Controlling Our Reactor

Project, blame, enrage and ensnare. It’s a tried and true formula that’s been working for so long, that they will keep using it. Unfortunately (for them), there are more of us that see right through it. Hence, they are reacting and responding.

This Sunday’s show delved into plans and back-up plans, and engineering systems to account for all the minds that slip through the best laid plans that mice or men can compose:


Yes, we’ve been had and played for fools, but it’s better to let them freak out about us knowing than us to freak out and react to their agitators.

Their tiny little fingerprints are everywhere: “Adam Lindemann revives ailing art careers with his tears, planning an exhibit of Betty Tompkins’ porn paintings at Art Basel Miami. Betty Tompkins started making fuck paintings in the late 60s, from her first husband’s porn collection, partly in response to what she saw as a complete lack of engagement in the work on the Upper East Side. She’s painted masturbation, vaginas with cows grazing, and dicks larger than the human head. She’s painted two cocks at the same time. She’s painted dicks in the butt. She’s painted a vagina like a soft, glowing peach. She’s done it all.”

And, I’m not advocating a complete trance-like indifference as has been proposed by some of their agents and operatives. We can see, finally, what they are doing.

~ by celticrebel on December 12, 2012.

7 Responses to “Controlling Our Reactor”

  1. Great show, Celt. Sorry about your hangover. Just wanted to mention that “We are all of us in the gutter…” is a quote borrowed from Oscar Wilde, not original to Chrissy Hind. Cheers!

  2. Good show, Alex.

    This thing about young male movements reminds me of the so-called “Manosphere”. It is mainly a bunch of bloggers whose issues consist of a weird blend if pick up artestry, white nationalism, self-improvement and paleo diet.
    One of its late-twenties members claims on his blog to “have seen things” while refering to mere internet drama.

    Hence you will bring up the topic of rejoining with one’s family members, I concider a short view on “defooing” which is promoted by shady charachters like Stephan Molynieux. The pushing of such practice certainly has its role in separating one from each other.

    Could you release the song playlist of your shows, please? It would also be good to mention which version of which song you play. For example, you seem to have a live version of “Judy is a Punk” by The Ramones.

  3. With what you were saying, just over three hours in, about part of the jew agenda being them constantly engineering their own appearance of being a victim, does it follow then that one reason they orchestrated the holocaust was to solidify that idea on the global stage?

    or was it maybe just an added bonus?

    i had a search through your older posts for the word “holocaust” to see if you’ve covered this already, but i couldn’t see anything where you spoke about this angle, thought i’d take the short cut and ask you straight up.

  4. According to Douglas Reed’s book “Controversy of Zion”, Yakov Sverdlov was responsible for directly ordering the murder of the Romanov family and also for their decapitated heads to be transported back to NKVD headquarters.

  5. Great Show… I gave up on comedians “jewish whores” but here is the Exception…

    PS: I never did like Led Zepellin, but after watching I won’t ever listen to them… Only the jewish oligarchy would praise such filth as except able behavior…

  6. I’ll add that EVERY single “pick up artestry” author (book & web), are ALL fags. Without exception. Just listen to any of them, it’s funny. Celtic must be right about those book publishers.

  7. Hi Celt,

    Just a brief comment for you that’ll require some explanation on my part to make any sense 🙂 Please don’t brush it off, it’s important.

    Re: “white racist hate group extremist whatevers”…

    I discovered William Pierces book The Turner Diaries (well, the audiobook version which he reads himself on after playfully digging around on the ADL website purely for my own amusement one afternoon last year. At that point i’d long understood that the ADL and their people in general have a habit of vastly exaggerating their opponents, but out of curiosity and a long involvement in activism for the palestinian cause I decided to see whether their statements on these evil white racists held any water. So I listened to the Turner Diaries and it was nothing special in itself but admittedly it was refreshing to hear someone talk about “jews” so openly without having to apologize for even saying the word- which is what we’re all used to seeing 24/7 on the media.

    Anyway a while after listening to the Turner Diaries finally I decided to give William Pierce a break and see what he had to say in a non-fictional format (much in the same way that 2 or 3 years ago some one showed me Social Engineering 101 and then one day I decided to download your regular podcast) and I discovered a huge collection of recorded shows from his American Dissident Voices program which ran from the late 80’s (i think) up until his death in 2002. I scrolled down through the list until one of the titles caught my eye and downloaded, and started listening with an expecting smile, waiting to hear this “white racist” pepper his broadcast with the word nigger and howling about jews incoherently because that’s the “white racist hate group extremist whatever” that I’d been led to believe actually existed. Suffice to say, I heard nothing of the sort. Sure, the word appears once in a while, (but so what) but the majority of the program and of all of the programs i’ve listened to so far (i’m about 200 in to a 308 archive) have been nothing but reasoned and coherent insight.

    I listen to William Pierce and I put him next to Louis Farrakhan or Malcolm X and the only difference between them is their skin color; the common motif isn’t about hating each other, it’s about looking for their own. Now,i’m sure they would hate each other, Malcolm X and Lincoln Rockwell were around the same time, i’ll admit I haven’t read much on Rockwell but I remember a couple of Malcolm X speeches where he doesn’t look too favorably on the white racists, but that’s to be expected;) anyway, the concept I’ve come to realize is that bulk of black and white nationalist work isn’t about racism at all, it just isn’t (prove me wrong, look at the content of William Pierces radio programs and see what material his audience were getting from him) and this white vs black crap seems largely to be a deliberate and divisive fiction by the jewish media, because demonstrably black and white nationalists and/or racialists- hell, ALL nationalists have more in common with each other and few reasons to hate each other. The common enemy for both groups isn’t even really jews, even though they’re the ones pitting them against each other, but the common enemy as i see it, is decadence and stupidity and lack of parenting and being raised without education -understanding verbal tricks for example, Schopenhauer- and contributing more unwashed bodies into this vast sea of easily led dumbasses that comprise the bulk of modern man.

    Celt, Social Engineering 101 was one of the first “windows” I had into the concept of this media machine and how it operates, so don’t think this is some whining faggot with a swastika tattoo typing garbage for the hell of it. Please consider what I’ve written and please go and check the work of William Pierce and David Duke for yourself, use those analytical skills to see what their audience is getting from their work… because I wonder where you’re getting your idea of what these so-called “white racist hate groups” actually are.

    As I understand it (this is just my extrapolation), these black/white nationalist groups consistently talk about taking care of their own people in the face of all this shit in the world today; taking care and putting the needs of their people first- much like jews have done. The concept of “the tribe” which is an intrinsic property of all life since the dawn of time is “not about hating the outsider, but about loving your own people”… and from that point the tribe goes organically (organically is in; cross-racially worldwide throughout time, the concept evolving naturally in different peoples and continents) into logically aware political nationalism and then you arrive at something like NS Germany, for the sake of example. But regardless of Germany, Nationalism by itself is a concrete opponent to globalism in modern times and in the past, and it and tribal solidarity is the one thing tried and tested that we have to protect ourselves.

    But that’s just my own understanding of it, maybe I’m just a white anomaly who happens to hold William Pierce and Malcolm X in equal regard, and be a white nationalist whilst being friends with black and muslims at the same time.

    Sincerely yours,


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