Geisha Boys & Temple Girls [2]

It’s that time of year again, time for America’s most massive stupification and brainwashing spectacular, where the alcohol will flow and the colonists will invest emotions in false dialectics, while actually looking forward to the latest propaganda nuggets. The outcome rests assured: The Union Jack will reign supreme Sunday.

god save the union jack

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This show picked up where we left off, rehashing the controversy over just what exactly constitutes a “whore?” The engineers have been working overtime for years to program women to defend the indefensible, and of course, attack any messenger who strikes at the nerve of the giant fallacy [phallus-see]. Sadly, while all the below images are adult-rated, they are also unadulterated.

However unsavory, they are a reflection of “the truth;” the reality of the present world we’ve been engineered to create around us. Anyone who dares question if they’re just programs is obviously a woman-hater. 🙄 Hence, why the truth industry was created at the turn of the century, so people would finally wake up to la turth:

elenin bulshit artists

Never mind that yet another prediction from the movement failed to materialize [¿have any?], that’s no reason to discredit its prophets. The messengers of the truth are there to ask all the right questions, and by “right” I mean all those that don’t make their chumps (market/audience) uncomfortable.

Once again, we asked the [¿path-ic?] question of what constitutes morality that stems from reason/sense versus that of dissociative program loops, and from there, worked our way to the question of “who?” Pop quiz: ready for a test?

There is only one answer to The Test. To fail it, is to disqualify yourself from any claim to humanity. To quantify your answer with a phrase that includes an “if,” “but,” or “unless” is a surefire mark of deep disassociation. To not even realize that the image itself is a test, may indicate that you are already a psychopath.

The connections that everyone is afraid to make, are the ones that are most politically incorrect, and are also, the ones that need to be made. The reason [among others] that this show is the most hated in alternative media, is because it stands up and asks the questions that so many of the kumbaya-singing believers or snake-oil salesmen of fear (in either case, hopelessly programmed symbiants) would never dare. Let’s not start mixing honesty and truth, people just aren’t ready.

There is far more reason to the length that the programmers have gone to create all these false divisions among us, and why creating a generational gap was indeed key to allowing other virus-like programs to spread unchecked. How else would the above confluence of factors have even become possible?

Note: If you are confused as to the “why” of the above image, check out the show where I explain the factors and how they add up. Incidentally, it also happens to be the same show where I elucidate today’s omni-present whore/piece symbol, and rant for a while about the bitch-boys who steal and water-down my material.

Perhaps one of the reasons our entrusted watchers failed to see the siege weapons being built upon the hill, is due to how cleverly they were disguised? Wizards rarely ever attack out in the open. They are too cowardly. They disguise themselves with terms like priests, rabbi, or jester, rather than announcing their true intentions.

The alleged real men that were our forefathers did nothing to stop them, and thus, we are where we are today. Judging by this new crop of er, “men” we see bobbing about today, hard to see how we’ll ever even begin to turn things around. That, rest assured is part of the reason for the below trend as to the “lures” for women.

There is a definite calculated precision behind the above trend, and it should by no means be taken lightly. It is far more of a threat to humankind than any amount of boulders, flaming pitch, howitzers or nuclear bombs could ever wreak. For when the day comes that more people figure out that these effeminate “we all are one” gurus are useless to them and begin to seek out the help of the few unsavory men left who resisted the deevolutionary softening trend above … those remaining men may well be so jaded by then, that they will respond, “and why should I give a shit now?”

Next week, we’ll get a lot deeper into who the “whos” are than I think I’ve delved before. There will be some relevant revelating.

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Note: As I said during the show, this will be a multi-part series, of at this juncture, indeterminable length. There may be some retitling or reshuffling of associated links by the time it ends.

~ by celticrebel on January 31, 2012.

25 Responses to “Geisha Boys & Temple Girls [2]”

  1. Menstruation and pigs flesh are the levers of taboo control. These prohibitions are the foundation of Judaism and hence Islam and Christianity. The label “unclean” is what made women second class citizens and/or property. This labeling is of course in the hands of the Corybantes, the men impersonating women. I wish the faux-Attis would go back under the evergreen and sacrifice themselves in honor. This way we, the common men and women, wouldn’t be the sacrifice. The same with all royalty, ie kings who have ensconced themselves perpetually, when really it was the sacrifice due. One day we will have to offer them up. Sooner would be better. Sigh. Did you see what Kate was wearing?

    PS: Chlamydia means “cloak” .. Ha!

    Here are some pieces of wood for the fire …

    “Group settings lower IQ, especially among women”, this explains church, school and orgies.

    Bill to block fetus’ from being used as food additive, which as the article notes .. are there companies doing this now?

    Joe and Rosie talk shop

    The Ill-noise of Lord Byron nuclear power plant .. how fitting!!!

  2. Dear Celtic Rebel. I enjoyed the show but I must remark. You have mistaken cognitive dissonance (ie saying one thing doing another) for psycopathy and that just makes you sloppy. I know you have your own personal perspectives and issues but please take some more care with your tantrums. We all have issues we work with and you are not making it easier by kickning balls on false assupmtions. Much respect, I think this needed to be said.


  3. Have had to pause at 1:57:?? to comment on the “whore programming commentators” as i was one and have tried to answer the same ? for myself, and, while maybe “out there” for many…here’s some of what i got.

    Timing- Same as the US political hoopla of the “State of the Union”. As quasi aware female, am already personally disgusted at the entire rite…er…spectacle…knowing that the speaker is one of “them”. Insert slot here whore first lady here, and what’s she wearing? (programmed as i know i and others are to the fashion statement orders…) Blue.

    2012. Lotsa “end times” energies going on. “He comes in blue” not only fits in with UN helmet types talk scaring many, but the Israeli blue jargon i no hardly anything about and now our ??? “pResident” was going to be giving the “2012” state of the union speech in front of a crowd of black/white/red…& his dolly is in “madonna”/ un/”royal’ /he comes in,..what a WHORE…blue, and maybe that’s why i, for one, reacted so abruptly.

    Timing. The programmers were feeding “US” a show that was triggering to many with “Madonna/Whore” discombobulation going on already, just by the color the “first lady” was chosen to wear, and the judgement in our heads of who we feel we are in relation to her/whores already, so we may have been intrinsically already “touchy”.

    The last couple o’ dazez have been a rather strange journey, pondering my prior posting, and, besides the solar flare situation of late, i came up with the above as at least a potentially partial explanation. Just sayin’…

    PS: i have lots of programming to work through, that’s about all i know…but thanks for letting me know that!

    Just wanting to heal some, is all…

  4. alright I thought I’d might say something original. I hate most (99%) “hip-hop” – however I really enjoy some instrumentals and underground. That said, there are certain “tells” within the lyrics of comprimised artist’s. They are the ones who have “Paid Dues” or are “Paying Dues”. WTF are dues?! The Dues are who? who? who? who?

  5. eugene, good insights and additions. The “group” mentality one definitely fits into a connecting rant on the media push towards collectivism which connects to the topic at hand, as well as where this series is moving.

    Petri, sloppy? 🙄 Tantrum? 🙄 No, I think I clearly demonstrated how disassociation is a blatant/critical step towards psychopathy. Perhaps some need to relisten, and then retake The Test.

    carpax, the idea bears some consideration. There may very well be something at play to incite more sensitivity. Anything to keep us away from the balance point, which is center.

    dystopeon, I’m reminded of the image of Labron James, right after he finally got his big money contract. He was sitting next to his new Hassidic money manager, which it would be safe to say he was forced to take, and looking extremely unhappy. Gotta pay the Dews!

  6. at five minutes into this bullshit bla bla show, the minister says that being gay is a gift from god. the other guy say’s he is gay by divine right. i didn’t know if i should laugh or cry, honestly… i felt the need to share it on your site… you are so right in all your findings, i am so gald i found you, really! i would have never figured it out myself.

    VID: Oprah – False Prophets says being gay is a gift (the caller calls in at about 4:45)

  7. Speaking of the divisions among us, this 45 year old woman is tired of the cougar stereotype. Whenever I talk to a young man, I see fear in his eyes, as if he’s worried that I’m about to jump his bones. I’m not sure how much of this is generational and how much of this is regional though. I am from northern New Jersey where there is a good ethnic mix of generally passionate people. I have always greeted men, and most women with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. It has never been considered sexual or odd and I even greet the husbands of my friends that way.

    Here in central Texas (and I’ve found this when visiting New England also) this just is not done. Where older men find it strange, the younger guys get scared. I was recently introduced to my husband’s commander and he hugged me as I have seen him hug the other Army wives. I was pleased and surprised and realized that he is definitely not from around here.

  8. Hey Rebel, I’m one of the guys who has occasionally criticized your material, but thats only because I respect your opinion and I agree with you 98% of the time. Isn’t it more interesting sometimes to voice the things you disagree on rather than giving you a high five after every show? Regardless I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. You are like a truth movement detox. The Truth Movement to me is a bunch of men going out hunting in the woods who stumble upon a strange pedophillic freemason ritual in which their own children are being used as victims. Rather than do what is necessary to save their own children, they instead engage in a long and fruitless debate as to who these Freemasons are taking their orders from. Is it Jesuits, Zionist Jews, Reptilian Shape shifters, grey aliens? Before long the men begin to argue vehemently with one another, that is until one of them trips over a Kabbalistic Magick book written by some faggot or other. The mans says, “No we need to study this book if we want to learn their secrets.” So they all sit down and attempt to decipher all the symbology and they realize that they have seen these symbols in movies and television which sparks more debates about synchromysticism and Illuminati MK-ULtra mind control and other nonsense. Meanwhile their children are being duct taped and put in the back of a van never to be seen or heard from again. That to me is the perfect metaphor for the truth movement, and I have to thank you for helping me see this. You bring common sense back into the recesses of the traumatized truther brain. The type of common sense we should have had to begin with but as you say the programming is strong. And on that subject I will leave you with a video that I’m sure all of you will find “touching.”

    VID: Brazilian’s Got Talent 2011 – Probe me, use me

  9. also alex (female), lovin the high-fives in this scripted spectacle. But, it’s a good script, think of the response from Oprah’s audience of media-fed effeminates (women and gay men), who’ve come pre-convinced of how religion has been attacking gays for aeons. Oprah, of course, is also the same propagandist who told women that when they hit 40, it was time to turn lesbian. Choice: Cougar or Lesbian? Yep, anything except a “man.”

    Vigilant Mommy, perhaps the term “cougar” was chosen due it’s predatory implication. Younger women, who used to mock and dismiss older females present in clubs/pubs prior to the introduction of the meme, now “gnash” their teeth at “these damn cougars” who they suddenly find themselves in real competition with. None of our social customs have to make sense, because they aren’t authentic.

    Chris, thank you for saying that, it and you are appreciated. Your summary is “dead” right. At the end of the day, the truth movement was designed to freeze, immobilize, and petrify us within it’s preapproved loops. Wow, that vid is sick. 😯 So revealing in even subtle, beyond the overt ways, am’a have to address it on air one day.

  10. VID:

    “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends
    Make it last forever, friendship never ends.”

    Translation: If you want to be in a relationship with me, you must first obtain the approval of my friends, as I neither like nor know myself enough to make this decision for myself. I know that my friends also hate themselves and don’t know who they are, but you must ignore this contradiction. Also, we must act out our relationship under the pretense that it will last forever, even though we both know that it almost definitely will not. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    “I won’t be hasty, I’ll give you a try
    If you really bug me then I’ll say goodbye.”

    Translation: Once this temporary approval has been granted, I’ll need to make sure you reinforce my media-shaped reality. If you challenge this, we are “incompatible”, and our relationship will be terminated by an unecessarily spiteful argument, after which I unfriend you on FaceBook and spread lies about you amongst my friends.

    “Easy V doesn’t come for free, she’s a real lady”

    Translation: I’ll require you to spend large portions of your income on worthless material shit, after which I’ll open my legs, as I am a whore.

    “Slam your body down and wind it all around
    Slam your body down and zigazig ah
    If you wanna be my lover”

    Translation: Jackhammer my vagina, I’ll never know any different.

    >Program embedded.

  11. celtic great personal quote : -To quantify your answer with a phrase that includes an “if,” “but,” or “unless” is a surefire mark of deep disassociation.
    Celtic will you, in time, bring up the language construction?
    Have you ever heard about “AREPO MAGIC SQUARE” ?
    Keep up the fire and ire…
    This message was made by a human without any hi-dictionary-tec envolved. To be “wrong” can be “right”

  12. They’re almost done with Holy-wood and now they are turning their attention to ‘sport’… Is nothing sacred anymore?

  13. Good catch James, I love it when Rebel makes a point and the comment section reveals even more. I remembered seeing this somewhere else, just packaged differently for younger minds

    VID: Wannabe on Chicken Little

    The first ten seconds of the video has rabbits, rainbows and bums.

    Tell me what ya want, what ya really really want!!

  14. James B, an excellent interpretation of the true meaning of the song, and an on-point addition to the them of this show! I’m sure a synchromystic analysis of same would lead to universal truths and rabbi[t] consciousness instead. 😆 It also adds to one of Eugene’s points and let’s not neglect how most of the girls who listened to this are now of woman age, the repeated mantras of this song forever embedded in their psyche, and they’re all out there doing what they think they [really really] “want.”

    bruno, thank you, it’s good to hear that some are seeing “the test” for exactly what it is. Hadn’t heard of the square, but it is interesting: “palindromes were viewed as being immune to tampering by the devil, who would become confused by the repetition of the letters, and hence their popularity in magical use.” Hm, Jehovah proof?

    Marty aka Marie, well, I think they’re just ramping up that side now based on all the prior roadpaving programming. On this side of the big pond, NFL stars have been convicted of rape, assault, domestic battery, and animal cruelty … and they thrive in the game. But, one guy made one “homophobic” comment and his career ended.

    IAmLonefrog, hehe, rabbit-holes and bums, [the truth] syncromystic “gold.”

  15. Dear rebel, My head hurts, too much work and no play. So now i have this to keep me .. erm. Entertained …

    PS: Well this is just getting so perverse now they are grading the levels of filth.

    VID: “Pedophile’s Guide” Author Defends Himself

  16. The media: “The world is going to end soon, give in to your impulses! Bang a kid, bang a guy. Bang anything you want in the new spiritual awareness shift we are going to go through.”

    The degeneracy is seeping out of the monitors that monitor me, to see if the degeneracy is being absorbed by me. Knee deep in this filth i try to be a man of morals but the zoo, pederast, gay and total whore keeps calling.

    “But the world will end soon. So, give in!”

  17. Speaking of fetish clubs and slaughter houses: The idea of a fetish party in a slaughter house is presented in “Himan: Contracts”.

    WARNING: The video underneath contains graphic violence! (Before 3:50 a woman’s body with hacked of limbs and much blood occures, for example) (Jump to 3:50 )

    I think that video games are playing a significant role in separating the younger generations from the older ones. If TV is a hammer than video games are representing a jack hammer, drawing the consumer much more in by letting him/her control the action and somewhat putting more wheight on the given consent towards every kind of achieved degeneration.

    Mario tattoos:

    Those young people in the pictures of the posted link above have been jack hammered so deeply that they are ready to put slave marks in form of video game characters on their body.

    One notable comic strip about a recent part of the Mario series:

    I doubt that the regular reader is getting the anal layer. “Penny Arcade” provides several issues with openly indecent humor. Since this site is very popular to gamers and even has its own convention, one has to consider that the “Penny Arcade” founders are initiates.

    Let’s go back to 1985 and observe what happens in “Super Mario Bros.” if Mario slides down the pole all the way from the top to the base…


    Did Shigeru Miyamoto intended to drop a metaphor for cosmic consciousness?

  18. To continue on Max’s topic of video games, yes they are very twisted and sick just like any other form of media. From performing a very mind bending allegorical abortion to shooting up civilians in an airport, video games have it all. Most gamers I have had the misfortune of hearing speak like to say the phrases which include but are not limited to: “Get shit on! Yeaah! Oh I’ll rape you in the butthole, yeah! Get Molested!!” Miserable little faggots.

    I’d definitely wear a “The Celtic Rebel was RIght” tshirt.

  19. The age gap between a 33 year old and a 26 year old seems to be minimal but the real distance is closer to double that. It is almost impossible to hang out with mid twenty groups of people because its like going back to the dark clique days of high school. I could easily hang with people up unto 50-55 without any issue but going down a few years is a tragic experience.

    Appearance is paramount and substance is negligible. Facebook keeps everyone in check and the nerd class who used to be actually the best to talk to after high school. They have morphed into some uber class of people that has become a sea more of beige rather than individual standouts


  21. Thanks as always Rebel…..I will make my overdue donation at the end of the month. Peace.

  22. Alex, Chicago in spanish CHI-CAGO CHI and CAGO. Cago means literally in spanish: I defecate (first person present verbal form).. So even in spanish means similar that in your theory:)

    PS: And TEL-AVIV.. sound too similar to the spanish phrase TE LA VI, which means I SEE YOUR (penis) and is most usually use in this context….


    I figured this was relevant to your work and all the crap that has been encoded into our language and symbols.

    Also, you recently mentioned Daniel “DoucheBag” Pinchbeck, I thought you may find this amusing:
    “If you look in a dictionary, you will see that a “pinchbeck” is a sham, a fake, a fraud. It was originally a word used to describe an alloy used to falsely imitate gold. We might say, then, that the very definition of a pinchbeck is something which purports itself as possessing great value, but, upon closer inspection, that value is found to be lacking.”
    That is from an honest review of his 2012 book(which seemed more about his midlife crisis).

    Adj. 1. pinchbeck – serving as an imitation or substitute; “pinchbeck heroism”
    counterfeit, imitative – not genuine; imitating something superior; “counterfeit emotion”; “counterfeit money”; “counterfeit works of art”; “a counterfeit prince”

  24. What i Mean is that people with a conscience has a defence mechanism called cognitie dissonance witch psycopaths dont have. Due to their lack of conscience they dont need that mechanism. I think you cleared it with your latest show by calling it a psychopathic mindset. We all have psychopathic traits and cognitive dissonance is one of those, but it doesnt make one a psychopath. And yes, calling it a tantrum was too much.


  25. The comments on that “Probe Me, Use Me” video are so depressing to read and realize how strongly people have been programmed.

    Watch it again. I swear at around 0:52 it looks like the Jesus in the background is eating ass!

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