Divide and Conqueer [II]

Continued the show on Race and Racism. As ever, be now especially aware of those pushing divisive ideologies, and those reminding us of guilt/entitlement programs.

white guilt

There is a bit of a slow start as I had just taken care of some preventative technical issues, and needed to address some human ones:


As I did last show, I tried to look at racial issues from a pragmatic, philosophical, nonreactionary and above all, human point of view. Many have tried to sew the seeds of divisive algorithims for long before I was around, and many still do.

black preacher sangerblack gaybemama africa

This was Part II of a show from last month: Divide and Conqueer [I]. This week also saw the return of Metro Bob, Asian Bob and Jim Bob from Alabama. More Bobs and much more to come…

~ by celticrebel on January 16, 2013.

16 Responses to “Divide and Conqueer [II]”

  1. Some great comments on the Athenian ‘Higher Man’ concept. This is maybe the only way out of the mess.

  2. Hi friend, without The Celtic Rebel i would have never seen this part of the picture, so i would like to share this one and perhaps you will tell me your “enlighted” (sorry) opinion..
    Sodomy is the metaphore of the NWO indeed, because NWO is the symbol of cruelty and depravation. Its aim is to remove the Pessac angel of life in Exodus by the angel of death: to bury Humanity alive versus sodomy. Children sacrifices, pedophilia, blood Passover.
    The tool of life (penis) in shit is death. The buning ring of satanic fire is the picture of life stressed to death by anxiety (Baal) provided by all the political and social means necessary. The anal ring is a hole; a hole is a tomb and the all-hole-owl seeing eye is the symbol of Satan-Ahriman’s adulterry wtth Humanity trans-formed in prostitute and fuck off by the back door: deception. You wrote the demonstration, “androgynus is death”.
    These so-call ritual of secret societies around the world and the initiation of the skull and boneslike in a sarcophagus, at night, man on man etc.. is in fact an evocation of what they wish for the 99%, to be buried alive by the elite in order to provide the energy they need to please their master.
    Why does the elite rule money?
    because money so doom is
    thank you for the generosity of your work, week after week, year after year, cheers,
    vincent from paris

  3. Just finishing listening to the last hour of the show. Great job. To get to the main point of this comment, I just want to say that as a person of color, I see this problem much like you do. The whole victim mentality (whoever they may be regardless of color), the blanket propagandized stereotypes on all sides, and the ramifications of that type of mindset. It’s one big circle jerk where all the participants are blindfolded except for the one who set it all up to be this way. What’s that main line from Rancid’s “Life won’t wait”? Division is the new world order?… I see it. I get it. Something that really pisses me off about this whole color thing is that it seeps into every facet. Trolling through a website (conspiracy website which often bans people for no damn reason) I often find that many of the Anonymous Cowards who otherwise have reasonable ideas/theories buy into this whole racial (what is race, really?) superiority/inferiority. It mars their whole platform. They aren’t awake. They still believe in the bullshit they are “fighting” against. Divisive, arrogant idiots who believe there is something to be proud of in the happenstance of melanin. It goes both ways too. I’m not an afrocentrist; there are certain things in history about which we have been lied to and while I want to get to the bottom of the issue, there are dozens of people with ridiculous crap theories who fuck it up for everyone else with a legitimate argument.

    On a side note, I really really enjoyed the Don’t go West documentaries. Showed them to everyone I knew (most were too programmed to admit it and avoided the subject completely). Will you be making another documentary or at least a video of similar fashion?

  4. Except for the fact that you’re separated by a good 15 years in age, not Turkish in origin and still have a foreskin, it seems you share a very similar personal journey with this blogger, Roosh V. Although he started out just trying to hook up with women, he is very sharp and often reflects on very serious social themes, such as:

    Here’s a short synopsis:
    Western cultures cause direct negative harm to a woman’s feminine vibe and allure. Here are eight things that happen:

    1. She loses the ability to flirt with a man without busting his balls or insulting him.

    2. She does everything in her power to withhold interest, even when it’s clear that sex is on the agenda. She takes “play hard to get” to an inhuman extreme.

    3. She looks for every opportunity possible to turn a man’s banal utterances into an opportunity to debate him on his beliefs or behavior.

    4. She uses conversation as a means to her entertainment, instead of a means to getting to know a man more deeply.

    5. She becomes more lazy about her appearance by gaining weight, wearing flats and flip flops instead of heels, and cutting her hair short into strange lesbian stylings.

    6. She goes out of her way to brag about her accomplishments as if she was a man while doing her best to ignore your more lofty achievements.

    7. She becomes obsessed with her cell phone, playing with it incessantly and using it as a substitute for social interaction. She loses the ability to enjoy the present moment.

    8. She becomes a status whore more concerned about your job, who you know, and what you own instead of the experiences you’ve had.

    He’s likely not reflected on the source of this conditioning, but he’d be a fascinating interview subject with plenty of insight to offer if you could get him interested.

  5. Hey K.

    What a refreshing, relevant and well written comment. Well said!

    Hey Celt

    You don’t seem to dip your fingers into the comments these days; tings (as we say in Brixton) movin’ too fast…?

    Fond regards


  6. The following comment is directed to another broadcast that I heard on another network and relates to this one that I just heard from the Rebel.

    “Racist pricks talking about the Jews” hmmm I may have been exposed to this in another broadcast that I will leave unnamed. To them I say, you ruined my god damned weekend with all your dark energy. Its like the Rebel says, ” you don’t need to understand the lyrics to a song to receive the message.” I don’t need to re quote you all, or bring up things you said, I felt the message and it was something I want no part of. So you all continue with your ethnic bashing, and I will avoid you at all costs. Also, I’m not a cheap bastard who listens and never donates like probably most of your listeners on said network, I do donate when I hear something I think is productive and beneficial to our society. I will not donate to said network ever. Ranting, talking shit, and threatening to “beat your fucking ass” as well as “see my boot when it’s walking over your dead body” is nothing I can relate to. So I know I am just one soul, but this is one soul who was an avid supporter and no longer is or ever will be after the fiasco I listened to the other night. It’s been interesting and fun, I’ve read some amazing talented work from people of said network and passed on that work to my friends and family who also enjoyed it, but this is my farewell to all those racist Mother Fuckers!

  7. I don’t buy ideas like “Divisive, arrogant idiots who believe there is something to be proud of in the happenstance of melanin.” That is such a straw man argument, and not even a convincing one. Its like the increasingly common opinion that your nationality is just an accident of birth. Really? Prove it. How can people dare to dishonor their parents in that way? So your parents weren’t careful in choosing who they married? Your dad just stick his thing in the first available place and you are an accident? You could have been black, white, brown, yellow? It doesn’t matter? That’s BS in my opinion. It means you could have been a dog too I guess. How do you know your skin color is an accident? The answer is that you don’t, so stop pretending you know something about this.
    What you are is a result of choices. What these choices do is add up and if they are bad choices they create hell on earth eventually. The sins of the father are always paid for by the sons, as the saying goes. Let’s get realistic here. Race is not just a “social construct”. Stop believing that it is.

    We wouldn’t need to worry about being divided if they didn’t keep forcing us together all the time. Multiculturalism is flooding western countries with foul smelly stupid low quality people that hate us and we are supposed suppress our “arrogance” and break down “divisions”? I think we need a more practical solution really. Eventually, it will be its own solution though, because it’s not divisions that are being broken down, it’s us!

  8. Mr Stein. sorry to break this to you, but that guy is a fag, like every other “pick-up-artist” author.

  9. @James, yes there is something wrong with people who believe that because they were born white or born black, brown, red, whatever that somehow they are inherently better or more good than someone else simply because of the color of their skin regardless of moral character of the individual. Though there is truth in that whites are generally born under better circumstances than the brown skinned peoples of third world countries. Yet that is only socio-economic. Again happenstance. Doesn’t make a person better than another. Proud is also synonymous with disdainful, haughty, highfalutin, lofty, lordly, prideful, superior. Replace the word proud with any of those in regards to race relations and therein lies the problem.

  10. Leave behind any race related thinking, and replace the word proud with the following;

    (firmly) identifying with social and family related values, cultural ones, and often an identification with material achievements in the broader sense. In other words, mostly values that have been pre-determined for you.
    Now there are two sides to this, because being proud can be fine, if you dont attach it to a long string of externalizations. Being proud of doing some true creating, or being compassionate is perfectly fine. Compassionate meant in a semi-rational sense, not the revisionist bible turn the other cheek kind, mind you.

    Todays world, ‘culture’ and language are a literal minefield of subverted symbolism and ideas which makes it so hard to really communicate anymore, not helped at all by the planned gadget addiction and rise of ‘social’ media which conveniently replace the real contact humans used to have not even that long ago. But im in the ramble-risk zone so i digress. Things could turn for the better at least slightly if we learned to use technology rather then be used by it.

    PS: As a little afterthought to that, tying it into the shows title a little more: the evil ones are actively trying to create division through these new mediums, disregarding race or other make-belief problems. We’ve already seen ‘scientifical’ studies stating people not participating in facebook and the likes are most likely to have mental problems of some sort. This is a slippery slope that they would love to go down on all the way.

  11. Two dislikes, I’m flattered. Must be a couple of butt hurt souls.

  12. The trouble with uniting is that you need to be damned sure you can trust the other guys. How can this be achieved? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It sounds like a good intention, but is everyone really wanting to do it for pure reasons? Can blacks stop hating whites for slavery? I doubt it.
    Maybe one day people will stop blaming “racism” for everything. I know that “racism” is just a code word for “the white man”, and with that knowledge I must reject this uniting claptrap as pure BS. After all, isn’t it what the commies always say? One world, we all get along, imagine no possessions, no countries? It’s such a double-edged sword. remember that millions and millions have been slaughtered in its name. Read about the French Revolution for a start.
    We should cooperate more, and unite in that sense to solve common problems, but true unity is a chimera, and I’m not even sure its desirable.

  13. “French court orders Twitter to provide names of racist, anti-Semitic users”


    “New Zealand to eradicate pet cats? Purr-ish the thought!”


    Put that cat story in there partly because I’m sure there’s many cat lovers among site visitors here but also because this guy Gareth Morgan is one of the most vile, arrogant pieces of corporate shit in New Zealand. He’s also one of them “philanthropists” (likes to fill up things with & throw piss) and he & his wife are UNICEF “Goodwill Ambassadors”. More about this scumbag here –


  14. Diversity plus proximity equals conflict. The fact is that whites are demonized in schools, on TV, at our jobs and on our city streets. Utopian highmindedness sounds great on paper, but the reality is that we are under attack and the global elites have decided they are going to genocide us from our own homelands through unlimited immigration and promotion of assimilation. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone you know. If you are white and on planet earth, you have a target on your back. We are 7% of the planet and falling, when will we realize that we are the minorities.

  15. You could do a dead on Tom Petty. I like some of your satire

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