Captain Underground’s War

Looking back, it’d be a fair bet to say the old propaganda posters were not only extremely subversive (their purpose), but also ridiculously homoerotic:

“Sub” is the proper term, as in unobserved, unseen, and above all, unspoken. These were among some of the tough, taboo, but necessary issues and questions raised during last night’s show [downloadable].


Another strongly subliminal, yet sublime aspect of the propaganda posters was a strong disgust towards the feminine. And yes, the “loose lips” poster is meant to suggest exactly what you’d fear think [labias]. We know these guys hate vagina.

Metro Bob tried to review some of that old-time propaganda, brought back under the seedy guise of some SeaMan named America. What a surprise! The Captain likes little boys and insists they keep whatever happens inside his tent a “secret:”

Then again, let’s set the record um, straight. The Comic Book industry flowered as a propaganda wing of the the war effort, heavily influenced by people who’s tendencies lay in the inhuman, misogynistic, and for some reason, overtly gay:

The idiot mind will of course, as can be relied upon, dismiss the countless examples supporting each of the prior stipulations. That’s what said mind is trained to do; miss the obvious vulgarity [like below’s blatant display of anal puppetry: suggesting a “pup,” as in young doggie] and then forget countless repetitions thereof.

Well, on one hand, at least Bond is happy to dig for Gold between them there hills on a woman, but James old boy, you’re doing it wrong! He does, however, seem to be a whole lot happier to be involved in suggestive penile situations with men.

The above set of images should now be blatantly obvious to anyone who “listened.” If the deviancy is not, then you may want to contact one of the Priests of Holy Wood, cause, you can rest assured, they all know.

Note: I recently updated a strongly related post, Kamikaze Sherman Gnatses with more thoughts and more images. Be sure to check it out..

~ by celticrebel on July 25, 2011.

25 Responses to “Captain Underground’s War”

  1. Apologies, Rebel! I think I’m one of those throwing around the term “temple dogs” without credit. It has been corrected and noted (and will always be). I think I’m getting forgetfully overzealous in trying to introduce these terms into the collective conscious because that’s all I can see now. In my youth, I wouldn’t have been able to wait for the premiere of a film like “Cowboys and Aliens.” Now all I need to do is look at the movie poster:

    Yes, you are seeing that correctly: the movie poster’s SOLE (soul?) focus is Daniel Craig’s butt.

    As for comic books, most people are unaware that the artist who created “The Man of Steel”, Joe Shuster (Jew), was into some bizarre sadomasochistic fetishes, which he used to illustrate using Lois and Clark:

    (this is one of the tamer images)

    Here’s another WWII poster for you with a “real man”:

  2. Linking to a site that has a good gallery of War propaganda posters, also lists the year, artist, and what dept. it was made for. Looking through some just off a browser search you dont really know which are real or fake, although looking at some of these very real ones its hard to believe they are real too.

    Alex do you think we are consciously evolving as Humans today from the level of obvious “lacking” we have been in the past? It seems to me mankinds..and womankinds…level of conscious thought and awareness is akin to the growth of a child. Is this a growth process? Can we look back and equate this to a childs learning process, by experience?
    Is it taking us as a species hundreds of years to live and learn? I mean, we think we are, and we are, dumb today but what about our recent past generations?All this crap they accepted? They must have been really fucking dumb!! Although we humanity at large are still fucking dumb, as we still take part in their wars and media Alternate Reality, but it does seem that there is a considerable element today of those who are finally having some meaningful growth, spiritually and emotionally and can raise their minds above the earthly mire?
    There have always been those minds who see the bigger picture and see through the facade, and always those who take advantage of it., but it seems we are coming to a point where this cant go on anymore, something has to give. Its not this programmed crap about “waking up”, we know its horseshit, this is more than that that im feeling., its some kind of connection to nature? Deep deep empathy to my surroundings and others. I know you have spoken about your own empathic nature.
    We have to be positive about this and nurture those around us worth saving, because otherwise we are all going to be fertiliser, we are at a crossroads, the forked path. look down the other path is really dark !! really dark..i see death upon death there and this planet isnt going to put up with our shit much longer.

    Alex youre the only one out there doing this: youve helped me grow, i feel, as a real individual. Im still a dumb Khunt (!) but im growing all the time. Im learning at a faster rate than i ever have, im connecting the dots. Keep it UP alex!!

  3. in case you needed further clarification, batman has always been a seriously homoerotic figure :

  4. Re: Living Tiki’s ‘ Be a man’ poster – Israel , that bea-con of democracy, has the largest percentage of women in the armed forces – 33%


  5. Here’s a comic book allegedly destined to the youth of France by no other than Yves Saint-Laurent

  6. Nice show Reb,
    going on that ‘anal energy’ thread of thought,

    It dawned on me last night while seeing some nature show, when wild animals catch their prey (ie cheetah and gazelle or whatever…), guess which is the first place they go diving in to tear it up when it’s back at their feeding spot…?

    yup, the ass…they just dive right into that like there’s nothing better…

    : P

    so, seeing this is a natural tendency for beings who live in a heirarchical structure, funny that it translates precisely to the controllers of today….

    actually, I guess it’s not surprising at all….

  7. Hey Alex, great show. Off topic for a second, other people are picking up on the xbox/cube/pyramid/cross/saturn connection

  8. Hey Alex,

    Awesome show, it went very fast and I enjoyed every minute of it! 🙂 Anyway, I was thinking about “Dr” Deepak Chopra, and how he was actually trained in NLP back in the late 80s, just like Tony Robbins was in the early 80s (as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer, another one of these schmucks). All these guys, with the exception of Wayne Dyer, were trained by Richard Bandler’s group, the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming. Deepak Chopra uses all of the basic and advanced techniques of NLP, as well as mixing it together with some New Agey mumbo jumbo – as well as some Eastern Mystical beliefs, etc.

    Also, you mentioned how the media is portraying women, especially more feminine women, as fat and obese, while on the contrary portraying men as buff and ripped. This technique is an old pattern that’s labeled “spatial anchoring” in NLP jargon. “This is good. Yum! 🙂 That is bad. ugh.. 😦 ” Spatial anchoring is a very powerful technique, because it speaks to the unconscious mind – the other mind. One thing about a good Hypnotist is that they don’t want to talk or communicate with you, the conscious mind, they want to talk to the other mind, the primal part of you, the part that takes directions and commands. Imagery and symbolism are the key tools to accessing control of the collective unconscious (or as Carl Jung called the Super Conscious). You’ve unlocked many of the codes that so many refuse to see, but that’s ok because more and more people are becoming aware of these codes. That’s a good thing. 🙂

    Take it easy,

  9. I really loved Stephen’s comment above me, well said. I know you hate the C-word, Rebel (collectivism, not the OTHER c-word!! :] ) but there really does need to be some sort of synching among humans who are willing to look at themselves, completely.
    Thanks again to everybody for the propaganda images, they’re just astounding. They really compliment these recent dialogues.
    Also – just wanted to point out that Frank Oz directed Bowfinger. He also did the voices of Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Yoda, and Bert from Sesame St. I could go on and on about how questionable that is, but I’ll let you do the math.
    As if that wasn’t enough, he also directed In & Out… Death at a Funeral… and the remake of The Stepford Wives.
    So… yeah… nobody should be too surprised by the lack of love for the vijay-jay in that particular film.
    Great show this week, so happy to be listening live now! Thanks and take care everybody

  10. … Now that your Rose is in bloom [From Seal/Batman soundtrack]

    I’ve been enjoying the shows very much and offer a quote from Vernon Howard: “As you acquire more and more spiritual light, a wonderful thing will happen by a definite spiritual law. What happens is people in love with darkness will move away from you. They want absolutely nothing to do with you. The torment of being unable to pull you back into the mud is too great for them.”

  11. Hi Celtic, it’s been a while, the gaylite broadcast this week was a good summary of a certain aspect of your millieu, i watched a certain disturbing film tonight that you may or may not want to view, which is so fucking gay. In a bad, mind controlling, way. It’s name is Poolboy and stars kevin sorbo of the homoerotic hurcules series. I am sure you will have a lot to comment on it, i was horrified and it was mean’t to be a comedy?

    In conclusion this film tries to equate racism with gay bashing, which i find offensive as i have had to deal with racism most of my life even though my bloodline comes from to abode of the clouds, the abode of the gods was where my forefathers came from, in an indo-aryan context. I may live in the UK but i am not the usual half-white man lol.

    PS: aryanism is not nazism, nazism is german national socialism not northern indian spiritulism look into it himler and hitler were german loons.

  12. I quickly wanted to share something with you Alex:

    go to 1:05, take note of what’s being said

    Now who do we see here but our lil doggy who’s last role was an ass-ass-in….

  13. Please check out this guy’s analysis of superhero movies, comic books, and heroic mythologies. I think it’s spot-on and very relevant to what you’re saying.

    Heroism Part 1

    Nice show by the way. Thanks for stroking my ego.

  14. @Ferdinand, nice video. It reminds me of this

    Not much changed in comics either. This came from an issue just this week.

    The symbolism in those posters are pretty jarring. One could argue that the act of war itself is extremely gay. A bunch of guys get together.. put things in each other.. and it results in destruction and not creation.. it goes further than this but you get the idea. Look at how these fascists are secretly fudge packers. When you see many of these politicians who talk about war they get kind of a twinkle in their eye and they are filled with a warm glowing feeling like in a state of arousal. W. was bad for this, and we all know about Gannon. One could perhaps decipher the character of many of these guys by noticing this when they have their speeches. This is a very demented reality and one that exists in upper echelons of power.

  15. Thanks once again for pointing out the ‘blindly’ obvious – forget about magicians & their tricks, they’ve got nothing compared to the acts pulled off so flawlessly & ‘ad nauseously’ under our noses.

    Amazing poster finds & the comic books tell a thousand depraved words.

    Kudos for having the courage to go out on a lonely limb & ask the glaringly shameful question – “how many people have known exactly what was going on & yet never uttered a word?”

    Love your work

  16. In terms of revolting citizens, the gaylites never spare trouble to smear their opinion on this issue through movie posters like this one:

    In think that it is another example of how they are viewing us as subhumans.
    I my opinion, it is an interesting touch that the movies’ plot takes place in San Francisco. 😉

    What I find also intriguing is the 10-year distance towards the sequel of this prequel. The “Planet of the Apes”-remake came out in August 2001, around one month before this “Twin Tower Event” took place.
    “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” will hit cinemas on 11th August 2011, exactly one month before the 10-year anniversary of the notorius “Inside Job”.

    Can it be that this flick is some kind of “MK Mega”-trigger for all the Truthers out there, which is casting a “spell” on them to finally keeping their minds and spirits trapped forever?

    Time will tell.

  17. Rise!

  18. Had to share this. I was listening to a talk radio show [BBC5] when some “experts” came on espousing some utter shite. They said that 4% of children from “deprived” social housing estates do not know or respond to their own name.
    The very well spoken woman who was spouting this non-sense was asked for an example and she mentioned a mother who, when asked why her child didnt know its own name, replied that: [and at this point the ‘X-Spurt’ suddenly broke into the worst East End of London accent EVER- think Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins] “Well, ‘E dont talk to me, so i dont talk to ‘im”.

    Someone even rang in to say “This is trash, obviously its just charities securing gov’t funding again”.
    Yes, its clear they really do think we are useless sub human “Breeders” propagating faulty bloodlines who are now even losing the power of speech!! Here is the article in another medium:

    Also, one more thing: Where did the english word “Hello” come from? If we break it down in your line of work then the standard greeting we meet each other with is “HELL-O”…. O’ Hell!!
    The standard story floating about is that one day telephone inventor Bell just picked up his new fangled machinery and said “Hello”. …um….exactly as said here “You had me at Hello”:

  19. This week’s episode of true blood was Rebel material. A guy was having a sex dream with a redheaded vampire riding him. She morphs into his best male friend and he says…. “Oh my gravy!”.

  20. Speaking of primates and simians, I was looking for pajamas and nightgowns for my daughter and the ones that don’t have peace signs all over them have monkeys all over them. One of the popular monkey prints has large, vaginal looking lips. I would laugh if it weren’t so sad.

  21. London calling, Mongoose here.

    This was the best ever!

    Celtic Rebel I think you really put on a show of epic proportions, landmark really. Great comments stephen aka digital sickness, Lugh as well as everyone else’s contributions – it seems to be a community is being built Celtic, as hard as you try to deny the collective! Don’t worry you will not be ass immolated (The Borg, Star Trek – 33 degree, nice cheeks, Freemason Roddenberry).

    Some observations to throw into the mix.

    Wars & The Predator Gays – I have been thinking that wars make orphans, predator heaven, wars make men live together in dangerous circumstances away from their women, predator heaven, and morality is tested to the limit blurring distinctions between right and wrong, predator heaven.

    In “War, Sadism & Pacifism” (1933) Edward Glover, Director of the London Institute of Psycho-Analysis, describes an interesting psychological condition relating to young men and war;

    “ adult society the stability of male groups depends on two factors, (a) sublimated homosexuality (friendship, social ties, etc.) and (b) the capacity to project hostility on less important males. This mixture is essentially unstable or incompatible. The outbreak of war..reinforces very strongly bonds between males in any one country. Pacifists who regard Nationalism as the main cause of war should not overlook these sexual factors in nationalist feeling.”

    Paul Fussell in “The Great War and Modern Memory” calls World War One, with its death rate and danger, a catalyst for homoerotic attraction and quoting WH Auden says, “the gender of the beloved will not matter very much”.

    Sodomy & Pirates – in Barry Burg’s “Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition” he describes an England “that produced three generations of sodomitical pirates”.

    Nazis & Gays – see The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.

    And now I will post an interview between “Get Me to The Greek” Russell Brand and David Icke. The money shot is 13 minutes in when Brand is discussing visiting Icke in the Isle of White (lots of Freemasons)as well as Bush being a pedo – and the talk gets very Celtic Rebel;

    BRAND: Do you remember? …Them people want to come into my glorious cove and have it off with me….
    ICKE: I’m sure you’ve already broken that Russell.
    BRAND: [Laughs] Thank you very much for acknowledging it.

    Mongoose out.

    ps. I love the comic but not the cock (lets get some T shirts!)

  22. Superb show rebel. Yep, gays are the new “niggers” and war is gay. A couple of appropriate images for you:

  23. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to post this:

    I Went to youtube tonight and this video was linked on the homepage under “music.” This wasn’t a “recommended” video based on my searches. This is simply what youtube is promoting.

    Over half a million views.

    p.s. regarding the russel brand/icke interview…

    what in holy fuck?!

    A few days ago I saw a young professional woman on the bus reading brand’s autobio. I wanted to shout at her. But really, what could I say? Honestly?

  24. More tales from the retail world….
    In the boys department was a big sign..Skinny Jeans are HERE! Yes, in the boys department. Not shocking to many of us at this point but sometimes I don’t know why I even leave my house.

  25. Celtic Rebel at times you ask the question, “why this subliminal mass-cultural focus on the anus and its products?”

    Perhaps it has to do with promoting transhumanism. Any conceivable society, even the most perfect system assembled by enlightened geniuses, will have the “anus problem”. Transhumanism entices you with “yes, you can have it all, WITHOUT the feces.” Just download your brain to a chip.

    Conversely (? – I noticed how many words have the root “verse” – perverse, reverse, universe, traverse, transverse, adverse, subverse, obverse, diverse, inverse – all tying into “The Word”), perhaps the historical reason for this “perverse” focus is also the inescapable nature of the anus problem. In other words, if you can’t escape it, and it’s the bane of your existence, then embrace it and make it the focal point of your existence. Keep with this program and thousands of years later, you will have created your Transhumanist escape route.

    PS: Monkeys throw feces at their enemy. Humans throw the concept at their enemy.

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