Actors and Rabbi’d Temple Dogs

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.” These revelant words are credited to one Francis Bacon, a man who was a power-broker of his day, and not so coincidentally, preferred the company of effeminate young boys.

As I’ve said before, many a fool among us, tends to recite variants of the above passage to their favor, suggesting that we are but philosophical actors. What most such dimwits fail to realize is that we are nothing more than the audience.


Ed Chiarini, who maintains a web presence as Dallas Goldbug was my guest this past Sunday to discuss his research in identifying just who some of these “actors” are, and what roles they play. As usual, the show is playable above [unavailable].

Tony Greenberg is but one of many faces that Ed has identified as a regular presence in the shit-hole we know of as The News Media. Ed’s research on Tony and many other players, large and small, can be found at his site and his channel.

While the former of the above two images may serve for some comic relief, we would do well to remember that said effeminate actor/player, not so coincidentally nicknamed “turd blossom,” quite openly admitted that he and his [butt] buddies “create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities … we’re history’s actors.” adding for the audience, “and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Where Ed and my work intersect, via quite different routes and methodologies, identifying the trademark symbols (or distinguishing characteristics) that certain personages are actors, and that certain events are but scripted fiction. As long as we remain ignorant of the obvious, why wouldn’t they keep repeating ad nauseam?

Silly rabbits, have you still not figured out why [turning] “tricks” are “for kids?”

The above image is one facade of the actors, which in my opinion is not disputable. I’d like to thank Vicky for the collage of images, which per Ed’s work, pretty much proves that poor little Christina Taylor Green, the uncannily born [09/11/2001] victim of the Staged Gifford’s Shooting Play in Arizona, is still very much alive.

A fist inside an eye? Ugh! 🙄 Hope you don’t overdose, but there were a couple more radio appearances of the Celtic Rebel this past week. They were:

  1. ~ by celticrebel on October 31, 2011.

27 Responses to “Actors and Rabbi’d Temple Dogs”

  1. Good guest! Screw the trolls and all their vitriol.

  2. Nice on Joey buttafuco


    PS: how did he know about glen beck?

  3. A very interesting guest who is doing some useful research using their skills.

    Hicks as Jones = No. I think you can change a person’s face but you cannot become palpably unfunny from being amazingly funny without being caught out. He is a Hicks wannabe.

    Please see: Bill Hicks Tribute by Alex Jones

    Mongoose out.

  4. Have Bill Cooper and Jordan Maxwell ever been seen in the same room together?, although i have HEARD them interview together. I have another Clone/swap-set for consideration: Manly P Hall is Johnny Depp. And i present this comment in the form of a Youtube conspiracy video: HERE IS 100% PROOF!!! [@ 5min 37s]

    Interesting guest he was, although i and others have asked goldbug about the Christina taylor/samantha sexton case and how it is that schoolfriends from the very real Mesa Verde Elementary school went to school with Christina if she was samantha, but who knows, im probably being very dumb, as per. It was probably all elaborately staged, Samantha lived all her life and went to school as christina just for this future role?. They do look alike, ill grant ye, but a decisive forthcoming explanation would be beneficial. I thank ye in advance.

    Anyway, the ‘Bug raised some interesting concepts, he wasnt quite on your level with some things….but lots of great ideas about the staged media. Bravo.

    PS: @effel, dead actors tell no tales

  5. The Marine who got teargas canister in the face: Scott Olsen
    “What’s your name!?”

    Fight Club: “His name was Robert Paulson”

    VID: Manufactured hero: Scott Olsen

    PS: Uploaded above video about Robert Olsen the tear-gas martyr.

  6. Absalom, thanks. But, how bout instead, we just let them go screw themselves 😆

    DwardMoNZa, you mean Joey Butt-Fucker! 😉 Thanks!

    The Mongoose, back when I was doing the last show on the topic, I had come across two videos of both Hicks and Jones launching an angry tirade against a heckler during their stand-up routines. The resemblances between tone and manner were beyond uncanny.

    stephen digital sickness, I think you jest on the first point. But, I find it interesting to hear that VOICE yet again. Amazing how many “satanic freemason illuminati” constipatorial videos that guy has narrated. I know you commented before I posted the pictures, but that IS the same girl. “She’s alive!!!!”

    yuri, excellent point and video. Very nicely done.

  7. @Stephen, in Montreal we have our share of shootings (in both senses). Few years ago, we had one at Dawson College (allegedly), covered live it sounded like a drill. And they had a victim. My girlfriend happened to pass by and asked if anyone knew the victim : nobody did and nobody knew who knew her. All they ever showed of the “victim” was a single picture and her “parents”.

  8. Square is the new occult symbol for masses.

    The leftist never noticed the white swastika.

    Their lifeforce is being sucked into a somekind of squarish construction???

  9. Good interview. I think Ed makes a lot of sense but I like his idea’s more than the actual proof he provides.

    I always wondered how much braindamage an average American has from living their life on a Hollywood set. For non-Americans Hollywood productions are an exotic product but the line between fantasy and reality is really blurry for an American.

    The whole idea of staging events with actors and people believing the box without any questions makes a lot of sense to me. We already know it has happened before, incubator babies, fake CNN gulf war reports. The 9-11 Harley Davidson shirt guy is probably one too.

    Forget the militairy, Hollywood is the most powerful force in this world. Bombs can’t crush a nation, Hollywood poisons the mind, blurs reality and destroys cultures from within. Hollywood culture (this is not American culture) is the one world culture they want to establish.

  10. Clone/swap-set for consideration: Anders Behring Breivik is Julian Assange

  11. I recommended this site in the past concerning another theory on actors and look-alikes and she is the only one that I know of who has approached it from this angle. Another original thinker? There is so much information there and one thing is for sure, it aint regurgitated.

    Then I found Alex Jones at a Bill Hicks tribute, weird. He makes an appearance at 36 min.

    Nice work, keep exposing the distractions.

  12. effel, good point. Also, as we live in a more isolated apart-mentalized society, I’m sure many people who live in the precise areas as some of these staged events will just assume, these people must live nearby but that they just don’t know them.

    hans, to me that screams “jump into your prison.”

    Alex, interesting you should mention the obviously-scripted Harley Shirt guy (where it seems the “rabbit hole” is whether or not he is a particular actor or not). Had just recently seen a vid on where a ridiculous exchange takes place between two actors [03:20 MARK]. Funny things happen when nitwits venture off-script.

    Brian, hm, at first I thought no, but the possibility is there. Can’t seem to find any pics of Anders that is not part of the “official media package” released by the Mossad. Hence, no tell-tale ear match-up available. They do both look like they’ve been effeminated though.

    iamlonefrog, that’s a good site. Many of the readers here have found it fascinating. Looks like fellow info-warrior [and tail-ended hack] Joe Rogan also makes an appearance. These butt-boys swim in tight, er, I mean “loose” circles.

  13. You are on to something with these incestuous pedophiles. Columbia University Professor David Epstein (jew) had sex with his daughter for 3 years and the media mostly reported that the US was prudish and that it was his and her sexual preference. Students are grossed out by this event. The media wrote tons of articles asking why its illegal if it was a consensual relationship? Students who questioned why Epstein still had his job and paycheck were called incestuphobics by many. Next, the media is going to promote sex with animals and sick violent animal fetishists.

    Professor David Epstein charged with incest with his daughter

    The David Epstein incest case: If homosexuality is OK, why is incest wrong?

    Why Is David Epstein Still a Columbia University Professor After Incest Plea?

    His daughter is going to have a serious mental break down by the time she reaches 40 years old. Sad.

  14. Just a thought re Steven’s observation, above: “how it is that schoolfriends from the very real Mesa Verde Elementary school went to school with Christina if she was samantha.”

    In WWII They created whole towns to work in absolute secrecy on the Manhattan Project. Why couldn’t They use the same method to create enclaves of actors and other specialists to produce these dramas?

  15. If any still think Goldbug is a serious “researcher” who could “find” anything real, maybe watching this video demonstration of his Modus Operandi will help break that spell.

  16. @IAmLonefrog That link is absolutely fascinating.

    I’m not getting any work done today…

  17. Thanks guys for a very interesting and thought provoking show. It is great to hear two people having and intelligent conversation and being able to disagree on points without letting their egos get in the way (unlike many others out there). I am looking forward to checking out more of your work Dallas : )

  18. I almost fainted from this: Alex Jones says that Hezbollah is on US-Mexico border advising Cartels

    Alex Jones at his best

  19. bestandbrightest, sick. One interesting point, especially considering the incestuous bloodlines article is how often we find the parties practicing incest tend to be Jewish (as opposed to the simple country-folk that Hollywood tells us). Another, is that one of the gay sites of record, would try to ever-so-cattily put a positive spin on it.

    moira, good point. Perhaps Arizona locales are being turned into such?

    Anon, I took out the majority of your text as NONE OF IT was actually yours, just a cut-and-paste from another forum. While questioning ideas and motives is fine, coming in as “anon” and rehashing takes weight off your point.

    James, yes, it is.

    Aaron, thank you.

    the real deal, ha! 😈 Yet once again Cajones shows us he is (a) full of [sh]it, and (b) an on-call temple-doggie for his massters. 😯 The colostomy bag???

  20. Christina Greene didn’t need to be an actor. Her birth date and the date of the shooting/drill would be more than enough grounds to consider the possibility of some kind of ritual sacrifice.

    Ed’s evidence is quite convincing, though. Being from Arizona myself, it’s caused me to question every news story that I hear about from here as of late.

  21. Alex Love your show… I have been gone for a month traveling so I finally got to listen to some of your past shows… Great shows… The one show about Gay/Porn Parades really shocked me… I just came back from Colombia and the jews have taken that country and are tring to destroy its culture… But what shocked me more was a fellow from new zealand who lives as a pro poker player… He lived for a year in brazil and the things he told me shocked me… most girlfriends would ask him for anal sex even before they had any sex… He also told me that brazil just a few months ago had the largest gay parade 3 million showed up… And the freak that showed up and the things he saw would make the wildest Carnival acts look like a family parade… Even though he did tell me what goes on in Carnival… Sex in public… what is going in this world…

    Also in one of your past shows you mentioned Dirty Sanchez… I honestly have never heard that said or at least what it meant… So I youtubed it… Not Googled it because google will show some of the sickest things ever… Youtube top video was a MTV show called Dirty Sanchez smiliar to Jackass except “Big Exception” the actors are fully nude though out the show… MTV is showing full male frontal nudity… MTV is sadomascist… this is the worse most disgusting show I have ever seen… And what shocked me more is that youtube had not censored it… MTV through youtube is showing Dirty Sanchez to young minds the most disgusting guys doing the most disgusting torture acts naked… WTF is happening… This is worse then the movie IDIOCRACY… The jews are trying to destroy the Moral Family with shit like this… FUCK HOLLYWOOD

    PS: Boycott TV & “FUCK MTV” and all Jewish run TV…
    Keep up the Good Fight… Nicolas

  22. @anon, any info has to be verified. And for the page, it says “Never mind he can’t even quote the scale itself correctly, it’s not “1 to 1.618″, it’s 1 to .618 :D” Well, it is not a very serious statement : 1 to 1.618 is the same as 1 to .618, that is why it is the golden ratio.

  23. At the 1 minute mark or so .. Conan O’Brien shows us what a “pickle package” looks like.

    Liked the show. Have long known from study of the speaking stone “Magic Circus” that it is the meat SHOW. Actors, clones, different angles .. all biblical 🙂 TPTB not TPTAGTB have perfected the ruse along long time ago.

    “Feign defeat, gain victory.” – Eugene

    “The Empire never died, to fight the Empire is to become infected with Empire.” – PK Dick

    “The new boss is the same as the old boss.”

    As the Bhagavad Gita says “the Sun by day veils the face of truth”.

    As the Rig Veda says “the Rishis make riddles to hide the truth”.

    Why? Why? Why?

  24. Celtic Rebel, great show, as always. With regards to “Sir Paul McCartney”; check out photo’s and video’s of McCartney after, say November of 1966 and compare them with photo’s and video’s of McCartney before November ’66. Two entirely different people. The real McCartney had a roundish face, wider set eyes, and attached earlobes. Faux-Paul, on the other hand; has a longer face, closer-set eyes, and unattached earlobes.

    If Dallasgoldbug is correct that Maurice Greenberg IS “The Angel of Death”, Dr Josef Mengele; isn’t it interesting that Maurice’s great-granddaughter, Samantha Sexton; went by the name of Christina Taylor Green (Mengele was also known as “Dr. Green”) and was supposed to have been born on 9/11 (Mengele was allegedly born in 1911) during the incident? Coincidence? Maybe not.

  25. OH yeah that comparison to Truthers…. makes me laugh! And my nickname, if they would get their heads out of their asses long enough to take a breath and read. They might find out that not everything is a conspiracy (although they constantly conspire about how they, one day will have people talking about them, OH the JOY to one day have their name in lights next to Andrew Brietbart.) I look at it as a form of flattery. The New York Times learned about that the hard way. The crazier they tried to make me look in their little hit piece about a month back, the more it drove people to my site to see this “crazy maniac” with their own eyes. But instead of mindless dribble (what they are used to seeing when they read the Times) they found information not talked about anywhere else. They found answers as well as a Not so crazy person willing to name names and do battle with these fools that think they can intimidate people because they have names like Rockefeller. As of yet I see no law suits filed on me. Instead I see them dodge and run like little sissy cowards. SO THANKS NY Times and all the rest that demonize those who break from the norm and fight for what’s right. But I digress.

    My dallasgoldbug name comes from a procedure I developed for removing gold and other PMG’s from scrap without using AR, or Nitric etc. you can read about it here. Every one told me to get a patent on it but I decided to give it away like I do my hydrogen fuel cell thats patent pending.

    As for the Golden Scale. I don’t know about you, but the last time I spent $160-$340 for a ruler you better believe it wasn’t a toy.

    Sorry for the rant it’s just hard to be creative when all you want to do is curse. 😉 Edward Louis Chiarini Jr.

    PS: Check this out How do you think they will get out of this one? How can they even begin to argue that Loughner is real when his lawyer is fake. ahhahahha They Suck!

  26. Faking the Dead is all too TV’ish 🙂

    TAV or TV is indeed the end, another pun that is not so fun.

    In reading this piece you can see the real being overrun by the fakirs. Downard and others in the last 40 years have only decoded much of what was already laid way way before. The recent fakirs are the “reveal” of the method. The refreeze stage of the method is meant to crack your ice where the good Lord split yah.

    Its not funny at all.

    I realized long ago (after reading Downard on 33) and getting a picture of the tail end an arc … that the dots go way back…

    Look at Presidents: 11, 22/24 (playing the skidoo), 33 and 44. Pin the tail on donkey was done in 1776 (888 x 2).

    I take it back to this one thing .. it is the only thing …

    “if you make an external idol, I will enter the idol and answer you through it” – IHVH in OT

    and Lord Krishna in Baghavad Gita.

    The meaning is .. its your power creating the Maya. We don’t understand the time delay of how the interior power of ourselves is made to work against us in the net of Maya. Our fear at resisting them INSTANTLY and FEARLESSLY is no longer found in our genes.

    The only way this would happen would be to have an interior light that could bridge past one’s own death. Our interior light has become fabricated from outside ourselves hence TAV.

    The aqua permanens of this can only ever be … our mastery of our orifices and each having an internal light. Anything less is always … TAV.

    4 = 40 = 400

    DLT = MEM = TAV

    DMT = Death

  27. Jezzzz I dont know whats freakin true or not
    I am Coming to terms very slowly that its all a crock!!!
    Religion Tv Entertainment and the news both Mainstream and Alt….
    At least the Mainstream media blatantly lies to you but thew truth movement FARCE smiles at you one min and cares then as you turn your back, you can feel a long knife sticking out
    DO I LIE??????

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