Maoism Time after Time

Alex Jones has now called for a Cultural Revolution, further demonstrating the Judaic/Marxist subersion he’s been selling, and that the Celtic Revel was Right.

The first half of the show focused on the direction the alternative media has been going and the shady salesmen knocking on our aural doors:.


The second half of the show focused on the continuing masculinization of women, and the ongoing effeminazation of men, and the increasing dissatisfaction in relationships and enjoyment of life that follows. For the duration of the last two hours, I was joined by a woman, Joanne from

battle of sexes

Yes, I did promote the below film, as I felt it showed a rare, natural, and mutually rewarding behavior. For the moment, I hold on to the claim that it is the first time-travel film I’ve seen in ages that isn’t about buttsex, though I may need to watch it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Enjoy the holy days with the family. I will see you all next Sunday….

~ by celticrebel on November 21, 2012.

11 Responses to “Maoism Time after Time”

  1. I was on tests looking how easy it is to watch any movie I want from the internet. So I easily found Iron Sky (makes Ed Wood look like a cinematographic genius and Rammstein video Amerika is better anyway) and I easily found Safety not guaranteed (by the same producers as Little Miss Sunshine :()
    More subtle in the movie, but the message is clear that normal relationships, in the agenda and the movie, is a thing of the past. In the end, he goes back in time for her with her…

  2. They eat people in the streets “for the common good” as usual …

  3. The Celtic Rebel was right…

  4. Celtic Rebel is a double, triple waker-upper.

    Rebel was the one who woke me up, when I thought I was already awake.

    And he woke me up–again, when I thought I knew ALL the answers.

    Happy Teacher’s day Rebel!

  5. Rabid dogs. Rabbi – d temple dogs? Foaming at the mouth. With what foam exactly? Does it taste like chicken? Maybe the temple ‘chicks’ can answer that…

    PS: On the topic of time travel movies, there is one really good one that is made by a Spannish guy called chronocrimis (Timecrimes) I dont think there is any thread of sodomy in there as far as I can tell. I could be wrong, I think its actually a love story, but I dont want to spoil it because it had a really good atmosphere and conceit.

  6. A lot of positive things have happened in my life since listening to the Rebel. One negative though, is I have found it near impossible to explain to friends/family what the Rebel talks about. Jews, Gay agenda, Pedorast executives of Hollywood, feminist movement etc. People have an impenetrable force field surrounding their minds if I mention any of these topics. Oh well.

  7. I have not even listened to the podcast yet, but I am salivating like pavlovs doggies over this topic. Nice direction, Alex. Global socialism is soon to be thrust upon us – This age is not going to be so golden for the rest of us- sees the protocols were not just a hoax. The red headed fabian is leading ozstralia down the path – and the masses are welcoming it.

  8. Speaking of sorority-whore elementary school teachers..

  9. Quite coincidentally “The Rebel Institute” posts a piece with the tag line “And why doesn’t everyone realize that all this lethal misery emanates from the same source?” and that source is … Israel.

    Great show Alex! The fire lives on.

  10. Did anyone check out the Macy’s day parade? I haven’t seen it in years, but I don’t know how it could have been considered normal and not completely aimed at people who love to fuck kids. It blew my mind with its overt…super overt, symbolism. Also, Eddie Murphy came out the fucking closet on his Spike Tv special. I couldn’t watch anymore after the fifth comedian called him sexy for the fifth time. Even my mom said, ‘He must really be gay. This is weird ‘

    I noticed a lot of subversive shit before, but the rebel has opened my eyes to the point I wish I didn’t see everything I see. It’s like, I would never tell anyone to not do butt sex. Do your thing, homeslice. But, living in a sex obsessed culture, and having to see a man in black sing to a tiny girl, and a floating image by some dumb ‘artist’ of a little boy bent over and crying in child’s pose with X’s over his eyes, while Disney girls sing (torture) songs about all the girls ‘getting it’…well, its too much for me.

    Too much to wonder how these fools don’t see this crap. What do we do? I’m full fledged concerned now.

    On another note, I have a huge money making idea for the future:


    It sounds so bigoted, but think about it. Straights are a dying breed, and within a few years they will want to celebrate their love for opposite sex. I’m going to be too lazy to do it, and I don’t care enough…but someone is gonna make a lot of money in the next ten years…. Hahaha. Straight Pride. I should start now just to piss everyone off.

  11. Only a matter of time before females are raping the males with their enlarged clitorises and the males are whining about ‘date rape’ and ‘physical domestic abuse’.

    Actually, maybe that’s why a large majority of MALE judges created and approved of these kind of dopey laws in the first place.

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