Hitler und Der Rebel (Alpine Mix)

Tonight’s show began with my sharing an article attached to a letter from one of you listeners, one of those “Celtic Rebel was Right” moments, and the [predictable] variety of responses such things illicit. Program A. Program B. Program C. Etc.

billy bragg eye minors and minersalpine sisters are hawt

My quest to find genuine volksmusik, however, was the primary stimulus for most of tonight’s topics. The two lovely visual distractions above aside [that would be to the right, for those confused atm], the quest forced me to take a look at someone who’s music I’ve long admired and respected [left], albeit with new eyes.

The vast world of music, is just as good, if not a better, a route as any in our quest to better understand the world around us, and for those of us maturing beyond adolescence, hopefully ourselves. Yes, music: the good versus the bad, the fiction versus the reality, the old versus the new. Of course, as you who [actually] listen would expect, there was much more to the above show [download free 32K version].

the clash socialismbilly bragg pinko propaganda

Should it really surprise us that famous musicians are taking bit parts in minor news stories? No, [at this point] not really. As I have long been saying, this is what prostitutes do. They sold their ass [i.e., their “sole” aka their bottom] long ago and do not have much choice in the matter. Bitches aren’t asked, they are told.

perry farrell

Of course, they have provided us with all sorts of crap about the whys and hows, and so cleverly [im]planted to fit our world view that had been steadily fed to us (as demonstrated by the responses to said article). As expected, all squarely aimed at those minds hopelessly locked/trapped in the [perpetual] loop of adolescence.

satanic bullshitconspiracy bullshitteenage devil woship

In some instances, the more you know, the stupider you become. Did anyone really need forensic face, speech and ear analysis to figure out the below face-“men” were never anything more than rented prostitutes? For those confused, the album cover on the left features someone who is supposed to be a man, while the pink wigger on the right, is a “Gay Atlanta’n” that is supposed to be a woman.

jane's sexual identity crisisjane's gender confusion

I’m still [somewhat] flabbergasted by how gullible people are and the extremes they will believe. Well, why not? Perpetual adolescents can be programmed to do just about ANYTHING, flipping from one extreme to the other overnight. Hell, even our masturbation rituals are faddish and subject to change at whim [you may find my old rant on the “T-Spot”© amusing, it’s the second of the two shows on the post].

anal preparationvaginal stimulation

We even revisited our old friend Hitler (the “Ein Volk” dude), again with newer, improved eyes and pondered the man versus the legend [the ridiculously extremist views of sinner and saint held by the polar nutters]. At this point in time, I think he and I would have had one hell of a time together at De Après-Ski Hut. He may have been a lousy military strategist, but he loved the ladies. He loved to party, and I think he would have loved the music contained within this show as much as you do.

hitler setting the ladies uphitler knocking the ladies down

The show ended with a couple of calls, the latter of which, raised some great points about dancing. Get past your sicknesses of hatred (for others and yourself). Being “Emo” isn’t becoming of anyone over 16. Grow up, and please, stop falling for same BS over and over again.



Note A: Yes, in between recording and posting this show, a stated goal was reached, but it doesn’t mean you should disregard that part. There is yet another milestone to surpass/reveal. If you’re bored waiting for the next show to post, you may want to reflect on an old show, and consider how “right” this Rebel may have been about The Nerdernative Media.

Note B: This show featured a pretty good mix of Alpine Party Music borrowing from German, Austrian, Dutch and Scandinavia traditions. The Higher Quality 128k Version of the podcast is recommended to appreciate it.

~ by celticrebel on August 19, 2013.

10 Responses to “Hitler und Der Rebel (Alpine Mix)”

  1. Errol Flynn also -apparently- loved the ladies 🙂

  2. The last caller was gold, yes the removal of couples dance (i.e. 3/4 music)
    was removed post 50’s and replaced with 4/4 music (e.g. Rock (all rock), Disco, Punk, New Wave, 90’s Dance, Hip-hop and other non-swung musics). These musics transformed ‘coupling’ dance into individual dance we see today. Corporate America also shoved all South American dance music into confined elevators, courtesy of the early Muzak companies. Although I’m generalizing here, you will find that among the styles listed above, the best practitioners of those styles (usually < 1%) – either transform 4/4 (by time compounding) or use some kind of swung rhythm. Man I've got to NOT listen halfway through a show, please post the latest one (18th?), I'm lost & angry now 🙂

  3. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Possession and alcohol has a very long history. Alcohol has been called the “demon drink” and in Islam the djinn or jinn are demons. Obviously those who enjoy a tipple will recognise the similarity with the word “gin” which was also called “mother’s ruin” here in blighty. The Islamic faith makes it clear alcohol is forbidden.

    Alcohol comes from a bottle normally and genies (djinn/jinn) are often found in bottles but don’t rub them up the wrong way. Christina Aguilera, the lady with the brown leg stuff…..? If you want to be with me there’s a price to pay.

    Possession has also been linked with the entrance to the anus via sodomy, lots has been written about how this domination/control/subjugation has nothing to do with love but just the opposite in fact. The link below is from a guy called Whale who discusses the demon Legion being inserted in the act of sodomy. Again possession and ownership – he owns that ass! Nice.


    Finally back to NLP for a change. Neuro linguistic programming is the verbal form of sodomy. Anyone who practices it is a verbal sodomist who wants to dominate/control/subjugate another – the only difference is this demon uses a different orifice.

    Mongoose out.


  4. London calling, Mongoose here – forgot to add that alcohol is also known as spirit(s) and a demon is also known as a spirit. Mongoose out.

  5. The first caller was just lulzy.

    In relation to Henry Rollins’ anti-stage diving politics I would say that this was just his way to defend his territory. Of course, in terms of fucked up-ness no rock musician seems to compete with GG Allin.

    This alcohol spirit stuff sounds interesting. A relative of mine claims that vodka “does something with him” if he drinks enough of it.

    I just watched Nine Miles Down again. One point of this movie probably is that your conditioning determine what you get out of drugs. Noise seems play also a certain role in this. I wonder what the effect of drug consumption and experimental noise music is. 😉

  6. Rebel, I thought it was worth mentioning how Mr. Rollins “obediently” signs copies of the gay comic Henry & Glenn Forever, while Mr. Danzig doesn’t have a “real wide berth” for that kind of humor.

  7. Dude, how does one get an invite to the apres ski lodge? is it all down to the moves?
    anyway, i would wonder what das fuhrer would have to say about the recent “i have a dream anniversary” drlutherking-a-palooza which i caught some clips of from out of washington this weekend? i have to say, from the shit i heard being spouted it seems the “african americans” are proving theyre just as fucking stupid as the rest of heartless/brainless consumer america, and the “white system” that has oppressed these people by plying them with welfare and the right.. to equal rights… All i heard from these idiots was memes from the memeplex and vacuous empty platitudes/ slogans mostly based on “justice for trayvon” interspersed with some gay rights groups and womens lib propaganda. Get the slogan from the event: “the continuing dream includes equality for gays, Latinos, the poor and the disabled.” Excuse me whilst i vomit. Black in the white House, etc etc blah blah
    Perhaps the Chief Rabbi of Brit-ain is right? Everyones losing the plot, of every colour and creed …
    Myself , i eschew society and i now follow the cult of cthulhu , we await the dark lord of chaos to awaken from his dead sleep in the deep and bring death and madness to humanity. We think its going to happen soon but we hope he doesnt make an appearance at the same time as the Messiahs second coming because the lord of chaos doesnt like being upstaged .

    Re the “couples dancing” and raves? you may find rave was not conducive with “couples dancing” for two reasons, one being the music itself and the other being the drug culture. You dont couple dance when your off’ yer ‘ead on E, like. But you could still connect with the opposite sex on a sexual level , without couple dancing, but through commonality of experience and a “meeting of minds”, although i accept what the caller said, interesting points.

    Ps, good to hear from Mongoose again too!

  8. Stephen – we “damned English” got to stick together…..in a good way!
    You copyrighted “memes from the memeplex”? Good show old bean. Good show.
    Mongoose out.

  9. Request:Have Jua on,she has not been on the show in a while

  10. Slowly catching up. Interesting show. Hitler is always interesting. The european music made me very happy. The roman/jew-deal was very interesting. Sort of a middle between the catholic/jewish-thing that seems plausible.

    Since you’ve focused on music a bit I’d like to recommend the album jehovakill by Julian Cope. Really good stuff. He’s into Oden.

    Do you know anything about the religion before Odin and Thor etc? The godes’s name was Hel (Whole, compare to hell and the german meaning to that word) and was supposedly worshipped in caves (compare to the dogon who supposedly made noises in caves to imitate the noises of their now gone gods). Not suggesting anything, just wannna know your angle (since you’ve obviously studied some esoteric stuff). If you wanna search, there are the authors Linderot (swedish) who have written some books on the subject. In connection to this, check out Kevin Scot’s interesting thoughts on older ‘gods’ : http://greencirclealliance.org/precolonnial-history-of-vastragotaland/

    Always thoughtful stuff on your broadcasts. If I was’nt in the wrong timezone and working so much I’d call into your show.

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