Seductive Female Prayers [2]

Well, we finally delivered the goods. Well, to some I guess. I know I’ve delved into and covered the topic before, but this time it was much bigger. Hello Roberta!

roberta sarah singerroberta pedon

The Living Tiki returned for the second week in a row to finish talking about what we left off with last week, Deadly Jewesses with Gigantic Boobs:


Alternately, I guess I could have added the colloquial expression “killer boobs” as it might be quite fitting when we start looking back on our history. Heck, even if we start looking about present events, we will should indubitably end up stopping, scratching our heads, and asking ourselves, “Just what the hell is going on?”

There are many uncanny events, transpired and transpiring, where few logical explanations seem to suffice, hence we may have to ask a few improbable questions. More troubling however, is why we have been so slow to notice even the most obvious of repeating facts. Hypnotism and gematria may help explain.

Oddly, chatango, for the duration of this past weekend, and the only time since I’ve been using it for my chatroom, stopped the auto display of images. Hence, it failed/stopped on Sunday. Apologies to those of you who were looking forward to the boobfest, and “you’re welcome” to those of you who were spared it. 😀

Note: I was back on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers this Wednesday, August 29th [unavailable]. The show went over four hours, commercial-free.

~ by celticrebel on August 29, 2012.

16 Responses to “Seductive Female Prayers [2]”

  1. Great show guys. The thing with cloning is that the process itself is not complex at all. Remove the DNA from a freshly fertilised egg, replace it with the clonee’s DNA and embed the corrupted zygote in a womb. Obviously there are some complications, not least the scale, but in an age when nano-technology is in the public domain i.e. it’s already old technology, it’s entirely plausible that this has been happening for some time.
    Another real possibility is the spread of specific genetic material by more conventional means. I recently came across an interview with Greg Hallett who makes the following claim. Queen Victoria, before she was queen, privately married a Bavarian Duke and had a son with him. She was subsequently elevated to the throne, and for political reasons bigamously married the flamboyant homosexual Prince Albert (yes that Prince Albert
    ). She went on to have a further nine children, which Hallett claims, were all fathered by Nathaniel Rothschild. These children spread out across Europe, marrying into the various royal lines. One consequence of this genetic dispersal was that three of the main protagonists of the brutal slaughterhouse of World War 1, Britain, Germany and Russia were ruled by three of Victoria’s grandsons (and hence first cousins) George V, Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas II.
    Hallett’s angle on this is that the direct descendants of Victoria’s first (and only legitimate) child are still alive in Portugal, and are the true heirs to the throne of England. You can download his two hour interview with Jim Fetzer here,
    and as always make your own evaluation.
    Certainly the mix of ruling entities has been discussed here before, and it does seem that the ancient ruling bloodlines have been so thoroughly integrated through cross-breeding with the rulers of the people calling themselves Jews that the distinction between European aristocracy and elite Jews is no longer discernible. Today Queen Elizabeth’s ‘chief financial advisor’ is Jacob Rothschild – keeping it all in the family?
    Tiki’s ideas on ‘Westworld’ made me laugh because I had arrived at a similar conclusion many years ago. In the UK we have a system of educational apartheid. Approximately 7% of the population go through the private (confusingly for foreigners known as ‘public’) school system. Yet when you look at any major boardroom, the Cabinet, senior Civil Service, bishops, generals, senior academics and so on there will be an overwhelming (95%+) majority that were privately educated. This extends into the arts – actors, directors, producers, singers, painters, teevee ‘celebrities’ are again massively disproportionately drawn from that 7%. To some extent simple nepotism and networks (the ‘Old Boy System’) will be at play, but I agree with Tiki, that for an elitist sliver “Daddy I want to be a pop singer” will be made to happen. Westworld indeed!

  2. This Jewess train is about to derail. What if you demonized any other ethnic feminine principal? Your too much of a racist for my sensibilities. There are other stupid copycats, that owe you for the racial hatred they enjoy. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis

  3. In response to Ross, I also remember Hallett saying a while back that Obama was a clone made from horse blood! Made me laugh at the time, but yeah, cloning is becoming a strong candidate to explain all the high weirdness that otherwise just doesn’t fit together. I like Hallett for being just about the only person to state that holograms and DE weapons were probably used on 9/11, and for generally seeming like a cool guy who is not an arse bandit. Can’t say the same for Fetzer (Jewish sounding – Fister? Uncle Fester?).

  4. London calling, Mongoose here.

    It all seems to be linked with the eternal battle for power between
    slut priestesses and their catamite male rivals. Neither faction is rooting for us, except in a painful way.

    Going back to the Bible (testify!); “Bring me the head of John the Baptist” said Salome. She had danced nude in front of the famous Christian leader (big, laden, breasts likely) but that had not worked. Once his execution happened the head was brought to the sultry Jewess who then kissed the dead lips. Gospel of Mark.

    You go with the temptation, you are screwed (not in a good way) and if you don’t go with the temptation you will have head but nothing to do with your penis….

    Mongoose out.

  5. Naw boobs are secondary, not fussed really. Thigh gap and killer hips n legs and nice shouldrs are much more preferable. Im more for an all rounder, nice general config of features, definitely dark hair and blue eyes, lovely heart with a cynical element to the character. An angel with clipped wings. I personally look at the whole female form, Im not really that much of a specifist although the bonestructure and nice facial profile does figure more prominently to me than TITS ROOOOARRRGH YEAH TITS ROOOOOAARGH

    I like girls that are overall nice, maybe even plain that are not obviously stunning; not like these models where you go like HOLY SHIT… and then after a while your “ah, whatever”. The slow growers to me are the lethal ones, where your perception continuously chews and digs over them, unearthing more loveliness.

  6. Hey Rebel, check out; I think you’ll find it interesting and, dare I say, synchronistic. Don’t worry, there’s nothing gross – just text.

  7. Greg Hallet says the Rothchilds believe Helen Clark is a reincarnation of Hilter. She looks and acts very similar to him. She could be his daughter or sister from the looks of her, for sure. If you watch Triumph of the Will, there is one point where Hitler looks EXACTLY like HC, but with a little moustache. Its uncanny.

    I wonder if she’s been to Disneyland. 😉

    PS: I know someone who has met Greg Hallet, so I’m pretty sure he’s at least real. I’m not sure if he’s lying, but some of his sources might be.

  8. Instead of anuses and sodomites, let’s turn the conversation to women and how we may help these fair creatures realize their self-worth and restore their self-esteem.

    Mr. Rebel, I present to thee information concerning a festival where the redheads gather. May your paradise be adorned by such beauties.

  9. Talk about games becoming more gay, and none is more ostensible than the expansion for dead rising 2: off the record. It has a new area called… wait for it… URANUS Z@NE! I shit you not.

    There is a bonus achievement if you dress in a purple bob wig and some gay dominatrix S&M space suit, there is a novelty clown mobile which is in the shape of a clown on all fours and the arse is showing with the exhaust pipe protruding from the anus, there is an electro weapon “alien probe” which is shaped like a… penis, and one of the moves is to turn a zombie around and jam it up their cargo doors… I couldnt believe it, but check it our if you so desire, I am not kidding you, its pure filth.

    here you go to cut it short:

  10. I’ve found Hallett mildly intriguing and amusing before, and his dry Kiwi manner no doubt adds to the charm. But lately he’s taken to claiming that he’s the legitimate lord chancellor of the United Kingdom, being related to the progeny of Victoria’s only son by her husband. So once again we have a good storyteller that spins a good yard for some time until he finally loses it completely, thereby discrediting all his previous output.

    On another tangent, the barista in my favorite coffee shop just got the deluxe version of 50 Shades of Grey, and with Rebel’s mention of it I had to do a bit of reading about it. The Wiki entry led me to a few reviews, and then to this line that sums it all up. From the review in the Telegraph (AKA Tel Aviv Graph):
    “Gray’s sexual predilections are by turns shocking and banal, and the many sex scenes often toe-curling (“I’d really like to claim your ass” is one line that lingers in the memory).”

  11. Sheridan is a fraud at best, and a psychopath at worst. When he was on the with Rebel he employed many of the techniques he denounces.

    Hallett may just be a good storyteller. Surprised so many in here might buy into his threads dealing with Rothschilds and Illuminati. Ian Fleming took part in what?

  12. Funny that you mention seductive jewesses. It reminds me via something that happened to me a while back.

    After graduating high school in 05, I went to work at a mall just outside of DC. This was back when There were quite a few Jews peddling that dead sea sand bullshit as part of their spy ring. Two Jewish women happened upon me one night. We talked for a bit over some cigarettes, and the cute one (nice hips, thighs and legs on her) said (in Hebrew) that she wanted me to “show them some company” that night. I gratefully obliged them, as I was fresh out of high school and wanted to find my penis lodged comfortably in a warm, wet, and willing vagina. I guess seduction is their trump card.

    I’m not sure if that relates to your show, as their tits weren’t too big, but no complaints from me. 🙂

  13. Tsarion, whos work i always find relevant in what this alternative has become, is also gravitating to this idea that we have been hoodwinked to believing we exist in a “patriarchal” society when infact the power is still firmly in the feminine aspect. As Mongoose pointed, the constant struggle between “slut priestesses and the catamite male rivals” . Tsarion also eschews this truther culture of “MK ultra Hollywooders”.

    May i digress to another unrelated subject? I aplogise for the diversion, but someone passed me this article, on Pan and the Lost Boys

    I know you have discussed JM Barrie before and his pederastic relationship with the du Maurnier boys , and i stumbled across this article which id like to share [and all of the top google hits were articles proclaiming barrie was an innocent etc etc]:

  14. schwing!!!

  15. I believe I may have a simpler explanation for the “gigantic jewish tits” phenomenon than hybrid cloning.

    To start, Jews are genetically quite similar to Arabs, barring European admixture. Never mind that Khazar nonsense, fell for that myself for a time, makes no sense. Now, are Arabs known for their voluptuousness? Not particularly from what I know, and neither so with Sephardic Jews, which are simply those with less European blood.

    Ah, but what women ARE known for huge tits? German and Polish women, at least from my experience. Probably Russian ones too. My wife is mostly Polish, biggest damn tits you’ll ever see. Hell, there’s even a porno site devoted to nothing but Polish boobs, and they are all humongous. So, this may be a chicken/egg situation, but where did most Jews do their residing in Europe, at least recently? Germany, Poland and Russia.

    I submit that you aren’t seeing test tube titanic tits, but merely the result of their blending more with the native populations of Slavs and Teutons that were already packing heat up top.

  16. When they brought Kate Middleton out a few years back I noticed this whorish “girlfriend” had a butter face and a flat body. I figured she was a place holder to stop rumors that William was a homosexual, or maybe she was the top and the image makers would eventually cough up someone more suitable for the role of bride. I was wrong, they stuck with a very unseductive but sinister looking Jewess.

    Suddenly in Sept 2012 blurry nude photos of Kate’s “big” Jew tits show up in the papers. It didn’t make sense to me why she had grown a few sizes and why they were publishing this crap until I looked up your archives and found this broadcast.

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