Wizards of False Memory

The theme of last night’s show was how hopelessly far away from “truth” our perception of the truth may be, due to the sad fact that we have let The Wizards of Id manipulate our memories for so long. How foolish of us to think intelligence might result after such exposure? Only a true idiot would ever presume such.

dorothy pineal eye rainbowscary dorothy

The rancid piece of dung known as The Wizard of Oz is but one [ripe] example. But, I asked one simple question during the show [downloadable]: how much of our perception of history has been dictated by the manipulators of our id canal?


The below clip is the obscured ending referenced in the show. Watch and listen to the mannerisms, words, gestures and above all, precise directions of the players:

dorothy and her molesters

Forget all the crap you’ve learned via the “truth movement” about MK-ULTRA. If you wanna see MIND CONTROL in action, go to the comments section for the above youtube clip and you’ll see countless REAL examples of complete mind control.

auntie em naked surrender

A rational mind would deduce that anywhere may be better than Home in Kansas. But, what other options does a parentless abused young girl have other than to dissociate to a mental place far far away from the seedy grind to which she’s being subjected (especially, one also bereft of friends). Right Auntie Em?

Of interest: I had used the phrase “the wizards of id” long ago in my writings, feeling it was appropriate to the manipulation of ourselves. This was long before my work went into recent directions confirming the choice was overtly accurate.

little boy ass lightninggay stage hijinkslullabies for bois

Thanks to Anna, AC/DC’s offer to do the Dirty Deed of ass-immolating any poor lad trapped in a miserable affair with a god forbid, woman, and to do it for nothing (Dirt Cheap). This really shouldn’t have surprised anyone. Despite the rocker masculinity we were told was masculine, an open eye would quickly deduce the band are far from it. A keener eye would note the spine-tingling jolts of Jehovian man-on-man um, “lightning,” and that their name itself suggests going both ways.

angel boy tiny penisobese woman sleeping

But, that’s nothing new. Music is [arguably] yet another art form and the media has long used the guise of “art” to flaunt their predilections openly, while concurrently propagandizing us into idealizing boys at the expense of defaming womankind (previously touched on the comparative tricks). It’s gone on for a very long time!

david naked boyfat woman sculpture

Unfortunately, most of us remain unaware because we’ve fallen into the mental trap of taking the word of experts instead of trusting our own lying eyes. As mentioned previously (most recently in regards to putti), all these Art PhD’s couldn’t see the reason so many glorified “men” had such small willies is that they were still boys?

nasty as they wanna beanal sex handsign

I find it somewhat amusing that the talentless Luther Campbell from that shitty band named 2 Live Crew is now being looked back on as “ahead of his time.” Considering how anally fixated today’s popular music is, I can actually see that side of the argument. However, looking at the above pics, we can tell two things for certain: Luther hates women and his allegiance is to a sun cult [anus cult].

Note: Just in case any “truthers” are now looking at the above … for the last time, forget that conspindusty bullshit about the OK sign representing 666 or The Devil!

wood cock holy ass

I don’t care if it’s Woodstock, Truthapalooza, or Truthstock, or PieceCock, but anytime you get legions of collective idiots together, nothing productive ever comes out of it [unless you count shit as “productive”]. The symbology alone [some examples above] tells us everything we need to know. As I’ve said before, give fools their symbols and a lie as to their origin, and the rest will take care of itself.

zionist east india companybigger longer uncut

We got back into circumcision, which even the “truth-tellers” seem to be ranting about lately, yet only from their permitted race-baiting perspective. There’s obviously much more to the story and during the show, I looked at a couple of the historical tangents to speculate as to why it was so important an entire nation of morons would need to be brainwashed that it is somehow “desirable.” In this regard, women will form whatever opinion [¿pi onion : ass onion?] the media tells them, but gay men, to their credit, at least know better.

There may definitely be something to the notion that it would let a certain useful brainwashed minority intermingle freely within a populace; without a stigma that might limit their um, “inter-mingling.” At the end of the show, a David from Florida called in to raise the question of interesting financial angles behind the mystery.

a lovely siesta

The above is what a “normal” healthy woman looks like. Not only does she not fit into the model of what the Priest Class thinks of femininity, but she is doing something we should all do more of, sleeping in the middle of the day.

To reemphasize a point from the show: forget all the mainstream and alternative media crap about defaulted loans and mismanagement of funds, the biggest reason Greece, Portgual and Spain are being targeted, is because they do not fit the factory model of when/how brave new world robot citizens sleep, work and play.

dorothy can see

I’m sure, that even after this show, many will stubbornly refuse to see the seedy under layer of rape and abuse behind the Wizard of Oz (despite even the revelatory look Garland gives to the man in the window, above]. All I can do is now reMind us that’s the same form of dissociation Dorothy suffers from, and that living in denial, is exactly the mind-frame desired, by those who wish to sell us “arch supports” and all manner of other mind/body/spirit destroying aides.

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Note: I’ve talked about the anti-feminine nature of the nefarious and omnipresent Piece/Peace symbol in Good Year for the Asses, and many other shows, including the Burning Ring Series and even as far back as 3000 Bells.

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  1. Last week’s non memorial is reposted, not last nights show FYI.

    Listened to the new one archived though, and wonderful as always. I will get your kitten high.

    Ladies – don’t be mad at the Rebel that we are fat. Fix it! It’s not easy or fun, but it will be so rewarding. Alex, give us some indepth food advise besides no meat.

    I think the homo/pedarast thing should be graspable by all. There was a documentary made in 1994 that was set to air on TV and never did. It was about an alleged child sex ring serving prominent citizens of Omaha, Nebraska, as well as high-level U.S. politicians. The kids who did testify were sent to prision for 9-15 years for purjury. I guess in light of the Loughtner shooting/actor filled accounts of it. I should research if this is a huge hoax also. But, it didn’t air on TV and those involved went to prision or mysteriously died. I really feel like there is something to it. Jeff Gannon from your GWB is gay post has a potential tie in to it also… it’s all so crazy! We can also usually find a news articles mentioning high ranking politicians from other countries being accoused of deviant things, homosexual sex or pedophile activity. Yet, it rarely seems that those stories go anywhere or get any mainstream coverage. The truth is there.

    Also – to the listeners and commenters tell your friends about this site and show. I fell like the college age kids that aren’t totally jersey shored out will be somewhat interested. I think one side effect of the truth movement is that people look at anything that is “alternative”, so perhaps more and more will stumble here via other outlets and realize the content here and stay and decide to start fresh. Maybe I’m too hopeful, but really, don’t keep this to yourselves. If nothing else, encourage people to think about things they are doing, just think.

  2. another great show with a strong topic … If we are our memory then??? … can it be read, distorted, juggled around like a clown with 3 balls in the air? just like the movie bladerunner we are the dumb robot lost in the maze … ops … i lost a ball, aah never mind … that memory wasnt relevent …. 😛

    PS: the documentary above mentioned is conspiracy of silence

    One of the inner circles of power feeding of the young while creating alter mind controlled subjects

  3. – Lana Cantrell’s The Greatest Story Never Told:

    – Disturbing news from Ireland on like 20 different levels (you might want a glass of wine before you read this): http://www.lifesite.ca/news/gay-irish-presidential-frontrunners-campaign-hurt-by-apparent-support-for-p

  4. Was talking to a friend last week, and the subject of Circumcision came up. I mentioned that the jewish penis cutters (mo-hell`s) suck the poor babies penis / blood… He did not want to believe it.

    I remembered that a while back there were cases of babies catching herpes from some of these infected cockslashing cocksuckers… (I mean what kind of a person chooses this as a profession ?? – dont answer that 😉

    So while I was compiling a list of `evidence` (links as above) to send him, this one came up: New York State – Department of Health, Circumcision Protocol Regarding the Prevention of Neonatal Herpes Transmission. Can you believe they actually made a protocol for sucking babies penises “safely” ? Anyway,there is something I thought was kinda funny in there (in a sad way)

    “The following precautions are to be taken every time circumcision with metzizah b’peh is performed, whether by a mohel, by another participant, or by a combination of them “

    they seem to inadvertently implying more then one person may do it at the same time!! whats going on here ?!? Its amazing how the same people can be so full of panic and disgust about pedophiles , yet willingly hand their newborn babies to these sicko`s to be cut / sucked upon. it seems like one of the best examples of DoubleThink i have come upon.

  5. Today I watch Jeopardy (june 6):

    A answer to a question = ” Go west young man.” As a title to a song or something..

    I’m like Woahh.

    Now watching “Conan” he talks about an anti-circumcision superhero… I find now: “Oy vay! Foreskin Man sparks cutting-edge controversy”

    Wowsers.. one day after thee show.

  6. B, thanks for the early notice of the error. Cutting out meat, and cutting back on dairy goes a long way towards losing weight, while forgetting all the bulshit about protein, calories, carbs and scales is the other. That doc came up long ago, but shouldn’t be forgotten. Good closing point .. this show definitely needs to reach more ears.

    paulo , I meant to include the Orwell quote in the show, and that is exactly why Priests of Wood insist on the control of our recollections of his story and our lives, as they are so proud to boast of durning their annual ceremonies.. Thanks for the link.

    Lugh, am sure many will find that link useful, considering how rare the hard copy has become. Argh! It really saddens me that the Helenes and Ayrish, identify with the perversion for little boys, which actually belongs to their history-owning masters … the British Nobility and their Court Jews.

    trivial, it doesn’t have to make sense, does it? Our morality is completely arbitrary, and dictated to us by the Wizards of Id. If we could “think” … NO ONE would ever let any doctor/rabbi/pederast get anywhere near an infant’s penis with a blade.

    WooHoo, wow, talk about a spin-job. The way that article is written reeks of propaganda and manipulation. But, what would one expect for WND, a site full of contributors like Chuck Norris, who all subscribe to Zionist/Evangelical Dogma. As if there is actually a way to portray a man who makes a living off mutilating and sucking baby penises as too negative?

  7. Friend of dorothy – ‘A homosexual male, often very flamboyant. Derived from the friends of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz’


  8. Love the blog, Alex. I’ve been reading for awhile. You present some very interesting info. On a side note, could you upload Don’t Go West again? I can’t seem to find it anywhere that hasn’t been mysteriously deleted (just like a bunch of other YouTube links from a few years ago).

  9. You should have that caller David? at the end of this weeks show on again, they were some interesting facts he shared, he seemed to know a lot. Great show, thanks Rebel.

  10. Physicist Thomas Campbell after 30 years researching altered states of consciousness has developed a Theory Of Everything, TOE. More information is on his website.


    In his book “My Big TOE” he explains why we are here experiencing this reality. This world is a subset of another reality construct itself a subset to another and so on. Each has different rules and limitations.

    Our goal is to lower our conscious entropy, or in other words evolve towards a greater understanding and awareness. Each individual contributes to the whole, collectivism dosn’t work.

    Every entity has free will and can choose to raise or lower its entropy, or remain stagnant. There are many different entities living in all areas of the system. Some good, some bad.

    With this knowledge ( if correct ) we can better defend ourselves against the higher entropy beings in this world. He also explains how you can visit these other realities using meditation and prove the theory to yourself.

    1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akgCb85PG-A&feature=related
    2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoGWP7s1ZG4&feature=related
    3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMlTYocmgRY&feature=related
    4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CFo5ubfNsg&feature=related

  11. Couple of things.

    Firstly…dorothy (Zar-Doz). The one man who comes to the window as she is waking up (Lion?….the COWARDly lion [of zion]) he says ” I heard she was caught in a big….(Tornado?,,,a Traumatic event that caused her to enter into another world, where the abusers were Benevolent), he basically came round to check dorothy didnt remember the abuse, and the aunt, (the enabler) confirmed she didnt, partly by the continuing mind-fuck-hypnosis-enforcement by telling Dorothy “No, it was just a dream, you had a bang on the head” in a hypnotic manner. Dont worry, the Wizard (Head Pedo/priest) will keep the truth Behind the curtain….from all of us.

    Here is the scene DEMONSTRATING dorothys Mind control 0.36seconds (to forget the Abuse): What you have to see is that after the “Spell” is when Dorothy Wakes up in bed, thinking “Nothing has happened” although she is surrounded by 5 men.

    Also, ACDC, i always suspected foul play: http://gender.eserver.org/sex-glossary.txt [if you look at the glossary of terms: it may also explain to us who EXACTLY dorothys “Auntie Em” is]

    One last thing. We have a brand of clothing over this side of the global village (Dah!) and its “G-Star Raw”. Very popular with the young and hip amongst us. so, a lad got on the Peasant Wagon today, with the words “G Star Raw GSD 3301” plastered in large letters over his chest. So after noticing the obvious “33” and the Fact of the “Raw Star” (ouch!) , i got to reading backwards. so, who is behind G Star Raw that a considerable amount of UK youth will be promoting “War Rats” emblazoned across them? With the obvious Heads up to the “G” of masonic culture? Here: http://www.box-clothing.co.uk/g-star-t-shirts-79/g-star-raw-mens-176845.htm

    Thanks Rebel. fucking Fantastic work mate.

    PS: im now off to wank like a mad monkey “quote, unquote”

    I thereby found the reference “Youre not in Kansas anymore dorothy”, very Insidious.

  12. jk147, yea that term came up a while back. But now, I think we can safely say that anyone who refuses to help Dorothy, and whether by intent, fear, or ignorance, conspires to convince her that the horrific gang-rape she received was but a dream and to continue to live under said roof … is definitely NOT her “friend.”

    zumer, I have been lazy in regards to re-releasing, bu the topic and links have come up in the comments. Google, in this rare instance, is your friend.

    anni, david was a great caller, especially coming up right after I hung up on one of the prodigal wankers. I will definitely be looking into his claims and the topic will come up again, and again.

    J, is this related to the topics of the show? Because, it kind of reads like a promo. I haven’t looked at it yet,, but the statement about collectivism is dead on.

    stephen, ah yes, good point. He is rather cowardly, coming to find out about the physical damage to Dorothy and quickly shutting up when realizing she’s now awake. Oh, my nice find on “Auntie Em.” 😯 And wow, “Raw Anus” clothing, brought to us by “Box Clothing” of course. All the trendy young effeminate dudes must be clawing each others eyes out to be first in line. 😉

  13. What a coincidence about the arch support. 3 weeks ago I learned how to run properly because I’m a dumbass.

    We’ve all been taugh to heel strike because Nike needed a way to sell these fat sole garbage shoes with air cushions. Bad ankles, bad knees, bad backs… a whole new industry was born. Yes, founder of Nike is Jewish.

    Supporting your arch will only make your feet muscles weak. Your muscles are the arch support, but you can’t sell that for $100.

    Alex I don’t know about the details why jogging is bad for you but i’m pretty sure it’s about heel striking.

    Barefoot running is the way to go, with natural cushioning and you land on the front of the foot. Our feet/legs are designed for that. African runners do it all the time but they are just backwards, we got Nike with spring air moonluner and archsupport for $150.

    Western feet are totally ruined so minimal shoes are the next best thing like vibram five fingers of huaraches. You can train your feet to become natural again.

    Informative video’s

    1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3Nt4WgQed8&feature=related
    2 http://www.youtube.com/user/HowToRunBarefoot#g/u
    3 http://www.youtube.com/user/invisibleshoes#g/u

  14. Yet another great show, Rebel. I confess, I’m one of the many who never saw what was going on in the Wizard of Oz — but I can truthfully say I never felt quite comfortable watching it. Now I feel even worse.

    Your last caller was interesting. At first I thought he was a nut case, but I googled (“researched”) “foreskins for sale,” and it’s true. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, because I already knew they sold aborted baby parts for science, “food” production, vaccines, and cosmetics. It’s like we’re being turned into armchair cannibals — we can eat, drink, inject, and smear our skin with dead babies and prepuces, and never have to think about it.

    Lastly, I am a “stupid whore” who let my son be circumcised. I apologized to him a couple of years ago, when he was in his teens. (I don’t remember how the subject came up — please note, though, that we don’t sit around as a family discussing such things.) He didn’t think it was a big deal, but I’ve always been sorry for it — since the day it was done — his Birth day. There is a LOT of pressure put on young mothers to make them conform to all kinds of stupid, useless, damaging conventions. It was traumatic for me, too. The last thing a new mother EVER wants to do is hurt her baby. But my children did agree that my grandsons (someday, I hope) will be left intact.

  15. Usually, I destroy words, but I have one to save for you : information
    Since we cannot say en-formation, the prefix means ‘not’ as en inhuman. You may continue to deliver not-formation 😀
    I found another word to destroy though. Kelt means priest class in hebrew LOL

  16. Wizard of Ahs(sex sounds) = pimp/procurer?

  17. Fit like , Rebelious one, keeping sound i hope?

    WTF, AC/DC ,that,s just plain nasty,

    Me myself and i , stupid as ever , never saw , till this show,

    the song titles alone !! whole lotta rosie , highway to hell, (thats gotta be anus to the bowels of hell, route 66), big balls , big gun , thunderstruck, give the dog a bone,

    man, its worse than i ever could have imagined, WTF you,ve got Angus YOUNG prancing about in his school boy,s uniform on stage, how the fook did i ever miss this,

    yet another great show, liking your growth, min

    oh aye , fore a forget

    choclate and blood was amazing, i even bought the cd after that show, exellent reponse to Alex the week before, i could hear the sweet drop fae yer brow when she questioned the story behind that album, that way of breaking it down is universal, A 1 work, amazing, fits so many of life,s stories , great insights

    Any chance o Cregory being on again soon? seemed te know he,s tunes, that boy, love to hear what he thinks aboot stiff little fingers vs U2 , when it comes down to the Irish side o things ,

    Keep pushing the veggie aspect as well, you,ve helped me go from never thought twice about meat, in any way what so ever, right up to the point now , that i will openly put myself in the firing line, bringing your thoughts to whoever i speak too, as i myself, cut down, starting with the disembeling o a life long programming , auld wifes tales and the like, and general shite info on the subject

    the bloke that phoned in at the end of the show, follow that up, i,ve heard that kinda storys floating about aswell, seemed well informed, helps your slant on it no end,


    cheers for the running story, i was needing a new pair running shoes , but , a think i,lll bare foot the beach from now on, that Lana Cantrell books are a nightmare te find , but ye knew that.

    got them t-shirts ready for print ?

    speak te ye laters bud

  18. London Calling, Mongoose here. Unfortunately “this” has been happening for a long time. You can hear this disgusting tune in the background yesterday and today. We must help each other see as well as hear.

    1. Pedo Narnia – CS Lewis

    Lucy Pevensie’s character and Mr. Tumnus’ character (played by James McAvoy), and their subtle interactions, give the impression of a pedophile trying to lure a little girl into his house. The whole scene is creepy and the spirit of pedophilia is definitely at work in this movie. Tumnus and his flute have magical powers – Tumnus puts the little girl to sleep with his music. The next scene shows the little girl waking up and Tumnus crying, claiming that he has done something very bad. The subtle implication is that he sexually molested her.

    2. Pedo Prince Caspian – CS Lewis

    p. 192 – “Bacchus and the Maenads — his fierce, madcap girls — and Silenus, were still with them. Lucy, fully rested, jumped up. Everyone was awake, everyone was laughing, flutes were playing, cymbals clashing. Animals, not Talking Animals, were crowding in upon them from every direction.
    ” ‘What is it, Aslan?’ said Lucy, her eyes dancing and her feet wanting to dance.
    ” ‘Come, children,” said he. ‘Ride on my back again to-day.’ ”
    ” ‘Oh lovely!’ cried Lucy, and both girls climbed on to the warm golden back as they had done no-one knew how many years before. Then the whole party moved off — Aslan leading. Bacchus and his Maenads leaping, rushing and turning somersaults, the beasts frisking round them, and Silenus and his donkey bringing up the rear.” [Emphasis added.]

    3. Berlusconi. Teenagers’ tale of ‘bunga-bunga’ terror puts Berlusconi in a bind:

    “An account by two Miss Italy contestants, Ambra Battilana and Chiara Danese, is one of the most graphic descriptions to emerge from two sex trials casting an embarrassing spotlight on what the 74-year-old Prime Minister [the Prime Minister I shit you not] claims are elegant dinner parties at his Villa San Martino outside Milan.”

    and then Pan (in the form of Priapus) pops up………

    “During the dinner Mr Berlusconi passed around a statue of the pagan god Priapus with a disproportionate erection, asking the women to kiss it. “At this point all the girls started to do erotic things to each other: they uncovered their breasts to have them kissed when they were asked — all this while the dinner was going on,” the two teenagers testified.”

    4. Back to Lewis – CS Lewis calls Plato “an overwhelming theological genius” (Reflections on the Psalms, p. 80), and we know his come and study with me young man game.

    5. The Magic Flute – Mozart – definitely masonic but pederast cult?

    6. Hotel California – The Eagles

    Mirrors on the ceiling,
    The pink champagne on ice
    And she said ‘We are all just prisoners here, of our own device
    And in the master’s chambers,
    They gathered for the feast
    They stab it with their steely knives
    But they just can’t kill the beast

    Refers to sex or some big Hollywood orgy and devices are genitals? Feast in a big chamber is a big orgy and stabbing with their steely knives is just a ‘nice’ way to say intercourse? Because Steely Dan named themselves after a dildo of the same name from the novel “Naked Lunch” by William S. Burroughs and Glenn Frey said numerous times that the word steely is a nod to Steely Dan who had previously included the line “Turn up the Eagles, the neighbors are listening” on their song “Everything You Did”. If it is reference then steely knife must mean penis. They can’t kill the beast means they can’t kill the sex drive [Pan?] because they are so high on cocaine [link to Dorothy who falls asleep when the coke falls like snow].

    We must help each other see as well as hear.

    The Mongoose

  19. Goatse?

  20. Hey Rebel, I got more to say.

    You said people who do research on the internet just watch porn. Well that’s true, I’m a porn researcher. If you want to know where the world is going you check out porn.

    The only reason why we were allowed to get internet was to brainwash us with porn. Porn on the VCR was a good beginning but still too much hassle. Porn and internet is a match made in heaven, that’s why 80% of the web traffic is porn. It’s an operation from the priest class.

    When you browse a hetereosexual porn site you’ll quickly notice they mix in gay porn. Let’s say you’re in the brazilian hotties section, you click on a hot babe’s thumbnail and it’s a shemale poking some guy in the backdoor. That’s psycholocial warfare.

    So you have millions of guys with a boner being programmed like Pavlov templedogs. Men don’t think when having a boner and you go right into the animal brain. Do it enough times and they start to get aroused by it.

    I also noticed how they have all these crazy categories. You got shemales, ball torture, pissing etc. Somewhere in the middle of 100 things I find cünt fücking as an option.
    Now that says a lot about our society when good old fashion sex with a vagina is buried in all this crazyness.

    20 years ago you were happy to find your dads dirty magazine and see a fuzzy vagina. Maybe even a spread vagina but nobody was thinking they were missing out on ball torture, pissing, machine fucking, shemales etc.

    Now I ask you, who’s paying for all this free porn bandwidth on the web? I don’t know anyone who pays for porn, you can easily get it for free. Free websites like Youporn, who’s paying for that?

    Great for blackmail, you check someone’s sexual fantasies and send some hookers to lure them in. You film the whole thing and stick a dildo up their anus.

    The porn industry on the web is making sexual relationships very disfunctional.

  21. Stephen, I’m glad someone else noticed the G-Star Raw thing too – I noticed that the other day and had a little chuckle – G-Star Raw, ew. And yeah, saw a 33 in there somewhere too..

  22. Celtic, I gotta give you props man, you seem to get the e-ball rollin’.

    “Foreskin Man” Takes On Genital Mutilation

  23. Hey Celtic Rebel, very interesting show. Although I once did think exactly along the lines of what you are saying re: Dorothy, I quickly changed my mind because I said to myself that this is far too perverted to be really what they were aiming for back then, in the 1930s world of Holy-Wood. Knowing that the original shoes were silver, not red, got me thinking again. The change was made by the director I believe. So then you start to wonder if it was really what was being communicated in the ‘sub-text’.

    It is very true that for years in the UK we were all brain-washed robots sitting to watch TWOO after our Christmas Day lunch; at the same time, every year. You won’t find a family that doesn’t remember this (from the 80’s anyway)! I can’t imagine what it’s been replaced with now.

    Regarding the cosmetics industry call you received. There are some very expensive face and body creams (I don’t have the names) which are made from umbilical cords, and placentas. It is not surprising that foreskins are also in this group of ingredients. But it does make you realize that this industry isn’t just about business. There are cheaper, more ethical ways of making money.

    So, can anyone guess why they are doing this? I will have to go and do some more ‘research’!

    Marty, aka Marie

  24. i was ‘observing’ the news the other day, and have to admit my completely different perception than that of my friends, family, etc.. i see the second, sometimes third, story line. it is like watching dorothy waking from a disassociative state in the ‘wizard of oz’ (never noticed that when i saw it 20 years ago). it’s like the blaring gayness in elvis’ ‘jail house rock’. it’s like seeing angus young of ac/dc emulating a little school boy while wanking to “dirty deeds”. this has been going on for a very, very long time.

    today, these story lines seem to be more abundant, and more conspicuous. maybe there’s even another story line or message we’re not noticing? maybe the discussion we’re having right now is the next phase of the ‘Truthapalooza’ and we’ve taken the red pill… hook, line, and sinker? (just being rhetorical)

    with all of this running rampant, could this be why star*ucks has gone global after mcdonalds? first ruin peoples physical & mental health, then destroy them spiritually through subversive, self-destructive programming. ingenious formula for a horrendous plot.

    ultimately, it all has an effect on our consciousness, behavior, and the outcome of OUR lives and it’s our choice to choose cages/grids/diamonds or heavens. we each need to find our inner strength and intuition, and attract others to such an existence through example. when i try to talk to people, the walls are immense. even a ridiculously extended they live “fight” proves futile…. unless the person is already receptive and evolving.

    the rebel path has been a refreshing walk…. so walk the walk. besides, i’d rather see a sermon than hear one 🙂

  25. Great episode. Bang on about dorothy and here ruby red lips and ruby red shoes. Pj harvey does a great song with this. Also China actually has nap time for at least an hour or two during mid day.

    I think in terms of work hours USA would have the least holidays and most work hours out of any country and your supposed to be the land of the ‘free’, leading the ‘free’ world.

    While we pity the chinese factory workers with how they are worked so hard – they would in turn pity us if they knew that a 50 hour week is common and add to that a 1-2 hour commute each way followed by a heavy tax burden and paying for your own food and accomodation. While say in China at the very least they get board and food and they work close to their workplace and for a country of 1.3 billion people they at least get nap time and more than 2 weeks holidays a year. In fact i would say one of the most national holidays in any country.

    Things just dont make any sense when you break it down. Up is down and down is sideways.

    PS: Um anyone remember this movie – 3 men + a baby

    Just an everyday movie? you decide

  26. Mongoose, if i may make a reply to your post? – good points all ,and the way you join the dots between the subjects is sublime haha!
    You got me thinking about this ….In relation to the “Pan” Sexual aspect (pan-sexual? ..Oh my?) coming up so frequently like some kind of a sordid common denominator : Well the old British Telecom logo was actually of Pan and his flute http://www.nowpublic.com/tech-biz/bt-logo, and of course the other communications giant 02 (Subsidiary of BT, used to be named BT Cellnet originally) are renowned (at least in MY mind) for weird ads, here is their latest PAN-centric Ad [there is 2 on this video, one pedo-subliminal Disney one then the 02 Pan one] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IInNRth7RSU . So we are seeing a common theme with Pan in Memia, sorry Media. And i think you pointed exactly why we are seeing it too, Mongoose.
    Last thing regarding telecommunications and their connection to the Esoteria? people may be aware of this 02 ad from 1998, in which chemtrails fill the sky while the hu-manity below resemble wraiths who are all “hooked in” to the technology. At one point, a cow passes in front of the oblivious Hood wearing youth, as if to emphasise the “Cattle” mentality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_xTeYgJ4mc. Wow.where do they get off being so blatant.

    …and Mr Rebel…about the use of foreskin/placenta in cosmetics. Well, i made a joke the other day to someone that the Queen Liz’s fave cosmetic brand is ‘eLIZabeth ARDen’, now im probably sure of it.

  27. Hi, thought I’d respond to your comment. Don’t think I made myself clear as to the point of my last post. I agree it does sound like a promo, though I didn’t intend it to be.

    My point was to give some information on the possible bigger picture of what’s going on. My view is that peoples beliefs and paradigms play a big part on how they interpret new data. If you believe the world to be flat then in your mind anyone who claims to have sailed around the world must be mad.

    One difficulty I found when first discovering your work was trying to understand what motivates the “Priest Class” to do what they do. Their cruelty is completely alien. Our ignorance of the greater picture allows them to remain hidden.

    We are fed so many lies about who we are, how the world works, and our purpose for being here. Our paradigms blind us to the truth of what’s really going on all around us.

    You mentioned in another show that we are here to enjoy ourselves. If so, why doesn’t the “creator” intervene and put things right? Shouldn’t restrictions have been put in place to stop anything like this from happening?

    Is there a purpose to all of this? Is humanity learning a lesson? You’ve have dealt with these topics in prior shows. The links I have given maybe give some answers to these questions. With out them we are left in the dark wondering what the point of all of this is.

    I agree with your comments on the Europe protests. Busy, fearful, and anxious people will never take the time to ask questions about the system. Most jobs seem made up to keep people in a controlled environment.

    Amazing how ignorant we are of the workings of our own body. One of the points you have been making is the importance of changing our diets. One of the links I posted showed that some foods such as sugar cloud the mind. I can see why it’s so important for the “Priest Class” to take control of the food we eat; it has an effect on our ability to experience other realities ( e.g Out of Body, Astral Travel ) or systems in which we can exist in.

  28. South Park episode 1507 which aired last night (June 8th) is titled You’re Getting Old. Byline… Just after Stans 10th birthday his world view starts to change and so does his friendships. Simply put Stan starts to walk the Rebel Path. Seems everything he sees is literally just plan “shite” This all started after his mother took away a copy of a Tween Wave CD he got for his birthday. Never thought that being a Tween (ages 9-12) could be so emotional.

  29. http://blog.movies.yahoo.com/blog/1525-j-j-abrams-reveals-the-uncut-viral-video-from-super-8

    The Return of the Cube.

  30. Speaking of control would
    you look at that:


  31. I wonder if synchromystic librarian was prompted to post the definition to ‘goatse’ by him/her subliminally noticing something on the show that I noticed too? I’ve commented here before about how words are introduced or twisted and perverted in to the public discourse – ‘bad’ and ‘wicked’ meaning ‘good’ for example, and your caller was talking about ‘bouffe’ when it struck me that there was deep insidious perversion of the language staring us all in the face. We have a word for a young human, which is child. We also have a word for a young goat, which is kid. So why do so many people in the English speaking world refer to their children as animals? We are beasts to paedo cultists, and here we are unthinkingly agreeing with them. Words have an energy and power, language is a form of magic, and it’s a magic we can all do. In terms of asserting our sovereignty, resisting the onslaught, we can take control of the words we use, and take care of what we say. They are children, not kids, not young goatse.
    The other area, as you point out Rebel, is taking charge of what we eat. Ingesting tortured, poisoned flesh into our body is not the spiritual path. In my experience too there are very few fat vegetarians, I wonder if there are any morbidly obese ones at all. Apart from the obvious reasons for this, it’s also because when you stop eating meat you start to pay some attention to what you are stuffing in your mouth. If you pick up a packet of processed food, you have to check that there is no animal fat or gelatine in it so you read the list of ingredients. You are then confronted with a list of toxins and chemical waste masquerading as food, and will I’m sure, stop eating processed foods soon after! And when you’ve come off meat, the next thing is white sugar. It decalcifies your bones and teeth, it stresses your pancreas and it suppresses your immune system. In 2003 in the USA the average per capita sugar consumption was 142 lbs (64.4 kilos)! Imagine that in a pile in front of you – go on – eat that! You must be fucking mad! When you feel like something sweet eat some fruit, that’s what’s supposed to happen.
    Finally (sorry about the long post!) ask yourself do you really want to be smearing dead animal all over your body? Ayurvedic soap, made from vegetable sources, is the answer. And if you can’t get that try making your own, it really isn’t difficult.

  32. Love your show like always…

    VIDEO: Uwe Bolls Blubberella (Official Trailer)

    Hey Alex… I recently went to go see a broadway show called HAIR here in south florida and it was just as bad as any hollywood movie… Its a crapy outlook of the 60’s hippie movement but through the eyes of a Gay/Jewish Director… Its rewriting history… Young people are going to think the 60’s was a anal orgy with lots of drugs…

    PS: I am going Vegetarian this month… 🙂 NICK

  33. Been thinking about why I wasn’t able to see any of this before and though I’d give some ideas ( does the ID in IDeas mean anything? ). Stupidity was part of it, but also naivety. I think we tend to imagine other people to be like ourselves to begin with. Its not possible to imagine anyone acting in a way outside of our own reference frame.

    If you had spent you whole life in a village where everyone got on together and had no idea of the outside world, the idea of anyone wanting to rape or murder another human being would be difficult to imagine ( unless it was something you wanted to do yourself ). You would ask yourself why anyone would want to do anything like that? What would be their motivations? You wouldn’t be able to answer those questions.

    The people commenting on that youtube clip I guess can’t imagine why anyone would want to create a scene in which it was implied that the girl was gang raped. It’s too sinister a thought. Only when you start to see the bigger picture does it seem possible.

    On the other hand History shows none of this is new. Atrocities have been going on for a long time. Who were the people committing these crimes in the past, and where are they now? Most humans I believe aren’t capable of committing them, unless under mind control. It’s only a minority, and we’ve been misled about who they are. We’re led to believe it’s lone psychopaths, people who don’t fit in. I guess people can’t see it’s actually a class of people pulling strings from above.

  34. Celtic,

    The nefariously crafted English language can harm your body?

    Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained. Of course the frequency has to be correct. And this is why not everybody is equally successful or can do it with always the same strength. The individual person must work on the inner processes and maturity in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA. The Russian researchers work on a method that is not dependent on these factors but will ALWAYS work, provided one uses the correct frequency.

    Take a look

  35. I am slowly following and its coming home, soon it will be completely first nature. I was going through some online post and found this*. You are definitely right about the shyte that comes down the chute but first you have to bend over before you become a star. Do you think the reason they are call stars is because they shine more in darkness or is it because their star gate is open? Just a thought. Great show with further insight. Thanks Celtic R.

    Sugar Ray Leonard seeks catharsis through new book

  36. Hi Celt! Its Emily! I know I’ve been mia, due to personal crisis, however, haven’t forgotten about you or your work.

    Just passing through with a Stupid bitch/cunt/whore update about circumcision:

    Russel crow recently tweeeted about male circumcision and abortion saying he is against the former and for the latter. http://www.celebitchy.com/162057/russell_crowe_was_drunk-tweeting_about_circumcision_abortion/

    I was appalled when I read the comments. This particulary stupid slut commented:

    “Have you ever seen an uncircumcised penis? EW!! It looks like a little hooded eel or something gross like that. That is why I will circumcise my sons, so that girls don’t look at their penis and say “EW”. 2 seconds of pain versus a lifetime….circumcision creates a better looking penis and my husband has plenty of pleasure, I wouldn’t want him to have any more if you know what I mean ;)”

    She probably is an anal-freak (as so many women are these days) and will enter her daughters in beauty pageants, or, equally as bad, mind-fuck them with disney bullshit.

    Another idiot commented:

    “Circumcision decreases the rate of transmission of STDS including HIV (WHO, CDC) so much so that some countries in Africa have huge public health campaigns encouraging men to get circumcised.

    Also, I don’t think babies with cleft palates, holes in their hearts, and other treatable congenital abnormalities would reject treatment even if they had the freewill to do so. ”

    In a previous show (or podcast, can’t really remember) you said that you wouldn’t say that some people shouldn’t have kids. Well celt, I have to disagree with you there, both of these idiots need to not reproduce. Sorry if I come off angry, but shit like this makes me want to SCREAM!

  37. I remember reading Fritz Springmeier’s work on this particular subject, The Wizard of Oz and it’s connection to trauma based mind control. Very intense stuff. Of course, all of that ties into to the “Monarch Programming” stuff, which is more than likely happening but as you’ve stated it seems they’ve moved on to BIGGER and better programs (eg: MK MEGA). Anyway, great show – especially the last hour and the topic of circumcision, etc. Hot topic, very touchy subject. I do have my suspicions about Fritz Springmeier, but it’s hard to say. He did spend 7 years in prison after “robbing a bank”, that he wasn’t even near or close to the day of the robbery. Who knows. Thanks for the awesome show.

    PS: I meant to attach this link, it’s a montage & song all about Butt sex in video games (like nintendo, sega, etc) Super Mario Bros, etc. It’s entitled “This Game has Butt Sex”


  38. Tracy Morgan speaks up against gays

  39. What a coincidence … 🙂

  40. Mrb mentions JJ Abrams (Jeffrey Jacob) and his viral video for Super8 movie?[which is a similar modus operandi that JJ employed in Lost and Cloverfield, he heavily Cross-references in all of his works]. You may not be surprised to know JJ is of course a Master Jew. I got into his work through Lost. I didnt at that time (2004) know of the dark undercurrents of Hollywood, and elsewhere., that your own work reveals, Rebel.
    In this talk you by JJ youll hear him Talk [/code] about the “Mystery Box” [a box he has had since a child that has never been opened], about being involved in “Odd Crafts” like “Box Making” and “Binding”, and being a conceptual “Deconstructer” . He tells you this knowledge was passed from his Grandfather. He says that Mystery is more valuable than knowledge.
    Listen to the way he reveals how he constructs his work. He understands the esoteric nature of life, and employs it well in his movies. He Constructs a Meta-Box for the Mind! As he says “What you think youre getting, as opposed to what youre actually getting”.

    He shows a clip of JAWS, and it happens to be where the police chief has a young boy, his son, i think, alone in a room at night and is asking for a kiss. the Boy asks “Why?” and he replies “Because I NEED it”. Interesting choice. Interesting guy.

    Reading this information (Jewish “Celebration” of JJ) you can clearly see this man employs majority Jewish for his films. Just see the Roll call of names like Schwimmer, Bruckheimer and spielberg http://www.juf.org/tweens/celebrity.aspx?id=35700
    I noticed that a lot of the people working behind the scenes of LOST too were Jewish. Does it matter? I think as we know, it does. It demon-strates this Media control-Hierarchy of Master [and duped] Jews.

    PS: I think NOW we know why Temple-boy-toy “Shia Le bouffe” is so named …. http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/12680545.html ….. shit out the beef? hum….or,Insert the beef? (up is down, down is up)

  41. “Circumcision is barbaric and stupid,” Crowe declared. “Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect.”

    Russell Crowe apologizes for calling circumcision ‘barbaric’ after actor is labeled anti-Semitic

  42. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Stephen aka Digital Sickness, go ahead with comments mate as they are appreciated big time!

    I kicked myself in my own butt for forgetting that creepy 02 Pan advert, every time I see it I say to myself “There’s bloody Pan again” and then didn’t bloody include it in the post so thank you. I think there is too much for us to remember alone and I am an old Mongoose.

    Also on the other remembering you did for me, the old BT logo, we have the snake / serpent in the right arm (red) – remember a Mongoose can spot a snake! – and the other colours blue and white which are masonic colours as explained and linked to the Chilean miners / huge shafting of 33 men by Paul J.C. Ropper (07 June 2011) http://abcoffreedom.weebly.com/

    Returning to the wider Pan(orama) we should also link with Lenon Honor’s work on the fear producing media which seem to be feeding something’s insatiable need for Pan(ic).

    I also think we should remember that however arty or jokey Pan is presented the bastard son of a bitch is a bastard son of a bitch. For example in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ the official website describes a “chilling story set against the backdrop of a fascist regime in 1944 rural Spain. The film centers on Ofelia, a lonely and dreamy child living with her mother and adoptive father; a military officer tasked with ridding the area of rebels. In her loneliness, Ofelia creates a world filled with fantastical creatures and secret destinies. With post-war repression at its height, Ofelia must come to terms with her world through a fable of her own creation.” The 12 year old falls in love with Pan.

    In the link below you can see how this film was based on an older story
    THE GREAT GOD PAN, written by Arthur Machen in 1890, which cased scandal in its day.

    Machen involved in the occult bum societies? What a surprise!

    And now if anyone can help me with this I would be grateful because I am getting to the end of my patience with these people…..we don’t need to be MK’ed with these muppets around….sagging? I am seeing these idiots everywhere….death penalty too little?


    Mongoose out.

  43. Why do you have a naked face-down boy in your sidebar, if you are against these depictions? Heehee, interesting views in the radio show, listened to you on a recent 20 hour roadtrip.

  44. Hi Alex,
    you are a wizard in interpreting all the things that come along the way.
    I am impressed with all the shows you have posted and your blogs.
    Thank you for all the information

  45. Morning Celtic Rebel,

    I love that you attract listeners/callers of such a high calibre, David your last caller took my breathe away with his insights into male genital mutilation. I never realised the foreskin had some many nerve endings, and its like removing your gums or eyelids. Wow. Its true men who’ve been mutilated, in later life their penis’s do breakdown eg unable to function without aids i.e. Vigara. I have experienced this personally.

    In future I wont sleep with a man who’s been mutilated there’s no point I want a penis that communicates with my vagina. And do not want our future son to be mutilated. Thanks for that piece of info, (i learn so much for your show).

    I see clearly how Dorothy has been gang-rapped in the Wiz, I remember as a child the green witch and her nasty laugh scared and haunted me for years as did the flying monkeys. I never liked the black/brown and white scenes. Wow.

    Kimmi K x

  46. Ahhhh me and my couch. Taking cat naps is like drinking water. Maybe that’s because I’m in Spain-Canary Islands. There is a tendency to make you feel bad for doing it nowadays, but it’s a need within our body systems and everyone knows it’s the best thing for a recovery from yourself. Even when I grew up in the UK where I was born to Spanish parents, that moment after school lunch without naps aggravated my soul and I was conscious of there being something wrong even before I knew what it was. Peace and zzzzzzz to you

  47. I cannot even fathom th depths of insanity that is our world… when i see things like this i just have to sit back and think about these “things”. I really don’t care for this thing our government has set up for us… I HATE their crappy set up. But really anyone who has things figured out does also. We are not alone. Thank you again Mr.celtic.

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