To Be a Man or To Not

Was joined by John Preston last night, who is now retired from the alternative media. Wait wouldn’t “retired” imply he’s tired again? English is a shit language!

false prideno pride

John (formerly of Q46), in all actuality, is pretty damn tired of boys running around pretending to be men, and hence, that was the focus of our discussion:


It is really easy to point out the slew of degenerative relationship instructions that women have received, but that’s not gonna do any one man any good anymore.

What is a “man?” The topic has come up before (a few times). Beyond fictional agenda-driven archetypes, we can say beyond doubt: a man stands up for what is right, and a man does not participate in collective dehumanization.

It’s time we accept some blame for what we’ve done to women, and how gladly we’ve participated in their degradation. The wise words above are from one Is a Curtain, a mystery I will, as mentioned last show, be looking into in the future.

boob grabfraternity normality

One fact is certain is that if the “young men” we see about us today are the future, then we are fucked. The only thing we can hope to accomplish, is make sure that said future never exists. Changing the past is what my work has been about.

Clearly, we’ve been reduced to effeminate spectators in the game of courtship, watching our opportunities to “hunt” diminish, letting our skills rust, yet eagerly accepting whatever scraps we could get. But, let’s not become masochists about it. As said in relation to “truth,” there’s far too much of that going around already.

I appreciate John containing himself some what, as I know there are several seedy bois he would have loved to verbally slap around. I’m kind of torn on the topic myself. Yes, it’s easy to name the most obvious. Occasionally, I feel that it is not my job to stop people from buying a stream of crap which should be self-evident.

pile of crap

Then again, sometimes I am forced to wonder if by ignoring it, or leaving it up to others, we are then guilty of silently acquiescing to the actions of such. Thus, by failing to correct the embarrassing actions of those around us, are we condoning the behavior of the short-sighted arrogant drunk frat-boys around ourselves?

That is a question we’ll all have to ponder further in future shows. In the interim, don’t act surprised by what The Twist brings about [anyone following my work should know well by now]. Next week, me and a hamster will be connecting some old and new things together, and that’s all we can say about that now.

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~ by celticrebel on September 27, 2011.

25 Responses to “To Be a Man or To Not”

  1. To start off comments on this weeks show here is a 5 minute video clip that is on topic.

  2. Some information of interest from Fulford’s blog (July 2009);

    “As a person who is over 95% hetero-sexual (I have tried it but basically found it an inferior substitute for women, sort of like having to drink non-alcoholic beer because the real stuff is not available), I am very much in favor of allowing homosexual institutions to “come out of the closet” and actively recruit members because it would mean that much less competition for the women.”

    His research was extensive and first hand;

    “In order to get a better insight into this culture I went to one of Japan’s largest homosexual saunas and observed the action. I think it would make a great thesis topic for an economist or game strategist to study the interactions between these males as they decide whether or not to engage in sex acts with each-other. It is a win/win system where pleasure is traded for pleasure. There is a hierarchy with better looking young men tending to couple with each other and older, less attractive mean with each other. In other words there is a tendency towards trading equal amounts of pleasure (eg good looking for good looking). Spontaneous orgies are also apparently common (I did not see enough action to get a statistically valid number).”

    About homosexuals and secret societies

    Mongoose out.

  3. We have to pick our way out of this one knot at a time, and when each knot has been untangled, we notice it in others like a big red flashing light. On this show, Alex a few times, and John dozens of times, referred to his children as goats. A kid is a young goat, a child is a young human, so why have we all but abandoned the latter word and universally adopted the former? I was a child in the 1960s, and on one occasion when I had used the word ‘kid’ I remember my father (born 1920) saying “That’s the word for young goats, not children”. Well that was my dad being ‘a square’, right?

    So this switch, in the UK at least, was introduced in the 50s/60s. I’m sure most here have by now worked out that such linguistic distortions are not accidental organic occurrences, but are deliberately and consciously injected into the colloquiality for a purpose. Is it just for ridicule, that the goy agree with their bestial designation and refer to their children as such? Or could it be something even darker, an unthinking acceptance that our children are the offspring of Baphomet? At an occult level, is it handing control of our children over to a dark entity?

    I don’t know the answer to those questions, but I do know that unless you are a goatherd there is no good reason for the word ‘kid’ to hardly ever leave your lips. The way we can escape this trap we were born into is to reclaim our own personal sovereignty, knot by knot. The next time you are having a conversation and the word ‘kid’ comes into your mind, stop, and replace it with the correct word ‘child’. Give them the respect they deserve, reclaim an ounce of you sovereignty and escape one of the spells that holds us all mesmerised.

  4. Yeah the most important things to read are obscure, anything that presents itself to you is a plant. It was meant for you to find that, it was on your path, Chase down authors that no-one knows that seemingly have to have been purposely neglected. There you will find things neglected, like how the british empires founders made sacrifice to Dionysus for guidance in the search to find their new home. When god’s then have no name which then is being worshiped one has to wonder and what more sacrifice is needed to secure the empires future.
    Books on various other prophets you never hear of, information on the routes of religious movements and their recurring modes, insights from non-regular thinkers elaborations on the hatchet job of the bible and the teachings of those portraying them self as god that behave as straight logic referring to life as a misnomer but that we are a simulation only just beginning to hear the omnipotent one of balance whisper. These kinds of books aren’t guises of degeneration using inverted power that vacuum out ones soul instead feed it, so they certainly aren’t in the pyramid schemes required reading path.

  5. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie, that is pretty damn sick, but hilarious. 😆

    Mongoose, hard for me to imagine there still so many people that give that wanker any credence. That said, I agree with his first sentiment, though that is from a selfish viewpoint, and disregards that women are being mass-programmed to think they desire effemenate men. As to that latter, got some good laughs out of it.

    Ross, hadn’t considered that before, but you may raise a valid point. Relistening to the show, I caught a few other expressions dealing with my work, that we are still trapped by. Damn this English/Asslick language!

    josh, well put. Maybe those are all listed under the Books They Don’t Want You to Read category at 😉

  6. Great show Rebel, I chouldn’t agree more with your ASSessment of todays youth. I personaly never fell for the ridiculous concept that we used to be just like them. Are peoples memories that distorted? I was never like them. Case in point, have you heard this new college-age sensation knonw as dubstep. Its like techno with slower hip hop style beats but the real draw is a sensory overload of bass that actually sounds like your someone is farting directly into your brain, here have a listen for yourself. Its just plain awful

  7. To be a man or to not be…Where and how and who determines what it is to be a man? It’s determined in Hollywood, is it not? I assume you don’t want to buy into Hollywood’s version, but are you certain you do not equate masculinity and male identity with whatever it was you picked up from Hollywood during your formative years?

    I strongly suspect the whole “male identity” thing is a control mechanism, a trap. I wish to be responsible, mature, inquiring, honest, courageous. The question often is, under these circumstances, how? I don’t believe it has all that much to do with assuming “male identity”, however. I admit that the loosening of “male identity” in the last fifty or so years has resulted in some atrocious, repulsive, pernicious behavior.

  8. The collective faggotry is starting young for sure, here’s a bit I heard about some 13ish year old pansies from a relative.

    Guy: Who wants to come to the arcade?
    Girl: Can I go?
    Guy: No, sausage fest only.

    Can’t get much more blatant than that.

  9. Etymologically, using kid or child amounts roughly to the same, a kid would refer to something risky, a child to some kind of claw. 😦

    For David Icke, as much as I have a hard time trusting him (coming from TV, huge pockets under the eyes, always on tour, very homoerotic adds for his sons’ Gay trippers radio show,…), I’m glad I read some of his books, well written and the first time I ever read the name of Wilhelm Reich. Lizard people may not be my cup of tea, but free energy is 😀 especially when it happens to work 😀

    PS: I don’t think it needs comment

  10. Chris, I just thought I’d chime in, in defense of dubstep for a moment – what you’re hearing through the mainstream now is a horrible bastardisation of dubstep, and also what is know as ‘tweenwave’, which has actual fart noises in it. Disgusting, yes, crap music, certainly. But dubstep is actually a pretty cool genre of music if you’re looking at the underground stuff. The system always takes decent grassroots things and then fucks them up for everyone. And it’s more akin to jungle/drum ‘n bass than techno. Not to be pedantic, but if we start blanket trashing whole genres like that then we’ll end up sounding like the comments section over at We’re doing better than that over here, I’m sure you would agree.

  11. Chris, that music is a ripe pile of dung. bAssNectar? Is that a fancy way of saying “gravy?”

    zoussef, did you actually listen to what John and I were discussing? We were pretty explicit about what type of actions constitute being a “man,” and which are not acceptable. Holy Wood’s got fuck all to do with that.

    Ed, eek! 😮 Kids have gone the extra step and are now saying “sausage fest” in lieu of “boys only?” 😮

    effel, interesting point. Wait, Icke’s son has a radio show called “Gay Trippers?” 😯

    James B, I hear your point, but whatever the genre, these ultra-low frequency wave musical forms stimulate the colon far more than they stimulate the ears. If I had to guess, probably related to why most songs from the hip-hop/rap um, genres, focus their um, lyrics, on the “booty” and its exit hole.

  12. Maurice Sendak. Was recently reminded of this gift to mankind when I heard he had another book coming out, after litterally coming out in 2008. So we are subjected to a full on assault from the creator of Gay Max (pun intended). Suffice to say, it was not an easy life for an author of books for children during an age when homosexuality was considered some sort of perverse sickness. I just wish it was the same way now. IAm tired of seeing the deviant side of ourselves being celebrated and condoned which is basically a programming model. I looked for his other works that I was not familiar with and just found more of the same, illustrating Ruth Krauss’s “A Hole is to Dig”. His musical play “Really Rosie”. He had also been a member of the National Board of Advisers of the Children’s Television Workshop early in the developing phases of the TV series Sesame Street. Higglety Pigglety Pop! Which was made into a film, where a Terrier named Jennie leaves a comfortable life and embarks on a journey for new experiences and stardom. Yay, stardom. He was inspired by Disney’s Fantasia. A lifetime of this shit produced for our unwitting CONsumption.

    The most blatant of all…………In the Night Kitchen.

    ”But right in the middle
    of the steaming
    and the making
    and the smelling
    and the baking
    Mickey poked through and said:
    I’m not the milk and the milk’s not me!
    I’m Mickey!”

    Well, maybe not yet, it seems the show is still in high gear with his latest installment:

    Max: Did you make this?
    Carol: Yeah, yeah.
    Max: It’s very good.
    Carol: We were gonna make a whole world like this.

    Let the wild rumpus begin!!!!!

  13. Besides Icke, who are the other rabbit hole diggers in the picture?

  14. Its interesting, the “Kid” thing. I believe the first time i really heard it used was in 1977 starWars, it was liberally uttered throughout by one “Real Man” aka “Scoundrel” Han Solo.

    And apart from the ‘Kid’ meme, i did hear John in the show seriously use the term “butt-hurt”, which one Celtic Rebel himself has brought out of the memeplex from whence it is used and exposed it for what it is, another linguistic meme with anal connotations. But, you know, i wouldnt pick a man up on that either, whom had deflected continual Taser assaults from his person as if he was one ‘Batfink‘ with a shield of steel. I guess not screaming [blue murder?] and writhing in pain on the floor like a big girl makes him this unquantifiable “Real Man”, no?

    So what is real man? a walking talking lunk with a gun in one hand, a beer in the other, a real fighting swearin’ type? Or is that yet another stereotype of Man, as has been pointed out in a previous comment? A gay man can ACT like that too. The way of things are thus: man has the masculine principle and the feminine principle inbuilt into the human physiological structure, as with polarization, there are extremes of both. It is about balance. And yes, the extreme feminine “bitch boys” and their big gay society irks me too, we know all about hollywood, but being a real man is about recognising it for what it is, detailing it as we do (For everyones sake) but not about making sweeping statements about the whole gay cult. Theyre not all bitch boy faggots. Just the ones in the media, and the ones assuaged by it. Perhaps the media influence is so pernicious on the some of the youth they do not even realise they are behaving as such, we all have examples of ourselves pertaining to our own indoctrinated behaviour im sure

    Good show Alex, Keep on Keeping On.

  15. check out rebelution
    from ur friend drew ma, ur show is usually the best part of my week

  16. iamlonefrog, the more I look at renowned author’s of children book, the more seedy things I find. There’s a few more I have been meaning to talk about. Perhaps I’ll get to the topic one day.

    Bill Cooper, assuming you’re not taking a piss, they are (clockwise from icke): fullford, brand, swerdlow, willcock and rogan.

    digital sickness, none of us can claim to be free of all programming, but we can be making a concerted effort. Laughing off a barrage of tasers may not be the test of manhood, but not respecting one who does, might. 😐 Again, as with above, I’m wondering how many heard the discussion on what constitutes manhood. Hint: standing up for what is decent. Some may need to relisten.

    rewma1313, thanks!

  17. I’m reminded of a revelation from big dog Herbert Marcuse that when the societal “fathers” establish strict sexual mores, the “children” are rebellious; but when the fathers allow promiscuity, the children are docile. You make this manipulation obvious, but mostly we all succumb to it. Any man who has gone 2 weeks without ejaculating knows the basic rule that ejaculating makes you weak and celibacy gives you weird cosmic vibrational power that [can] attracts women. That man probably also understands the terrific magnitude of the attractive powers of the female, and the “devilish” joy she will take in stealing his energy, Hence Samson and Delilah. On the other hand, this man knows that the competition for the best women amongst the other males will proceed with or without his participation. But how to participate without surrendering your masculinity to receive the permission of the societal fathers? When we get dressed up to go out and hit on women and perhaps take one home, we don’t see that we’re inside the playpen being looked down on by the societal fathers. But we do want that hot chick with the nice ass in those $200 jeans. The societal fathers know that, that’s why they made the jeans. We can’t escape this either way. Die out through celibacy, or jump in the playpen and say thank you to the societal fathers for letting you see that fine nakedness. As someone once said regarding their decision to leave a monastery, “I decided I liked pussy too much.” We’re doomed! 🙂

  18. John Preston is an awesome guest. If only the show could have a live broadcast from a bar, because that’s what it sounded like – just two friends having a conversation in a bar about what matters to them. Great show!

    As for the “kid” comments, we can go as far back as Humphrey Bogart’s “Here’s looking at you, kid”, or I also know of a comic strip child character from the 1890’s called “The Yellow Kid”.

    David Icke’s son Gareth has a radio show called the “G and Tippers show”.
    I would be surprised if Gareth wasn’t gay, based on this ad poster alone (he’s the one with the big shillelagh):

    (Actually, the poster oddly has things in it you’ve referenced, such as Gareth wearing lipstick (?), his “friend” eating a bowl of cereal, and a dog between them.)

    Keep up the good fight – more and more these days “men” are having trouble answering what should be a simple question: What does it mean to be a man?

  19. James, Please post the “good dubstep” you speak of and I will take your statement into consideration. Either way what I posted is what the kids (goats) are listening to, so I stand by my statement that today’s youth are listening to music that literally sounds like someone shitting and farting directly into your brain

  20. Slightly off the recent topic, but mentioned on previous shows about meat:

  21. Mongoose here. I was wondering when we were going to get to these two.

    Please find Gareth Icke assisted by mate putting 500 drinking straws up his,and I quote, “arse crack”;

    Mongoose out.

  22. there is some excellent dubstep, check this out people.

  23. Alex, my comments were not intended to be disrespectful to anyone, but ive listened to the new show, and i agree with everything you said therein, just to be clear. Im trying to define this this , and you read my comment…between the lines…should i say, beyond the lines, very adeptly. Anyway, moving on- , and talking of faggotry ie bending over and advancing career: Adam Sandler does the Requisite tranny stint that Holywood stipulates every good doggie must: with the “synchro-shitic” release date 11-11-11

  24. Loving the fact that you guys think we’re gay as if it would be a problem if we were! Keep up the good investigative journalism. #genius 🙂

  25. As a bilateral male all I can say is fuck it !

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