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Picked up where the last show left off, on the subject of perversion, and reminding us that perverts never consider themselves to be perverts, just that the rest of the world lacks the proper amount of exposure to their “truth.” That is important.

perversion defined

A pervert, in his own mind, is nothing more than a member of a misunderstood or unappreciated minority. Hence, now that we are all connected [exposure just a click away], “perverts” are compelled to invade and flood every online nook and cranny with “proof” of: the joy of golden showers, the beauty of fat naked pregnant women, the fact that “911 Was an Inside Job,” or the Joos control the world [etc.].

smoking nazi fascismbeyond good evil nietzsche

The above [left] image encapsulates so many historical and logical incongruencies, that it [may] stimulate unpredictable mental contemplation and digestion. It’s kind of like an enigma wrapped around a paradox and stuffed into a spicy burrito.

This week’s show focused on the need for healthy skepticism [download]; the often ignored legacy of the great René Descartes. To arrive at a beatific truth, we must first confront ourselves, dearly held logical fallacies, and get far beyond our flawed penchant towards dualistic/binary perspectives. What we need is philosophy.

rene descartes table of knowledgei complain therefore i am

The quest for truth leading away from the personal, leads to truth movements, which leads to Truthism. Like Communism is a perversion of community and Fascism is a perversion of fashion, Truthism is perversion of truth. Truthism is ideology. Truthism is what leads to ridiculous conspIndustry narratives such as:

victim of the solar cultthe sun is evil and stuff

When Korey Johnson and Ameena Ruffin from Towson State University won the 2014 Cross-Examination Debate Association college championship, hate-filled right-wing perverts were practically trampling each other [¿at basement door?] in their rush to flood the net with conclusive toxic perspectives. Alas, they found the “smoking gun” to validate their paranoias and bigotries (i.e., their perversions).

towson state debate champions

This smoking gun turned out to be nothing more than [self-incriminating] proof of: their own ignorance, what gullible pawns they are, their inability to research (so much hate, so little time), and their racist prejudice [effectively] blinding them. The singling out of these two girls was shameful. I guess the reaction also proves that long after the rape of Africa, the slavery of its peoples, the Civil Rights and Apartheid eras … racial intolerance and willful stupidity still plague us to this day.

davos and stannis at iron bank

Instead of taking the time to address system-wide issues emanating from our own flaws, and focusing on the root of the problem, haters shake things up by stirring [reinforcive] dissension. On the other hand, the well-meaning healers of all disparity, meddle in systems they don’t comprehend, making matters worse. Hate and kindness while being polar opposites, are both equal enemies to reason.

not descartes place in the 9 to 5 worlddo gooders suck and kill usyour nose is all up in my biz'snatch

The truth movement is an automaton, serving someone’s outside interest [and in many a case, no one’s]. It is the pseudoscientific equivalent of pharmaceutical industry trained doctors; devotedly finding and addressing symptoms, yet never fathoming root causes. Truthism is [perpetually] adolescent narcissists, minding everyone else’s business except their own. Truthism is the death of intellect.

arbeit nicht macht freigeniuses nap not the lazy

Many of you guys have been asking for ages, and I’ve [for the most part] refrained. However, during this show, I got perilously close to giving out advice to guys on how to occasionally get some hole. Also, read a “Celtic Rebel Success Story,” which the net effect of was: Life sees a new face, Truthism loses a victim, Women gain a [potential] victim, Repel Path loses a regular listener, Humanity gains a member.


I may have to adjust my improvised analogy on how Knowledge and Experience are the Hammer and Anvil in our quest to form Wisdom. Upon reflection, Time is an overabundant resource, like Air: that some use wisely, others not. Philosphy is the fire that makes our [re]creation possible. How hot are you willing to let that burn inside you? Most remain content in the tepid embers of simmering reaction cycles.

voltaire's quotations

Voltaire, who was known for throwing around as many witticisms as possible, hoping some might stick, allegedly once said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” The context in which this was said remains unknown [it could apply to practically an infinite number of relationships], and there’s even dispute as to whether Voltaire actually ever said it. For shits and giggles, Google may amuse with the sheer number of reactionary simpletons who cited this quote as the flawed conclusive basis to support their perversion(s).

women cheat more than menwomen lie all the time about everything

A definite feature of Truthism, is the reliable talent pool it draws [its victims] from. For the most part (99%), this pool consists of [socially inept] beta males. It goes without saying that female companionship is an extremely rare fish in such waters. Hence, the application of deviant citations ends where self-interest begins, further ensuring the concepts broached by the surrounding imagery will continue unabated, and women tacitly encouraged to keep on being [uncontrollable] girls.

your true ruler is your femalecome on my tits silly boy

Oh, and I should add, with the exception of the last [image], which if you listened, will make massive sense. In a vain effort to find a better closing than said image, I will add: Whether you wish to influence people for the betterment of the world, or to poison your betters and bring everyone else down to your level … remember one thing: you are defined by what you do, and what you do is who you are.



Note: There are some shows related some of the topics mentioned, unfortunately they are not available at this time. I will try to back-link them here when they do: Gay Playas and Enemy Mirrors (last week), [dis]Functional Femme Fatales, and You Got Two Boobs: I Got Two Eyes.

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One Response to “Descartes Skepticism Philosophy”

  1. René Descartes was a pervert who tortured and skinned animals alive in public to prove they were soulless, how can you praise an Imbecile like that? All the Great thinkers of Mankind had something in Common, Vegetarianism as a byproduct of Compassion.
    This Idiot just came with a catchy phrase that made him famous between Rich French People, but many philosophers before him, even by thousands of years before arrived at the same conclusions.

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