Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 2]

Continuing from Part I, we picked up with the phenomenon of well-heeled losers, whose aspirations for growth were stunted by creating a false [externalized] self-perception, that failed to match their reality. Reality involves growth.

pack boys omegasadolescent nerds kids losers

Those who are incapable of growth, will find themselves preyed upon to entertain and promote the most ludicrous of notions and theories. This week, we focused on the routine tethering of boys mind’s during adolescence:


We even started the show by looking back on one of the most [falsely] overused references, the movie that made it all possible. The instruction set that many a replicant followed to a tee, the daydream that enabled those who had never accomplished anything to think they might rule the world. Oh, and of course, another subtle hint was dropped that falls right into line with adolescents boys:

matrix lady red dress fear vagina

They are terrified of women. Overcoming that fear is a critical step towards manhood. Those who don’t take it are trapped in a perpetual loop of non-growth that does not match their externalized projection. That projected persona, of course, is controlled by masters of neuro-lingustic group management techniques.

john cusack say anythingunderdog is a loser

Hence, a deeper question must be asked: one that should force all of us to ponder why we root for the losers and seek to tear down the worthy and successful. Next week, we’ll look once again at how the female brain has been conned into doing just so.

Note: As announced during the show, on Wednesday night, February 13th I will be doing a pre-Vagina Day music show in recognition of women and romance. The show will be broadcast on my music stream []. I will post the show for download at some point later.

~ by celticrebel on February 13, 2013.

9 Responses to “Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 2]”

  1. Being a “surrogate father” to many, you should heed historical literature: Patricide of the Archetype, murdering the big daddy,…. Killing the Father is Rebirth.

  2. I am the bitch you emailed to tell me you were going to give me a slap. You are right and I needed it. I am disappointed in myself because I know better than that, I have been through this already.
    You are right this “truther” stuff is aimed at losers, even flirting with this stuff when you are trying to grow is going to turn you back into the victim mindset. So I will admit my mistake and try again.
    Thank you Alex, John

  3. Great show again.

    One last note on Tsarion. I remember a few years ago I was looking through some thread on a message board, all about people’s problems with Tsarion. Some mentioned that his books were overpriced, some mentioned that he promoted ridiculous people like Jordan Maxwell, etc. All valid points. Then someone told an anecdote about how Tsarion apparently met a young woman at some conference, exchanged a few emails with her afterwards, then met up with her again and asked her if she wanted to go on a boat (cruise?) with him, which he was already planning to go on. The woman said no, then conveyed the story to whoever went on to post about it online. Many people on the message board jumped on this as evidence of how bad Tsarion was. They must be a bunch of cowardly adolescents who have been trained to think that the very idea of a man asking a younger woman out is sleezy and wrong, especially if she turns the guy down. But really, caring about this so much and giggling about it disapprovingly on some message board is way more damning than anything Tsarion supposedly did. How dare a man ask a woman out!

  4. here’s a (quick) story of how I started to become a man. I was 18, in a IT degree, a hopeless afraid youth. There was a girl named Natalie in the course, I wanted to talk to her pretty fucking badly. So, I summed up every bit of courage I had and made a move, we became good friends, but I still couldn’t read any cues at this point, so I didn’t know she actually wanted to date (she had a loser bf). Anyway I got laid a few times before this (drunkenly), but yeah – speaking to women (after nerdy programming) takes some balls.

    PS: there’s a Japanese Anime Boxing series called “Hajime no Ippo”, that definately celebrates the Champion. Even though the protagonist is presented as somewhat of an underdog, only through through extreme training and strength of will, he overcomes – it’s a good show (although it has the typical man/boy harem jokes & inuendo – I don’t think ANY japanese animation studios’ contain any heterosexuals). As Zach mentioned, sports is usually the exception (not team sports).

  5. I was never really sure why, but when I would watch movies as a kid, there was always some feeling inside me that I wanted that “Bad Guys” to win in the end. I wanted Luke to turn to the Dark Side in Star Wars. I wanted Iceland to win in Mighty Ducks 2. Shredder to beat the ninja turtles, etc…
    Of course I couldn’t resist joy when the feel good story would commence in the end. Maybe this has something do with what you were talking about. Maybe rooting for the bad guy is the more “natural” thing to do. I know in “real life” sports we tend to root for greatness. I always wanted Tiger and Federer to win every tournament. I usually love to see the best win, especially in individual sports. I’m sure it’s all related, but who knows. Anyway, I enjoyed your perspective as usual. Keep it up.

  6. The real new year’s is actually specific to everyone; it’s the day before your birthday. Every day is a new years day! Completing the cycle, y’see.

  7. What is wrong with rooting for the little guy to overcome his difficulties and rank among the best? “Everyone wants to rule the world” is a song by Tears For Fears that, while it may be boyish and pro-systemic, taps into a natural state of wanting to be the best, the “alpha male” so to speak. Nobody has a cheering section rooting for them when they are down and out. Unless, of course, you have a family that supports you and loves you, to make you continue fighting back against the odds. That is why we bother doing the alternative media route. We want what’s best for our families, for our society, our existence, without following the tide and turning into compromised shadows of our former selves. Enforced sodomy will compromise you. Tyranny will compromise you. But freedom, to keep what you earn and to be in control of what you share, is a struggle worth fighting for. The little guy has just as much right to be free and express himself as the big bad wolf does, and if we base our morals on eugenics and simple animalistic darwinism, we lose the point of our humane existence. Eugenicism is not compassionate or sympathetic, it’s succumbing to a nature that promotes the survival of the fittest.

    THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE PRIOR TO THE RISE OF CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM! The Pagans slaughtered the martyrs of religions that promoted peace and compassion, and despite all of these obstacles, compassion for their fellow man had won throughout the day. Now, we see the pendulum swinging back towards a darker age. I will hope and continue praying that compassion and not eugenics will win out through the following years. I have no trust in either vikings or myrmidons.

  8. Since you mentioned Florida in your show…

    This nation be damned. Here the Archons reign
    You know so well of value. But have you learned the price
    The price of sin is death. Your lies are on display
    Your cross is smeared with oil. Your gold is stained with blood

    The earth has turned black. Let the sky be also
    The fields are all twisted. Let the darkness grow
    Be the fist of God. Be a mighty wind
    A hurricane over Florida. Let this be the end

    Once you fed the lions. Now you rule the world
    Torture rape and murder, But not inside the church
    Your churches are condemned. The sword of Justice raised
    Eat their flesh and drink their wine, watch the ocean rising

    This is not forgiven. This shall be avenged
    You know so well of value. Time to learn the price

    (Luftwaffe is from Chicago, by the way)

    I know, it’s so 2012 but for some reason I like to drop this in here.

  9. There’s a nasty little campaign now called “unfair”. They are saying whites don’t have fair skin anymore, they have unfair skin. Everything’s easy for whites according to them.

    Actually, the truth is entirely the opposite. Read “The Affirmative Action Hoax” by Steven Farron. This book is a very well researched study of the true extent of anti-white discrimination in the USA. I was amazed at what goes on. Its full of surprises:

    – Richard Nixon was the president that enacted the worst anti-white discrimination in the workplace, ever. Worse than Obama, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, etc. Even the Democrats tried to stop him. (Bet you didn’t know that!)

    – A borderline retarded uneducable person with one black great-grandfather and millionaire parents might be PAID to go to Harvard, but a dirt poor white kid with a PERFECT 1600 SAT score will PROBABLY be rejected. (Harvard rejects almost all of the 500 applicants they get each year with perfect 1600 SAT scores- solely because they are white).

    – It doesn’t matter if you are a new immigrant to the USA or not, all that matters is that you are not white, then you get in. (So the past injustice excuse is a lie)

    – The unfair selection of students based on “character” and “diversity” was originally started in the early 1920s to stop Jews filling up the universities. (they are very good students)

    – SAT tests are actually tailored to INCREASE black scores. This is RAW scores I’m talking about, before any race-based adjustments. There is no pro-white culture bias, the opposite exits in fact. Because of this, SAT scores over-predict future black academic achievement.

    – Asians beat whites in tests because they study super hard. They don’t need AA. (They get it anyway because AA is not pro-minority, the book presents a solid case that it is actually simply anti-white)

    – There are doctors out there that are definitely killing people because they are almost illiterate but still get pushed through medical school. (This is true, shocking, and dangerous but will probably never be solved because its politically unsolvable.)

    – AA is unfair on blacks too and many poor hard working blacks lose places to under-achieving criminals due to stupid rules. (There are many such specific cases described in the book).

    The list could go on. This topic has been spoken about at length by the Celtic Rebel, and he himself repeated a few myths that the media spreads. The media is guilty of outright lies and people always repeat them. I’d recommend everyone here (including the CR) read this book and learn the truth of the matter. The book is available on Amazon, and I believe its quality of scholarship is top notch. It makes a very solid case.

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