Feminine Secrets of Jewish Patriarchs

How do you bring down a princess and turn her into a pauper? Well, first you block up her natural flow and connection the natural. Then, you convince her that all her powers are weaknesses, and to compensate for the strengths of others.

That’s one of the focal points of this week’s impromptu show, as well as another look at those doing the “con-vincing” [downloadable]:


Perhaps Lucy did fall, into the same mental-trap many of us have, but her powers have waned not, and the priests of inversion and subversion, while having emulated her tactics, are using the their mass weapons of psychological warfare to convince their subjects the exact opposite of everything natural is true.

The alternative media, of course, is just yet another weapon in their arsenal of feminine weaponry. Who else would so readily do the bidding of subtle forces who’ve been mentally and emotionally have them wrapped around their fingers?

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The neuro linguistic elements and their flow through the consciousness of the masses may not be as difficult to trace as one unfamiliar may assume. We should all have learned enough by watching the local phenomenon of feminine manipulation to remove some of the awe from the process.

However, though methods are feminine, the practitioners on the global scale are not women, but effeminated men, who despise women, and will seek to continue building them up falsely, while destroying their natural flow. More words and images to flow?

Note: On Friday, September 7th, I made an appearance on the Emerald Isle. I was on the Delcroix show on Awake Radio [downloadable]. 😀

~ by celticrebel on September 5, 2012.

9 Responses to “Feminine Secrets of Jewish Patriarchs”

  1. Not as many tits as last weeks post but still good.

  2. a neuro-linguistic, almost magikal network of mind patterns, where neither woman know how to be woman nor men how to be men, programming people away from themselves and into a artificial notion of themselves, that perpetuates this cycle. Almost too scary to believe.

  3. Hey Rebel :] Glad you ended up doing a show on the fly. Thought you made some great points about the destruction of a woman’s tears. I have definitely used mine to get my way in the past. It’s not healthy. It’s something we learn as little children, I think… but boys tend to be scolded out of it a lot earlier, don’t they.
    Does it mean a woman who feels broken shouldn’t be consoled? Of course not. It means the witness to the shedding of a woman’s tears should be on the lookout for passive aggressive tactics.
    Let’s not forget… sometimes people weep just because they’re sad. Not all tears are manipulative. Sometimes it’s a matter of grief or low self esteem or troubles at home… all of which are fair reasons to be upset… and sometimes weeping is completely private and unshared… with no intent to get anything out of anybody… so… those of you who have been swindled by a woman’s tears, please don’t use this as an excuse not to console those women you come across from now on who are in emotional pain. There have to be ways to acknowledge a woman’s pain & sadness without getting lured in by her tears… or sucked up into her pain… or even just making her feel worse. We don’t realize how impressionable we all are.
    Perhaps that’s the difference between crying and weeping? The degree of manipulative intent? Hmm… I’m not sure… but I think I’d rather NOT know all there is to know about The Crying Game :] Fair enough?
    Other than that, I just wanted to say how nice it is when you open up the phone lines and you get all good, intelligent calls. Keep it going, fellow Path listeners

  4. Got kinda creeped out by the older lady who called in and was not afraid what-so-ever to talk about her anus. This effed up world and your work hasn’t broken me of my “old fashioned” up bringing yet Mr. Rebel. You on the other hand have been in the trenches waaay to long. I remember a show of yours in which you said one of the rules of “Tanerloin” (sp) was to not even think about thinking about sleeping with one of your wives. Yet, it was a tactic of yours to only stick your dick only in married women at work. Whatever, that was the show with Tsarion, and I’d also like to mention that you did not say one foul word during that whole show. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy using colorful words myself, just not to the point as if I feel I’m back on the oil rig gettin’ ready to do another 300′ mixed gas pop (deep sea diving jargon) and all of the vernacular consisted of – Hey! Did you have any of those fuckin’ scrambled eggs they served for fuckin’ breakfast? Tasted like fuckin’ shit.

    Take a break and “re jew vinate”. The world needs you on point still.

  5. I’m also very glad you chose to do this show, which despite the lack of outline had a lot of valuable nuance to it.

    And Joanne, please post more. Your post above is pure unadulterated wisdom with a healthy dash of poetry.

  6. More info on this topic can be found at http://www.heretical.com. The site owner is out of jail now, so you can now buy his books too.

    You can also read the book “The Manipulated Man”, by Esther Vilar. She got death threats for writing this book because it is not compatible with the true feminist message. It was hard to find a copy, even to download – one of the hardest to find books on the Internet I’ve ever looked for. The only one I’ve had more trouble finding was the Curse Of Canaan by Eustace Mullins!

  7. Hello rebel! I can’t think of a better way to summarize the movie REAR WINDOW (yes, I did! LOL), than u did in the first paragraph of ur most recent article. Grace Kelly is the perfect example, especially in this movie, representing the female type that u describe. More importantly, is the male counterpart in the movie, who is literally helpless.

    That is a real mind-fuck, esp. when this movie came out. The defenseless man has no choice but to submit to the woman’s irresistible charms, whether they are morally good or bad.women are all the same and men are destined to be fooled by woman’s teasing charms, hiding her true, vile nature…yada yada caca

    PS: I inadvertently cut myself off (POS iphone). Anyway, hitchCOCK = social engineering.
    Vertigo (mind control), Rebecca (mind control,homosexuality), rope (homosexuality, and other occult themes), marnie (trauma-based mind control in-your-face), the man who knew too much (trauma-based M. C., pedo, social engineering of Mideast stereotypes), etc….

  8. http://cdn.mediatakeout.com/58371/oh-my-shock-pics-someone-takes-a-photo-up-disney-singer-demi-lovato-s-dress-and-that-chick-is-thick-parental-discretion.html

    Man. They are very blatant… Thanks for opening my eyes.

    Also, I’m watching ‘boogie nights’ with commentary, and PT Anderson speaks about the actor who played the colonel, whom he’s known since childhood. He says the actor used to sing songs about how Winnie the Pooh would fuck Eyore, and how they would shit all over each other.

    It’s like information diarrhea since I’ve been reading your blog and hearing your podcast. I knew everything was about lil boy buttholes when I saw ‘diary of a wimpy kid’ , but I never would have believed that everything was about everyones buttholes. What a world. What a species….

    PS: And I always wondered what ‘farming babies’ meant. Holy fuck. I used to love Temple of the Dog. Sorry if people have sent you these lyrics repeatedly.

    Well I don’t mind stealing bread From the mouths of decadents But I can’t feed on the powerless When my cup’s already overfilled
    Yeah But it’s on the table The fire’s cooking And they’re farming babies The slaves are all working
    Blood is on the table The mouths are all choking But I’m goin’ hungry Yeah
    I don’t mind stealing bread From the mouths of decadents But I can’t feed on the powerless When my cup’s already overfilled
    But it’s on the table The fire is cooking And they’re farming babies The slaves are all working
    And it’s on the table Their mouths are all choking But I’m going hungry (Going hungry) I’m going hungry (Going hungry) I’m going hungry (Going hungry

    “Hunger Strike”

  9. Rebel, I was curious if you felt any cinema or tv shows were worth watching anymore and then you mentioned Game of Thrones. I enjoy that show too even though it is rather sinister. Lately I’ve been watching Akira Kurosawa movies and I wonder if you have any thoughts on his work? It seems to me most of his plots are about someone being oppressed and then a Skillful Samurai arrives to out think the oppressors and save the people. I don’t think I notice any sort of negative or unhealthy thoughts being pushed in his movies.

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