Jive Turkey Hashing

Aye, it’s that time of the year again, the time when a bunch of stupid cunts walk around proudly proclaiming their own ignorance and callousness by wishing “Happy Turkey Day” to one another. They may as well be saying “Happy Niggar Day,” but the only reason they don’t is because they haven’t been programmed to.

unhappy turkeyignorant and indifferent

This week’s show looked at the traditional idiocracy we keep repeating, while giving thanks for family and experiences [downloadable].


Also, took a look at the connections of the alternative media going back over time and how they’ve long been programming their listeners to believe the most preposterous of notions, even those that should defy even basic common sense.

nazi moon landing bin laden whalers

Never mind this: “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.” – Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869

Perhaps traveling does help change one’s mind by changing one’s perspective. Perhaps, the use of some words is overly condemning. Then again, most of the same idiots who’d argue for abortion rights are against prostitution. Perhaps, getting high will help. Perhaps, not.

Note: I joined Lee Rogers on Tuesday night, November 27th [unavailable], for our monthly look at the charlatans and buffoons comprising the alternative media.

~ by celticrebel on November 27, 2012.

10 Responses to “Jive Turkey Hashing”

  1. I bet few of the listeners paying attention failed to Jewgle the “Men of Israel” flick and Michael Lucas. The Forward’s article really encapsulates the Frankfurt School’s radical approach to militant degeneracy, as exemplified by this quote, framed in fawning language:

    “Men of Israel” is characterized as a labor of love for the Moscow-born Jew, whose complex public persona fuses outspoken ardor for Israel, fervent antipathy for Islam (“ugly”) and right-wing Orthodox Jews (“parasites”), and canny promotion of raunchy sexuality.

    Read more: http://forward.com/articles/114183/pornographic-stimulus-plan/#ixzz2DU25OIPd

  2. yo rebel. glad to listen to your dubious show….and i’m german and the jewish propaganda and the people’s dumbness are even stronger in here…listening to your next upload will be quite fun. just passing by to tell you that i’m looking forward to listen your shit each week and to assure thou that to continue thou’s righteous deed is useless but honored by (a bunch of wine-drunk fools) few… cheers

  3. A German friend of mine said that when they play the German national anthem at a stadium everyone hangs their heads. I said next time she should stand up and be proud, even if no one else does. That actually brought tears to her eyes. They are piled up with so much fake guilt.

    PS: The only exception to the German national anthem guilt is at the soccer world cup. They can be a sports team, but they can’t be a nation.

  4. If you want idiocrity then sit down in a chair, brace yourself and take a look at this. Just look at the freaks reaction in the comment sesction that deem this acceptable. So we crawled out the ocean and lost our gills to become this…? What does this tell you, what indeed?

  5. I caught the November 27 Live Free or Die and heard you mention the Gordon Duff admitting that he writes disinfo. The video of Gordon Duff saying this on air got pulled, but other copies are out there.

    Here is a complete report on the issue as it progressed. It includes links to mp3s of the original broadcast and following broadcasts.


  6. They might be lying to survive. Duff did say that with everything he writes, he writes between the lines. He also said if he didn’t do that, then he would be dead. He might be being honest about that. The fact that he admitted it means something in his defense, doesn’t it? Or is there hard evidence that he’s a traitor to his cause?

    Ed Chiarini reckons Rense is an actor. Henry Makow says he’s a psychopath. Who do you believe?

  7. speaking of guilt. I was at my Oma’s the other day, where she regailed me with a story of how she came to move out of the apartment by-the-beach, she and my Opa (RIP, war hero & Knight) used to live in. A Hebraic couple (middle aged) moved in (this was mid 80’s), and everytime Opa & Oma went out to hang up their clothes (communal washing area), the daughter of said couple would shout “the Germans are here, the Germans are here!”. They discussed this with the couple and reiterated that they were Dutch (Opa, saved hundreds of allied men flying a Catalina & hundreds more in Changi, where his parents were murdered). A week later they were hanging washing again, The girl exclaimed “the Dutchies are here, the Dutchies are here!” – the programming runs DEEP.

  8. They stuck us with the propaganda regarding ww2 and “Germany’s relentless jackbooted march over europe”, well, how will history recall the current jewish relentless march across europe….and the world? Part jackboot part subversive fairy dance with patent leather shoes and yarmulkes..


  9. Ryan Dawson slams Alex Jones for being a shill for Israel.

  10. Great show, but if you think men are unfairly easier on “foreign” babes, you should remind yourself how non-conservative women typically act when they go on vacation off to Europe or wherever. This parody will fill you in: http://www.theonion.com/articles/european-men-are-so-much-more-romantic-than-americ,11552/

    ..they sleep with hordes of guys, including the types they wouldn’t even talk to back home. American whores are famous for believing actions don’t have consequences outside of America or something like that.

    Check out this hilarious top-rated comment I saved: http://i47.tinypic.com/2ec26tk.png

    Anglo men assume/project that women around the world are the same energy-draining cunts they are used to just like they assume everyone else puts up with GMOs and TSA.

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