Celtic Rebel Cat Room Guidelines

The Cat Room is a bonus to the weekly radio show, where listeners can gather and meow and stuff. It is meant to be fun and in my opinion, improves the show by allowing for instant feedback, listener input and interaction between host and chatters. Due to repeated problems, and of late, a regular stream of wanking trolls intent on disrupting the show, I am posting these guidelines (now rules):

1. Respect the Host

2. Respect my Guests

3. Respect each other

4. Don’t be an attention whore

5. Have some self-respect

With so many moderators, the intents of words may be mistaken, or that people occasionally have a bad day. If you feel that your ban was undeserved or in error, please leave a comment below (specifically from this page) and tell me your user name, the approximate date you were banned, ip address at the time of banning (if known) and a brief reason as to why and I will unban you [will be kept confidential].

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