eLimination, eJewcation & eLegions

This week, I was revisited by Dennis Fetcho from the Illuminatus Observor, and the latest addition to Oracle’s line-up [grimacing slightly] Inside the Eye Live.

black baby jew jitsuresist jew nwo

The main topic of the show was the ongoing question as to what depth the Jewish Mafia has in world affairs, and how much culpability Judaism has in the wholesale fleecing and denigration of humanity. That’s the show below:


As discussed, I wrote my “definite piece” on the topic long ago, and still stand by most of the conclusions. If anything, one question I’d be more prone to ask now, is how many roads lead back London, and not Rome. However, the question still begs to be asked: how much responsibility do the legions have for their own actions?

nazi sumbarine base penguinsnazi vampires

Beyond the blatant standard Jew-bashing scripts read by operatives of same said mafia, my sarcasm stems more from the officially sanctioned party line about blaming all the world’s ills on unidentifiable “freemasonic satanist illuminati.”

willow smith larry david pussylarry david cocksucker award

Never mind that shady scumbags [above], repeatedly flaunt their predictions and perversions openly, while never letting go of the opportunity to blatantly smear their feces across our faces. And, they laugh because they continue to get away with it.

Jew Gravy 9/11kkk is jewish

So much easier to believe in delusional yarns about plots that can never be proven, than to see the truth starting you in the face. Sh, don’t tell the awoken resistance!

ask a nazi

The reason for my continued focus on the Holy Wood Machine, is because it is precisely what allows for the mass stupidity and lack of critical reasoning that follows. The NLP Instruction Set and opinion-stream has been implanted, hence even to this day, many a moron insists some fantastic Germanic plot is in play.

ritual murderdie for israelzionist tentaclespervert gravy

Never mind the mountain of evidence suggesting something quite contrary. Truther Bob made a couple of appearances on the show. You definitely don’t want to miss his anonymous pirate stream, or him grilling Dennis about his associations past.

justin bateman oraltwo thumbs up your ass

Metro Bob also made an appearance, reviewing the latest turd the Priests of Wood [refer to Venn diagram] have shit out and polished up for humanity’s benefit.

Above [left], is the promotional poster that was originally circulating around Los Angeles, and later toned down, probably because the “stick a cock in my mouth” face was way too blatant, even to the average idiot. If you are one of the few people left on this planet, still capable of using reason, you might also realize that most “men” working on said poster, are envying the “lucky bastard” on the right.

venn celtic rebelvenn de lugh

One Minor Correction: Metro Bob meant to say “Jason” Bateman, not Justin [¿too much Bieber on the brain perhaps?]. For those who couldn’t spatially visualize the referenced diagram, above [left] is one version of it. I also really like Lugh’s post contribution [right], which attempts to entitle the [two-way] intersections.

As I keep saying, worry not about imaginary Illuminati, the best advice I can give is provided by the poster above.

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Note: In case any missed it, the last show I did with Dennis was on his podcast stream, shortly before he joined Oracle. Might be of interest to any unfamiliar with the history of the route my work took to get to where it is today.

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  1. great show….

    This is what passes for a TV ad in the UK.

    VIDEO: Guzzle Puzzle: Magic Catdonkey

  2. 3 Rebel Themes in one “hilarious” video:

    (1) Christ (& the nailing)
    (2) Apes
    (3) Jews

  3. Mongoose forgot (4) desecration of the feminine

    PS: Did a page for you, with another suggestion at the end
    http://ntisko.blogspot.com/2011/08/de-la-zizik-rebelle-d.html 😉

  4. VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu5_qq8sJUg

    I believe you have spoken on this exact subject , Mr Rebel [now about that tee shirt….]

    Good vids Steven UK and Mongoose

  5. Great find on the Israeli programming, I was checking out other videos by the same show and it’s REALLY creepy, to start it’s aimed at children and the hostess is always bikini clad. Please check this one out :

    VIDEO: Toffee And The Gorilla – USA (Funny)

    Blatant USA propaganda, featuring real adult jokes and themes that are just unbelievable, such as singing how good it is to be a slave… “slavery was a nice american invention, in which they brought many afro-americans and turned them into basketball players; – wow wow wow, slavery is such an amazing thing!”

  6. Steven UK, nice find there. Supports what I’ve been saying for a while that the phrase “Shazam!” has always been about a grown man anally penetrating a little boy.

    The Mongoose, another nice find. A flagrant example of how the Israeli Jews view their American scum servant class, who would never dare put on something derogatory on air about the former.

    digital sickness, kind of odd. Not because of the admission as to what I”ve been talking about, but because of the show it was presented on … the guy seems to be playing the other side.

    joseantonioflorescortez, hirarious “shite” there man! 🙄 Did you catch gay anal-tickle man at about the 10 minute mark? While back in the USA, all we have is shows made by Jews about Jews. Damn those [non-jewish] freemasonic satanist illuminati scum! 😆

  7. All the so called “laws” you are talking and bitching about are statutes and regulations, they are NOT “law”. It is their ancient maritime/admiralty jurisdiction (aka roman civil law) and you have to consent to those rules as a citizen (natural person/legal fiction).

    The “elite” only control this jurisdiction, it is their realm so to speak, but there is still common law jurisdiction, the law of the land. We can become sovereigns (people, living souls, not “persons”) on dry land and be free again.

    So the NWO is volutary slavery because we consent to their jurisdiction all the time but nobody is actually forcing us! Almost all “nations” are corporations and citizens/persons are employees of that corporation, your income tax goes directly to the IMF and therefore you are financing your own chains.


    Those “evil masonic satanist” respect free will (all masonic rituals require consent), they don’t force anybody to do anything…we are doing it to ourselves because we are ignorant, stupid and naive.

    I’m pretty convinced this “evil satanic elite” wants to help us rather than harm us, they respect our free will for a reason…

  8. In reference to Holy Wood and the media, I’ve been noticing a lot of pederasty and misogyny masquerading as androgyny. Andrei Pejic is the hottest model right now, walking the runaway in male and female fashions. Not only are stupid women being given an unattainable ideal of no hips, no chest, but they are being told that they aren’t even desired anyway. It is obvious what the elites really want.

    Now, when did someone like Michael Cera become a leading man? He looks and sounds like he hasn’t gone through puberty yet and we always see his skinny shirtless chest while he hangs with his hipster bros. The metrosexuals, with their soft voices, pampered skin, and non-threatening sexuality are presented as the norm while “ladies” become coarser and unfeminine.

  9. Hey I made you a venn diagram .. was a little different than yours but I like it. And here are some sobering statistics

    I tend to agree with your jews as (somewhat) patsies theory. Back in the dark ages when only jews could use usary, it was allowed because the kings could rack up a tidy sum and then declare them evil and chase them out of town. This has happened numerous times throughout history and leads clues to why their fractured psyche works as it does. They were corralled into doing these stereotype jew jobs by papal decrees and bulls on the populace’s side and through certain mystery schools that “graciously” allowed them in after the Khazarian diaspora, on their side.

    I think it’s possible that the elite plan to sacrifice Israel to get their world wide hell, or whatever they’re trying to do. This could be enough for them to get away with it (well at least they think that in all their ego but they’re reaching). If you look at the Rothschilds, they’re descendants of Nimrod who was the demiurge personified.. (could also be Odin by the way.. Thor-Child? there is a rumor that Nimrod’s line continued through a “viking” source) he wanted to kill all the semites.. and if you look at Jahova he always treated them like shit and terrorized them into working for him.

    PS: If you look at them objectively, they do look like they might have been jostled into this position from an unseen hand. If you look at the Protocols o Zion they almost look like “orders” from someone and not so much their own thing.

  10. LAST SHOW WAS AWESOME… and you guest is right Zion11/Nine11 is a serious attack on America’s Freedom… and the american people need to stand up for this country before its turned into South Africa or worse…
    What is weird is that his father sounds younger then Alex and I don’t get that feeling that Alex is talking to his Dad but faking it…

  11. I was under the impression that illuminati satanists aren’t that hard to find

    Was just thinking about the old movie Cool Hand Luke (Lucifer?) Remember the scene in that movie where the scantily clad woman is washing her car in front of the guys and the big fella says anything that looks like thats just got to be named Lucille? i always found that to be an odd choice for a sexy name even in those days. Lucille is also the name of BB King’s guitar now that I think of it.

  12. mace556, not really the focus of the show, though there is much validity, yet headaches, to sovereignty. The focus is more on the brainwashing machine (the source of the stupidity) and compassion (the lack of being the source of our damnation).

    Vigilant Mommy, well, looking at the Venn Diagram we can see who sets the tone. These underdeveloped bitch-boys are exactly what they idealize, and they’ve gotten quite adept at programming their hypnotized audience of females, that it is what “they” want.

    Lugh, nice diagram, have now included. Per Dennis, “Hassidic Sin-a-Gog’s” would be more accurately replaced with “Chabad Lubavism.” I head your point, after all the gods (our ruling class), chose their people (the jews), for a reason. Still, the Jewish Legions have followed their orders all too willingly and all too gladly.

    Nico, well I’m not too sure how long ago we actually had “freedom” in the Land of the Blind (USA). Yes, the conversation between Alex and his Father does sound a little too much like it’s not “live.”

    Chris, well that depends on whether you interpret the hand-sign as “satan” (the one we’ve been GIVEN), or one for anal-sex preparation (via interpretation). Hehe, of course that fine female would be Lucy, who else? 👿

  13. Nice find Vigilant Mommy, what a mindfuck of an image of beauty to be pushing onto the youth. No doubt all the ignorant young ladies (girls) buying women’s magazines will have their head screwed with everytime they look at him/her/it. Nauseating. Celtic, got into a facebook argument with an icredibly brainwashed jewish woman on the weekend – it really hit home for me just how deep their programming is. I quote:

    “‎6 million of God’s Holy People were incinerated by a man marked by Satan & the same thing is happening with an attack planned on Israel as we speak. We are living in the most prophetic time in history & most people are asleep. But don’t ev…en try & look for the truth, everything in the matrix is designed to keep you entertained & unaware of the most holy war to ever take place. Iran, Russia, & Egypt against the holy city, with the UN currently undecided.”

    One more for the road: And to top it off, this person actually has a conspiracist worldview! The mind boggles.

    “Israel is a holy nation that was chosen by God as a light post to the world. America the harlot has betrayed the holy covenant; her cup overflows with pornography, abortion & idolatry through pagan worship.”

  14. The rebel is back in business…..

    PS: on that fateful day – you had a group of z’sts high 5′ving each other after the sacrifice. you had SILVERs on tape quoted to bring down the building 7. You had fake reporters + pre filmed audio +pre filmed fake tv green screen imagery . non existent planes in all sites, You had jets asked to stand down, you had 2 whole buildings smoked in 7 seconds yet they find a passport + engines in tact from the perps. You see ufos circling around and holographic technology running rampant in the air + on the ground. you have fake human dummies floating through the air downwards,…with chemtrails abound ….

    the day was the innundation of thoth in the nile which would mark 2k after the start of AD, which suggests a massive egyptian connection yet there is no sound or a tweet.
    it started, it has taken ….10 years it has taken to see the hoax in full effect, but it seems too late because their stage two is on the way.. hold on to your horses rock steady…

    we can sit and analyze films , while the chickens are restless and they have come to roost.

  15. Well, this isnt on topic of Jews, but its related to shite and hollywood, so the link isnt too tenuous…….I saw this crap infested movie, ‘Dreamcatcher’ from 2003., [stephen king]. here is the trailer

    It has Morgan the Freeman in it, [who has a few issues (not) with mass murder of americans for a higher cause]. Anyway, the premise is that these aliens called “Shitweasels” infest your body and crawl out of your ass in a violent explosion of shite and blood. I couldnt find the complete scene where the man is on the toilet and his arse explodes shite/blood and covers the room in gravy, while an alien bursts out of his ass and tears him a new asshole- but its here in this review of the film, [which isnt bad actually] watch closely the scene beginning 35 secs

    this topic naturally led me to discover this: The Top Twelve Most Memorable Toilet Scenes In Movies

    and lastly,we have the Bigbrother franchise back on ….the only thing i have paid attention to is the opening intro….rocking the Planet Saturn

    p.s:@mace556: the power hierarchy respect free will? YES, because they have to!! thats the law of Karma, but how do they bypass this? They have their F* servants and minions to do it…US! they send US out to their WARS and its US who get the blood on OUR hands. Respect free will my ass, its a con., avoidance of natural law. If they are releasing knowledge at this specific time you can guarantee its not in OUR interest…when has it ever been in our interest?

    Damn Jews…

  16. @joseantonioflorescortez: The worst slave traders in history were jews.

    “Jews also took an active part in the Dutch colonial slave trade; indeed, the bylaws of the Recife and Mauricia congregations (1648) included an imposta (Jewish tax) of five soldos for each Negro slave a Brazilian Jew purchased from the West Indies Company. Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.”

    And now they´re saying it´s an American invention in Israeli TV.

    So what the hell do you mean by “USA propaganda”? It´s clearly ANTI-US propaganda, I´d call it biting the hand that feeds them.

  17. James B, sometimes I wonder what’s more insane: (a) the stupid beliefs held by your average couch potato, (b) the ridiculous crap most “truthers” fall for, or (c) the absurd notions espoused by your average brainwashed jew.

    Pav, we know that everything the mainstream media told us about 911 was a lie, and now the smarter ones among us realize a lot of the “facts” the early zionist buttboys of the truth movement told us were also lies. Perhaps, the smartest thing to do, is not get mired in the filthy muck they so cleverly prepared for us.

    digital sickness, I vaguely remember that Stephen King shitfest, who’s entire plot revolved around thing going into and out of the anus, and the “magic” that could result when a solo finger is used. May have to ask Jim Bob to revisit/review. The review you sent is not bad, but the rreviewer is handicapped by not knowing everything that makes “no sense” was carefully thought out. Top 12 fecalfeliac delgihts? Isn’t Hollywood itself one neverending turd?

    Noxx, more disgusting is how the zionists have programmed your avegage black to think that the Jews who think they are animals and denigrated them, are on their side, while your average “white” who had nothing to do with the slave trade is their mutual enemy. I was under the impression he meant to say “anti.”

  18. The most profound of connections has been made. Concerning the Asherim:

    “The asherim were also cult objects related to the worship of the fertility Goddess Asherah, the consort of either Ba’al or, as inscriptions from Kuntillet ‘Ajurd and Khirbet el-Qom attest, Yahweh,[3] and thus objects of contention among competing cults. The insertion of “pole” begs the question by setting up unwarranted expectations for such a wooden object: “we are never told exactly what it was”, observes John Day.[4] The role of the Asherah reflected in the texts was likely rewritten and reinterpreted by the followers of Ezra, upon the return of the Jews from captivity and the writing of the Priestly text.[5] Though there was certainly a movement against goddess-worship at the Jerusalem Temple in the time of king Josiah, it did not long survive his reign, as the following four kings “did what was evil in the eyes of Yahweh” (2 Kings 23:32, 37; 24:9, 19). Further exhortations came from Jeremiah. The traditional interpretation of the Biblical text is that the Israelites imported pagan elements such as the Asherah poles from the surrounding Canaanites; the modern scholarly interpretations suggests instead that the Israelite folk religion was always polytheistic, and it was the prophets and priests who denounced the Asherah poles who were the innovators.[6]” – Wikipedia

    Make a guess as to what appealing form this worship has taken in the context of modern times.

  19. Enjoyed the show as always.

    Metro Bob’s review was quite, quite brilliant.

    666 thanks for the shout out 🙂

  20. Hi Alex

    Thank you for this brilliant show with the Fetch.

    Thank you for pulling me out of the Troofer movement.

    Thank you for talking about what Is the Real problem.

    Thank you for talking about Anonymous – who are currently peddling NATO war propaganda in favour of bombing more kids in Libya.

    Thank you for being open, honest, real and slightly pissed.

    I think that you, like me, are probably wondering if half the human race deserve to be saved from the madness. They don’t, and they are in fact already dead. This is self evident.

    There have always been and will always be the masses, the rest is just a game to control them. He who controls the masses controls the spice, or something like that.

    Hello to all you other commenters on here, reading the comments is a rare treat, some great nuggets of info.

    My heartfelt best wishes.
    Simey (Ireland)

    Love, peace and justice for all. Stop Fucking Killing Kids.

  21. To successfully colon-ise a people you have to do two things. You need to convince the colonisers that they are superior to the colonised, and you need to convince the colonised that they are inferior to the colonisers. In 1918, when the sausage factory had all but run out of fresh young European men to chew up and spit out in pieces, there was a grand total of 1500 British soldiers left in India. A population of over 300 million people kept under control, not by power of force, but by power of suggestion.
    The persistent ridicule of the goy in the media is part of this process of colonisation. They are superior, we are inferior. They are the colonisers, we are the colonised.

  22. rebel, check this out [tinystars.org]

    this is some cached site for “TINY STARS” a self-described anti-human rights abuse agency, working with the/a “Covert Intelligence Service.” they will take $10,000 from you and hook you up with an “elite operative” for intelligence training, and you can go on “Bond and Bourne”-style missions?!? check out the name (Tiny Stars?), the logo (the two leafy phalli) and the promo pictures (Dr. Phil!).

    what the hell is this thing? it’s associated with “jake collins” perhaps of alleged “collins bloodline” extraction?

  23. Ohcirej, that supports Dennis’s assertion that what we’re seeing is a twisted or reversed/sadistic form of goddess worship.

    alex robinson, thanks for noting hon. Feel that Metro Bob’s extremely poignant review may have been overshadowed by Truther Bob’s antics and “hutzpah.” 😀

    Simey, thank you for an excellent comment!

    Ross, it’s a mental game and the example you highlight is as good as any. It does seem absurd the colonization continues.

    Cree, did the site go down since you posted it? All that’s left now of something promoting ass-rape of children [to the wise] is some rev generating ad site.

  24. @ Stephen: Your video just made me feel a little unsettled to say the least but reminded me of this Radiohead song called We suck Young Blood which they said was about Hollywood. Before the album Hail To The Thief was released, Radiohead put up posters around Los Angeles that said:

    “Hungry? Sick? Begging for a break? Sweet? Fresh? Strung up by the wrists? We want young blood. Call 1-800-YOUNG-BLOOD

    We Suck Young Blood Lyrics

    Are you hungry? Are you sick? Are you begging for a break?Are you sweet?
    Are you fresh? Are you strung up by the wrists?
    We want the young blood
    Are you fracturing? Are you torn at the seams? Would you do anything? Fleabitten motheaten?
    We suck young blood Won’t let the creeping ivy
    Won’t let the nervous bury me
    Our veins are thin
    Our rivers poisoned
    We want the sweet meat
    We want the young blood

  25. @mace556 Glad to see another sovereign human being on here!

    The common law is good enough for me, I haven’t stood under any corporate laws or visited corporate courts in years.

    In fact, the Brehon Law, which is the real and true law in Ireland, which is older than any law on earth, which is the source of copyright law (To each cow her calf) is good enough for me.

    The stuff of which you speak is the most individually empowering and practical information out there and literally changed my life and the lives of those around me. I wish more people were aware of it. The arguments and debates online regarding this info are all nonsense. I live it and I hope you do too.


  26. Someone who was going to write a book about the slaves in Israel is Edgar Steele, and he’s in prison now. His wife thinks he was framed by the govt for the crime of trying to blow her up. He thinks they did it because he said he was planning to write the book. His old blog site: http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/

    And this is the site trying to free him: http://www.free-edgar-steele.com/

  27. Kevin Smith was on the Joe Rogan podcast show explaining how he broke the inside of his asshole. He asked his wife to look inside his asshole and stick her finger inside. The doctor used a flashlight to look in his ass. According to him this happened because he sits too long on the toilet, right. A couple of shows ago you made some comments about these 2 temple dogs, I guess you’re right.

    About the fake MK ultra and evil nazi’s. Nazi’s are always portraited as evil looking people with weird smoking habits. But when you look at Werner von Braun he’s a handsome and charismatic guy selling the whole NASA moon adventure. Google picture him and you see him with Walt Disney and lots of rocket models, rediculous. The guy is clearly an actor used to sell us fairytales.

    Holland is the coastal area of the Netherlands where ships went out to pillage the world. Cities like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam are located in this region. So non native Dutch would say they were from Holland.

    Amsterdam has the reputation but Rotterdam is the reversed asshole of Europe. It’s the biggest port in the world and the gateway to Europe, the feces go from top to bottom in Europe. Drugs, child sex slavery, childpornography, human trafficking, it’s the biggest shithole you can find.

    This whole country is run by a pedophile elite. There’s so much proof the attorney general likes to rape children but all investigations were suddenly stopped by media and politicians. No one wants to talk about is anymore.

    It’s so much worse than the Rebel says.

  28. Hi, not trying to drag on a subject here, but after a short while I realized that Toffe and the Gorilla is more a like a big joke than anything. (I didn’t feel like re-posting and fixing it, I was just very excited when I first saw the video, I’m sorry). Sure the slave thing can be seen as very anti-american, but the whole thing is overall positive towards american culture, and also gay culture. It’s more of a mind fuck than propaganda per se, I think there is a whole lot more of that out there.
    Sometimes It feels that people are too eager to point fingers and it makes it much harder to have a conversation, exchange ideas and improve, if you cant make mistakes when you try express yourself.
    None of us really knows the “truth”, we are only trying to underestand how are we getting screwed over by many diferent fronts, we should all drop the high heels.

    Sorry for ranting, I still love everyone.

  29. Chris, sometimes I wonder by lyrics such as these, if they are admissions from those playing, or if once you get inside it, the true nature of the system is just so blatantly obvious.

    James, I’m a bit weary of anyone connecting the “Aryan” concept as having something to do with race, which I feel was one of the purposes of the [ashke]Nazi “party.” But, regardless of what he’s espoused, it is ridiculous that someone here in this colony, can get locked up for saying something far less “racist” than the ideology presented by Israeli television all day long.

    Alex, wow, Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith [the source of many DGW2 clips] are fecalfeliac bitch boys? Say it ain’t so, Joe! 👿 Good point about Von Braun, and thanks for the info on those dutch shithole gateways.

    joseantonioflorescortez, not sure why you’re back-peddling. Those Israeli tv shows are by no means satire. They are produced with one purpose in mind, to make fun of the pathetic mixed race stupid christian cattle in America, from which Tel Aviv extorts money daily. There is nothing “postive” about it.

  30. NOTE: video is graphic, lyrics are derogatory

    this video is a sample of our future generation. the lyrics are disturbing, morbid, and sum up the word “degeneration” precisely. the collective OFWGTKA, or odd future, is building a massive following. i’m undecided whether they’re a social programmer’s wet dream, or actually aware of more than they convey. i say this especially after reading this from the leader of the group:

    BASTARD – Tyler Creator (or Ace) Releases This Full Length Self Produced Album, Mostly About His Father, Rape, Box Logos And Jesus. Also Featuring Unicorns And Transexuals.

    the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

  31. Alex i agree the “fast food truth” vid is an odd one. At the point where the Rabbi-T makes the speech about “jews having to do what they do”, he makes it a point to say his own, and the hosts name in full, “Well, thats me Rabbi abe finkelstein, and you, Pastor Wickstrom”, you know, just to make sure it is duly noted that a “zionist jew” is making the statement that children are ritually sacrificed and put in Mcdonalds burgers and sausages.

    Its easy to dismiss what is said because of the obvious agenda at play Alex, but a lot of truth is said in Jest too, as you know (comedy roast, anyone?) . I would say that the notion presented therein by zionist Rabi abe finkelstein that “Goyim are eating their own children” fed back to them through slaughterhouses may very well be a valid and true assertion., but presented in such a ludicrous fashion as to be readily dismissed as….well, as what? whats his game? Is this all stage setting for the coming war on/for Israel? Stirring up the pot, so to speak.Making the natives restless? It has been said that the Canaanite Israelis will take back their promised land and restore the Pharaoh to the Throne. But in recent times its not God whom promised the Hebrew bloodline Israel but the British monarchy , in exchange for aid in WW1 the British Elite promised Is’Ra’El to the Zionist Black nobilty bloodline via a letter addressed to one Lord ThorsChild and from british minister Balfour.

    Alex, this is why youre work here is important, you were the one that switched me on, and i thank you for that. You also helped me face …issues…that i had, and thats incredible to me, You shouldnt stop what youre doing, not now ,people like you (and Mark passio, alex R, Fetch etc) are the sane voice for a lot of us out here. and p.s, id enjoy very much if Lord Metro of Bob would review that shitefest Dreamcatcher, youre very right about the review i sent, the man totally misses out on WHY things apparently do not make sense, he was missing the vital component of knowledge which your work raises.

  32. Celtic Rebel,

    The site went down indeed, the very next day in fact. This is some related site with the logo and the spiel.

    Regarding Raffi’s post about OFWGKTA, I naturally googled around and read up on them. One detail that can be taken out is “Tyler, the Creator”‘s frequent claim (I don’t doubt it) that he “doesn’t give a fuck.” My limited time on Facebook revealed that many people listed one of their activities as “Not giving a fuuuuuuuuck”. Cf: Vernon Chatman of “Xavier: Renegade Angel” fame released a mostly sex-less “porn” movie called “Final Flesh,” about which he commented that the entire purpose of the exercise is to reach a point of not caring (paraphrasing). I recall seeing a Tao te Jing quote to the effect that the man who does not care about the tumult going on around him will be the man who survives the age. See the Shins “Caring is Creepy,” etc. etc. ad nauseum.

    Not necessarily trusting any of these sources, (obviously they are talented and creative), I see a clear meme running through our updated Aquarian programming of “Not Giving A Fuck.” Personally I can watch the news about Libya, know that it’s being spun, know women and children are dying, and yet I do nothing. Is “not caring” the inevitable result of all this?

    Side note to Raffi, as for your rhetorical question about OFWGKTA being a programmer’s wet dream or being aware of more than they know, it appears those two lines are intersecting. The prevalence of all these symbols on MTV etc, is super-saturation, to where you can probably be a kid and know all these things anyway, but not even know that you know them, or how, or really care if you found out.

  33. “South Park” creators teach a class in televised lesson.

    Apparently they’re “Tony” winners.. LOL!! Go west young man, Go west… 😉

    Looking forward to your next show btw, should be a good one. Plus, I just watched Don’t Go West again for the 10th time. I can’t believe how much I missed the first 9 times 🙂 Best documentary ever!! Also, I was thinking about all the sitcoms (sick-coms) that have featured two or three men living together (The Odd Couple, Perfect Strangers, My Two Dads, Bosom Buddies, Two & a Half Men, Full House, the British “Cult” hits “Bottom” and “The Young Ones”, hahaha Bottom? Seriously?? haha, funny joke…, etc) as well as the shows featuring two or three women living together (Laverne and Shirley, Kate and Alley, The Golden Girls, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, etc), and looking back now it should be clearly obvious what types of messages were being sent out to all the subconscious minds viewing those particular “shows”.. WOW! No wonder we’re at the state we’re in eh? There’s no programming going on here, nothing to worry about folks, move on, nothing to see here 🙂


  34. Edgar Steele aint doing time because of anything to do with Aryans or whatever. Why bring that up? Steele was of course trying to defend white rights, but he was no raving Nazi. His wife was Armenian too, and the Armenian genocide is interesting since the “Young Turks” were crypto-Jews – as was Ataturk himself.

    He’s doing time because we was going to expose some criminals. They were just much more powerful and connected than he gave them credit for. Well, that’s his latest theory for why they went after him. He was doing a lot of snooping into the Russian bride networks.

    Anyway, great show. Hopefully you don’t piss off the wrong people too. Maybe you’re not really striking at the root though – unlike all the people in the “truth movement” who are in jail for writing books.

  35. Regarding the Holy wood vs Holly-wood debate-

    VID: Marilyn Manson – Holy Wood (1/8)

    Manson is pretty much telling you how it is.

  36. Great show guys, best One In a while ,IMO. So tired of The “Jesuits-run-it” apologists lately . Here’s a commercial-free version of the podcast.

  37. Zionists montel-pro in action: http://www.jewornotjew.com/profile.jsp?ID=33
    Hitler officially not a Jew on there..

  38. Ouch!

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