Guest MC [Dallas Goldbug]

I was indisposed and unable to do a live show Sunday, and the notorious Ed Chiarini (aka Dallas Goldbug) volunteered to fill in. Ed went on to have someone make a video of the entirety of the show and post to YouTube. Thus, am [finally] posting:

As insane as some of you paranoid conspindustrists may think Ed is, Ed was extremely professional and did a pretty good job for his first time hosting a show. Though not in any way meant as a backhanded compliment, it allayed my nerves a lot more than the utter disaster my only prior guest hosting scenario turned into.

~ by celticrebel on July 13, 2014.

3 Responses to “Guest MC [Dallas Goldbug]”

  1. Hi Ed. Hope things are going well in your universe? You’ll be glad to hear that, out of all the people I’ve written about, ‘you’ are still the most read person on my blog! 😉

  2. Must… Have… Download link! :p
    Can’t believe I missed it!


    For the Rebel’s perusal concerning more backstory to the Westeros Universe.

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