Hardwiring Future Generations [1]

If I didn’t know better, I might begin to suspect there was a massive conspiracy to prove the Celtic Rebel right. On one hand, we have the mainstream media’s latest barrage, and on the other, we have the alternative media proving that their composition of characters is not that much different from that of the former.

revelation for foolsanal sex nlp

However, even in this time of great [surface] revelation, we need to remain weary of the hand that feeds us. The former has proven quite adept at psychologically manipulating us; slipping in bits of deep psychological poison at every opportunity.


This week’s show focused on the usual confirmation of repetitive patterns leading to further degeneracy via programs aimed at children. Additionally, I contemplated exactly what in our nature may make us such perfect victims, leading to our becoming horrible parents, and beyond all, pathetic in-nu-ham beings.

no hate tortureno hate misogynyno hate rape

Gome Kyle came on during the second half of the show, bring a bit of the fire and ire [his correlating post contains much of the referenced material]. Gomer had been a bit worked up over the silence of so many [self] proclaimed mystics (people this rebel generally refers to as “wankers”) who seem to be able to see everything except pederasty. What makes them so blind?

At this juncture, my best guess is their cognitive dissonance, compounded by the programs they’ve swallowed up (such as above campaign, and related propaganda) and the [traumatized] child-like love they still feel towards their rapist (the media).

butt sex

On the surface, said campaign is about “kumbaya” love for our fellow man (yes, “infinite love”), but in actuality, it is a flagrant boast of the molestation, torture and the snuffing out of innocents [just another day in Kali-Fournia]. In contrast, the discussed example of what Nikki Minaj is pushing into the minds of children should be most blatant to anyone who can think. But how can anyone, much less a child, “think” when they spend several hours a day nannied by pederast hypnotists?

ass eater

Despite prior admissions as to what it takes for a sister” to “make it” in Holy Wood, we’ve been so dumbed down, that we (well, most of us) continue to live in denial of the process. One thing is certain, they think so lowly of black women, that whenever you see one thrust forward in the media lymelight, you are looking at someone who has eaten a lot of ass to get there. For those whose eyes are wide shut, by “they,” I mean persons of the mindset responsible for the following trash:

hebrew cock hammer

Andy “Dick,” huh? I guess that is yet another reference for the [circumcised] hammer that rules The Wood. And they continue to drive that joke home, taking great pains flaunt their disdain for Jesus and his misguided followers [the “christ”ians] quite openly. As I have demonstrated before [prior article], the eager bitch-boys and would-be victims of asstral expansion/destruction are content to help their massters mock mankind [Quentin Tarantino is one such Temple Dog]:

quentin tarantino

Hm, Quetip also made a movie featuring a group called “The Eighty-Eights.” H8 as in “No Hate” also reflects 88 [thanks matthew]. No wonder some of the images spewing forth from The Jewgle while searching “No H8” feature men covered in excrement [I’ll spare you]. “When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you are really gonna see some shit.” Ask QT[ass]pie what that’s like.

The penis/hammer is but one tool of subjugating those with stars in their eyes. The “fist” is yet another, particularly useful for utterly emasculating males [ensuring they’ll never get uppity]. Probably a surety in Tarantino’s case, and even odds on the Parker/Stone poster-children for South Park. Aside providing us with a tease of the upcoming spinal damage [“brokeback”], said episode also features Mister Hanky [the jewish kid’s talking turd] and ended with the hole city drowning in feces.

gay jew hammergravy is pudding

Another joke [on us]: the show featured Chef peddling his “Chocolate Salty Balls.” The average idiot watching assumed it was a reference to Isaac Hayes and his “black” testicles. But, it wasn’t! Salty is due to the semen content and chocolate is due to the excrement. Yea, basically a “gravy” backsplash. Cementing the joke the deviant “creative minds” play on their victim (audience): Chef pitching his goods with the marketing gimmick “Go Fudge Yourself!”

Hence, we can assume with a high degree of probability that the [referenced] “child advocate,” by saying “Nobody wants to stop the gravy train,” meant just that.

idiocracy hole

The above scene is from a movie allegedly set in the future. Hm, just how far in the future would that be? Let’s ask Nikky Minaj if that future is now? Rest assured, a good number of American Children know these words/mantras by heart already:

“Bad bitches, I’m your leader, Phantom by the meter. Somebody point me to the best ass-eater. Kiss my ass and my anus, ’cause it’s finally famous. And it’s finally soft, yeah, it’s finally solved!”

Yes, the title of this post does indicate that there will be a Part II to this [now] series. I plan to get further into Children’s Programming, and in particular, Children’s Authors. After all, look how many of us, who were also victimized by the programs of our time, failed to see the blatant narratives of the two tails below?

pederast movieslord of the anus

For those who still can’t see it, they are about old guys anally violating young boys. More of this, more Rebel, and perhaps a bit more fire and ire a’comin…

A Few Other Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
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Note: I was guest on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers this past Wednesday night, Dec 14th [unavailable]. Though, I may be guilty of a little bit of false promotion. Compared to prior show naming a few of the bitches in alternative media, it was pretty tame.

~ by celticrebel on December 13, 2011.

25 Responses to “Hardwiring Future Generations [1]”

  1. Great show!

    p.s. fyi the ethereal ass deamons reached germany!!

  2. You maybe on to more than you realise with this “Hammer” programme. Hammer began this “harem pants” style as far as i can see, and this has blossomed wonderfully into the baggy pants of modern society., worn by youth of all culture in the West. Judging by the sexual orientation of Hammer, there may have been more practical uses to the harem baggy pants which bunched around the ass, could have quite well hidden a man wearing an adult nappy because of the rectal prolapse? I think youll find a few synchronism’s in this photo i put together.

  3. Over the course of my life I have noticed many different narratives which seemed to stand on their own because I did not have the broader context. Once the context is understood, and Alex sharing his insights has been very valuable in this regard, it is possible to see those events as they are, as part of a vast tapestry connecting many apparently disparate narratives into one complex but nonetheless coherent single narrative.

    I should preface this by saying I am a British white man, so my view is from the outside and is as objective as I can be. In years past I would ponder how American black culture had morphed from Black Consciousness to ‘gangsta’ in two generations. I had seen this happen, but at that time only had a political perspective, i.e. a highly limited perspective, to try to understand the process. Now, with context, the systematic linear progression becomes clearer.

    For those that don’t know, and it doesn’t get mentioned much these days, in the US in the late 60s something called ‘Black Consciousness’ emerged. As far as I can tell, this seemed to be a genuine autonomous ground-up development, and not a Tavistockian top-down imposition. It meant a rejection of the values of their slave home, often the ditching of their slave names and the adoption of African names and even the wearing of African dress. Their people’s origins were Africa, and to Africa they looked. In Peter Tosh’s song “African” he wrote

    “Don’t care where you come from
    As long as you’re a black man
    You’re an African
    No mind your nationality
    You have got the identity of an African”

    So from the awareness of cultural and ethnic integrity to the desirability of having a soft anus in the following steps: Black Consciousness – “Shaft” – “Mandingo” – “Roots” – hip hop – rap – gangsta – total degradation

    This is already a long comment so I’ll leave you to analyse the step-by-step process of corruption, but there it is. Black Consciousness was primarily about escaping the “mental slavery” left in the minds of the ’emancipated’ slaves, and over the course of thirty years it was inverted to gangsta, whose adherents are pretty much volunteering for prison where they will be put to work in the US slave-prison system. Once again the Medes have done their job well.

    PS: the best way to get to the black man is through the preacher: Another verse from Peter Tosh’s “African” reads:

    “No mind denomination
    That is only segregation
    You’re an African
    ‘Cause if you go to the Catholic
    And if you go to the Methodist
    And if you go to the Church of Gods
    You’re an African”

  4. if Gandalf buggered any hobbit, it’s was Pippin

  5. And if they were all the same ? http://cyberquebec.ca/effel/images/AgamyWinaj.jpg
    Same nose, same eyes, same mouth, same pose (and same junk music)

  6. Robert, as Metro Bob, or the not-so-ambiguously gay couple Siskel & Ebert might say “two thumbs up!” 😮

    stephen digital sickness, there is definitely something to “hammer” as it relates to these degenerate practices. Your take may have some validity.

    Ross, well put. If any particular group has been targeted for being turned inside out, it’s been the black man. And we all know who the most racist tribe responsible is. “Old Pirate’s just a Rabbi.”

    steve, well the film told us that Gandalf was quite popular in the shire. But at the end of the film, he took Frodo away with him. He found “the one.”

    effel, hehe! 😯 That is something.

  7. Alex,

    In regards to your claim that in the future many women in the USA will be prostitutes, I bring up what I’ve found a while ago:


    Scroll down to the title “A Very Sad Realisation”
    It says, that 90% of those male prostitutes’ clients are prostitutes themselves.

    It recently hit me when one scene of idocracy came to my mind:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVMVP5huHHE (jump to 1:40)

    The scene where the idiot john claims that Rita will pay him after he shagged her, may have some revelatory potential.

    Looks, like female prostitutes in the future USA will spend money also on Metro Bob shagging them. They do it at least in Japan of the present, as it seems.

  8. That Nicki Minaj video… wow. There’s barely anything that could be said in that ‘song’/video that could make it more obvious. I think they’re overplaying their hand now, perhaps out of desperation. People close to me who thought I was ‘reaching’ a year ago when I brought this stuff up are starting to see what I was talking about, and this video will really drive the point home, so to speak. And that Back to the Future poster – they even managed to get an open door in the picture… subtle. Cough.

  9. Nice show, I don’t usually comment, but the end note about that “New Years Eve” movie made me recollect a recent moment when I had a “celtic rebel” experience at the cinema.

    Long story short, I was dragged there for a “date” and we had a 50/50 choice whether to watch New Years Eve of the prequel/remake of The Thing. And there was no way in hell I was going to sit through the first option.

    So just toward the end of The Thing, there was a scene where the chick kickass character was being chased by the centaur monster, and its face opens up to look like a big nasty toothy vagina- and the next frame show the chick bent over as she would be to “receive” and it got into my head straight away what “image” the producers wanted to put in the mind of the epsilon audience.

    I think that’s one more example of “conditioning” to add to the list eh?

    take care man,

    I may not agree with everything you put out there, but I like the vast majority of it- so keep it up! 🙂

  10. Sorry it’s been awhile since my last reward for creative content, wish it could’ve been more, but you don’t need me to tell you how these days are – so thanks for saying it’s okay if it’s not much, that’s why it’s been awhile.

    Didn’t realize how controversial your work was either, until my supporting it started costing me both old-standing friendships and potential relationships……

    What can you say? Everybody’s more than happy to sell themselves short, live beyond their means, and keep on adding to the pile – but of course, nobody ever wants to take out the trash.

    You’re underpaid for what you do here. That’s all I’m sayin.

  11. Max, ugh, the life of a male prostitute in Japan, post social-engineering seems highly profitable. They make more than enough to pay for post-prolapse reconstructive surgery, but never enough to buy back their dignity.

    James B, hard to say if it’s desperation or confidence. Many songs before have had parts that are far fouler and far more anally focused, but this one is just so consistent and so overt.

    Marcus Aurelius, I haven’t seen the scene you talked about, but it is well known that many of the “bois” in the film industry are terrified of the vagina.

    Joanne, thank you very much. This topic of the dissonant schism the act of seeing and acknowledging, what’s out there can have on our relationships is part of this series.

  12. What’s this world coming to… The Twilight Zone: Number Twelve Looks Just Like You (S05E17)

  13. So i was out ‘chasing hole’ last night, and got talking to a beautiful girl who lives in LA but is back in Perth for a bit. She’s an actress, and mentioned how much she loves going out in LA, because all the guys are gay so nobody comes onto her and she can dance in relative peace! I asked her if most of the male actors around are gay, and she said that yes, well over half of them are. We already know this, but it’s interesting to hear it from an ‘outsider’… i also know someone (an actor, who is the face of Oz’s 2nd biggest ISP) who is firmly of the opinion that holywood is almost 100% gay, and yes, run by jews. This guy has no conspiratorial background- he’s formed this opinion entirely from his experiences in the acting world.

    Off topic, but of interest: Gender-bending male models bra

  14. Rebel of a Celtic nature, your work has opened up my mind to the conditioning that the media puts forth. Thank goodness some one with courage and intellect to address the insanity is here to expose it. Thank you and much joy in the new year for you and yours. Dennis

  15. Went online to urban dictionary to look up tossing the salad. Had various meanings but seemed the most credible was # 7.

    A sexual act often committed by dogs, rodents, and celebrites as an inexpensive form of colon cleaning.

  16. It really does seem that lately there is an effort to prove you right. Maybe it’s an attempt to get ahead of the curve you’ve thrown and normalize or make light of these things before anyone can become even the least bit critical.

    I do not talk to my best friend about a lot of this stuff. He recently mentioned to me that he doesn’t like how people casually talk about their bowel movements in his company. So, I mentioned some of the things we all see now, and he concurred. He is a very social person and sees the trends and results of engineering at the bars and in the masses. So anyway, a few days after our talk, he sent me this. I apologize in advance. OMG it’s so funny!!! Like, totally OMGROTFL!! *puke*

    Hardwiring future generations, indeed.. Digital Leather — Hurts So Bad

  17. Nancy, that’s a really good episode. Considering how long ago it was made (1964), amazing how accurately it portrays the modern world.

    James B, thanks for sharing that. I’m sure that’s now approaching 100% as most of the actors are moving past denial and realizing the audition process made them gay.

    dennis, appreciate it Dennis. I know it and my aggressive presentation manner has been hard to take at times.

    WhatsItAllAboutAlphie, there you go, you found THE TRUTH! 😆 That is ridiculously accurate.

    Ryan McAlister, it’s good that some are starting to notice that such conversations are not only entirely inappropriate but far too common now. Sadly most will dismiss it as chance, time after time. Ugh! Hurts So Bad in relation to bowel movements. 😮 Sick doggies!

  18. this speaks for itself (and there’s the woman in the red dress from ‘the matrix’ being upstaged by frodo… i mean harry). How to Succeed in Business Tony Performance

  19. the grown jewish man hanging out in boys toilets is still giving, Eehhhhh sit on it

  20. I am a foremost proponent of conspiracy theory and I must say that the one about the anal rape symbolism in Back to the Futre got by me. I appreciate the enlightenment. i might add that the connotations of the name “Doc Brown” and “Marty McFly” unerlyingly indicate sodomizing themes. Marty’s fly and the scientist being a doctor of the brown or brown star who is obsessed with the disruption of the space time continuim represents his obsession with Martiy’s genetalia and the disruptinon of the brown space that is his anal continuim. Doc Brown clearly has a homosexual persuasion with his inability to understand women and Biff is the villan beacuase his the represenation of male sexual virility, seen as stiff prick or phalus that is constantly seen erecting before marty everytime the engage scuffle, and habitually referencing the phallic symbol of a tree. The capacity to flux is what makes time travel possible, similar to how the capacity to fu@# makes space canal travel possible and Marty wants to go to the future to save is future self because he thinks he’s an asshole.

  21. Notice how the dude forms a human x-box before the ass-immolation: vandersex

    PS: Hellooo, Rebel Fans!

    The X-BOX has become a bit of an obsession for me as I’ve seen it (no joke) probably around 50 times in movies since I’ve started looking for it. I haven’t marked down all the films, but I could probably throw down ten titles off the top of my head that feature the box prominently and a lot more if I go back and think of the movies I’ve watched over the last year.

    I’ve mentioned this phenomenon to friends and of course it gets laughed off, but what if we had proof? Stygian port compiled some X-BOX scenes in one of his vids, Rebel’s pointed them out and I’m sure you’ve all seen them by now. What if we actually started compiling all the sightings?

    Believe me, I’m sure we could document hundreds of scenes.

    Sound like an idea?

  22. raffi, oh god, that is the faggotiest thing, but I guess only to those who can see. A bunch of boys singing about the “brotherhood of men” while simulating all sorts of anal acts upon each other. A “tony” winner, huh? 🙄 Guess this tony gets a lot of “ass.”

    pavman, good point. Henry “the jew fecalfile” tWinkler [disguised as an all-american rebel] was always hanging out in toilets, ready to give a thumb up.

    giftnappyabyss, actually it wasn’t until I read your note that I remembered the name of Lloyd’s character. Doc BROWN, of course! 😯 Good point about the demonization of masculinity, yet another critical step to the present world where Bieber is reality.

    David, yea, since I “discovered” [more appopriately, noticed] x-boxes long ago, others are noticing them everywhere. But, reflecting now, considering the source, I am considering tthem as some kind of neur-linguistic programming marker.

  23. Dear Alex,

    Once, I heard somebody say that the truth is to be found in the wine. As I am writing this I am really drunk. You said that some military intelligence personnel told you that you have no idea what is going on. If this is going beyond aliens from outer our milky way, the only most-out-there-thing, I can imagine is, that we are really some kind of video game characters.

    I fantasised that one day, we are able to jump out of this sick video game and kill its players, i.e. our creators. But whatever is really going on, this would not be the point. The point would be, as you said, first stopping the crime on our weakest ones, our children, then stop taking advantage of animals and finally come to peace and master our flesh. Then we would have paradise here on earth.

    It is sad how happiness has been turned into something disgustingly plastic by pop culture. Many young people seem to escape from this into self-mutilation, more despair, more anxiety and transgression. Since at least a few years this kind of self-destructive mood is pushed even on people who would consider their music taste as “independent”. Currently this happens through personnas, like “Zola Jesus”(I dislike to promote this name, but example is to be given). This kind of music, labeled as “Industrial” is seem to be pushed now on young people with “alternative” taste in music, who maybe even wouldn’t have interest into darker kind of music.
    “Grobbing Thristle” is often mentioned to be one of Industrial Music’s origins. However, it is intriguing to see what one of this bands founding members did to his body.

    Here is an article which is hitting on this “trend”

    Grüße aus Berlin,

  24. Just disgusting….I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with this being a PUBLIC school in LA.

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A former Los Angeles-area elementary school teacher has been charged with lewd acts on children, including putting cockroaches on students’ faces and offering them a spoonful of what may have been semen, authorities said on Tuesday.
    Mark Berndt, 61, was arrested at his home in the Los Angeles suburb of Torrance on Monday, accused of abusing nearly two dozen boys and girls, ages six to 10, between 2008 and 2011, officials with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.
    Authorities began investigating Berndt over a year ago, after more than 40 photos depicting children in classrooms with their eyes blindfolded and mouths covered with tape were turned over to police, Sheriff’s Department officials said.
    Some photographs showed girls being offered a blue plastic spoon that contained a clear or white substance, which authorities now believe may have been semen.
    Early in the investigation, detectives recovered a similar blue spoon from the trash within the teacher’s classroom that tested positive for semen, Sheriff’s Sergeant Dan Scott of the special victims unit said.


  25. Just thought I’d pass this along too:


    Dr. Suess another famous Jewish children’s book author who looks like he may have been into some perverted shite.

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