Will to Power [1]: The Circle

Well, after a couple of teasers and few guesses, and an overlong delay, the first of the new series is now available. They mystery of the circle, was, on one level, an overwhelming sense of Deja Vu. So simple, we should have known it as children.

kid coloring circle wash rinse repeat deja vu

That was only the beginning, numerous topics were covered in this show, which I believe to be a solid step forward, not only for a new multi-part series, but also a new direction for the show itself (unless you consider the nature of the circle). 😉

I admitted the nature of the ailment that brought me to the outer edge of the circle, how many others are brave enough to look into the mirror of truth?

alternative media psychological disorder laundry list

The Why, Hows and “Whos” should all be coming together now and a lot clearer once we look above and below the circle, and see a much bigger picture.

magik mind control victim programming holographic universeindependent life em-betterment through self control

And if it doesn’t yet, it should make a lot more sense after Part II and Part III is released…. Perhaps you’ll even get to hear Mike Scott crow, “I’m starting to see a bigger picture. [And now] I’m beginning to colour it in.”



Note: This is part of a multipart series: Part II (Dysfunction), Part III [Pending].

~ by celticrebel on September 18, 2013.

6 Responses to “Will to Power [1]: The Circle”

  1. and a bonus, also from an “alternative” movement:

  2. Love this show, it did remind me of the hippy you didn’t like on oracle network. And the “The Secret”, if we want something to happen think about it. Or if you don`t want to happen ignore it. But can we ignore our sub-conscience ? Onwards with a smile.

  3. Good show. So much more interesting than those crappy shows on ‘Renegade’ with ‘the White Rabbit.’ lol

    Speaking of rabbits . . .

    When are you going back on ‘Rabbit Hole News’ with Michael Tsarion ? lol

    Michael Tsarion – Rabbit Hole News – 11-21-11 – Music & The Psyche
    vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX7Ivbanyu8

    Troofer G Chris Geo’s opening jingle for most radio shows on his network is:

    “Exposing the hate and exploring the love.”


    Get the fuck outta here !!

    To hate hate itself is no less absurd than to pretend you can love love itself. Neither love nor hate can figure out their own degrees of intensity or even existence as value-triggered emotions without constant reference to each other. Without reference to each, they can never properly temper each other without compromise. So, compromise, not temperance is obviously the subconsciously programmed hippie-retarded goal of these people.

    The truth is ‘hate’ speech only to those who hate the truth.

    Lies are ‘hate speech’ only to those without the truth on their side to debunk & ridicule them.

    There is no such thing as a positive emotion without its negative counterpart and counterweight. Making strong negative emotions taboo is also making strong positive emotions taboo and wallowing in a hippie fuzzhole of perpetual boredom punctuated by DMT freakouts and ‘Rabbit Hole News.’

    In addition to that, most complex phenomena in the world have built-in ambiguity or exist in moral gray areas where the properties arousing different degrees of love and hate value-reactions are subconsciously tabulated by the observer into either a whiter shade of gray warranting further association and benefit or a blacker shade of gray warranting disassociation to prevent harm.

    To hate hate is to claim that the very mechanism of automatically reacting to offended value judgments properly (which you are, in fact, already using by ‘hating’ hate) is improper because the value judgments that have aroused one hatred do not coincide with those of another hatred. Thus by constantly confusing strong emotion and initiative aggression, the corrective action necessary for survival is stripped of its justification as self-defense and postponed forever.

    To say that ‘truth is no defense’ if its discovery will allow laser-pointing of dissipated energies to specific targets of strong emotion (hate) and cause the extreme injustice that likely produced the emotional reactions in the first place to be remedied for good, so that a less manipulable and neurotic state of temperance can reign, is probably the most perverted form of last-ditch sophistry known to man.

    “Separate the lock from the key and the best place to hide is right out in the open. So if they create enough cognitive dissonance, will we ever know where the lies end and the truth begins ? ” — Nemo Denovo

    [audio src="http://k007.kiwi6.com/hotlink/6e7348d2t4/leave_the_zombies_alone._nemo.2012-02-11_16k.mp3" /]

    And, by the way, as if it wasn’t obvious already, Syria owes zero dollars to the International Monetary Fund:


  4. The truth inside the circle… Pretty obvious really.

  5. another good one. had to sign for a package from the UPS guy somewhere towards the end though.

    was sure you were going to go into how George Martin writes in circles and seems to be doing the “eternal recurrence” thing, balancing karma and all that, but thankfully you checked your inner nerd.

    thanks again.

  6. good show, tried to listen to Rebel broadcasting, but it was too much.

    sad to see how Kyle , Mike and the others have gone Loco in a uncool way. really horrible shows, lost their capcacity for intelligence it seems.

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