Who Invited Bob to the Going Away Party?

This Sunday (March 31st) was the very last show I will ever do on Oracle Broadcasting, and as a matter of fact (as far as we know), the very last words to every be uttered on the network. All the Bobs (except that limey wanker English Bob) showed up for the “star-studded” event, and then some:


Due to technical matters beyond my control, the show was not fully recorded. The recovered pieces are now [finally] available [or not]. Somewhere around 1:20 of the show was lost, and we’ll just consider that time a treat for the live audience (yet, not so much to those unfamiliar with station politics).

There was an after show, where I took calls (the phone lines stayed up for some reason), and was joined by two of my [now] former Oracle hosts, Andrew Sholly and Dennis Fetcho. At some point, I will be making the extended recording available.

~ by celticrebel on April 3, 2013.

15 Responses to “Who Invited Bob to the Going Away Party?”

  1. I enjoyed your show for many years. Was your last show only an hour? Oracle only has first hour for download…

  2. Hi Rebel! Thanks for 3 years of awesomeness! I know you’ll keep up the great work as usual. Sorry to see Oracle fold. You’re very last show in the Oracle archives unfortunately only contains 2hrs and 44 mins of material, the rest is cut off. I had to work Sunday and usually listen to your show the next day. Hopefully the whole show can be posted soon. Thanks again, you’re one of the best! 🙂

  3. although I could only d/l the first hour of the show, your comment on alternative media losers’ made me think of the character, ‘Scott’ from the Mike Leigh film “Happy-Go-Lucky” (2008). The film is probably worth watching for this character alone (p.s. not a Leigh fan – he makes sad films only). Also cheers for the words of wisdom regarding people coming away from arguments feeling they were both correct, saved a big fight between my brother & I.

  4. Thanks very much for all your hard work over the years, and in particular for the work you’re putting in right now to salvage as much of the last show as possible for us.

    I enjoy the music stream and look forward to whatever formal show you might do over there in the near future.

  5. Check out the first 15 seconds of Joe Rogan’s radio show

    you nailed it Rebel, I remember you talking about flesh lights and Joe “Donkey semen” Rogan being a fag.

  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2304711/Chelsea-Blue-colour-Stars-doused-paint-stunning-ad-campaign-aimed-getting-fans-buy-clubs-new-kit.html

  7. The Truther Bob segment was genius, I laughed a lot. Kudos Celtic

    I mean’t the jim bob segment my bad, listening to the archive as I had to go to work and chase the hole with the peachy bottom

    ah I got confused with jim bob and truther and jewther bob, they sound so similar

  8. I’m sorry, don’t get it, you may sound like a quitter, yet you’re just starting.

    PS: screw truther bob, I guess CR is just starting.

  9. Aw, Carolyn Harris! Wow, mentioning her sure brought back mamories. I mean memories.

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gLGFZCeyjM good parody on “health experts” making shekels off superfoods

  11. What happened, are you stil going to make a show? Altough I dont agree with 50 percent of your show, i dont want to miss my anchor in reality. Hope you can keep up the good work in making thinkers of people.

  12. Rebel look at this campaign they have out now. Wow, talk about hidden in plain sight.

    You got my what?!!?

  13. rebel, don’t go godlike productions on me, please. you know what I mean.

  14. joe rogan still a fag – “are all men pedophiles” with Ari Shaffir

  15. Greetings Rebel i wasnt aware you had restarted shows! good to see you back, ill be catching up on your most recent couple of shows in the next few days.
    Just wanted to offer an addition to the “Bob Stable” i.e the stable of bobs you have going there, this one is called “Fun Bob” .Perhaps you can base a character on this one? Here some info:


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