Invasion of The Bobs

Do not attempt to adjust your audio, let The One Bob do it for you. Tonight was the [fabulous] world premier of Metro Bob‘s ephemeral mercurially-named show.

Metro Bob's Red Pill Experience

Technically, a Lot of Bobs turned up for the event, hence the title:


Enjoy! Much was said about infinite love and “handling” the truth. Undoubtedly, the alternative media has clouded the eyes of many with so much salty verbal glucose, they’ve been rendered unable to see through the simplest of jokes aimed at them.

tap that assreturn to the manholemanhole rabbit beanstalk

Speaking of such jokes, Truther Bob grew quite irate when having to contemplate whether or not his teenboy eye-dolls [¡eye-cons!] bamboozled/victimized him.

phil collins anal eyeronny james dio anal signgeddy lew gay jew

How many of us saw through the Rock and Cock bullshit for what it was? All the media needed to do was override the blatant with a dissociative whisper, “This is cool and manly.” They’ve been doing it forever (in the aural and visual realms).

taste dick blackspinal taps make fartskicking your ass

Does one even need to do a full lyrical analysis to see that the below images are gay [never mind the above]? Heck, look into the flamboyant Tom Sawyer character himself [¿flame-boy-aunt?]. Did you catch the name of album stacked under that of Nigel Pepper Cock? “Dad/Revenge” by “No Means No.” Ah, so now can you see?

rush boy hole star gategay tom sawyerrush naked british lord

As I have long been saying [perhaps the official start of], there is little difference between the “in your face” mainstream media and the “behind your back” alternative. A Quiz: How many obvious jokes on the [un”initiated”] truth-seekers can you find on the below highlight reel of but one real [derelict] “truth” site?

occupy the rabbit hole

If you haven’t seen Metro Bob’s video, you bloody well should and also, follow him about the jewtube, vote up his comments and “show him some love.”

Whether the gullible [¿quillable?] public will ever overcome their lifetime of programming and face [up to] the obvious fact of the intimate connection between the gay agenda and judaism, at least some of us can’t help but see it (now). This, despite Holy Wood’s multiple synctrails leading fools away from “seeing.”

mass effect shepard gay

I made another [regular] appearance by the Ham-Shire of Lee Rogers on Wednesday April 4th to further discuss some of these [¿anti?] truths:


Some felt that said show may have been the best of our series. Aside from the usual [ongoing] discussion concerning the circus of clowns and conmen that comprise the “anti-establishment” media, I also spoke [again] of the below [right] “despicable” “branded” production and how it intimately relates to the former.

woodard thomas kavassilas wilcock fulforddespicable me

Why hide one’s affiliations? Why pretend to be something you are not? Why are those most full of shit always those promoted the farthest? Who are the people promoting these frauds and misdirectors? Why are they doing so? These are fair questions. A few more of us need to stop fearing them and start asking them.

chuck norris is gay and jewish

Alas, back to the Sunday show, Jim Bob from Alabama closed us out, saving my voice [and I gather, some of your ears], with some sage basic old-time wisdom.

jim bob's front porch

As far as the internet conspirafool cornucopia [¿corn you copy, ah?] goes, words like Jim Bobs are a literal breath of fresh air, yet few and far between when compared to the constipatorial conspindustry and the endless rabbit holes they conspire to drag us through. Yes, for some the notion of jumping into a “rabbi hole” is a good place to [holy] dive; an endless cycle of “tapping in” and then, “tapping out.”

king of poopthe end rabbit asshole

Ugh! 😡 Hopefully, through some minor miracle, Metro Bob’s video will via the process of reverse osmosis, help break the cycle, purge the programming of, and rewire a few such fools.

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Note: Be sure to tune on Sunday, April 8th for the Easter Special, with Ed Chiarini (aka Dallas Goldbug) returning and I have been informed, may also presenting some new and [in or un]-sane notions for us to contemplate and discuss.

~ by celticrebel on April 3, 2012.

21 Responses to “Invasion of The Bobs”

  1. Al Pacino, you too, OMG ?!?!?

    no, just kidding. excellent video Bob.

  2. Loved this show!! One of the best. You are amazing Alex.

  3. I’m glad you brought up that “Fonzie” video. It inspired me to do a little digging on Sol Gordon. I found this on his memorial website:

    “Feeling a need to help establish a home for the victims of World War II, he left for Israel in 1949 and participated in establishing Kibbutz Sasa.”

    Oh that’s nice. So then I looked up Sasa:

    “Joel Beinin describes the case of Sasa village in the Upper Galilee, which was attacked without provocation by Zionist military forces in February 1948 and conquered by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) eight months later. The army expelled all villagers and killed civilians who had surrendered. A few months later, Hashomer Hatzair members from the US and Canada founded Kibbutz Sasa on the site of the village. After the IDF blew up the local mosque in early 1949, an entry in the kibbutz diary commented that the village was “now a mass of ruins, and yet most of us agree it’s better this way. The hovels, the filth, the medieval atmosphere — it’s gone now for the most part. Bring on the bulldozers and let’s plant trees.” The kibbutz then hired Palestinian workers to build all of its buildings in traditional Arab style.”

    What a great guy, he’ll be missed.

  4. On the news website Raw Story here is a blog by Angry Black Lady Chronicles (ABLC) who’s logo is a photo oa a naked toddler bent over showing it’s naked ass and buttcrack. WTF?!?

    How is this not child pornography? I took a screenshot in case Raw Story changes the photo.

    PS: Sorry my contacts have nothing to do with the Bobs show, but this a continuation of my previous post. I guess the blog is new, and lots of readers are questioning why the blogger chose to use a picture of a toddler bent over exposing its muddy ass. The blogger responds.

  5. The real Asian Bob explains everything. You might get a little bit dizzy watching this.

  6. even though truther bob and metro bob made some good points, bob from alabama is really the easiest to listen to when you’re not a native speaker. thanks for the challenge in listening comprehension! the bobs demonstrated some their points really well. sometimes, i thought that celtic alex guy was somehow coming through, but that was just a hallucination. great show!

  7. I don’t think I understood any of what Asian Bob said but I love him anyway.

  8. Rebel! I know exactly how the Rothschild ships outran the English armada!! [@1 min]


  9. It was great to hear you on Lee Roger’s show on Wed., April 4. You talked about the children’s movie Despicable Me, and I just had to comment after looking at the picture to which you referred:

    (Scroll down a bit to see the character “Gru” reading “The Three Kittens” storybook to a little girl and sticking his fingers into the little kitten/pussy holes.)

    Yes, it’s about big men molesting little girls.

    It reminds me of a character in the Harry Potter novels, Dolores Umbridge, who is a lesbian “pedophile” — don’t complain, it’s the best word available. She has a girlish laugh, dresses in pink, wears bows in her hair, and decorates her office with fussy lace and chintz — all details that appeal the the aesthetic sense of little girls. She also has decorative plates displayed on her office wall featuring romping kittens (child pussies). In the story she tortures and drugs students to get what she wants.

    The entire Harry Potter series is rife with allusions to sexual perversions, but if I point it out to anyone, I’m accused of having the dirty mind.

  10. Wow there’s totally a great new song by this girl Kesha, she’s like so cool and STUFF. I totally love the lyrics, check it out the songs called “take it off”

    There’s a place downtown
    Where the freaks all come around
    It’s a hole in the wall
    It’s a dirty free for all

    Isn’t that like totally awesome and STUFF? Celtic rebel is so crazy that there’s anything suggestive in those lyrics, its just good fun dance music.

  11. Hey Celt,..We have a faggella here in Oz that has been the recipient of government “Artz” grants for thirty years, his stage name is “Bob Downe”, when the Balloon goes up this kunt cops it! He is a fucking arse-bandit extraordinaire and is a favourite on the School gayness bullying awareness Bus; it is going to get an express ticket to soulless oblivion!

    Neat vid…


  12. I’m glad I heard the Lee Rogers show. I didn’t read the comments on Sol’s memorial, so imagine how shocked I was to find out he was a gay sexual predator. He seemed so masculine, in a Charles Nelson Reilly sort of way.

  13. You’re wrong, Rebel!

    Geddy Lee is NOT gay!

    OK, so Rush has a couple of naked men’s butts on their covers. And flaming pentagrams. And dogs. And rabbits. But NOT gay.

    OK, so maybe they have over twenty albums with lots of songs about boys becoming men, yet not a single love song about women. But NOT gay.

    OK, so maybe they dressed like gay porn stars in the 70’s while they were singing about elves and hobbits, but NOT gay.

    Seriously Rebel, did you not read Creem magazine? Or Circus? NOT gay.

    I forgive you, though. You just stupidly spent your youth hitting on girls instead of hanging with your bros in the basement playing Dungeons and Dragons and rocking out to Rush! Yeah, I know… it’s hard for someone to hear they wasted all that time chasing pussy, but the truth hurts, bro.

    I’m only telling you this because I love you, man. A love I learned from listening to Rush for all those years.

    NOT gay!

  14. Best show evar!

  15. the latest safety-risk: Firemen in Drag Put Out Truck Fire

  16. I don’t want to sound like a queer or nothing but…

    You hit the nail on the head, Celtic Rebel!

  17. I am laughing so hard right now at the living tiki’s comments about Geddy Lee. My husband had only heard Rush and never seen the group and he thought that they had a woman for a lead singer. He says that still doesn’t sound like any man he’s ever heard. I keep thinking about him singing “Take Off” for the Bob and Doug McKenzie movie. Even the guys in Styx don’t sing that high.

  18. I have difficulties to understand Asian Bob, too.

    I’m wondering what was up to English Bob.
    Maybe, you can arrange an appearance on a July 4th show, Alex.
    I bet he will be eager to participate.

  19. Was listening to you and Lee Rogers talk about where the pederasts can really be found and I thought I would share with you what was going on in
    my neck of the woods.

    First fact is that the pederasts graduated from a military college called the Citadel.

    Second fact is that this school has a history of this shite.

    After graduating, Skip ReVille moved around the area teaching and coaching at elite schools and racked up a total of 22 charges against him.

    Michael Arpaio: Also a graduate connected to this mess cost the school 3.8 million dollars in out of court settlements.

    Then there’s this guy Christopher Poston who was a character witness for the Arpaio creep. He is also a Citadel graduate and teacher here in the Low Country (Wando High). Guess what? He resigned because he was caught showing a Jack Ass clip to his students. The one where Party Boy puts a sock with a mouse on his penis and puts it through a hole into an aquarium with a snake. WTF???

    I’ll finish it of with a three star General (John W. Rosa) who is being charged with conspiracy to cover up these allegations: Look at #20 to get a full understanding of his actions or lack there of.

    Click to access John-Doe-3-Federal.pdf

    Sorry for all the links but I needed everyone to know I wasn’t making this shit up!!

    PS: It’s a sad state of affairs when the abused seek repentance for the abuser. The verb _metamelomai_ one of the three greek words used in the old testament to denote repentance, is used as a change of mind, such as to produce regret or even remorse on account of sin, but not necessarily a change of heart.

    The “masses” of this state will get up off there arses to carry a Travon poster but fall silent for “peanut butter predators”.

  20. Hi..Iamlonefrog. I am also in SC and yes I remember all of the things you wrote of. Did you read how the students were trying to protest so that the teacher at the High School would not be fired and then after he was fired I think I read or heard on the radio that they were trying to raise money for him.

  21. Hey Celtic,
    there’s a woman who wanted to make her husband billy bob proud,
    so she got a B tattoed on each ass cheeks.
    Finally the moment comes for her to show it to him, so she takes of her pants and bends over.
    Husband: Who the Fuck is this Bob !!
    (sorry I tried to translate it accuratly from french )

    great shows as usual Celtic,
    here’s a little sick video featuring the one and only Barney

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