On This Taken Sunday

Many seemed to enjoy Sunday’s show. Neglected to mention that in his speech, Pacino pronounces the word “game” as “gay’me.” Shirley, that was accidental.

Any Given Sunday

The images herein deal with the show [playable below] and should be fairy self-explanatory (write up pending).


By chance, every single woman in said film is either a complete bitch or prostitute, but are there any rational people left who think the Priests of Boy-Holes and Wood actually like women, and would seek something other than to denigrate them?

Any Given Sunday

Some may suggest that this film was an “illuminati” production, but I think a far greater case could be made this “production” was brought to you by a group of people fascinated by anal sex, or whatever they hope to find up inside our anus.

Any Given Sunday

After all, this [below] is usually what it looks like when someone loses an “eye:”

Any Given Sunday

Ooch! That graphic eye-popping scene should get the boys all fired up! Time for the womenfolk to step aside and let the men, um, “fight.” It’s a man’s gay’me.

Any Given Sunday

Hm, I’m sure it’s just coincidence they call the football a “pig skin” and the game is played on the eternal holding cell referred to as the “grid iron.” A tight spiral?

Any Given Sunday

Bad A! Bad A! Bad A! That’s all folks! Well actually, I kind of lied, not completely:


I was on Gomer Kyle Show on Wednesday, July 20, of course, after having received proper clearance from The Illuminati. That’s it above.

the celtic rebel is an alien

OK, now that’s all, for now….

Note: I have just recently updated the Wizards of False Memory post. Definitely worth a reView and definitely worth sharing with others who might have a shot at moving past denial and into something better.

~ by celticrebel on July 18, 2011.

32 Responses to “On This Taken Sunday”

  1. Any time I want to take time off the comments, something like this bursts 6 inches from my face (well more like 25) 😛 I don’t even think the article needs translation, but most in it may be a double entendre :S

  2. speaking of sport related innuendo, don’t know if you touched on this subject before, here’s another example of out in the open mind control : The “traditional” Victory Champagne Spray.

    If there was ever a idiotic act made into popular modern tradition by a bunch of monkey-like morons, this has to be up there with the top ones. I am certain that The people who do this (and the spectators also) DO realize they are symbolically masturbating and spraying their sperm in one another’s faces! Yes, celebrating the joy of “winning” means jumping up and down, whooping and symbolicly ejaculating on the face of your own team-mates and cheering crowd! YAY!

    again, I really think everyone who participates in this foolishfest actually -consciously- realizes the obvious meaning behind it… and that `naughtyness` just makes them enjoy it even that much more! Like many other stupid acts, the fact that people have done it before, and one has seen it on TV etc, makes it supposedly legit, socially accepted, “traditional” and it gets people to repeat and spread that ignorance forever without care.

    here is a random example – Now tell me that this isn’t just the gayest thing – repetedly preformed by supposed heterosexuals!

  3. Via Huffington Post – Obama Sucking invisible dick.

  4. Could “Entertain” mean “Enter the Taint”?

    Here’s another take on ‘Tain from the Cartoon Network show Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job which as a show has more fecal references than maybe any other, ever. V:CELERY MAN Here’s another clip from the show called “Gravy Robbers” featuring the actor from pederast character from The Hangover.

    And one really weird clip about a new toy that tortures kids with sonic weaponry, spies on them and feeds them some kind of diarrhea. V:iJammer & eBumper

    Enter the Tain’ at your own risk

  5. Alex, i think we’ve finally found that definitive piece of Hollywood that i can show to people to demonstrate the undeniable reality of the gay / anal agenda. I was in stitches. Thanks to Kyle for pointing it out too. I look forward to hearing people pretend that isn’t the gayest shit ever. Wait, no i don’t.

    PS: Cree, have you seen Tim and Eric’s ‘diarrhea’? Enough said already. They even sneak a shot of a drum being hit with a stick into the background. Also, THEY’RE NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

  6. effel, hehe, nice find. I stuck that story in a translator and, it (“I Enjoyed Every Moment”) reads like a love letter.

    trivial, you may have a point. “Champagne” itself is another overhyped commodity, one that any idiot who appreciates wine would never spend more that a few bucks a bottle for, much less drink. The meme to spray it on our “bois” was given to us. And yes, it does seem so boys in those videos are taking an unusual/obscene amount of pleasure in the act.

    jelyfish, possibly, The source, HP, is proven to be, and also very adept at making implied sexual suggestions via imagery.

    Cree, interesting suggestion. Yeah, that show sucks ass. Most literally. But, obviously, the ridiculous amount of fecal references serve some perverted delight. Hence, it’s perceived/implied success.

    James B, thank you. Oh, I”m sure there are a few out there who will devote great energy towards dismissing the what now should-be undeniable homoerotic intent of the speech (and entire movie).

  7. “Watch me, do me” Thanks Disney for some more whore programming

  8. Scarecrow (1973) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarecrow_%281973_film%29
    Cruising (1980) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cruising_%28film%29


  9. Great show again.

  10. hey alex it’s been a great show, i’ve been following the archives for a few months now and im currently up to date with the show. lets say your work turned my life to the foward direction instead of going to the backside . a professor at UC berkley who taught folklore named Alan Dundes,(whom i found out about through a friend after i mentiond some of the guidelines of your work) this guy had wrote an article in 1984 about how football is and has always been a gay’me of homoerotic fashion. although i have my suspicion about the true nature about dundes work.

    PS: not to mention that in the clip from any given “sungay” that when he says to look into the eyes of the guy nexy to you kamie fox looks to LL cool J who’s number happens to be 33… coincidence…..

  11. an idea for liberty stickers

  12. Chris, that’s a sick clip; made even sicker by how blatant it is, as if it is trying to SCREAM at the average stupid whore parent, “We own your children, what are you going to do about it?”

    paulo, interesting, Pacino’s filmography would seem to be geared towards making Dorothy and her Friends happy (alt: “gay”).

    Steven UK, thanks. I had fun doing it.

    Brian Ragan, much appreciate you sharing that. You caught the 33 reference so well choreographed to “sync/stink” right along with the words of the speech. Good eye! 😈 Of course, the conspindustry has ensured most “awake” individuals will think it something freemasonic or satanic.

    raffi, hehe. 😆 We’d do well to remind the fanboys how awesome vagina is.

  13. It gets more gay by the day! 🙂 Check this out!

    Loved the show, you really “nailed it” (pun intended) once again! How stupid can we be? Really stupid I guess..

    Wish I could call in on Sundays, but I work nights. Maybe I’ll get one off soon, who knows 😉

  14. Thrill Da Player – BEAST’ ft. Kanye West, Odd Future, Lil B & Jay Z [0:30 – 0:50]

    Look at that smirk on his face when the interviewer, after he lists the works of the Hip Hop star, says the word plethora.

    Guess he knows what that word actually means.

    Excess of body fluid, be full(Filled) or too much.

  15. London calling, Mongoose here. Hope everyone well and living the dream.

    I have come to believe that most sports can be shown to be gay as long as there are muscle bound men in tight uniforms, lots of sweating and trying to nail it for the team. Of course some sports are gayer than others, as Celtic Rebel points out.

    However, one sport that often gets under the radar is golf. I am posting this photo for two reasons. First to put it out there that golf is a way for freemasons/misogynists to stay away from their wives and secondly it makes me laugh every time I see it. I mean Tiger Woods is sodomising the President of the United States in front of your very eyes! He is going to give him 10 tips and then play pebble….course he is!

    My other “evidence” of gayness in golf is that the Masonic password Tubal Cain.“Two Ball Cane” is allegedly a pun for “Tubal Cain” which is the secret password of a third degree mason, a “master mason”. On the site nisbett.com in an article about the peace sign we can read: What is even more interesting is that Vulcan is adored in Masonry under the name of Tubal Cain. In the Masonic Quiz Book the question is asked: “Who was Tubal Cain?” The answer is: “He is the Vulcan of the pagans.”

    The Vulcans – George W. Bush’s foreign policy advisory team for the 2000 U.S. election. Vulcan – a gay pornography magazine, made famous in a High Court test case by serial killer Dennis Nilsen.

    Two balls and a cane, get it? You use your cane and put the white in a brown hole, you are playing with a man. And of course the masons are known for their philanthropy, also, wait a minute! Don’t let their mind games get you. A quote from Masonic author Carl H. Claudy (Freemasonry’s Homosexual Hidden Agenda):

    “The real secrets of Masonry are never told, not even mouth to ear. For the real secret of Masonry is spoken to your heart, and from it to that of your brother [Mason]. Never the language made for tongue may speak it; it is uttered only in the language of the eye, in those manifestations of that love which a man has for his friend, which passeth all other loves, even that of woman. Note those last four words.

    Let me know what you think of golf. Will be in touch and keep up the good work! Mongoose out.

  16. Some weeks ago, Jordan Maxwell appeared on the Jeff Rense show and in passing mentioned the gay marriage hubbub was in part to induce a change in law. He was to return and speak about it but it never materialized. I see some vestiges of it showing up here . Now, I’m sure Mr. Maxwell would have gone into more detail but never the less, the plot thickens.

  17. Lugh, FYI, Maxwell was on the Rense show last week. I think it was Thursday. Didn’t listen to the HOLE show but maybe he followed up on his previous appearance ???

  18. I think it is another english word I won’t use anymore. Another joke in our face for so long. [Source]

    game (n.) O.E. gamen “game, joy, fun, amusement,” common Germanic (cf. O.Fris. game “joy, glee,” O.N. gaman, O.S., O.H.G. gaman “sport, merriment,” Dan. gamen, Swed. gamman “merriment”), regarded as identical with Goth. gaman “participation, communion,” from P.Gmc. *ga- collective prefix + *mann “person,” giving a sense of “people together.”

  19. Wes Tilson, fair bet their acclimating the idiot mind to accept open pederasty. Sick.

    Aszeran, perhaps, but interesting word interpretation.

    Mongoose, that photo came up long ago (actually before the rebel path was a show). But, you do present a convincing case regarding golf, vulcan, and the true meaning of “brotherly love.” That quote is quite flaming/damning.

    Lugh and PhilDeGrave, perhaps he received a harshly worded missive that such talk is verbotten? 😉

    effel, hm, that sounds rather “gay.” 👿

  20. Great show, thanks all around. Just wanted to say the guy who won the contest took me back when he was talking about 1984… wanted to clarify that the reason Winston hated women (besides Julia) is because by 1984, women had been programmed to be sexless… and pretty much just dead in terms of wife/motherhood. I imagine this is the consequence we all need to keep in mind, as we move forward.

  21. Alex, have you looked into the work Jan Irvin and this reemergance of the classic liberal arts: The Trivium and Quadrivium? Basically they were teaching methods used commonly (or at least a derivative of).. until 100 years ago when Rockefeller took over the education system . They focused on critical thinking and logic while the new one focuses on mechanization.

    I was looking into this, and in what reminded me of the difficulty Tsarion had in properly translating the German philosophy he likes to use in his work.. I’ve seen people stuggle with the basic tenents of the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) in English.

    I thought you might be be interested in toying with these ideas.. as deciphering language is a lot of what you do.. and learning and applying these methods might be able to help you or be something you could re-translate or help bring a better understanding of. Since you are multi lingual (I think you said you knew Greek) looking into it in other languages might be more efficient and could prove some good results.. even if it’s just the English or even a derivative of the Romance language family like Spanish or Portuguese. I am lead to believe you have a somewhat of a handle on these things.. but these topics seem important especially in the world of illusions we live in.

    PS: Phil, He didn’t touch on it. Maybe Rense was afraid of the backlash or was threatened. Here’s something else I’ve run across though. A jewish blogger who goes after pedophile rabbis and such, worth a look.

  22. Yeah it is tough Alex. I used to consider myself a bit of a ‘film buff’ (being so fucking clever and everything) but about ten years ago I started to lose interest and my attendance at the cinema trailed off then stopped altogether. I wasn’t quite sure why exactly, but for some reason I just didn’t want to expose myself to it any more. TeeVee followed soon after, then newspapers (and my interest in dumbshow politics), then radio, then most of my extensive CD collection. What had once sustained me now left me cold, repulsed me even.

    Still, there’s always friends right? The simple joys of ‘hanging out’ in company. But even there you soon come to realise that so much of the conversation, so many common points of interest, are what has spewed out of that devil box in the corner of the room. ‘Jokes’ are just lines repeated from programmes you’ve never seen and have no interest in seeing. Eventually it becomes clear that you haven’t got anything to talk about any more, not that you need things to talk about when you are all sitting there glassy-eyed staring at the flickering magick mesmerising its captive audience. I think there are a lot of people experiencing this sense of isolation now.

  23. Good show old bean. Perhaps time for a re-emergence of fire and Ire, …ah, i miss that fire and Ire and a bit of ball-kicking, it has been a while since the whisky soaked fury has reared its bad old head…..

    Couple of things, about the smoking ban fascist experiment- and the sheer ridicularity that goes on with it: my daughter has just got her first job, apprenticeship at a pre school. Now she is a smoker. If she has smoked a Fag, sorry, cigarette (I dont advocate “smokin’ fags”, leave that to the wankstas) then she is not allowed to then be near a child for a period of 30mins!! I asked for the reasoning behind this and apparently there is none, except that she would still retain smoke on her breath and could pass this on to kids! We had a laugh about that.

    And The Mongoose: Tigerrr (Raaw!)has Ten tips for Obama (Obama Sin Laden)?- it looks more like tigerr boy has 10 inches for him. One big tip up his ass.

  24. Joanne, good point. “We are the dead,” said Julia. As in passionless, soulless? Could that be a [intended/tertiary] result of this operation to make women think of their vagina as secondary to their anus?

    Lugh, I’ve heard much talk of trivium as of late, but for the moment, I think it is secondary to finishing the task of deprogramming ourselves (which, as I point out many refuse to do). There is a danger in building anything, regardless of how sound/brilliant on top of a faulty foundation. I, depending on day, actually speak between 3 and 5 languages. You do raise a good point, and I may have to look into such schools at some point.

    Ross, that is the problem, isn’t it mate? You can disconnect from the virtual, but when you do, you find that almost everyone around you is “dead.” And this, I fault the priests for more than any of their other crimes.

    digital sickness, that is absolutely ridiculous. No science, much less even a plausible reason needed. The state propagandists are pretty much free to dictate arbitrarily and those fools caught up in the anti-smoking hoopla will accept and demand more control.

  25. Check out the new previews for “Smurfs 3D”. Neil Patrick Harris stars. One scene has Smurfette recreating the Marilyn Monroe subway vent scene, only to end with the Scottish Smurf (?) showing his rear hole to the viewer instead. Each scene in each preview has some “key” element. It’s not just out in the open now, it IS the open. Open – The Wide Open?

    Also there’s the “hit show” (“how? shit”) called Rescue Me with Bill Hicks joke-stealer Denis Leary. I walked past the TV for 5 seconds when it was on and overheard a character say “It doesn’t make a shit-lick of a difference.” Come on!

  26. thought of this coincidence , while trying to sleep last night and contemplating the most recent show with you and kyle. 2 shows with similar tiles:
    3rd rock from the sun
    30 rock

    both title imply anal penetration
    3 being the butt, obviously. the rock being the phallus followed by the sun….

    30 rock: 3=butt 0=anus rock =phallus

    note: i have not watched either of these shows. can anyone confirm, or deny?

  27. Interesting find Brian, I found a link to that piece here

    PS: Just watched some Smurfs previews Cree, I think you might be right, what a bunch of blue boys. Look out, Gargamel’s gonna get you with his electric wand. And, look , another cat in a film who’s a bad guy or aligned with one. I think there’s something going on with the way cats are demonised in films. Cats are intuitive, independent, and most of all, they’re generally perceived as feminine (pussy cat, catfight, you get the drift). Dogs (temple dogs?) are loyal without question, follow orders, are generally considered to be masculine, and are almost always the good guys, especially when appearing alongside cats in films.

  28. Former Doctor Who actor reveals a little too much about the profession:

    “He told the group: ‘I left Doctor Who because I could not get along with the senior people. I didn’t agree with the way things were being run.’

    He added: ‘I thought to remain, which would have made me a lot of money and given me huge visibility, the price I would have had to pay was to eat a lot of sh*t.’ “

  29. Good show Alex. I’m catching up on your some of your programs – I’m a little behind. I just listened to the show that you spoke about Nine Inch Nails (loser band) and thought you would enjoy this:


    I guess you knew butthurt Trent Reznor had a vagina before you did the show… That’s how he got into show business because it shirley wasn’t his music.

  30. “Just one more inch…. just ONE MORE INCH!!!!!”

    Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had all week.

    The posted images reminded me of going through Navy boot camp (i.e. not showering alone). It was bad enough being surrounded by ONLY guys (sometimes naked) for two months, but my company commander had to occasionally make it just that much gayer:

    “Alright company, form a line! Nut to butt, people, nut to butt!”

  31. nut to butt hahahahhaha classic.

    It always bothered me that in my catholic high school the principal was also the rugby (head) coach, who had a vip pass into shower time. Sure he was a great principal but wtf are (brothers) walking around naked boys in change rooms. Im sure the other brothers walking in to congratulate or commiserate the lost boys had to be in there also to get the juices flowing.

    Also remember the primary school priest asking the ‘strongest’ boys to help move about furniture and offer cordial with the selected alter boys staying back to assist further. I can never forget that look of dispair in the boys eyes who where allowed to stay back. man alive what a fked up reality.

  32. Hey Celtic,

    Great show! That montage was a work of art. That cobra story is from Aesop’s Fables I think. I recall that a variation of it was told in the movie Natural Born Killers, ironically another Oliver Stone project.

    Gave me a chuckle given all the other Oliver Stone references in your show today.

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