Rebel Radio for Rebellious People

There was no show this past Sunday. I participated in something truly “wonderful” which randomly came up. I will be talking about it next week’s show. In the meantime…

DJ Devil and Lucifer

… I have created a place on the internet where Rebel Radio can be found: I had made an attempt to schedule some shows, but this medium is meant for creative inspiration. The planned shows were shite, the unplanned impromptu creative outbursts were anything but (unfortunately, many were not recorded).

bois of the round table

All prior statements about where else to find the rebel are moot. Thanks to a recent epiphany, I will no longer be participating in weekly round tables, which I have realized are tantamount to wanking endlessly and fruitlessly. Sadly, I now finally see the entirety of the conspindustry is an adolescent victim program; one where we whine and bitch about our evil overlords (our parents, the jews, the globalists, the illuminati), while deluding ourselves with [“Neo”] daydreams of how we’ll overcome our adversary and one day, one special day, all the other kids will finally see how awesome we truly are!

fighting over shit

In the meantime, we fight amongst each other over every meaningless piece of crap as if it were made of gold. I’ve had enough. I already alluded to the decision on the stream for those who caught the random “For Uncle Hugh” show.

Hence, aside from Sundays on Oracle [while it’s still around], the only other place you will hear me is on my caster stream. See you next week.

~ by celticrebel on January 30, 2013.

6 Responses to “Rebel Radio for Rebellious People”

  1. I enjoyed what i heard, being in Europe i was catching the streams , loved the music , cheers for playing the requests , and, i hope i can tune in again this coming weekend.

    PS: wtf, Is there a max amount of requests on caster .fm? Fair enough ,i might of gotten gotten carried away , last one , dedicated to the trolls , Dag – lovely Jane

  2. All these homos are upset about a positive direction in the show. Move on with your lives, quit being little petulant pseudo adults. Read the following picture and reflect on it…to all you lonely brokenhearted bitches:

  3. great stuff Celtic, all positivity to you and all those that listen to The Path 🙂
    loved the show 🙂

  4. i made this for my own amusement and i don’t know where to post it.. isn’t it funny? 😉 feel free to use

  5. andy garcia is bernie madoff and

  6. Celtic, I’ll also add something to that. When I was @ the Conservatorium, I would play original compositions – the younger students would come into the studio and start playing along, asking “did you write that?”. Next week I would hear at least 2 different bands playing my compositions (albiet in different arrangements). I used to get mad about this, until I realised that they were not as creative & lacked inspiration (or good listening material). Now, I don’t want to tell you what to do, but I do hear you complain a lot about hearing what you yourself have thrown to the ether. It’s time to let go…

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