Diving in the Drowning Pool [2]

Alex was back on Sunday and we got deeper into the [bottomless] tub this time. While we may have done so metaphorically, rest assured Justin Bieber and Chritina Aguilera are speaking quite literally below (no, it’s got nothing to do with satan):

The show picked up where the last show left off, speaking of mysterious drownings and guessing at the nefarious reasons behind them:


And I do stress “guess,” this is forensic detective work. We can look at patterns, establish causality and follow leads. Don’t expect the alternamainstream to have conveniently set up a tidy rabbit trail to lead us asstray on this one. We entranced?

I apologize if any of the revelations are shocking, but in all honesty, what’s more shocking to me is how few of us have even noticed the traumatic nature of the meme-stream the Priests of Wood have been throwing our way. Should we duck?

I know many find my work uncomfortable, and it’s much easier to digest fantastic tales of constipatorial nonsense, rather than trust our own OBLIVIOUS eye [s]:

As stated at the beginning, if you missed last week’s show, you will need to listen before digesting this one. It will hopefully then, make a little more sense…

~ by celticrebel on August 15, 2011.

28 Responses to “Diving in the Drowning Pool [2]”

  1. Thank you for the “shout out”. And while you did this you were talking about aliens. This reminds me when I got my green card 26 years ago it was titled “Resident Alien card”. Later I was out of the country for 11 years and I reapplied for a new green card and now it’s titled “Permanent Resident Card”. I always wondered why they changed it, I thought it had to do with the Alien movies in the 80’s…

  2. On the topic of witches from Part 2 of your discussion… a story from a few years ago that came to mind. DONT WATCH THE VIDEO, just please read the article, and try to emphasize the last sentence of the last paragraph.

    I wanted to share that, because witch accusations go beyond just womanhood – there are also material reasons involved, more often than not. I know the article says it’s only on occasion, but I really doubt that. And it’s not just exclusive to widows either.

    I think the false witchcraft accusations tie heavily into false accusations of insanity as well. They’re really just a variation of one another.

    There are a lot of drowning connections I’ve made in the past two weeks that I could share with you too, Alexes – but honestly, I’m scared to go around recommending this shit at all anymore. Even for the sake of making connections. It has a weight. Thank you for the past few weeks, even though it’s been a little traumatic. To say the least. It’s way better than not knowing.

  3. The whole underwater aspect of this show triggered something in my mind (don’t know why though) – the poopular hip-hop lexicon phrase ‘tap that ass’. Tap it? Underground oil and gas reserves get literally ‘tapped’ by probes, to have the energy extracted. Guess we know why they want us to ‘tap that ass’ now, hey? Or am I reaching? Nah.

  4. The lead singer for Drowning Pool died mysteriously on his tour bus in his sleep, autopsy apparently revealed nothing strange. Their hit song was “let the bodies hit the floor”. He died shortly after their first album started getting airtime on the radio

  5. I checked out “Flight of the Navigator” over the weekend for some re-con. Timeless tale of an alien spacecraft from Phaelon that abducts a 12 year old boy, knocks him unconscious, takes him to another planet, fills his brain to capacity with “all appropriate star charts,” and drops him off with amnesia, only to lure him back in with telepathy (“Are you coming?” “Yes, I’m coming”), steal him away again from his family, perform a “mind transfer,” adopt the voice of Pee Wee Herman, and then take him back in time to the first abduction. Incidentally or not, the “mind transfer” takes place underwater, after the spacecraft dives into the ocean in one of the few scenes that had stuck in my head from the first time I watched it in the 1980s. This is the setting for the exchange where the boy asks, “Does this thing leak?” and the alien responds, “Navigator, I do not leak. You do – remember?” (Fall back: The boy’s brain had “leaked” all the star charts.)

    One of the weirdest parts is when the boy first enters the spaceship and then an orb lights up and speaks some incantation in a hypnotic voice. The whole movie is on youtube and likely full of references I’ve missed. An 8-year old boy definitely shakes his rear end at the camera within the first 5 minutes though, right after a repartee of “butthead” and “scuz-bucket”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9YgNtUl3UE

    Of course, it reminded me of this scene from Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job (watch to the end, and then check out the second most “Thumbs upped” comment about the Lost Boys movie.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um-ew4QFkFM

  6. i remember when drowning pool’s singer, dave williams, died and remember it being in virginia. a quick gander confirmed the location as Manassas, Virgin-ia.

    great show. even if you decide to one day stop your broadcast, the rebel path will continue.

  7. Bachman sure knows how to handle a foot long corn dog.

    Kind of reminds me of that pepto bismol commercial where a guy gets repeatedly slapped in the face by his corn dog

  8. I have a few links/additions for consideration as a result of the great show by Team Alex…

    First – Bieber & Christ: In the article attached you can see Bieber Jnr apparently looking at his father’s penis in a very homo-erotic pose. They have just had matching tattoos of “Jesus” on their sides. This links with Longinus piercing Jesus on the side from the show and also Southpark episode on necrophilia, cutting a mangina to have sex with.


    Second – Drowning & Mind ControlIt took me a moment but we must remember that to control someone’s mind you must wash it, brainwash. In an article at Stygian Port (Sept 2008) familiar themes of water, Alice in Wonderland, colours (Red esp), there is a film called Alex in Wonderland starring our old “friend” Donald Sutherland and A Clockwork Orange description of how to create disassociation.

    There is a wealth of information on how drowning fits in with the mind control in the work of http://www.whale.to/b/sodomy_q.html and he explains what some people call “the Illuminati” is “a brotherhood of sodomites that’s like family”. Whether you believe the MK Ultra programme or not there it is, have a look.

    Third – Riverworld: This is one came from left field (not earing!) ; from a memory I sort of suppressed subconsciously I think. A Sci Fi series I had started to watch called Riverworld sprung to mind, a world where we are all reborn in, all people dead in all ages. It was first run in 2003 and they remade it, you know remake it until they don’t get it some more, in 2010. Found out some weird stuff about the author too – alien sex mad – Philip Jose Farmer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJfl1jwECAc

    Fourth – Deprogramming the fairy stories: Rumpelstiltskin – he deals in gold asks for tit wank first (necklace), then anal (the ring) and finally the first born because he is a pederast too.

    There is a Brothers Grimm story called The Girl Without Hand which shows this incest / pederast/ hand meme has been around a while.

    Fifth – Link with red shoes, Dorothy and water: remember in WOZ what a bucket of water did!


    Finally – a request. Before you leave us to go on the most worthy “Celtic Rebel World Tour of The Vagina” could you please look into two aspects which keep coming up? Pederasts priests & Time Travel and Pederast priests & Nuclear Energy.

    Mongoose out and I miss you already.
    Infinite Love (joke!).

    NB. Jordan Maxwell derivative alert! Water & Money:- cashflow, banks, curren sea, liquid assets, slush funds, to spend money like water, sea of debt and……..drowning in debt

  9. Another pool related death in the news:


  10. Hey Rebel,

    The ultimate in drowning deaths (that came up on my radar) is most likely this example:


    Among my many endeavors as a wandering frog was deep sea diving. Salvage diving (if you aint salvage you aint $#!+) was considered to be the most dangerous in an already most dangerous job. Anyway, during the Katrina clean-up many of us were thrust into positions we did not earn. Tenders became divers, divers became supervisors, and supervisors became gods. Up until this time my deepest dive in the Gulf of Mexico was 55′ on surface supplied air, I was soon repeatedly making dives at the maximum allowed mixed gas limits, 300′, and some were pushing their tables with depths reaching 314′.

    Her-o’s were made, I lost friends.

    You see, I learned that the water and its inhabitants could speak to you in their own way, no matter how far back you would push these “liquidy ruminations” to the back of your mind, YOU KNEW, that the deep was no place for man. The amount of time a deep sea diver spends in the water borders on ludicrous, (decompression and all, we won’t get into saturation) so, if you are a receptive individual you soon learn that your days are numbered. Meaning either you will stop by choice or the deep will decide for you. I know that if there are any “divers” reading this they will confirm, but the standard sentiment was, – “Hell yea, I’ll do a bounce dive!” (back to back dives) The testosterone levels bordered on the absurd.

    I guess what IAm getting at here is that, yes, water is a conduit in its own right. A way to experience “something” that is just not possibly on this “earthly” plane and through this chosen path people die and or learn.

    As for “cornhole”, it is rumored to have started on the “West” side of Cincinnati. No kidding. I know this because I used to live there and had to hear it all the time. Now, I never met anyone who played it that did not poke fun at its name. I would often ask when first introduced to it, “Doesn’t the name give you the creeps?” It seemed everyone was aware of the sub-nature of the meaning but were not too terribly concerned by it. It actually uses 8 oz’s of corn kernels per bag. Thus the name. I have also seen it referred to as bagg-o, corn toss and some other various terms unrelated to ass sex. So perhaps this time it is just a case of Oscar Wilde’s fog of London, and no need for a full on fire and ire.

    I have more but I know how you feel about long-ass comments.

  11. Hey Alex,

    I just remembered something. There’s a rather infamous picture of Pope John Paul II giving the A-OK hand signals over both of his eyes, here it is:

    I guess it looks like ol’ Johnny Paul was in to giving & receiving eh? Why on earth would he give that away like that? Because, people are stupid thanks to thousands of years of programming to be docile. Welcome to Earth.

    Great show Alex & Alex, awesome revelations. I have to say, I want you to keep doing this show as long as you can – it’s really helping believe it or not 😉


  12. sorry to reference the bible here: but The SCARLET WOMAN also signifies the coming Armageddon in the allegory of the book , so its safe to say that the elite occult psychopaths would introduce the scarlet programming to the mindset….let us know the time is at hand,,,,

    [see pic, scarlet woman]

    “1 Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me,[a] “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters, 2 with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”
    3 So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication.[b] 5 And on her forehead a name was written:


    Where is the Red harlot? can i expect a visit from the craven whore?
    Guaranteed she will come to fornicate with me right at the end of the bloody world, fantastic. my luck.

  13. Honestly, how much more obvious can it possibly get that Justin Bieber is gay as the day is long and he’s being porked by all manner of perverted black music stars? It’s bordering on the absurd. His new tattoo is meant to compliment(I guess) the one he already has, a seagull on his hip. A seagull… ON HIS HIP.

    You’re a teenage celebrity, pubescent girls around the world want your nuts, you get to get a tattoo to prove how cool you are, and you choose… a seagull. On your fucking hip.

    I can only assume that we are all supposed to know he’s a flaming poof and that we’re supposed to be cool with that, because it’s too damn blatant to be hidden.

  14. I’ve entertained the possibility of the origin of the white rabbit meme…it may lead to some relation to this blog topic.

    As the white rabbit deals with mind control, magic tricks, and the arts of illusion, such as pulling the white rabbit out of the black hat (perhaps a reference to the checkerboard floor of freemasonry? the power of duality?) it also can be symbolized in what we’d know as the “horns” hand gesture. Except this is misinterpreted. This hand gesture does not represent horns, but rather the ears of the rabbit, and thus, a white rabbit would represent a caucasian individual making a horns hand gesture and possibly inducing a hypnotic trance to some unlucky recipient. “Follow the white rabbit” then translates into “follow my hand gesture, relax and focus on this for a while” and as we know, this theme has echoed in alice in wonderland, the absurd placement in the speeches of various politicians, and magicians and hypnotists the world over. Hypnotism, spells, and enchantment serve to cloak the workings of the underworld, which this drowning theme is undoubtedly a part of.

  15. Oh boy this race is getting hot folks http://politicalkudzu.com/2011/08/17/presidential-candidate-rick-perry-attacks-a-corn-dog-photo/

  16. Just FYI – Nerrine Elizabeth Kidd Shatner death ertificate http://www.findadeath.com/Deceased/s/Nerine%20Shatner/NerineDC2.JPG : “DROWNING ASSOCIATED WITH NECK TRAUMA” and
    Checked box for “pending investigation”.
    Immediate cause [of death]: DEFFERED.

  17. Here’s a real story that connects the some of the themes you and Alex touched upon in the last two weeks (child drowning, Frankenstein monster): The actor Fred Gwynne lived near my grandparents in Bedford, NY, in the early ‘60s, and everyone felt so sorry for him and his family because his young son drowned in their swimming pool. It was a terrible tragedy, and it’s difficult to ascribe sinister motives to real people. The Gwynnes moved to Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, where Mr. Gwynne worked playing the part of Herman Munster (a humorous Frankenstein). After a few years, the family moved back to Bedford…

    …Which ties in with the movie Fatal Attraction (starring Michael “son-of-Kirk” Douglas and Glen Close). The movie was filmed, partly, in Bedford in the 1980s. (Michael Douglas lives there now.) Mr. Gwynne played a small role in that film. There is a famous drowning scene at the end.

    The movie could be a Celtic Rebel textbook, with too many points to go into here, but there is a drowning, some choking/asphyxiation, allusions to sodomy, a white rabbit, dead meat (in the “meat-packing district” of NYC), subliminal sex with a child, and lots of visual water references. There’s one part where Michael Douglas (playing “Dan”) has the following lines: DAN: [embraces Ellen] That was good. [hugs her tighter, whispers] That was really good. [long intake of breath] that was so good. [closer embrace, kisses her on back of neck] I love you.” ELLEN: [whispers, still embracing]: “I love you, too, Daddy,” [kisses him, and lays her head back on his shoulder]. DAN whispers: “Thank you, Darling.”

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMwPQikK3-w&feature=related (About one minute into the clip.)

    Sorry this is so long, but, the movie starts as the camera pans over NYC roofs to an apartment window, the TV is on. TV CHILD (Vanessa*): “How do they make that slime they’re always dumping on you?” TV WOMAN: “First they take some w–,** some liquid, then they add some Jello powder, and some flour. Sometimes some soap. And they dump it all over me.” [laughter] …TV CHILD: “Where do they dump it from?” The scene is set in the living room, and the father (Michael Douglas) is reading on the sofa, bare legged, not wearing pants.

    Thanks for wearing pants, Mr. Rebel.

    *Vanessa means butterfly. I think the film is basically about MPD.
    **She starts to say “water” but changes the word to “liquid.”

  18. Rebel have you heard of the movie “friends with benefits”? It seems like the Ptb read your post on social engineering a made a movie out of it. Justin timberlake is so lost from years of disney programming ass rape. That you cant imagine him with a woman. I also would like you to explore megan fox starring as lucyfur in passion play. More sympathy for the devil I guess….

  19. I may have missed it, but I was surprised no mention was made of the drowning of Ophelia in Hamlet. Having never read Hamlet, I am only aware of her fate because I used to be a custom picture framer. The paintings of Ophelia (there are several famous ones) were extremely popular with women for some reason, even to the point to where some girls didn’t even know who or what the image is about, they just liked the picture. Here’s the most famous one by Millais:

    Ophelia’s drowning is bizarre. Apparently she went insane after Hamlet killed her dad in an irrational fit. So… later she’s picking flowers by a river, falls in, floats for awhile, decides to sing while she’s floating, and then finally the river “Pull’d the poor wretch from her melodious lay to muddy death.”

    I found it more bizarre that a hurricane was named after her (September 13, 2005).

    And I thought it even more bizarre that 8 days after Ophelia, a TV show premiered called “Invasion”, created by 70’s poop-idol Shaun Cassidy. It’s about a town in Florida being taken over by watery creatures after a hurricane. In the show, characters thought to have been drowned by the hurricane were actually pulled under by glowing orange manta ray-like creatures, whereupon the people would return alive, and in perfect health…. but “changed”. I remember the show wasn’t that bad, and really focused on the “changed” people’s obsession with water (taking longer baths, etc.) It lasted only one season so nothing was explained.

    A favorite quote about drowning from Disney’s Peter Pan:
    Wendy:(Upon seeing mermaids) “Oh, how sweet!”
    Peter:”They’ll sweetly drown you if you get too close.”

    I’ve been doing some “What the hell is this whole reptilian thing about?” research lately and happened across this Michael Douglas scene from “Solitary Man”:


    You don’t have to watch the whole thing – just tell me why at :27, Michael’s eyes bug out like they’re spring loaded. Creepy!

    Good play, both of you!

  20. Tiki, there are many interesting connections to the Rebel’s topic in that painting. The model is emo cult figure Elizabeth Siddal, who was submerged under water in a tub in an unheated studio in the middle of winter for the duration of her pose. She contracted a case of pneumonia from which she never recovered. Lizzie “committed suicide” via an overdose of liquid opium at age 29 just 10 years after her Ophelia stint. Circumstances surrounding her untimely death are (of course) suspicious and unresolved. The artist Gabrielle Rossetti, her neglectful husband, is the one who found her. He was involved with the wife of William Morris at the time. Rossetti obsessed about her after her death and painted her as a ghost.

    Lizzie’s patron was the pedophile John Ruskin, who purchased her painted scenes of death and morbid poetry. She is worshiped by artsy emo girls and fairy princess types. I can’t count how many young women I have met who think they were Elizabeth Siddal in a past life. The way they identify with and romanticize her is ridiculous.

    The artist John Millais is infamous for having “run off” with the wife of Lizzie’s patron John Ruskin, who was horrified by her because she had public hair. He told her she was hideous and deformed and probably passed her on to his disciple Millais. Ruskin then fell madly “in love” with 9 year old Rose La Touche (who looks remarkably like Siddal) and that story is all kind of strange and seedy. Rose died at 27 after being institutionalized. Her cause of death is unknown! She was (also like Siddal) anorexic and thought to be completely mad. Ruskin continued stalking her after her death by holding seances and attempting to contact her spirit. In his writings he berates himself for having “drowned her innocence with his passion.” Ahem.

    Alex & Alex, thanks again for the thought provoking material.

  21. I wonder how water birthing relates to this topic of water murder. On one side life arrives in water and taken by hands into the air headfirst, to breathe. On the other side, head forced into the water, deprived of air to breathe water instead. Something else I found curious:

    Demos – populace
    Demon – Malignant spirit
    “My name is legion for we are many”

    Meat Loaf – In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher Is King

    This noise, although hideous, does indeed serve to tell nuhamity to become something more.

  22. “Drown” is Dr.Own. It re-arranges to N-Word. Reverse DROWN to find NWO RD. If you are on the West Coast or an eye-land, the sun sets in the water. After SinKing, It is SunK. Diving into divination, eh?

  23. Vincent Butts drowned near Freemason:


  24. Ugh!
    “While we may have done so metaphorically, rest assured Justin Bieber and Chritina Aguilera are speaking quite literally below (no, it’s got nothing to do with satan):”

    After reading that I entered A-Ok-sign in google and read through the wikipedia page.
    “…and when made with the thumb and forefinger parallel to the ground, asshole.
    In Turkey and Venezuela, it is a very offensive gesture, regarded as a reference to homosexuality, and reflecting a wider than usual (due to anal sex) anus of a homosexual man. In Peru too, but it is upside-down with the middle, ring and little fingers pointing down.

    In Mexico, if the hand gesture is slightly tilted it may mean “culo” (anus), used to refer to a coward.”

    Ok so far so good. But(t) here comes the worst point:

    “In the Arab world, this sign is used as a threatening gesture, as in saying: “You’ll see!”


  25. From recent news, new born baby found in stream,Lancashire, england, with 2 towels, one Union Jack , one with name tag ‘Renaissance’ : The baby may have been left in the water for some time due to rate of decomposition…. http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/local/plea_to_mother_as_baby_found_dead_1_3832546
    English meaning of renaissance: Rebirth,

  26. Drowning is back in the collective sluice gate– A&E’s premiere of Steven King’s Bag of Bones is being heavily advertised on imdb.com. It features a drowning 6 year old girl looking at the camera. If you go to the site, it’s even worse– it looks like bad Halloween makeup from a single mommy who wants her daughter to feel all grown up. It looks like the whole point of the story is to feature a drowning/drowned 6 year old. The advertising is doing the opposite of what was intended, for me, though, because it’s making me not want to see it more, rather than be compelled to watch. Maybe because I’ve been indoctrinated (taught?) how to see the world from the Celtic Rebel’s perspective. Either way, I thought I’d post as I immediately thought of this show when I saw the ad.

  27. I have to mention Jeff Buckley, who died drowned in Memphis while swimming in the Mississippi. My opinion is he had honest talent – could that be the reason why he had to die while recording his second album? His father Tim Buckley wrote an immensely covered song, ‘Song to the Siren’. This Mortal Coil also covered the song and Elizabeth Fraser was Jeff’s girlfriend sometime later.

    Also, he was singing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ when he went for a swim, according to a witness. Guess who was one of those who covered ‘Song to the Siren’? Robert Plant.
    A whole lot of coincidences.

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