Of Bloodhounds and Detectives

We’ve been on the trail so long, that we forgot to ask ourselves some questions. But, that’s not what we’re “trained” to do is it? To question. To question ourselves that is. Once we pick up the scent of truth, we’ll follow it through to the end, even into endless rabbit trails laid out for us and leading nowhere, regardless how foul.

bloodhounds sniffing out droppings

This show was about asking tough questions; how we should be playing detective instead of being the bloodhound we’ve been trained to [d/l free 32K version]:

We’ve consumed a lot of truth. The problem, is that we didn’t pace ourselves and imbibed far too much of it, far too quickly. I guess we’ll have to wake up again. Good luck remembering everything. I swear I’m never doing this again! Right!

truth hangover: too much bill cooper

The way we’re conditioned to “research” [coincidentally called “cramming”] is also the way we have been conditioned to think, which also happens to be the same way we’re conditioned to drink. Obviously, that conditioning serves some industry.

animal house toga party repeat alcohol industry

What’s the point of fooling ourselves that we’re hunting down hidden mysteries, when the below wankers are paid well to present us with the same information?

david cole donahue gay republican party animal housemontelpro cointelpro

We weren’t supposed to ask questions. After all, we still haven’t grown up. We’re still [perpetually] cramming, soaking up [no]ledge and reacting [as programmed].

cramming your third eye, you'll forget all about it afterwardsjeff wash rense repeat

Ultimately, the result of all this binging is the installment of the “Victim 33.1” Operating System in our brain [and it’s nearly impossible to uninstall]. But, don’t worry, you will find yourself surrounded by others who are compatible to interaction and there will be lots of organizational facades ready to take your funds.

strormfront of west palm beach is the jewish adl

Once you “see” how money has few ideological grounds, you’ll see how and why things work the way they do. Victims beget more indirect victims. Paid propagandists beget unpaid propagandists. THEM? Sit back; watch profits roll in.

instructing future consumer victim doggies

It’s not so much that we’re “stupid.” It’s really just a matter of doing exactly what we were really well-trained to do.



Note: The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is going to be a lot clearer and a lot less “tinny.”

~ by celticrebel on June 18, 2013.

12 Responses to “Of Bloodhounds and Detectives”

  1. A few months ago I made the error of commenting on a “it’s the Jews” forum where one particular member contributed “an orgy of evidence” (hey thank you Rebel for this one – brilliant). You know, the usual suspects, “sources” from YouTube, Rense and the stuff, as you say, “from twenty years ago.” While I don’t contest the old stuff, been there, I merely wanted to caution her. Ok, so I used Francis Bacon, please curb the NLP for a second:
    Read not to contradict nor refute
    Nor accept and take for granted,
    But to weigh and consider.
    Histories make men wise.
    She didn’t like that. Told me to get my “head out of the sand.” I did not let it lie. I know better but, couldn’t help it and I wrote that she might need to consider that she was “being played.” Predictably, she went nuts; I got the hell out before a hex was incanted.
    Your work has never been better by the way.

  2. I just finished watching the Donahue Show with David Cole and Bradly Smith (with commentary). After hearing your show, it all became so incredibly obvious to me how staged it was. Laughable, really. But why?! Is it some esoteric revelation of the method? Jeeze, it must take a lot of energy to defend such an enormous lie. Why would they have Donahue start introducing chinks in the story? And David Cole…is he just a placeman too? another actor? I watched Shindler’s List for the very first time just last week. I laughed my ass off. But why are they letting us “see” it now?

  3. David Cole has popped up more recently…… It appears that he did the docu, was threatened by the JDL, recanted his views on the holohoax, disappeared for some amount of time, then re-appears 2013 as David Stein,a “far right” Hollywood Republican, who has apparently been making pro-israeli video presentations for schools and universities:

    Here is another article, this one adds the info that he has been making pro israeli propaganda:
    “On May 3, the UK Guardian published an article explaining that a prominent Hollywood conservative, who had written several high-profile blogs defending Israel and the wars the US fights for them, and run a political social group called “Republican Party Animals,” which staged sexy parties for SoCal Republicans and billed itself as the “Drinking, smoking, gambling, cussing, and (blanking) wing of the GOP.” Perhaps worst of all, very soon after switching out his identity, Cole made documentaries confirming the official narrative of the alleged Jewish Holocaust.”

    I havent found the pro israeli blogs that were mentioned, and this last article seems to contradict that with a statement from Cole/Stein that he still holds to the “holocaust Industry” holo-embellishment point of view:
    “Cole’s recantation earned those scare quotes last week when he cheerfully confessed to the Guardian that he still believes that the Holocaust is largely a myth. He still maintains, for instance, that Auschwitz was not an “elimination camp,” and that the Jewish death toll was nowhere near 6 million.”

    No Dog Biscuit required.

  4. Excellent work, Mr. Rebel.
    I look forward to the forthcoming that will follow.

  5. In terms of 70’s movies, I recommend “Welt am Draht” (World on a wire, in English) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Good old movie about artificial reality and social engineering.

  6. Now tell me this doesn’t seem a bit odd

    And on top of that she is Jewish

  7. So, it’s July 4th again.

  8. yo Celtic, If you’re gonna drop knowledge in “how-to-get-that-pussy” for wimpy men, you should probably sell it per download – seperately from the radio show. There gonna be a whole gang-o-betas to omegas wanting a piece of that (although will they be able to use it anyway?).

  9. Yeah, it would be interesting to see Celtic Rebel’s Pick Up artistry in practice. With women and men being turned inside out, I don’t think these techniques will do as much damage as they would have once upon a time. In any event, there would be a collective sigh of relief after dwelling in the absurdity of the Jewther movement.

  10. Yo dysto peon, you be showin those wimpy betas yo. Droppin knowledge and shit. The wimpy men be all like “how can I get that pussy,” but they just can’t get that piece dog. A whole gang-o-betas. Y’know what I’m sayin?

  11. A man has better things to do than endlessly chasing pussy.

  12. @max, if you don’t want to chase it, then at least respect it.

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