engineering. We can’t grow unless we identify it, pull it out, recognize those responsible, and then, cut-off their access to the mind of our future.


The below [left] film, may just herald a new knife-twist into the mind of our female populace. I felt it relevant enough to address this program myself. Note the choice of colors and where they are standing (in front of a large vaginal area). Perhaps it also answers my question as to what constitutes a “count” in the crafter’s minds.

what's your number buckythe baby shitter

Yes, the image has been slightly modified upon my learning the happy ending choice was coincidentally the same actor who plays the Gay Pederast Captain of America. As to the latter film, that was best left to Metro Bob [V2.0]. 👿 Upon hearing the reView, you should be able to see that everything in the image (person, pose, etc.) was meticulously staged, and not only why the name The S[h]itter was chosen, but exactly what the mysterious “eye” of the pyramid is supposed to represent.

cougars extinctpoop sex idiocracy

The above [left] image may be a mockery (of the cougar motif), yet may produce a chuckle, albeit a nervous one, since it likely has far more underlying truth to it than the discussed films. Such is possible when the programs/virus can infect such a range of people and [al]most literally, change our reality overnight.

Sadly, however, the image on the right has not been manipulated or doctored in any way whatsoever. Welcome to the Brave New World, that hath, oh, such people in it.

meg giffithbarney penis growing

So, Family Guy is gonna help us redefine what the term “pedophilia” is supposed to mean? Sadly, it just might. Never mind the constant pederast references throughout the show, or that the family was quite happy to humiliate and whore-out their daughter before she turned 18. By all means, do not trust your own lying eyes!

infant sorrow russel brandinfinite love bar

I had also forgotten that the latest Consciousness-Raising Truther de Jour, the diminutive Brand[i], had a not-so coincidental choice of names for his band/tour in Get Him to the Greek. Welcome to The Truth Cantina. Do enjoy the [extremely] limited menu; the hangover may be real pain in the ass!

luke skywalker rainbow rosechewbacca scary vaginabatman robin terrified

Why have we failed to notice, that in most of the tails we are subjected to, it’s always an older stranger who finds the remarkable untapped potential in a lonely misunderstood young man [hint]? Why have we also failed to see that fear of the vagina is rooted in something that is based far way from masculinity?

[Not so] Coincidentally, most of today’s hopelessly-programmed young men in their twenties would express great disgust/loathing upon seeing an unkempt/natural vagina. They are exactly where the engineers want them at this stage; almost gay.

mind control cinema

Had mistimed the end of the show, hence didn’t play as much of the song as I wanted, and didn’t completely get out the question I planned closing with. Hence, I write it herein: I think we know who The Geisha Boys are, as well as The Temple Girls. Next week, we will be discussing The Chosen Ones.

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Note: On Monday, January 16th, I guest-hosted Blacklisted News in place of Doug Owen. The show was basically “prime-time” and hence, somewhat watered-down version of the regular broadcast [now available]. However, I did do a little set-up for tonight’s show, so regular listeners may find it of interest.

Black Listed News (Guest Host)

•January 18, 2012 • 2 Comments

I took over for Doug Owen on Blacklisted News on Monday for my one and only time doing so. As this was my first prime time broadcast, I was aware of the need to water it down somewhat and try to keep it PG-13, yet still had a lot of fun with it.

Guest Host: The Celtic Rebel

So, for those curious as to what “drive-time” Celtic Rebel may sound like, this is probably about as close to it as you will ever get. As an added bonus, you’ll get to hear some of my bumpers, the surprise of which, did sidetrack me a bit at first:

Wait. What the hell am I talking about? That was the intent, and that intent flew out the window ten minutes into the show. Get ready for some Fire and Ire.

David Dees FearmongeringBlack Preacher Lady Proselytizing

Did a bit of proselytizing against the fearmongering alternative media and delved a bit into children’s programming and how neuro-lingusitic programming is used to implant and anchor many subversive notions; most of which are meant for far later.

Patrick Semen SwallowSpongebob Anus Mouth

The conspIndustry sure gives us a ton of information to keep us busy, while embedded within a lot of that same information are accessible anchors [to those in the know]. And yes, Spongebob’s mouth is supposed to resemble a rectum.

ufc is gayHarry Potter = Hairy Asshole

The real danger is not what anyone anywhere is warning you to stand up and fight against, but gradualism; the subtle movements over long periods of time, usually resulting from a long series of minor changes. One example: there was never a day when anyone warned you, “They are coming to take our front porches away!”

Barney Fellatio TrainingJesus Tel Aviv Hollywood

The malignant narcissism, desensitization to violence, externalized persona overcompensation, lack of empathy, and gender confusion we find ourselves surrounded by, all arose around us gradually, with few [if any] warning signs.

Celtic Rebel's Nibiru Survival KitTHX 1138 Bisexuality Androgyny

Thanks for your time fighting obsolete programs of the past. Welcome to your future, where every head’s the same and everyone has a hole.



Note: My prior appearance on Blacklisted News was as Doug’s Guest, shortly after I joined Oracle [now available]. The other shows referenced during this broadcast were Hardwiring Future Generations and Would You Like Me to Pull It, Sir?

Conversation with Thomas Sheridan

•January 10, 2012 • 38 Comments

My guest last night was Thomas Sheridan, and we had a long conversation about psychopathy, collectivism, the human soul/spirit and the real music of yesteryear.

sex pistols anarchy

Though we may have differed in some areas, I feel the most productive part of the show was the discussion as to music, and what it could be [again] sans the massive collectivist influence. That’s the show below:


Despite the wishes of our Borg masters, or that of the Zombie Collective, “Punk’s not dead, I know it’s not!” 😛 Speaking of those among us who worship death, since Thomas has devoted much research to psychopathy, we addressed the topic of those among us who suffer from that mindset [many of us are their daily victims].

john wayne gacypuzzling peoplebebe blood libel

One point where we concurred was that “psychopaths” are definitely not the cartoonish [mythical] “serial killers” to which the media has misdirected our attention to. Despite popular misconceptions, psychopaths walk freely among us, and are far more prone to inspire our adoration, rather than our disgust.

Speaking of the demented boy adoring psychopath above [no, the other one, not Bebe], Joanne at The Loosh has written up an excellent piece on that sordid affair. Hm: 33 Boys “done in” by a sodomite named Gay (See)? Surely, just Coincidence!

dexter and his boymurder now fashion

I’d argue the primary reason for us not trusting our senses is that damn hypnotizing box of brainwashing/assimilation called the television. The new series Dexter, where the protagonist is a “loveable, but demented” serial murderer is not an aberration, but another natural step in the process based on all the groundwork [NLP] they’ve laid. The below pile of crap was dumped on us over 10 years ago.

It’s star, was a good-looking, well-dressed, upwardly-mobile miscreant who loathed women, was obsessed with the male physique, and enjoyed/praised the lyrics of the pop culture crap music of his day (e.g., Whitney Houston and Huey Lewis). A guy like that could do quite well in today’s world; he meets all of the primary criteria.

christian baleblood is meatlovable gau killer

“He has no emotions for anybody else, don’t you understand he’s in love with himself.” The loss of empathy is, I would argue, key, to moving us away from humanity, and to mass psychopathy. Whether it’s the Israeli soldiers slaughtering kids, or butchers slaughtering animals, the commonality is the lack of empathy.

Looking at the above video [referenced during the show, thanks to pav and effel for bringing to my attention], the shoppers, once they put a face to the murder they consume, do exhibit signs of empathy. More clear however, is that beyond all [I”d guess unwittingly on producer’s part], they define the term “cognitive dissonance.”

death ad campaign

Perhaps one day, I’ll still do the once-anticipated, and long-neglected show on the myth of serial killers. Rest assured, you are far more likely to find psychopaths in board rooms rather than back alleys [er, referring to dark city blocks, not the back alleys of boys, of which they are enamored by and likely to be found frequenting].

Tonight was also the world premiere of Pillhead Poetry with Asian Bob. There will likely be be a few more appearances from the latest Bob. My next show will be on January 22nd; solo, with perhaps a bit of fire and ire also making an appearance.

Would You Like Me to Pull It, Sir?

•January 3, 2012 • 21 Comments

We’ve seen these images before, and swallowed the narrative we were supposed to swallow, but how many of us have ever looked at them critically (our mind open)?

My most frequent guest, Alex Robinson was back on the show to properly kick off 2012 alongside me. Please enjoy a few moments of Zen before the show begins. 😉 The topic we broached, was the hallowed Pulitzer Prize:


Alex has been focusing on “healing” over at her site, and though this Warrior may not necessarily be so good at heeling (completely), there is much wisdom in dealing with our emotions. The ancient light-bearers, the Hellenes understood the process.

We have all been traumatized, in many forms, and per the focus of today’s show, by a long series of Pulitzer winning images featuring naked children in pain, with the occasional gay joke thrown in for laughs. Should we really expect The News to function any different from Holy Wood? We really should know better by now.

Named after the “great” Joseph Pulitzer, [per Jewkepedia] was a poor “self-made” Hungarian Jew, who lived out of “pull-man” cars and was forced to sell his “white hanky” to survive. Fortunately, a few of us idiots have learned how to read between the lines now and a simple look-up tells us that “white = play only involving safe sex, masturbation, or mutual masturbation.” The joke: Joseph subsisted on tugginng and being tugged, particularly by cute little newsboys (another joke).

Note: It just occurred to me that on the front side of The Prize, we have an image of one of the most notorious child molesters in history, Ben Franklin. Well, the shoe fits, so probably no small accident his visage was chosen (nor that in the above image, Franklin is facing the “page” from his favourite perspective).

Aside from the five surefire predictions I boldly made during this show, there may be something up in the manipulation of consciousness presently taking place (i.e., the narrative being scripted). Just like 44 years ago, the players once again, belong to the same ethnic group and have the same predilections. I wouldn’t be all that surprised: we have a [gay] actor in the white house playing the 44th President, convention coming in this Year of Zion, and we’ve already guessed at their aims.

All of the “photographs” on this page have won the Pulitzer Prize, except for one, and that would be the above [right] pic of Paul Michael Glaser. I’m sure there are many who would argue said pic also merits a Pulitzer, as it indubitably meets a few of the criteria. And if that is Glaser on the left as well, no doubt many years of practice laying face down in Holy Wood made him a natural for the performance.

Though, aside from [mild] trauma it might cause a closet-case who’s denying his own sexual desires, the earlier picture pales in comparison to the trauma, the narrative, the subversion and the immense financial rewards some of the winners generated. Now, someone please tell me why the [below] right image won it?

The [now] obvious and already discussed points aside, mocking all that is normal or decent, and pushing along social engineering paths also seem to earn great merit.

seaman would rather be fisting

Alex will be back in two weeks, to talk further about how to deal with trauma and our need to heal/grow. Tune in next week when Thomas Sheridan will be on to discuss psychopathy.

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Note: I was a guest on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers this Wednesday, January 4th. For those interested, an archive of the show is [no longer] available.

Winter Souls on Ice [Xmas Special]

•December 27, 2011 • 16 Comments

Didn’t do a show on the multiple interpretable rabbit holes behind the Holy Day this year. Didn’t feel this was the time for it, plus I already did that show last year.

Instead did a year end show, making a concerted effort to put aside the sword for a while, and reflect. The operative word, of course, being tried [downloadable].


Was joined by various guests including Gomer Kyle, The Fat Drunk Coward and Alex Robinson. Like I said, made an effort, but sometimes you gotta point a finger or twelve.

These are their own promos. “Coincidence” is only for the foolish. Still, the show was about a lot more than that. Played some good [seasonal] punk-tinged tunes and spoke about a few reasons we may have to be thankful [Lucy knows one too well].

The obvious has always been right there in front of our eyes, we’ve just been well-trained not to see it. Of course, some of us are (thanks to whomever sent me the below right image). Perhaps, one day, I’ll no longer need point them out.

Enjoy Make the best of the rest of 2011. Tune in next week for the first show of 2012 with Alex bringing some crazy feminine energy this way…

Hardwiring Future Generations [2]

•December 20, 2011 • 36 Comments

Picking up where last’s week’s show left off, the question to ponder is how far along are we in the programming, and is too late already to do anything about it? If you have a vague grasp of how NLP operates, you’ll know that it may bee too late for Generation Z [in retrospect, the rather appropriately named END generation].

hollywood venn diagramalternative media venn

One factor in their hopelessness, is as pointed out in great detail in prior shows, the composition of the most-pervasive mind-shaping force they/we have grown up under. The other, is the far from organic alternative media, which leads people in all sorts of rabbit-holes, while ignoring or misdirecting away from the obvious.


I do apologize for the slew of technical problems last night, some of which were my fault, some due to “the pussy,” some due to a slew on Gomer’s end, and one rather inexplicable lost connection to the network. I hope that, despite all that, I manged to got the point across on this fairly important topic [downloadable as usual].

judy moody prostitutejudy moody scat picnicjudy moody bummer

Holy Wood [the rectum of america], the big trap the spiders (anal vampires) have set up to lure prey to a fate of abuse and far far worse. Must instill the [al]lure early: “They go deep underground to discover all sorts of weird, wonderful, and far-out facts about making and being in movies.” Their words, as are these:

“Judy is desperately trying to earn thrill points, so she plans a trip to the Cemetery Creep n Crawl. Meanwhile, Stink has been collecting all the samples and evidence he can in his efforts to catch Bigfoot. Add in Aunt Opal’s crazy driving (and bad sense of direction), and somehow they all end up at an abandoned amusement park, eating scat sandwiches. That’s gotta be worth some thrill points.”

Normal healthy entertainment for young girls who have a not-so-bright future as self-deprecating uncreative externally-focused victims of sexual and physical abuse. But, fret not ye parental units, they’ll be conditioned to think it’s perfectly normal.

shel pervertsteinass to mouth

Is there anyone who would let Sheldon Silverstein babysit their children? Sadly the answer is yes. Noncritical brainwashed dissociative mAssess will accept all manner of depravity, because they believe “someone” is looking out for them and wouldn’t allow this to happen. Hence, Uncle Shelby is free to instruct the Runny Rabbits to [bend over and] Grab Their Socks. At least he was honest the title of his third book: “Now Here’s My Plan.” Revelation of the Method? I wonder if he’s Jewish?

tentacle porn for kidsthumb up your asstwistable turnable man

Dav Pilkey [i.e., Pill Key], born in 1966, may or may not be a conspirator, but his fascination for feces sure does seem to fit the plan. I doubt it coincidental that Sasha Grey (the Jew Queen of Ass-Eating) chose his book to read for the media event [consent test]. It would stand to reason that ingesting Pilkey’s material as a child makes the mind far more receptive to today’s genre of anal-centric porn.

captain underpants poopdav pilkey deviantfecalfeliac training

Andy Griffiths, not to be confused with The Andy Griffith Show, “loves reading his books to young fans.” Now that might sound fine to the naive, until you realize what Andy’s books are all about. Despite angry caller’s insistence that young Ron Howard survived the show unmolested, I doubt Holy Wood would leave any future stars exit gate untouched. You can bet your bottom dollar on that [prior show]!

andy loves kidsandy loves opie

Hm, stynkromysticism would seem to indicate that we are also being told what type of activities our Senators are engaging in. Someone ask Barney Frank about that.

bum went psychozombie butts uranusbumageddon perverstion

As to the other Andy, what kind of nit-wit, would promote the above books to kids? Apparently, quite a few. From butt one parenting site: “Introduce your young readers to these books and return to this blog to share your child’s experiences with the books. I am confident the books will elicit many laughs. Happy reading!”

butt wars lightningjust shocking analanal treasure fever

Those who’ve actually been listening will now find ample evidence as to just how dedicated Griffiths is to certain concepts I’ve been explaining for some time now.

pineal eye analcrocodile naked boy

But, I have to say, even I was a bit shocked, er surprised, to see the above two, which in roundabout ways, say the exact same thing [a true story]. Need I explain?

In Andy’s very own words: “In this book there are stories about the simple pleasures of playing with friends, riding motorbikes, picking berries and hunting for emu eggs and wild pigs sitting alongside tales of terrifying turkeys, angry mamus, farcical football matches and crocodiles with an unfortunate – but completely understandable – preference for eating naked people.” Subtly, the truth is spoken.

spin martybrokebrack gay pornhomoerotic literature

Victims of abuse, be it sexual, physical or mental, prefer to look back on their trauma with not “false memories of abuse” as many a paid psychologist has been suggesting on Prostitute Airwaves, but with fabricated memories of innocence.

This was pre-brokeback mountain supplantation of the cowboy myth, exchanging rugged individualism, with masturbatory bitch-boy fantasies. One of the characters was Marty Markham, yet another MM/26 nod to the pederast cult of Jehovah/Set.

jehovah loves his boysdavid stollery victor moore

It’s enough to make your spine-ache. For what it’s worth, the writer of the series (Lawrence Edward Watkin) was also responsible for a few other interesting titles: Gentleman from England, The Sword and the Rose (When Knighthood Was in Flower) and finally, The Biscuit Eater. Biscuit? Hm, I wonder what that means!

priest getting headlost apple pedo pan

Important note: Peter Pan was written by a pederast. My best guess, considering our hopeless immersion in and propagation of Pop Culture [more accurately “Pederast Culture”] memes, is that the creators of Operation Pedro Pan chose the name quite methodically, and the victim/writer of The Lost Apple, did not.

From December 1960 to October 1962, more than fourteen thousand Cuban youths arrived alone in the United States. What is now known as Operation Pedro Pan was the largest recorded exodus of unaccompanied minors in the Western Hemisphere.

In 2009, Castro was still fuming, calling Pedro Pan “a cynical publicity maneuver that would have been the envy of Goebbels himself, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda.” For two 13-year-old kids, it was like “The Wizard of Oz” in reverse.

Operation Pedro Pan ultimately involved the Catholic church, the CIA, the State Department and multiple civic groups. Some of these powerless children were abused by the very people responsible for their welfare.

The last part should come as no surprise to anyone with an inkling as to what purpose a bonanza of unprotected children may serve. No doubt, some were rubbing their hands together, hoping “the one” might come under their care and tutelage.

key anus rose lipslarry david pussy

Beyond automated yet mindless meme propagation, there is little coincidence in the world of major media. When you put the words “blowjob” and “baby bop” next to a giant erect penis, the subconscious connections can be predictably calculated.

Why would it “hurt” when a child poops? Perhaps because some Morpheus-wannabe drugged them and then violated their key/anus while they lost track of time. Their own movie Ha!penis pretty much documents this [if you can bear the assault].

barney bj baby bophurts when i poop

As for Louis Sachar, we could assume some causality to him looking like Larry David’s twin brother and being located in the Austin end of the Dallas / Houston / Austin boy-prostitution triangle. However, his best known work about young boys spending all day digging holes takes us from causality to probable cause. Next, let us present his resume of Johnny’s in the Basement, Sixth Grade Secrets and Kidnapped at Birth. We now have a preponderance of evidence. Verdict: guilty!

androgyny promotionlouis sachar daviddogs give blowjobs

It may be far darker and far worse than even I may have managed to convey. There are two ways to deal with it. One, is the easy route, disassociate and deny; willingly accept a life of blindness while the world around you turns into shit.

Two, disconnect, disinfect, purge and stand firm against those who are leading us into the abyss. One cannot support the destruction of mankind and continue to claim to be part of the human race.

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Note: I’d like to thank all of you in the chatroom, from which I gleamed some of these images from. I thought I had enough, but just prior to publication, Kathy sent me an image, which pretty much confirms exactly how strong an influence these unscreened nannies can have on the mind, long after they mind-rape your children: proof!

Hardwiring Future Generations [1]

•December 13, 2011 • 25 Comments

If I didn’t know better, I might begin to suspect there was a massive conspiracy to prove the Celtic Rebel right. On one hand, we have the mainstream media’s latest barrage, and on the other, we have the alternative media proving that their composition of characters is not that much different from that of the former.

revelation for foolsanal sex nlp

However, even in this time of great [surface] revelation, we need to remain weary of the hand that feeds us. The former has proven quite adept at psychologically manipulating us; slipping in bits of deep psychological poison at every opportunity.


This week’s show focused on the usual confirmation of repetitive patterns leading to further degeneracy via programs aimed at children. Additionally, I contemplated exactly what in our nature may make us such perfect victims, leading to our becoming horrible parents, and beyond all, pathetic in-nu-ham beings.

no hate tortureno hate misogynyno hate rape

Gome Kyle came on during the second half of the show, bring a bit of the fire and ire [his correlating post contains much of the referenced material]. Gomer had been a bit worked up over the silence of so many [self] proclaimed mystics (people this rebel generally refers to as “wankers”) who seem to be able to see everything except pederasty. What makes them so blind?

At this juncture, my best guess is their cognitive dissonance, compounded by the programs they’ve swallowed up (such as above campaign, and related propaganda) and the [traumatized] child-like love they still feel towards their rapist (the media).

butt sex

On the surface, said campaign is about “kumbaya” love for our fellow man (yes, “infinite love”), but in actuality, it is a flagrant boast of the molestation, torture and the snuffing out of innocents [just another day in Kali-Fournia]. In contrast, the discussed example of what Nikki Minaj is pushing into the minds of children should be most blatant to anyone who can think. But how can anyone, much less a child, “think” when they spend several hours a day nannied by pederast hypnotists?

ass eater

Despite prior admissions as to what it takes for a sister” to “make it” in Holy Wood, we’ve been so dumbed down, that we (well, most of us) continue to live in denial of the process. One thing is certain, they think so lowly of black women, that whenever you see one thrust forward in the media lymelight, you are looking at someone who has eaten a lot of ass to get there. For those whose eyes are wide shut, by “they,” I mean persons of the mindset responsible for the following trash:

hebrew cock hammer

Andy “Dick,” huh? I guess that is yet another reference for the [circumcised] hammer that rules The Wood. And they continue to drive that joke home, taking great pains flaunt their disdain for Jesus and his misguided followers [the “christ”ians] quite openly. As I have demonstrated before [prior article], the eager bitch-boys and would-be victims of asstral expansion/destruction are content to help their massters mock mankind [Quentin Tarantino is one such Temple Dog]:

quentin tarantino

Hm, Quetip also made a movie featuring a group called “The Eighty-Eights.” H8 as in “No Hate” also reflects 88 [thanks matthew]. No wonder some of the images spewing forth from The Jewgle while searching “No H8” feature men covered in excrement [I’ll spare you]. “When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you are really gonna see some shit.” Ask QT[ass]pie what that’s like.

The penis/hammer is but one tool of subjugating those with stars in their eyes. The “fist” is yet another, particularly useful for utterly emasculating males [ensuring they’ll never get uppity]. Probably a surety in Tarantino’s case, and even odds on the Parker/Stone poster-children for South Park. Aside providing us with a tease of the upcoming spinal damage [“brokeback”], said episode also features Mister Hanky [the jewish kid’s talking turd] and ended with the hole city drowning in feces.

gay jew hammergravy is pudding

Another joke [on us]: the show featured Chef peddling his “Chocolate Salty Balls.” The average idiot watching assumed it was a reference to Isaac Hayes and his “black” testicles. But, it wasn’t! Salty is due to the semen content and chocolate is due to the excrement. Yea, basically a “gravy” backsplash. Cementing the joke the deviant “creative minds” play on their victim (audience): Chef pitching his goods with the marketing gimmick “Go Fudge Yourself!”

Hence, we can assume with a high degree of probability that the [referenced] “child advocate,” by saying “Nobody wants to stop the gravy train,” meant just that.

idiocracy hole

The above scene is from a movie allegedly set in the future. Hm, just how far in the future would that be? Let’s ask Nikky Minaj if that future is now? Rest assured, a good number of American Children know these words/mantras by heart already:

“Bad bitches, I’m your leader, Phantom by the meter. Somebody point me to the best ass-eater. Kiss my ass and my anus, ’cause it’s finally famous. And it’s finally soft, yeah, it’s finally solved!”

Yes, the title of this post does indicate that there will be a Part II to this [now] series. I plan to get further into Children’s Programming, and in particular, Children’s Authors. After all, look how many of us, who were also victimized by the programs of our time, failed to see the blatant narratives of the two tails below?

pederast movieslord of the anus

For those who still can’t see it, they are about old guys anally violating young boys. More of this, more Rebel, and perhaps a bit more fire and ire a’comin…

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Note: I was guest on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers this past Wednesday night, Dec 14th [unavailable]. Though, I may be guilty of a little bit of false promotion. Compared to prior show naming a few of the bitches in alternative media, it was pretty tame.

I am the Fly up on the Wall

•December 5, 2011 • 23 Comments

My prying voice is sifting through your bottom drawer. Last night’s show was a bit different. Tried to do most of it fairly impromptu with almost no outline. Wanted to let the mood dictate the pace. You didn’t notice that your number had been called?

A few of the words embedded in there hail from a different partridge, but if you listened you know it comes from the heart. Perhaps it was a good time for healing instead of my trademark[able] brand of fire and ire? The result:


I think the one thing I neglected to mention in relation to the opening and the first image, is what amazing recuperative effects even the smallest acts of compassion can have upon the mind/body. Love, much less ascension, is impossible without it.

mommydelivery horrormidwife

One of the topics was a bit more on the esoteric side than usual, the seriously [dis]function-all [re]learned processes/rituals dealing with our circular beginnings and ends. Esoteric? Perhaps. Practical? Far more so than digging in rabbit holes.

For those further interested in additional thoughts on birthing and transdimensional pathways in this perpetual wash/rinse/repeat cycle: A New Dawn Fades [Exactly].

For those who appreciate my inflammatory barrages and unconventional weavings, I point you to the button on the right [a bit higher]. I shall have more to say on this and many other topics, assuming the brown dwarf doesn’t come back to kill us all yet again first.

Note: If you missed the recent update to the last post (as of a couple days ago), be sure to check it out. Also, contains link to a guest appearance from Friday.

Saying What Needs to Be Heard

•November 22, 2011 • 32 Comments

Looks like the folks behind the Zeitgeist Movement, the misnamed Lucifer Project, and I’d gather much of this bullcrap floating around as “the truth” these days have “let go” of yet another movement (i.e., pile of crap). On 11/11/11, of course!

ass thriveplan nine

They always seem to reveal their hand sooner or later. Are they doing so intentionally, or far more likely, is the organization so widespread and not thoroughly hive-minded that there’s always a brown-noser somewhere between the bottom and the top that tries a little too hard to please those above him?


I intended to begin the show with this topic, and move on to others, but I should know better. The topic is vast, and the programmed level of denial and ignorance to the obvious is deep-seated. The topic took up most of the show:

sasha greyjewish porn

I’m also fairly sure the referenced story above was put out intentionally to get a reaction, and that I am feeding them by doing so. However, we should be able to realize that out of all the prostitutes out there that could have been chosen for the task, this woman was not chosen haphazardly. She was more so than most I would gather, “the one.” Think about it. No, really, stop and think deeply about why!

grey aliendav pilkeysilent jews

A few hints to those scratching their heads as to my earlier request: (a) brown-nosers share a trait with temple dogs, hence “dog breath” (b) for those who know, or were brave enough to click Sasha’s er, resume, speaks very specifically to such debauchery, (c) the misidentification of origins and choice of screen names is most definitely a joke which connects to the truth movement, and (d) the rest you should be able to figure out (each image in this post was chosen very deliberately). 🙂

toss my saladmoses rim job

The intersection of the two images above should tell you, beyond the content of the show, exactly whom the “who” is. This isn’t rocket science, this is basic logic.

glenn beck ass licker

Of course, the counter-programs are quite effective. There are all sorts of ridiculous advocates put forth to address certain issues and spew out all kinds of confusing shit to confound the idiot mind. But, as you may have learned well by now, if you’ve been listening to this Rebel, the imagery is not coincidental.

The juxtaposition of his tongue with the communist (i.e., “jewish” to the aware) star/asshole is the result of precision. They’re telling us exactly who tossed many a salad to get to the position they are in, and indirectly whom’s salad they tossed.

rabbit jews

I’ll try to pick up where the show left off one of the coming weeks, asking why would people [allegedly] not responsible for the degeneracy go to such lengths to hide their tribal origins. We can only hope the smarter victims of the supremacist programming ask themselves questions about drilling holes in the boat they share with all of us. No one is going to thrive until a few more of us, face the mirror.

This post was originally entitled “Afraid to See, or Afraid to Speak. Which is it?” I wanted to add the phrase “Are you also Afraid to Listen,” which would have appropriately conjured up the ancient image of the three monkeys. But, that title would have been entirely too long.

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Note: Though there was no show this past Sunday, on Friday (December 2nd) I was a guest on The Fat Drunk Coward Show to speak further and boldly about this same issue [not available] and hopefully, dispel the ludicrous “Zionist” talking point.