One: Smoke and the Center Sail

Pretty amusing the term “truth” is owned by the lying propagandists of totalitarian bullshit, no?

This week’s show was about smoking, the ardors and importance of preserving a centrist philosophy, and one naughty salty seaman by the name of popeye. [unavailable]:


On Wednesday, July 18th, I was back on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers. That show is now available [not presently].

On Saturday, July 21st, I joined Mao and Gomer to celebrate Mao’s anniversary on BlogTalk and had a discussion about the nuttiness surrounding the staged theater shooting [downloadable]. What the hell is up with all these young guys who join the conpsindusty and go batshit insane?

~ by celticrebel on July 18, 2012.

12 Responses to “One: Smoke and the Center Sail”

  1. Popeye the gay sailor? surely not?

    They know:

    And as for your MPD: if Asian Brob is channeling the Buddha that lives within you, what the hell is Metro Bob Channeling?
    Anyway, i thought you might be interested to know that white people have been about for 5,000 years and as a side effect of dietary changes. Its true , look i read it:

    Lastly id like to say thanks to IALonefrog for the great link to the Susan Brandt Article last time on the Atlantean mythos and the ensuing comments, kept me reading all night with that, so Cheers!.

  2. Typing before tuning in.

    I just LOVE smoking! I know all about the extra poison they put in. I have a chance to switch to tobacco but unfortunately it is full of the damaging stuff as well.

    AND I can’t buy American Spirits where I live (God knows if the “natural” claim is real).

    So, I know what I smoke really well, and I accept it, but no such luck with what I drink–AKA “water”.

    PS: All I know is that if we do NOT follow A mission we ARE fucked FOR LIFE!

  3. American Spirit is good, and I have a traditional tobacconist that I get my other roll up from. I dont think you can guarantee that anything is truly organic commercially, but it doesnt swell up my throat like the garbage mainstream cigs. I can only get American spirit from ‘high-end’ supermarkets and aforementioned independent tobbacconist (which I prefer to fund), as the strategised sludge hydrants have reduced their choice selections despite boasting variety. Propaganda anyone?

  4. One of your previous shows you talked about water as living.
    And one of your fans my friend Wanda made water god connection.
    Then last night I made the HHO/H2O connection – Horus, Hermes and Osiris. Thanks for the seeds for thought and deprogramming this Neuro Linguistic Programming nightmare

  5. Why isn’t the show you did with Lee Rogers on Wednesday archived on Oracle Broadcasting… also, your did a show wherein you mentioned the Libor scandal… i can’t find it.

    Celtic… you have provided more insight in one month than i’ve gained in all my years of searching. I thank you… and will provide a monetary gift as soon as i am able… j

  6. Hi Alex,

    More confirmation of a Pederast cult:

    Ya, and how ’bout that Cinema “Dark Knight Rises” staged Psy-op shooting? So many rabbit holes to go down. You know Alex Jones and the gang are on the case, so we should all rest well. It’s gonna be A-OK! (nudge nudge, wink, wink). I guess we’ll just have to strap ourselves in, cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride… 😉

    Excellent past few shows btw, really enjoyed the material.

  7. Look, I need to ask. I am a gay man who loves men in all their shapes and forms. Yes, I’m “programmed” and all that crap blah,blah. I DONT want little boys as sex partners. I HATE the…er….well….tally-mud-neandertal crap. so, I like to do all the anal crap (cleaned out plz) work to take care of my blood family, so, I am evil because I entice a demon NOT in symbiosis to typical fucking. SO.,,well, just how it is. I hate to whine like a kikenvermin

  8. There was a big article a few years ago on TV (it made national news here) about how scientists had discovered the gene that caused whiteness. They had a Chinese scientist (who could barely disguise his lying) saying that a “defect” in a gene caused blonde hair and blue eyes. It was obvious to me that the guy was an actor. He used the word “defect” over and over, in order to convey the opinion that the white race is a mistake that should probably never have happened. (The jews are working hard to fix that…)

    It thought, wow! what an amazing gene, it straightens hair, increases intelligence, narrows the nose, shrinks the bum, lightens the skin, expands the brain, and makes you gullible to all forms of Jewish Propaganda. No other gene – sorry, defect – has ever achieved 10% of that! So we are all the same genetically, but white people have this defect. Some people I knew actually believed this shite – something which I had trouble believing.

    That guy should get three Nobel prizes at once he’s so corrupt.

  9. Smoke em if you got them.

    Inspector smoking ban. Stripped Naked in Belgium.

  10. Trey Parker and Matt Stone love their hot dogs. There was another picture of them drinking beer and Stone was mouthing the bottle like a good little cocksucker but I couldn’t find it. Temp(el) dogs indeed

  11. I reckon the second-hand smoking canard is another of those Trading Places type bets.
    “I know people are stupid, but they’re not stupid enough to believe this nonsense.”
    “I’ll bet you a dollar they are.”
    Palaeontological evidence has shown that homo erectus (stop sniggering, it doesn’t mean that) had use of fire. So if Prometheus did gift fire from the gods he did it before homo sapiens were on the scene. This means that as long as there have been humans they have spent time huddled round burning piles of wood and vegetation, undoubtedly breathing in smoke as they did so. For the last few millennia, these fires have been inside dwellings where the air becomes thick with smoke, yet somehow humans survived.
    However, apparently today if you are sitting on a bench in a park in a city where the air is a visibly grey noxious soup of benzenes and other carcinogens belching out of cars, and you light up a cigarette someone sitting fifty yards away immediately gets lung cancer.
    Meanwhile, a wrinkled old plutocrat settles back in his leather chair, takes a sip of his 200 year old brandy, and contentedly caresses the recently acquired crisp one dollar bill in his hand.

  12. I had a thought about the gay agenda. This pertains to the live free or die show so I don’t know if this is relevant here. But, what if this is a way of cerating a global species of bastardised androgenes? I mean that we are supposed to be spiritually androgenous (both left and right brain hemispheres in balance) the true one-eye open, but we are being directed towards the trap of 3D physical [the Cube] androgeny. Females are becoming more male poled (logic, linear, power, dominant, active) and males are becoming more femlale poled (fluid, intuitive, passive, receptive, sympathetic – in the bad sense of over emotionalism), contrary to essential natures of both.

    On a spiritual level, the brain hemis in both are being polarised (dualised) in male and female (in)dividuals through the excessive onslaught of psychological influence directed to the more female brain hemi (in the male) and male brain (in the female) thus confuxing subconsciously our natural sexual predispositions. In conclusion this is an attack to make us innefectual both in the 3D temporal world (as an androgenous coagulated mass) and spiritually (divided within ourselves fractally – micro/macrocosm principle, and on all other level). My theory is that this objective is over time (reformism) to get us to ACCEPT from within, a contradictory nature that disrupts our natural constitution, but to also make it appealing because it operates from a subconscious and emotional level (we think it’s our idea). People then are internally divided in all aspects, have no intrinsic unity, therefore cannot control their own life and reality in any good and loving way: they feed Natural Law/law of attraction etc. with fragmented energy and perpetuate the treadmill existence of wage slavery and submission (because they can’t know themselves).

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