Two: Bat Actor Con Piracy

Of course, had to address the latest scripted conspiracy spectacle about Dark Nights in Aurora this week. John Preston came on to add some of his findings.

james holmes aurora

The latter half of the show was a continuation of thoughts from the prior week:

I’ll try to post some more thoughts and images on this and prior posts soon.

~ by celticrebel on July 24, 2012.

17 Responses to “Two: Bat Actor Con Piracy”

  1. Thank you so much for taking time to do a show this Sunday, and every Sunday. You had me in stitches! Very enlightening.

  2. Just to cement the fine line between reality and fiction, and to seal the deal on the greatest promotion ever for Goy programming sequence reels [movies] Batman actually visits the Victims of the Dark, dark night rising….

    “CBS denver” facebook page asking to “Give donations generously for the Victims” of the incident with a huge page header: ” Remembering the victims”. Fucks sake.

    And the other Stynchromonious tidbits doing the rounds are the the connections to Aurora the Goddess of the Dawn, Dark Night, New Dawn, obviously joining the pantheon of Goddesses, Columbia and Virginia [-Bine / -Tech]

  3. Two words: Veronica Moser
    She is the “6 year old victim” But her name is reminiscent of a German Scat Pornstar. Who writes this stuff. I’m anticipating Ed Chiarini’s work on this episode known as the Aurora Shooting…

  4. I was reminded of two other movies when this story broke: Scream 2 & the Final Destination movies.
    If I’m not mistaken, Scream 2 was the one that opens with a screening of the movie “Stab” where fans flock to their seats wearing the Scream masks( Just as many people had shown up at this screening in costume). Then one of the masked audience members stabs some people or something.
    Also, I was reminded of the Final Destination movies because of that girl that had survived some other recent tragedy was killed at this shooting. Guess she couldn’t cheat death, right?

  5. Metro bob will loooove this Rabbi’s Williams character i found while listening the show (name of the character and quotes, so innocent)
    so blatant…
    Great show. I’m a long time follower of this web and I find your work maturing like good wine, you helped me so much throwing away implanted beliefs and various b.s and indetifying avoidable b.s for me and my relatives… really improved my life, The Celtic Rebel Improved B.S. Detector is best and most necessary invention of this decade. I expect to resolve some bureacracy and make my donative soon, to show in a practical way the gratitude I feel for your efforts. You’re loved and respected around the world, your work clearing the field, composting and planting the right seeds of love, respect and common sense soon will bear the fruits it deserve, I’m sure of it, vegetarian blessings from Barcelona, Spain.

  6. Real life shooting imitates training exercise at Parker medical school.

  7. I’ve just listened to your Lee Rogers show, and you are so right about the Planet X nonsense. To think people actually bought that crap! Planet X is nothing to worry about, however Planet Y™ is rapidly approaching our solar system and catastrophe will follow! You can read about this threat in my new book “Planet Y™ and How We Are All Going to Die”, and raise awareness among your friends with “Planet Y™ is Coming!” t-shirts, coasters and for the children pencil cases (discounts for bulk orders). I am also available for interviews, lectures and Truth conference appearances at very reasonable rates. It’s time to wake up people! We’re all gonna die! Aaaaagh!

  8. Thank You I am beginning to realize every con[-xxx] is nothing more than a rich old gray haired men of renown sodomists wet dream.

    All I can say is ‘toroid energy’ my sphynx-+-er and it has MIB setup in the first minute too. more than 100 sodom metaphors in this viral con job! By none other than a rich old grey man of renown of PROCTOlogist and GAMBLE industrial family renown.

  9. Why did he dye his hair red? Did he confuse Ronald McDonald for the Joker? I mean, if he was a Joker FANaddict, then wouldn’t he have died his hair green? Was Hot Topic sold out of Manic Panic Green Envy? Was there some kind of meaning in dying it red? His whole plan was so elaborate but he gets the hair color wrong?
    Sorry, but I’ve been hung up on the hair color thing since the story broke. I’m not buying the “Heath Ledger’s Joker wore a red wig and a nurse outfit, blah, blah”. If he had worn a nurse outfit, then that might make sense.

  10. James Holmes looks like Mark Zuckerberg with red hair.

  11. Found this interesting bit of facial comparison along the lines of Ed Chiarinis work doing the rounds on Blue-Book [aka face-book]

    And one further interesting link on further information regarding the Holmes connections to this whole field of neuro science. DARPA?

  12. Enola Gay…. A Lone Gay… with a big, big bomb.

  13. Stephen,
    In the picture you linked to the guy on the right has ears that stick out different distances and its just because his head is turned on an angle.

    I’m pretty sure its the same guy who owns both those ears though.

    PS: It looks like the guy on the left is a lot more Jewish than the guy on the right however.

  14. Good show Celt .. enjoyed.

    Here’s a wink for you.

    Clearly this temple dog is not new to this!

  15. If the anal cavity is the lower vibrational chakra it must be trying to llimit or impose upon others their will. Will be hard to break the earthly shackles if there will be any ascension.

  16. @James, if the Holmes on the left looks more jewish than the one on the right, it may be due to the fact that that was taken after his interment at the Max Strauss camp. It has to be said that the new improved[?] Jewish Holmes is a lookey-likey for facebook actor Zuckerberg/Ronald Mcdonald. Perhaps THATS whats really going on camp Strauss? Genetic hybrids of Jewish archetypes?

  17. I seriously don’t want to hear about chakras at this site! Please.

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