Dick Nixon: the Last Great American President

The entirety of Sunday’s show was dedicated to an oft-maligned (by his enemies) and little understood (by just about everyone else) man that went by the name of Richard Nixon:


I had already spent two hours speaking with The Fat Drunk Coward about Nixon earlier that day on his new show, Deconstructions Live []:


Pics, quotes and thoughts coming (soon).

Note: On Wednesday (the 4th) Truther Bob took over Live Free or Die, looking at the gay metal spectacular Rock of Ages:


Note: On Thursday (the 5th), The Fat Drunk Coward joined me to fill in Live Free or Die with Jew Talk and other fun things:


~ by celticrebel on July 2, 2012.

19 Responses to “Dick Nixon: the Last Great American President”

  1. I pay $16.50 aus (about $17 us) per pack of 20 Mal Lights, only non-additive taylor is Nat Shermans (meh, only $13 tho) & all non-commercial growing/selling is a federal offfence, welcome to Australia.

  2. Anderson Cooper just (finally) came out and said he’s gay. CHALK ANOTHER ONE UP FOR THE CELTIC REBEL WAS RIGHT. When are the T Shirts coming out?!

  3. I remember about 6 years ago, a friend of mine in the IT industry mentioning the gay-jew mafia, and this guy was nowhere near any alternative news. I’m guessing alot of these goy in Hollywood get entrapped firstly. Another friend had a longtime friend who fed him all this x one night before ‘coming out’ to him and tried to feel him up. No coincidence that the center of the ecstacy trade is Holland (dutch-jews).

  4. This guy is flaming the Greeks; you best set him straight Rebel

  5. look for the “Iron Sky” trailer, I think someone owes Celtic another $666,000… (dark side of the moon nazi’s)

  6. Interesting show, Alex.

    In terms of the G-Man meme, I’d like to refer to this video which shows different scenes from the 1998 video game Half-Life:

    (The G-Man’s speaking part on 00:50 might be of interest)
    “You have limitlessss potential”
    (I bet this is what most today 20-something truthers believe)

    The Half-Life series is very popular amongst gamers.
    It contains a lot of alien government conspiracy stuff. Back then, many kids, myself included, were influenced by this.

    Interesting are also the logos of Valve, the corporation which developed Half-Life:

    Both founders of the Valve Corporation are former Microsoft employees, by the way.

  7. Alex great show with Mike, why is so damn difficult to find any broadcasts like this that offer common sense and talk about real fucking issues instead of repeated cons-piracy shite? Thanks, excellent show. In return ill send a couple of laughs your way:

    Alex, listen to this idiot : [say in Cartman-esque voice over- “ITS THE VATICAN!! MEH MEH EWW EWW ITS THE ILLUMINATAY”]

    This idiot : on the fake bath salts story: he was possessed on a trailer park by jason vorhees

    Also, you made me laugh with your comment “They hate vagina! they think it has teeth in it!”

    Found an interesting article after your discussion about Marilyn Munroe. How different the reality is to the idea of reality that we have which is provided by the media. Marilyn worshipped by public as goddess, marilyn treated as shiksa whore and used up as such.

  8. So, I heard it is 4th July:

  9. That info on JFK and Israel wanting to be a nuclear power and the end result. Has lead us up to this moment in time.

    The Ode to Debt and Death


  10. Excellent show, Gentile-men. Bravo!

    I thought it was important, Alex, that you got in a word near the beginning of your show to criticise Stormfront-type sites. These sites serve no purpose other than to brand one with the ready-made shrieking response of: “NAZI!”, “ANTI-SEMITE!”, “RACIST!” – i’m past caring, myself…

    Whenever one does a search-engine search on the “holocaust” hoax, or the over representation of jews in high positions of government or just any kind of general information on jews, zionism or is-not-real, one invariably stumbles upon “white” forums. These sites, at the very top, are most probably run from tel-aviv. They’re “honey traps”, there in ensnare gullible folk who want to vent their spleen.

    It’s funny, but on one of these forums, (“white news”, i think it was called), a poster had winston churchill as his avatar. Excuse me!?! WINSTON BLOODY CHURCHILL??!! The man responsible for sending thousands of white “british” men to their deaths? The man responsible for the Dresden Holocaust where thousands of white German men, women and children were burned alive???!!! But i digress…

    The point is, many elite jews are white – is this lost on these posters? They regard non-whites with the same contempt that many elite jews have for the goyim. Like the abused child that grows up to become an abuser himself, so, many whites despise dark skinned people.

    The two main anti-jew camps seem to be: white christians who are envious of jewish supremacism and want a go at running the world and militant black islam. Never mind that both christianity and islam were cut from the same jewish cloth….

    Elite supremacist jews hate both blacks and blonde blue-eye people, (and pretty much everyone else in between), with equal venom. It’s time we, the “cattle” woke up to this fact.

  11. Been getting used to the sounds of all these bath house voices and impersonations and all. It’s different but I get it. I think it’s contagious cause Fetch was talking about giving you a run for your money with a “Preacher Bob” character.
    Nassim Haramein came up with a “Singularity” theory which hit on all of the pertinent points.
    – Everything is one
    – Geometry of the vacuum
    – Negative space
    – Cuboctahedron
    – The vector equilibrium
    – Torodial space
    and I quote: “Toroidal Space is the name used to describe the area and volume of a torus or so-called doughnut shape.This special form has been used to describe and/or represent a number of things in our “real” actual material world, as well as, our “imaginary” potential one”.

    Well, this paper will fill you in on the details and it sounds even more gayerer. http://harmonicresolution.com/Toroidal%20Space.htm Is that possible?

    Singularity ass fucking itself?

    Gotta love physics right?

    Man, maybe a 3-D image of toroidial space on the front of your “Celtic Rebel was right!” tees. I can’t stop rhyming it with hemroidial. Anyway, I seem to recall you throwing good vibes his way a while back in a comment section.Think he’s sold out?


    Is he being sincere?


    @ Max,

    2:25 into the video I saw me a Russian pirate, AAAaaaaarrr!

  12. That was a great show rebel. I have to admit though I don’t really understand the Grateful Dead bashing. If you want to make fun of deadheads that’s fine. And I really have no interest in defending the actual members of the band, but the music itself is very sophisticated and the lyrics aren’t in any way subversive. Half of their songs were about cowboys, farmers, soldiers, sailors, working men and beautiful women with ribbons in their hair. Let’s examine some lyrics here.

    -Gone are the days when the ox fall down, you take up the yoke and plow the fields around. Gone are the days when the ladies said please gently Jack Jones won’t you come to me

    -Can’t talk to you without talking to me, we’re guilty of the same old thing. Thinking a lot about less and less and forgetting the love we bring.

    -These are the horns of the dilemma, what truth is proof against all lies, when sacred fails before profane the wisest man is deemed insane and even the purest of romantics compromise.

    -There were days and there were days I know, when all we ever wanted was to learn and love and grow. once we grew into our shoes we told them where to go.Walked halfway around the world on promise of the glow Stood upon a mountain top. Walked barefoot in the snow. Gave the best we had to give. How much we’ll never know.

    -Inspiration move me brightly. Light the song with sense and color hold away despair. More than this I will not ask faced with mysteries dark and vast, statements just seem vain at last.

    …….. I see nothing here that the Celtic rebel would disagree with

  13. holy sshhh… i just only now figured out that Celtic was referencing “octrees” when talking about Tanelorn (e.g. 1 node, 3 dimensions (wives) & 8 children). Yeah I’m slow 🙂

  14. u have some very good conclusions but u have to go deeper…
    did the vatican kill JFK… no evidence… but deeply involved in the banking industry.. they are their own country.. hmmm…. isreal did it all.. ok.. but all the religious populous have been used.. jewish, christians, islam, by the elite royal class. divide and conquer… beautiful, isn’t. for 3000 years..
    one has to control all forms of information and history.

    u want to find out more about history… to start look where u are told not to look… it has to do with a philosophy..
    the education system.. the very one u and i were educated in:

    John Taylor Gatto the greatest teacher in the NYC school system..
    Irishman from pittsburgh
    of course unknown, you can skip ten minutes..
    The Ultimate History lesson….


  15. Just wanted to use this space to thank Alex for not playing wanker bumper music. Thanks to the latest show I was re-introduced to the brilliant Harvest Home by Big Country, a song that I long ago forgot but will surely stay with me now.

  16. Note the Temple Dog resting it’s paw on the Lion’s leg. The chariot motif is “the joke” of Opel Lope Pole. The power of the air serving as a horse is the female hive serving because its tail has been overcome by a tale between its ears. Crows bending the power of the warrior to ride bitch, listening to gospel tunes, nursing his bruised center.

    All the marks of the beast (peer deeper) dressed up in all the fashion of the ladies .. riding around the 808 stone. Six spades or neo-Malkuthian game of bare-a-shit. Ha!

    PS: Jews Do Control the Media per Times of Israel

  17. Just something that occurred to me: Lee Harvey Oswald. Oz-wald. Wald is German for Forest => Oz Forest, Forest Of Oz… Maybe Im off track idk. Just something about word games.

  18. Great show Alex, one of your best. Please offer my condolences to the Cantore family, if you send flowers put my name on the card, I’ll send you a few bucks.

  19. I’m way late on this one but had to congratulate you on how great your show has been recently.

    About the Ancient Greek/gay thing. I basically agree with you — the media of the last few centuries has inordinately propagandized the “Ancient Greek were gay” meme. You probably already know about this material, but this site is pretty informative:


    The laws against certain types of homosexual activity were extremely harsh.

    That said, I think we have to acknowledge that compared to the recent past or whatever the ancient Greek society was slightly more tolerant of SOME young men going through a phase in which they were open to sensuality (if not sexuality) with other men. It was thought of as a passing thing that only a relative few guys ever experienced, and even they grew out of it before entering legitimate manhood. Maybe you violently disagree with even that much, but in my experience the ancient literature bears it out: ancient Greece was NOT a pro-homosexual society, but there were slightly homoerotic elements that were tolerated to some small extent, with the expectation that they were basically a fad that certain people went through. As you’ve said before, the British scholars, centuries later, focused on this aspect of Greek society and blew it way out of proportion. I don’t think they really invented it whole-cloth, however, as you sometimes suggest (or seem to suggest?).

    Either way, I’m glad your show has turned in the direction it has. You really do have one of the best (if not the best) show in the alternative media, man. I used to listen to it regularly a few years ago, and after a while grew bored with you focusing on movies and alleged language codes so much (not that there isn’t truth in those things — there is — but I felt that you kind of went too far sometimes). So, it’s good that you’ve moved past it and your show is better for it.

    The only thing that is still a slight drawback is your ego. I saw that without trying to be belligerent. As I said, you really do have an awesome. But a lot of us told you to move on from the syncromysticism focus a few years ago. When you talk about how the show has changed, you don’t really acknowledge that there were some voices who supported you years ago but also made slight criticisms, which you didn’t listen to at the time and mocked us for… only now I listen to the show again and it seems like you’ve finally come around to dismissing certain things. So, I don’t know, it isn’t like I think you should apologize to people from years ago or any faggy thing like that. But if you had a little less ego sometimes then it wouldn’t hurt. We all make mistakes and go down stupid rabbit holes. You’ve acknowledged as much, but at least in what i’ve listened to recently I’ve never heard you let on that, yeah, a few years ago you were still going down a stupid rabbit hole or two and your ears weren’t open to people telling you that you were sort of on the wrong track sometimes.

    Hope this comment doesn’t piss you off. I tried to temper my constructive criticism as much as possible.

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