Would You Like Me to Pull It, Sir?

We’ve seen these images before, and swallowed the narrative we were supposed to swallow, but how many of us have ever looked at them critically (our mind open)?

My most frequent guest, Alex Robinson was back on the show to properly kick off 2012 alongside me. Please enjoy a few moments of Zen before the show begins. πŸ˜‰ The topic we broached, was the hallowed Pulitzer Prize:


Alex has been focusing on “healing” over at her site, and though this Warrior may not necessarily be so good at heeling (completely), there is much wisdom in dealing with our emotions. The ancient light-bearers, the Hellenes understood the process.

We have all been traumatized, in many forms, and per the focus of today’s show, by a long series of Pulitzer winning images featuring naked children in pain, with the occasional gay joke thrown in for laughs. Should we really expect The News to function any different from Holy Wood? We really should know better by now.

Named after the “great” Joseph Pulitzer, [per Jewkepedia] was a poor “self-made” Hungarian Jew, who lived out of “pull-man” cars and was forced to sell his “white hanky” to survive. Fortunately, a few of us idiots have learned how to read between the lines now and a simple look-up tells us that “white = play only involving safe sex, masturbation, or mutual masturbation.” The joke: Joseph subsisted on tugginng and being tugged, particularly by cute little newsboys (another joke).

Note: It just occurred to me that on the front side of The Prize, we have an image of one of the most notorious child molesters in history, Ben Franklin. Well, the shoe fits, so probably no small accident his visage was chosen (nor that in the above image, Franklin is facing the “page” from his favourite perspective).

Aside from the five surefire predictions I boldly made during this show, there may be something up in the manipulation of consciousness presently taking place (i.e., the narrative being scripted). Just like 44 years ago, the players once again, belong to the same ethnic group and have the same predilections. I wouldn’t be all that surprised: we have a [gay] actor in the white house playing the 44th President, convention coming in this Year of Zion, and we’ve already guessed at their aims.

All of the “photographs” on this page have won the Pulitzer Prize, except for one, and that would be the above [right] pic of Paul Michael Glaser. I’m sure there are many who would argue said pic also merits a Pulitzer, as it indubitably meets a few of the criteria. And if that is Glaser on the left as well, no doubt many years of practice laying face down in Holy Wood made him a natural for the performance.

Though, aside from [mild] trauma it might cause a closet-case who’s denying his own sexual desires, the earlier picture pales in comparison to the trauma, the narrative, the subversion and the immense financial rewards some of the winners generated. Now, someone please tell me why the [below] right image won it?

The [now] obvious and already discussed points aside, mocking all that is normal or decent, and pushing along social engineering paths also seem to earn great merit.

seaman would rather be fisting

Alex will be back in two weeks, to talk further about how to deal with trauma and our need to heal/grow. Tune in next week when Thomas Sheridan will be on to discuss psychopathy.

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Note: I was a guest on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers this Wednesday, January 4th. For those interested, an archive of the show is [no longer] available.

~ by celticrebel on January 3, 2012.

21 Responses to “Would You Like Me to Pull It, Sir?”

  1. great article! this show was really amazing.

    it took me a minute to figure out what was wrong with this photo: it wasn’t until i clicked on it and saw the name of the image that i realized it was his mother! so gross! so then i tried to find out more information about it and i found the the whole set of photos… showing how the kid had cancer, and he got so much sicker AFTER receiving treatment, and the last photo is of them carrying his casket.

    the 9th picture: “Derek is tearful as Cyndie tries to reason with him. She and Dr. William Hall argue that Derek should have a series of radiation treatments. “Derek, you might not make it if you don’t do this,” Cyndie tells him. Derek fires back: “I don’t care! …Take me home. … I’m done, Mom! Are you listening to me? I’m done!”

    the 15th picture: “On May 1, 2006, after days of almost no sleep while caring for Derek, Cyndie confronts “grandpa” Patrick Degnan, a longtime family friend, about whether he’ll be able to help with rent and funeral expenses as Derek is caught in the middle.”

    i think it would be a good idea to link to the whole album to put the image into all that context.

  2. Greetings from Bulgaria. The song you played “Ederlezi” (2:23) is dedicated to St. George’s day (The return of springtime. Celebrated on 6 May). Gypsy version.


  3. Hi Alex, great show again, I really enjoy the rare occasions when I get to listen live and go in the chat room. I know this is off topic, but you mentioned a couple of shows ago about a possible link between 88 and anal sex. I was watching an awful 80’s movie starring a young Christian Slater, “Gleaming the Cube”. In one scene, he bends over a deck of playing cards that has been spilled over the floor, and the only 2 cards that are face up are the ace of spades and the 2 of hearts – 2H=88. He also uses the line “if I had a dog with a face like yours, I’d shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards.” That phrase sounds like an NLP anchor to me. Also, 8+8=16=P, the phallus.

  4. When a Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss: The two famous kiss photos compared. What I find peculiar about the sailor picture is that it seems the left arms of both actors have been switched. My mind keeps seeing the hand close to her face as hers, making the scene even more one of aggression (sailor holding her by the waist and bottom, her trying to keep him from her face). Probably the intention all along.

  5. Space Ocean, thank you. The images you point link to are in some ways even more disturbing; a mother killing her child as a promo for the cancer cartel. Makes one wonder.

    BG, was not aware of the multiple lyrical variants. Seems the Turks and the Greeks have the best understanding of the spirit of it.

    James B, interesting turn of phrase they gave the oddly named Jew, Christian Slaughter. πŸ™„ Am sure most will dismiss it as bad writing, or weak humor.

    effel, on Wednesday’s show, I linked the recent staged lesbian kiss promotion, to a bit of NLP from Watchmen (2009). First, the uncanny prelude. Second, the suspect result.

  6. Really great show! It went by so fast! I never would have thought to analyse these photos and they really do raise a lot of questions! Really curious about the photojournalist who “took his own life”…eh hmmm….

    I know that images had a huge impact on me as a child. One was brought to mind when y’all mentioned the image of Jesus crucified(even if you don’t attend church you are bombarded by that one). When I was a little girl, almost every doctor’s office had the illustrated Bible Story(by Arthur Maxwell). The image that struck me the most was from the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah where the woman was turned into a pillar of salt. Despite being completely horrified by this woman’s fate, I always wanted to pick up the book and seek that image out whenever I was taken to the doctor. I don’t know why. I tried to find the image online today but no luck. Maybe it was not as bad as I remember it; my child’s mind elaborated many memories of media(especially The Green Fingers episode from Night Gallery).

    But, that is also a problem with these images. Most children have very active imaginations. Even if the image is not that gratuitous, a mere suggestion can evolve in so many ways. Whether it’s morbid or sexual. Or both!

    @ James B: I also thought about the 88 thing. Remember in Kill Bill, the gang of assassins(wow-double ASS) named The Crazy 88? Wonder what that was implying? They even made a point to brush it off as having no meaning when Bill says they probably chose it because it “sounds cool”.

    Anyway, wonderful work, Alex & Alex! Never a dull moment!

  7. Celtic Rebel, I haven’t gotten a chance to hear your latest show (looking forward to it as always), but I was curious to know if you thought, apart from Glaser playing the part of one of the victims of the 1970 (staged?) Kent State University shootings; he also played the part of Abbie Hoffman. I would post a link to that video, but both YouTube and Blip Tv have shut down Dallasgoldbug’s accounts.

  8. Good show 2 Alexes [ pleural -Alexei?].

    In connection to the 1970 kent state shootings, the 1970 Jackson state shootings, and the previous 1968 Orangeburg shootings [all interconnected via the same protests ,and protests held by students, subsequently opened fire upon by police] and the 42/44 year annus-horriblis-versary link to 44th president Obama: As you know we have the Zion Olympics 2012 here in London , which has its own 40 year anniversary connection coming up, it will be 40 years since the beginning of olympic terror (perpetrated by Arabs, upon Jews, naturally) at the 1972 Munich Olympiad. September 5 1972 5/9/1972 [=33] in which 5 terrorists kidnapped 9 israeli athletes after killing 2 [9+2=11], the 9 kidnapped athletes were also later killed in a hostage situation. Its said that Mossad later had a hitlist of 11 men they killed who had connections to the olympic “terror”. Damn, they do love 9-11.

    But! just incase those pesky arabs try to infiltrate the zion olympiad by hopping over the fence again [or flying hijacked planes into the stadium] the zion government of england has spared no expense [despite the dire economic situation here] to protect the jew-lympics with 13,500 troops [battle hardened from iraq], a navy warship [full of gay sailors], fighter jets [flown by Maverick and Iceman, not gay], surface to air missiles [WMD?] and “crack” SAS troops on standby in bunkers!

    The design of the stadium is also interesting, i see diamond grids and pyramids of ill-umination :

    PS: Just heard your show from Jan 4 with Lee Rogers. Made me laugh, this is for ye…. “AGHH JUSTIN BIEBLER IS PURE EVIL!”

  9. Thank you Celtic Alex and Lady Alex,
    You both are stirring up quite a bit – your conversation, the comparisons, all the questions. Very interesting and lots of information.

  10. Bamboozled, that Night Galley show probably left scars in the recesses of the mind of many a child. Considering the source, the degenerate insider Tarantino, we can safely rule out “sounded cool.”

    Mike, they certainly are going out of their way to censor dallasgoldbug. Hard to say if they’re the same, but we do know Hoffman and Glaser look alike, belong to the same tribe, are both actors, and can also infer, “bitch-boys.”

    stephen digital sickness, considering the year (72) and the location, Germany (holyjewwood’s most demonized location of “eeevil”), probably a safe assumption the whole event was scripted bullshit.

    Biggi, you are welcome!

  11. For Christmas, I bought my mom a fancy edition of A Christmas Carol – it came with all the other seasonal stuff Dickin’s wrote. At the time, I made note of the questionable name – saw this recently in James Dickey, author of Deliverance – also thought Oliver TWIST was a giveaway – but I figured any book to distract Mom from continuing to read the Harry Potter books over and over, like there’s nothing else in the world. So I decided to let it slide, because I was under the illusion that Dickins was a step up.

    Wrong. Last week we were watching TV, and the 1970s musical version of Oliver! came on, and that sealed it for me. It brought up a long discussion with Mom about its questionable status – you’ve got the songs, first off. “Food glorious food, hard sausage and mustard… while we’re in the mood, cold jelly and custard…” read the rest of the lyrics for yourselves. Two songs later you have “Boy For Sale.” Of all things. The other thing worth noting about that version – the little boy who plays Fagin’s sidekick went on to play the boy from PuffNStuff a few years later – anybody remember that show? Creepy. I think he died fairly young too, if I am remembering right. Another child star bites the dust…

    Anyways Mom failed to tell me about Fagin’s religious/cultural orientation during all this. Hahaha… of course…. so thanks to you and the chatroom for helping me laugh at my own stupidity. Sometimes that’s the best we can do, after the fact. Anyways I don’t think it was a coincidence this came up in your work, and it’s a relief to me that you covered it. I guess I still need to work on readjusting my eyes – still not seeing clearly enough yet.

    Loved the points brought up by the caller at the end of the show – excellent – and Alex’s thoughts in response. Really looking forward to this women’s show coming up. Hope some of these topics come up again in the future.

    Keep calling them like you see them, Rebel – sometimes you’re just painfully right :] That may just be why you’re so controversial in the first place

  12. 88 is the orbit in days of Mercury he carried a caduceus which also looks like 88 he’s kind of a big deal, to the romans Mercury was Apollo in Greek Hermes which very much has occult knowledge connotation, Mercury carried Morpheus’ dreams from the valley of Somnus to sleeping humans. Mercury is the god of trade travel swiftness abundance and he’s the the messenger. Using 88 is tying in this construct giving a nod to delivering the message and perhaps a spell of hope for abundance and trade boons for the movie. It seems to me this is a hypnosis enhancer.
    It’s hardly unlikely along with jehova the grand abundant storm god the qabaalist shamans don’t also use Mercury the trickster of commerce in their astro spells at auspicious times he is certainly very revered by mason symbology as he is synonymous as well with lucifer for bringing knowledge though lucifer is saturn ruler of capricorn the detriment of the sun stealing it’s light in the winter.

    Radical need for proof is the victim/hero game the superhero dialectic we’ve been fed through cartoons, the villains are always outside and at the same time someone is there to cheer on to save us or to be fantasized as yourself. Like Rebels Justin Beiber kicking phantom pedobears in black.
    But still without proofs you have know systems of knowledge.
    For me as it was for Walter Russel and many a sage, god is balance.

    Great show really well done.

  13. http://www.thelocal.se/38248/20111230/

    reminds me of the guy stroking the dirty ring in lotr

  14. London calling, Mongoose here. I would like to thank you for making me laugh heartily when you “discussed” rugby…classic radio.

    On darker issues it looks like 2012 is going to be the year of the great unveiling, with pictures and symbols spewing forth at an ever increasing rate. The following sadly familiar themes have come out in the past few days;

    1.“Naked man appears in French children’s fashion shoot” [please note the young boy holding hand up with naked man behind him – boy’s t shirt says “READY”]

    2. “Norwegian Mother drowns baby while British boyfriend watches online”

    3. “Are Toddlers and Tiaras mothers DOPING their daughters? Girls’ drinks spiked with ‘pageant crack and go-go juice’ in most shocking scenes yet” [please note “Energized: Alana [6] spins around dressed in an outfit inspired by sex symbol Daisy Duke”]

    4. “Hit Star Wars game lets players ‘own’ and torment female slaves with electric shock collar” [please note “Can force her to watch your character have sex”]

    As for the healing, brilliant. However, a man must be prepared to throw himself in front of a herd of charging elephants, fight off a nest of snakes, take a bullet, work all the hours until his hands bleed dust himself off and be there ALWAYS for his family. ALWAYS. Mongoose out.

  15. Joanne, nice addition. Hm, a gay Dickens, a gay Dickey, a character named Fagins, all in a Twist. Surely, just coincidence. πŸ™„ This joke has been played on us ignorant outsiders for quite some time.

    josh, figures. Mercury also associated with Iris/Rainbow and is technically kind of “slick,” hence reduces the friction associated with Twisting the Night Away. πŸ˜‰

    thegoldenphone, either a truly uncanny ridiculous synchonistic event, or just a little scripted joke to give some insiders a giggle.

    Mongoose, you are welcome. Hm, some interesting slices of, er, “life” there.

  16. Hello Ms. Robinson and SeΓ±or Rebel Diaz. Loved the show, great as always. Thanks for taking my call. I think the concept of trauma trumping is important to recognize. We’ve all been through our own personal traumas, but since none of us were called upon to “pull it sir”, our stories aren’t (good) enough to feel bad about because hey, it could be worse right? Well it can be a hell of a lot better dammit. So the revelation that most of these “iconic” images were most likely fakes and staged to varying degrees is infuriating. We’ve allowed fiction to once again dictate how we can feel and express ourselves. By now I’m used to finding out I bought another lie, but this one seems so personal, so damaging.

    Well, looking on the bright side, now we can look past that and maybe allow ourselves to feel for ourselves. Maybe remember that no matter how insignificant out lives and stories seem compared to the “big” ones we’re all fed, we’re not the ones who have to live them. We really lived what happened to us, nothing effected us more than that. Much like the gentleman who sang the first song you played, we should allow ourselves to feel the pain we went through. No more covering emotional scars because we feel they don’t stack up to what others have(like some fucked up pissing contest). I think it’s a crucial step begin healing.

  17. I think Ed Chiarini should take a look at that picture of Paul Michael Glaser above, because I swear it’s Sarah Jessica Parker in a curly wig!

  18. @ Ross – lawl πŸ™‚ too right.

  19. Hey All, Great show! One example I found interesting with regard to propaganda images is the famous mushroom cloud from Nagasaki or Hiroshima. The image parallels the As Above So Below image of G-d peering at his reflection in a pool! Oppenheimer quoted the Baghavad Gita, And now I have become G-d, destroyer of worlds. Or something like that. What a mind f-ck!!!!!

  20. Hey C-Rebel.

    I’m new to reading and listening to your stuff, and am enjoying it a lot. This show, in particular, was outstanding. I’ve only heard maybe a half dozen shows, so I don’t have a huge sample to go from yet – but I’d say that the content in this show and having your guest host (love the NZ-Kiwi accent) on made it especially effective – both in terms of being damn funny, and also giving it a different dynamic than just you by yourself. It’s very good stuff, man.

    I really appreciated the discussion on psychological warfare via mass media manipulation – aka mindfuck by staged gut-wrenching photos. And although I’ve known about most of these things for a very long time, it’s great that you are going into these areas, because I think this is probably one of the best ways to demonstrate the blatant fraud of mass media to people who are new to it – and just as importantly, to remind and reawaken those who have known it so long that the simple passage of time can easily lull you back to sleep.

    Here’s another example that I hope you’ll find interesting:


    There’s a big and complicated story behind the whole Bosnia/Kosovo situation, obviously, but this picture is one of the key elements that led “the masses” right down the path of hating who they were told to hate, and sympathizing with who they told to, as well. The whole thing was scripted, literally, and run by large American PR firms (which is fact, not speculation), who openly admitted in the aftermath when it no longer mattered – you’ll love this – the PR tactics and images were chosen very specifically to a) manipuiate (primarily American) Jewish public opinion i.e. “fool the Jews” (their own words) into supporting those in this conflict who were and are most hostile to Jews…and it worked like a charm, clearly. Oh, the irony. It was also intended, obviously, to trigger in the rest of us non-Jewish folk that “Holocaust guilt” feeling, and oh boy, we better not let this happen again, etc.

    So, the picture above is the short version to understanding the massive con job that was done to justify the entire bloody, horrific mess, but I wrote a very in-depth article on the subject and I’d be honored if you, Alex or any of your readers ever want to check it out. It is very long, admittedly, but necessarily so to really do it justice in terms of being detailed and well-researched.


    Keep up the good work and consider me a new fan of your work.

    PS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk2FF1kQXtw

  21. I have to admit that, the more I hear of the CR shows, esp those featuring NZ-Alex, I am drawn to them and have been receiving some extremely valuable ideas and concepts to push my fertile mind even further into the insanity that is my own creative forces….musical, writing, science, etc.

    I thank you for this inspiration, and highly encourage you to continue doing what you do so well. I may actually get to feeling really stupid and/or drunk (thought I rarely drink much), I may feel inspired to part with a few of my hard earned $$$ – and just remember that they WERE hard earned, so just giimme some seriously awesome CR shows in the future – OR ELSE!!!

    Keep up the good work, brother, and support that really smart Kiwi with the very lovelv but slightly sexually annoying lafff LOL she may attempt to kill me now….but I’ll be prepared….we shall spar unto the death. πŸ™‚

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