Rape Drama Consent & Omegas [1]

No denying the current level of feminist insanity has been dialed up past 11, thanks in no small part to the infamous failed “woman-hater” named Toilet (Elliot) Fucker (Roger).

The Rape of Cersei

Well, he’s really not responsible for it. Those responsible are the twisted [self-described] “victims of the patriarchy” who’ve seized on the event spin their webs.

The Hot Consensual Incest of Cersei

Their prior webs managed to [mentally] entangle quite a few victims. The public outcry due to mass misinterpretation of a love scene in a recent episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones as “The Rape of Cersei” attests to that. Incest, Child-Murder, Torture, Castration, Disembowlement and Mutilation are petty things when contrasted against a woman not explicitly uttering the word “yes” before penetration occurs.


Tonight’s show picked up where the discussion on Elliot left off and got into the [alleged] Rape of Cersei. From there we got into rape culture and victim culture, question facts instead of getting caught up in an emotional Pavlovian web.

All Men Are Rapists

This was the start of a three part series on these relative and relevant issues. The others to be posted…

~ by celticrebel on June 1, 2014.

3 Responses to “Rape Drama Consent & Omegas [1]”

  1. Thanks for your critiques of those human centipede-esque outlets available for people to cry, lie to themselves and make shit up, Rebel — looking forward to part 2, and will be sure to send a token of my appreciation soon. Thought I already had an account to comment here, but it’s been a while. Didn’t happen to listen to the show you referenced during this one, about crazy pussy, but I think noteworthy was your mention (at almost 3-hours in) regarding a listener writing in the chat that it’s hard enough getting some pussy, and how you’ve got him terrified that something bad is going to happen in the midst of that pursuit, bringing to mind Vagina Dentata. Over at the Stygian Port:

    “If there’s one thing the new horror flick Teeth teaches us, it’s that nothing sours a romantic soirée like a vagina dentata. The phrase – Latin for “vagina with teeth” – conjures men’s primal fear of sex, the opposite sex, the word “vajayjay,” and dentistry.

    The term seems to have come into use in the early 20th century, around the time Sigmund Freud was dreaming up his theories about castration complexes. But the idea has roots in numerous ancient cultures. There are Native American tales like the Ponca-Otoe story in which Coyote spends a night snuggled between the sexy daughters of an evil old witch. One girl warns him that they have lethal jaws in their private parts. So Coyote kills the other girl and the witch. Then, according to Richard Erdoes & Alfonso Ortiz’s 1984 book American Indian Myths and Legends, he bashes out his gal pal’s vaginal grill “except for one blunt tooth that was very thrilling when making love.” (thephoenix.com)

    Erich Neumann relays one such myth in which “A fish inhabits the vagina of the Terrible Mother; the hero is the man who overcomes the Terrible Mother, breaks the teeth out of her vagina, and so makes her into a woman.” (randomnessunexplained.blogspot.com)”

    Cuckoldry and false rape accusations, while legitimate men’s issues, have for some men brought them to a place of all-consuming fear of Teh Vajayjay and/or anger/resentment toward women, which is part of what fuels these Omega male t(r)oother cults like the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and True Forced Loneliness (TFL) the latter of which Elliot Rodger has been associated with.

    Speaking of this Elliot “Toilet” Rodger character, he seems like quite the shit-sucking vampire, replete with widow’s peak and all. Same Stygian Port article referenced above also defines a vampire as an “Overlord”, bringing to mind a po(o)pular Feminist designation for those so-called bigoted, cis-gendered, privileged White men of The Patriarchy™: shitlord, then bringing to mind Count Chocula, your reference in the comment section of that Stygian Port article. Perhaps the Id Canal may reveal some clue beyond the feminist framing/perversion as to why Elliot might have been such a shitlord:

    “…these undigested, highly toxic experiences are manipulated, and recycled over and over again… [t]hese manipulations keep many thoughts and feelings unconscious/undigested, and prevent the individual from evolving higher perceptions…”

  2. Haven’t had a chance to hear the latest show yet, but in regards to Elliot Rodger I found this article from a blog that is aimed towards “red pill” men:


    Not sure if you’d had a chance to sift through his blog yet.

  3. Shatter, Rebel, thanks for posting that rationalmale link. I am attempting to spin my cocoon as a beta caterpillar in the hopes of transforming into an alpha butterfly of the new social world before me. Researching these links, and listening to the recent shows, has broadened my understanding of the opposite sex and challenges me to step out of my comfort zone, so that I can compete successfully with others for the attention of quality women. My own dad was p****whipped, so learning how to get quality women was always a mystery to me. But now, this information is giving me the baseline I need to springboard into my own alpha path with the confidence to go for the gold, and reduce my anxiety in meeting strangers for the first time, in anysetting. I am looking forward to the next show, planning to donate asap, and will continue to practice my “game” as I reforge my character and personality into one that I choose for myself, and not as a result of my environment.

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