Beverly Shills 90011 Reversary

Seeing that it a full moon and the official Ten Year Anniversary of The Ides of September, yesterday’s show used the issue as a springboard into other topics.

nazi moon landing bin laden whalers

The above collage is but one possible interpretation of [air pirate] Truther Bob‘s incontrovertible proof of what may have transpired on the Summer Solstice of 69. It is also but one of the multiple tangents the Conspindustry has branched.


The show, picked up where last week’s show left off, pointing back to an egregious amount of evidence letting us know exactly who the henchmen responsible for every aspect of executing the plan (from doing to revealing) are.

john hagee siraeljews did september

As has been detailed before by myself and numerous others, reagardless of whom “the Don” is, The Capos of both the JFK and 911 heists owe all allegiance to the fabricated state of IsNotReal. But, ultimately this knowledge (or any for that matter) is useless to someone who’s not growing as a person.

This is the way, step inside…

You’ll see the horrors of a faraway place
Meet the architects of law face to face
See mass murder on a scale you’ve never seen
And all the ones who try hard to succeed

This is the way, step inside…

The best advice I can offer is the same as that suggested by whomever or whatever possessed Ian Curtis to write Atrocity Exhibition [played and quoted]. The media would tell you to do so via your back door, but what else would you expect a molestor to tell their victim? Step inside yourself: destroy, question and see.

numerologyinside job

It’s easy to question what we were told to question, and even easier when a bunch of propaganda is put before us encouraging us to think we are questioning. But, how many among us will question what we have been forbidden from questioning?

hollow cost billy wilder

A lifetime of intense programming may limit our abilities to do so . But, I can assure you that even the Jewish victims of the Israeli Indoctrination Machine also do very little thinking [referenced documentary]. Else, they too might see through the biggest of lies:

THE TRUTH: “Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” —Albert Einstein

For the record, Einstein, just like his fellow Jewstorian Hitler, knew the above truth, but didn’t practice it. It’s easy to talk and know, but putting words into practice is far more challenging than chasing the latest preposterous mystery.

nazi on mooonhitler and alien

Another revelation that came from the show was that possessing a panache for dramatic fiction is an invaluable asset for climbing the ranks of intelligence agencies, as Ian Fleming, Aldous Huxley or George Orwell may might attest. Who knows how many more famous authors have been and are in the service?

As noted, the one major difference now, is that George Orwell’s dream/nightmare has been realized. History [the past] can now be altered at whim, within seconds even, hence changing Reality [the present]. In the meantime, wankers continue to “research” without questioning, deceiving their greatest victim, themselves.

google jewgle orwell masturbate

Metro Bob might fit the bill for those who dare not question, and love him or hate him, he does naively bring up points that your average idiot (99.6% of us) never will. Oh, and for brainwashed, for the last time [for now], the symbol/hand-sign Kuntis is flashing has got everything to do with Anal and fuck all to do with Satan.

friends with anal benefitscaptain fag america boy lover

Jim Bob was also back to do the proper review of Captain America, seeing that an unnamed Bob failed miserably at even viewing. What a surprise, yet another film where homosexuals triumph over imaginary Nazis, yet another effort by servants of Poofer Lords to further denigrate the people they mockingly named “Germ”ans.

joe rogan kevin smith fleshlight

I closed the show with yet another reminder of the type of derelicts the Truth Movement is. I guess I’m not enough of a pervert to know the exact function of a fleshlight, but I’m still willing to bet that Rogan tried to stick it up his ass.

Oh, and please, for the love of god, quit referring to your Goodies as “Junk.”

~ by celticrebel on September 12, 2011.

14 Responses to “Beverly Shills 90011 Reversary”

  1. Osculum Infama – means ‘Kiss of Shame’, being the butt-kiss devout witches give to the devil and/or familiars.

    I though Oculum Infama could be ‘eye of shame’ and in true occult style the two could signify each other.

    Often the hand-signal that Mila Kunis performs is placed over the eye which might , trickily, signify the ‘kiss’ { oculum to osculum }.

    Perhaps it’s been mentioned before but that may make the eye in or over the triangle an arsehole., if we imagine the legs being the triangle-shape.

    PS: TURNER .v. WIENER for NY

    He’s even named BOB

    Sure is agreat time to get erected


  2. Glad we are continuing where we left off, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” (Last line Great Gatsby).

    Wanted to share an incident from the UK (Frankie Boyle, comedian) which shows the potential for humour to cut through all the Zionist crap and why suppression follows if it does not fit with the the agenda.

    Of course you need bravery to target the strong – in the UK the flavour of the day comedian is Michael McIntyre who sells out Wembley stadium and shows us how humour can also be a soft drug, numbing us and passing the time until we die. MacIntyre is an opiate for the people. He sickens me, sell out.

    “High Concept” describes the life of movie producer Don Simpson (main driving force behind Top Gun, Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop).His sell out was not the drugs (much), S&M sex (much), dumbing down of humanity (much) but in the reaction to being fired from a high powered job 10 years before; “They fired me on a fucking morals charge! They had executives buggering boys in the backseats of their Porsches, and they fired me on a fucking morals charge!” (p.42) Didn’t fancy telling anyone at the time Don? Or in the 10 years since? Another way to sell out.

    NB. Not convinced Satanism, ritual abuse, pedophilia, pederasty and sodomy/homosexuality are mutually exclusive – Clifford St. Joseph case, Alastair “Rot in hell you scum!” Crowley and Franklin Cover Up examples.

    As the life of Simpson shows our greatest adversary is ourselves.

    Thanks for the show.

    PS: Prepare to kick some Nazi ass! (from the Moon)

  3. I love the mental illness in Europe regarding Germans. The most evil regime EVER was defeated by “the good guys” but in 2011 we live in a place that looks more and more like the evil third reich Hitler was supposedly building.

    Germans were evil because they invaded countries, unlike the British, French, Dutch etc. that still ruled colonies out of love. Especially the Dutch are champions in selective memory, after WW2 we sent 100.000 troops to Indonesia and executed random people to restore law and order. In 2011 we are still brainwashed to cry about the SS and evil Nazi’s but are unaware of the ugly mirror.

    I’m also tired of experts talking about Hitler. That’s the most one-sided cartoonish story ever told in the world about a dead man who can’t defend himself. I would love to hear Hitler speak about Hitler in 2011.

    It’s amazing how idiots say they love the NEW Germany and the NEW Germans. Germany is again the powerhouse economy that people envy. They just cannot comprehend there’s nothing new about the Germans and the stories are a psychological operation from the 40’s. Germans were clearly shamed into submission after WW2 and unfortunatly this programming is still going strong today.

    The Rebel is right about the Al-Qaeda Nazi’s, scripted nonsense. Notice how the British think it’s hilarious to joke about Nazi’s, why do you think that is? Prince Harry in his Nazi shirt, Monty python, maybe they’re telling you something.

  4. aferissmoon, good info. Though, as I talked about a few shows back, the intent of what is conveyed depends on placement, of which these medes are meticulous.

    Errores Haereticorum, a medieval tract, claims that the Cathars took their name “from the term cat, whose posterior they kiss, in whose form Satan appears to them.”

    I see wiki felt the need to continue to spread lies about some of the best people to have walked this earth.

    The Mongoose, that’s pretty disgusting what can happen when someone merely speaks of Zionist human-rights abuses, yet their “bitches” in the media are given carte blanche to openly mock the religion and mores of their host nations. On your latter sentiments, you speak of the same symptoms I discuss, but I feel that “satanism” is just a blanket term that helps cover up what is really going on behind the scenes.

    Alex, excellent comment. You raise valid points and support them with solid examples. I feel it’s time for us to grow-up yet again, and realize a lot of the “fairy tales” we were told after childhood were just that..

  5. Hey Alex, I will do my best to keep this brief…

    I’ve been following your work for almost 2 years now and want to sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me. I know that I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for your work. Don’t EVER think that you are not making a difference!

    A couple of weeks ago when you talked about taking a step back to start living again I got close to freaking out ;). But seriously… I really understand what you where saying about wanting to start living again. I have told myself the exact same thing a couple of months prior to me hearing you say it on the air. Because of what we “know”, the list of things you just can’t consent to anymore keeps growing and growing. It is also depressing and scary at times to see how fast the train is passing all the stations to its “destination(s)”.

    Almost a year ago I decide that I wanted to do a video-series about the media programming. It has all been a process in every sense of the word. I can now only imagine what making ‘Don’t go west’ was like, which does not even come close to the garbage I have worked trough.

    Even though I reference a lot of your material and agree with almost everything you say, I am NOT trying to be you. It would take all your readers and listeners together to MAYBE equal half of your ‘gigantic smarmy ego’ ;).
    So if my video in anyway contributes to you deciding to take a step back anytime soon, because you think others(like me) will come along and continue your work, I will be seriously pissed off.
    This is only a small part of my sales pitch to discourage you from riding off into the sunset with your Brasileiras (anytime soon)… 😉

    Anyway…thanks for everything and this is my way of giving back…

  6. I’ve recently stumbled upon this comment of a German “seducer” with the nickname “Aaron Sleazy” when I have been looking up something about seduction:

    “I had spent and evening watching episodes of Entourage, which apparently had quite an effect on me. I decided to check out another gay venue.”

    Mr. Sleazy claims to be heterosexual, by the way.

    This is just hilarious. The whole seduction community is a own topic of itself. Still, in regards to the information presented in these circles I need more experience and critically thinking to separate the valid stuff from the maybe not-so-obvious BS.

  7. Hi Everyone!

    Great show Alex, as usual. Just ran into this article in the Yahoo “News” section, entitled “Nicolas(s) Cage Reveals Past Encounter With Naked Man Holding Fudgesicle.” No Joke. Or is it? 😉

    Seriously, this stuff is getting ridiculously obvious. Yet people still laugh at me when I point it out. I guess I’m the idiot-pervert with my mind in the “gutter”.. Uh Huh. What’s that ol’ saying? Don’t shoot the messenger?


  8. Hey Rebel, I don’t know what this whole women grabbing mens asses thing means but when it a pretty girl grabs mine I can’t exactly say that it bothers me. Sorry if you disagree. I was thinking about your thoughts on the demonization of our feline friends and it kind of made me wonder why our most popular childrens cartoons had us rooting for brown mice and yellow birds over our beloved family pets. Strange…….

    One more thing, I was watching a movie called Newsies the other day which I didn’t realize unti a few minutes in was a terribly homo erotic pedophillic musical, but I guess I should have known as much when the opening scene was of a statue of Horace Greeley that had the words “go west young man on the bottom. ” Of course the little vagrant news boys were sleeping all over this statue with one little boy postioned right on Greeley’s lap. ……Nice.

  9. deprogrammingOURSELVES , I enjoyed your video, and look forward to the subsequent parts. Thanks for you words, and I appreciate you being among the very few to acknowledge those who came before them.

    Max, that’s pretty funny. The problem I see with many of these “seduction experts” is they really hate women. They’re not pursuing because of passion. Their modus operandi is gay, and apparently, as in the case you present, they’re too brainwashed to know better.

    Wes Tilson, that’s hilarious! A “fudge-sickle.” They really can, and do, “make this shit up.” I wonder how many people who pushed this story across their desk even realized it was just a joke?

    Chris, I didn’t say it “bothered me,” attention is attention. I just said it showed how brainwashed women basically repeat whatever the media tells them, instead of lgoically reaching for where the [male] “goods” are. A man’s ass can only benefit another man. Thanks for the Newsies bit, I may be able to use that turd/gem in the DGW update.

  10. This report may dovetail with Dave McGowan’s writings on the Jon Benet Ramsey murder: Tarted-up little girls gyrate onstage in bizarro fashion show

    “A gaggle of 6-year-old cowgirls dolled up like JonBenet Ramsey pranced and gyrated onstage yesterday at a Midtown show loosely tied to Fashion Week.

    Headlining the bizarre event was pageant queen Eden Wood, 6, a veteran of TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras,” who performed three routines — in which she slapped her rear, wriggled suggestively and whipped off her denim jacket to reveal a rhinestone-studded two-piece outfit.

    Kelly Bensimon, of “The Real Housewives of New York” fame, played ringmaster at the Bryant Park Hotel to the event dubbed “The Cowgirl Riders Debutante Fashion Show.”

    Eden Wood And Kelly Bensimon Host Toddler Fashion Show

    “Finally, a few more girls take the stage, before Wood comes on for her final number, a performance of her original single, “Cutie Patootie,” in which she thanks Shirley Temple for “paving the way.”

    The Huff Post article has absolutely nothing to say about the sexualistaion of children though includes Bennison cooing thusly:

    “All these girls are so gorgeous,” Bensimon notes. “I’m feeling really old.”

    Wood has a second turn on the stage, this time in a black tutu and lace tights — sort of a retro Madonna look, sized down to a six-year-old frame. The music fits the mood. Wood moves in a perfectly choreographed routine to MC Hammer, Michael Jackson and Vanilla Ice, moonwalking confidently in her fleecy cowboy shoes.

    “Is it weird that I want that tutu?” Bensimon asks. “These girls are soooo pretty”

    Madonna’s acts have always displayed a high degree of sexuality [ well media-inspired sexuality aka pre-porn].

    The COWGIRL RIDERS – well if the girls are the cowgirls who the hell are the riders.


  11. Good show. Excellent point on authors.

    I was reminded of John Christopher whose work I loved when I was growing up (sci fi / apocalyptic future worlds) – I think he had a tremendous following – found this when I looked him up recently:

    “A scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation made it possible for him to pursue a writing career” – “In 1966 he started writing science fiction for adolescents” – his work has been made into movies & tv programmes

    His real name was Samuel Youd but he also wrote under ‘multiple personalities’:
    Stanley Winchester, Hilary Ford, William Godfrey, William Vine, Peter Graaf, Peter Nichols, and Anthony Rye … that’s kind of unsettling.

    A couple of months ago I saw a hand reach out & grab my (athletic) brother’s ass – I thought it was someone in the group we were in, playing silly buggers, instead it was a woman in her 20’s – I was quite shocked that she did it, & did it so brazenly (I know very old fashioned word) – but that was how it came across, like she had a right to do that.


  12. I came across this clip from our beloved Curb creator, Larry David…

    Nazi’s and gays, (and young boys) what else would we expect?

    My sister told me about the episode before I watched the clip. She thought it was hilarious. Then I opened my big mouth and went on about how the Swatica is originally a good symbol, then the Nazi’s hijacked it, and then next thing I know my whole family is yelling at me. *sigh*

    Oh yeah, a couple days later, my mom gave me this book called, “Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story” written by Marion Blumenthal. And before even reading the book (it’s pretty depressing, just in the first page) I found this little website that counteracts what she says.

    Thanks for everything Alex! you’re a brave soul.

  13. @shatteredbutterfly is that “comedy” nowdays?!?!? …. Pendar minions are really busy these days …

  14. aferrismoon, well, that’s not gonna happen. 😀 I’ll either be bringing up the intended content of the show on my own, or find a better guest to address these [sick] issues with. The “cowgirl riders” … ugh, how obvious! 😦

    alex robinson, yeah, definitely something quite shady going on with someone who would use to choose so many different pen names. I just rue the day when the grab is also accompanied by a probe, and young girly men actually welcome it.

    shatteredbutterfly, wow, David’s degeneracy has no limits. Coincidentally, it fits right in with the current social engineering agenda to take the testicles away at a very early age. You may have noted said um, “book,” appeared on following show.

    pualo, yes, sadly it is. 👿 Then again, denigrating children has long been defined as comedy to the hypnotized [m] Asses.

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