The Dreaded Truther Twofer

Yes, there was no show this past Sunday, cause I was out “doing stuff.” Below, is the official “fuck you” message to American idiots on Independence Day by Zionist mouth-piece and ass-licker Ariana Huffington. We gotta wear shades, man!

america's tortured future

But I guest hosted for Lee Rogers both Tuesday and Wednesday of the week that followed to discuss the news and whatever else strikes my fancy (yet another stupid expression like “right up your alley” that somehow miraculously “caught on”).

live free or die

The Tuesday [July 5th] show adhered more to the current-events and commentary format. The [revised] above image pretty much summarizes how a fair number of Oracle listeners feel about my guest hosting.


One of the topics was the news item of the week, recently back-on-the-market MILF, WILF, Casey Anthony. Hey, don’t judge! After all she’s “a true patriot.”

Casey Anthony

The below image was put together by Gomer Kyle from Star Theory while listening to the show, and is a good reminder of how meaningless this one verdict was; a good number of those most indignant over said affair, pay no mind to the number of children fed into the Israeli meat grinder daily, while paying a great amount of funds to fund infanticide (i.e., of pesky infants who dare to take part in infantadas).

israeli child murder machine

We will never get anywhere, while we remain star-struck by idol/idle worship, so entranced that we can’t see through the crafted facades of their temple doggies.

astroglide pineal lubricanwar on your mined

I dropped current events for the Wednesday [July 5th] show and devoted most of it to an original summary and prognostication of how the media manipulation changes a unaware (and mentally “lubed”) populace over time:


The example I focused on for the duration involved the repetitive and subversive repetition of ideas into the public mind, until they become accepted as normal.

hill street blues

For any who either remember or care to research it, aside from solid “blue” reasoning, you have to marvel at how the engineers convinced a stupid populace that showing us the bare ass of one Dennis Franz, was one, even remotely “edgy” or “equitable,” and two, something any woman would ever want to see.

by hammer and anviltheosophy

The Fabian Social Engineers work slowly and methodically, and without interruption. Most fools can only think in two-dimensions, focusing on cause and effect, hence their masters are left free to operate and mould them with impunity. Hell, just look at the above [right] symbol. How many “Self”-Professed 🙄 Christian Patriot “Truthers” all set to fight The NWO can even begin to wrap their mind around it?

operation reporepo games

Odds are they never will, because those who don’t question themselves will never question their beliefs. They’ll just conveniently watch those around them continue to grow fatter, uglier, stupider and more degenerate, all the while, pointing at their brethren and feeling “slightly” superior. The Engineering either doesn’t exist, or only works on “others.” See how beautiful the system is? We gotta wear shades!

dog bounty hunteramerica's most wantedjersey shore

Some may wonder why I choose the Huff Post as my current events source of record, and that’s because they are very good at what they do: using proven NLP techniques to mold and keep their attention-deficit net-readers “in-form.”

sarah palin

And on occasion, they put out a rare little gem [like the slightly extrapolated one above]. I’ll be doing The Rebel Path live again this upcoming Sunday, and breaking down the shows into two write-ups [done]. Stay tuned!

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Note: I recently updated a prior [inflammatory] post a few additional thoughts and several more images. Be sure to check it out: Teenage Full Frontal Lobotomy.

~ by celticrebel on July 5, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Dreaded Truther Twofer”

  1. I recommend you watch “Hobo With A Shotgun” ( if you haven’t already.

  2. Here’s one for you speaking of words or phrases given to the dumb[m]asses by the media. Not sure if you’ve said this one before but I’m sure it’s part of Metro Bob’s vocabulary.
    OMG – O my God / O my goodness
    O is my God.
    More Arse Worship?
    Great show

  3. not entirely related :

    most of these are available at your local library
    fun reads for sure

    see : J.D. Rockefeller and his yogurt enemas in the book
    “In Defense of Food” 😉

    also : Yes, Pollan is a jew that writes for the N.Y. Times

  4. Great shows, but I especially liked the last.

    You have a knack for ‘stating the obvious’ – that’s one of those extra clever phrases used to shut people up, so that un-questioners can carry on not seeing what’s under our noses (& smelling real bad). What you said about the tv police shows & who the police/ servers etc really cater to was excellent – I already knew it, had all the pieces laid out in my mind, but had never bothered to sew them all together into something I could easily grasp – you stated/stitched the obvious together & I could see it in one piece.

    It seems that on either side of the ‘obvious’ are quagmires & quicksand – when we sidestep the obvious we get bogged down.

  5. klaos, um Zionist boy-toy Rutger Hauer, in a role where he “blows away” baddies with his “pump-action” um, gun? Do I really need to see it? 😕

    muggybonehead, anything’s possible. Keep in mind, we are bowed down with our anus open when prostating ourselves before the um, “lord.”

    Duke, I’ve always been wary of any fools promoting enemas or suppositories, advocating intake via the wrong end. Good point, if he writes for the Times, then he must be full of shit.

    alex robinson, thank you so much, for praising my “stating the obvious” and I mean that sincerely. 😀 Perhaps, more of us need to do so, because the most obvious aspects of what’s happening are usually those lost on those of us involved in this whatever it is.

  6. A Metro Bob wanna be? I only watched the first 2 mins of this video, but it looks like plum is in season.

  7. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Digital sickness, great spot old bean – the pedo magicians are weaving their plans in plain sight.

    I wanted to point out something else for Rebel Pathers also in plain sight which came to me by “accident”. In May 2011 Obama visited these shores and met with the wonderful royal family. You may remember that during the visit Obama signed the wrong date on the register of visitors at Westminster, a big fuss made.[May 24th 2008 – out by 3 years].

    Common sacrifices? Anyway, I didn’t think much about it until I saw this article which shows the amplification of a picture of President Obama, which was published in Newsweek [May 24th, 2008] and revealed a Masonic emblem in the ring he was wearing on his right hand.

    I don’t know exactly what it all means but I lean towards it not being a mistake and that that date and the “common sacrifices” alluded to relating to that date have significance to these pedo magicians.

    Maybe Rebel Pathers can shed some light.

    Mongoose out.

  8. Alex, you have to see this man: 7/7 Symbolism @ Olympics

    PS: The mongoose: it seems the “Sacrifice” is a meme/Soundbyte of Obama lately: he has been talking a lot of sacrifice (From US, of course. Why is he NLP’ing the word to the minds of the entrained? You gave one example of him touting the meme recently, here is 2 more:

    Obama urges ‘shared sacrifice’ for debt deal
    Kerry: Obama Honoring the Sacrifice of Troops


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