Alex and Alex Immemorial

There was a live show this nonmemorial Day and Alex Robinson was back in the bunker to help all of us deal with issues that need to be dealt with and not avoided.

A lot of those issues concern our childhood and how our memories of what may have transpired may not necessarily be even close to how we chose to remember. The show, I feel, went in a good direction towards that aim:


Dealing with childhood, false memories and the modified perversions of what’s been buried for so long are but a few of the reasons why so many of us are so dysfunctional. Holy Wood being given free reign to feed us shite while reinforcing memories of delicious truffles has seriously compounded the problem.

Standy by Me was but one of those, which we reconnected to through last week’s show. Rest assured there was nothing accidental about the placement of each and every person, object or word, in the above scenes (or any of them for that matter). Neither is there anything accidental about the innocence most fools would reflect on Andy Griffith’s initiation of one Ronnie Howard, all the while the colors of the “lollipops” and placement of words were meticulous [e.g., “cocky”].

Don’t even get me started on The Lost Boys. Until next week…

~ by celticrebel on May 29, 2011.

21 Responses to “Alex and Alex Immemorial”

  1. London calling, the Mongoose here.

    I just wanted to share the connection between the celticrebel research and the Royal wedding we had the pleasure to be brainwashed with recently.

    The main concern and lasting impression of it in terms of the media (regurgited ad infinitum)is Pippa Middleton’s backside. The younger sister’s anus has been venerated since Friday 29th April 2011,some examples of the butt frenzy;

    1. “THE Royal Wedding remains one of the hottest topics on the internet, more than 24 hours after Wills and Kate tied the knot.But it’s not the ceremony, the kisses or even That Dress that have caused the biggest buzz on Facebook and Twitter — but Pippa Middleton’s BOTTOM.”

    2. facebook page – Pippa-Middleton-Ass-Appreciation-Society: 227,141 people like this

    3. “UK women chasing Pippa’s bum: The frenzy surrounding Pippa Middleton’s derriere has led to a spike in bookings for bottom-lifting treatments in Britain and the UK.”

    4. “Pippa Middleton’s bum stole the show at the Royal wedding. And now we know how she achieved her super-pert posterior. It is all down to pilates.”

    the worst one – contrived weeks later…..

    5. “Scorned woman paints ‘Is Pippa’s Bum Still Better Than Mine???’ all over partner’s car after lover’s tiff” * still no actual names of painter or paintee (put up job?)

    6. You tube video with 751,655 views – “Pippa Middleton Shake Ya Ass”

    There you are, had to tell someone about the Royal Arsassination….

    The Mongoose

  2. hi celtic rebel!

    thought this might be of interest to you..?? All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace – 2. The Use and Abuse of Vegetational Concepts

    i love what you do! keep doing it!!

  3. VID: creepy, disturbing, yet awesome cartoon (“Bimbo’s Initiation”)

    Jack Bauer = Jacob Rothschild..

    River Phoenix was interesting. Check out this vid on some lost footage of him.

    PS: interesting study that was done recently

  4. Thank you for another wonderful show with the lovely Lady Alex. The topics discussed, particularly in the second half of the show regarding childhood, are so important…much too important for us to ignore any longer. As you pointed out, we cannot heal and grow forward without first going back and really taking a look at what went wrong.

    No matter our differences in our experiences throughout childhood, we do have one thing in common, we grew up in a time that we were robbed of our innocence much too soon, or in reference to “the kid with the butterfly net”: our chains were forged and forced upon us, without our consent.

    Thank you for helping us break these chains, which have kept us prisoner for far too long and get back to living…really living the way we were meant to be and why we came here in the first place. I know that it’s not too late, not for all of us anyway…it just can’t be.

  5. The Mongoose, I was unaware of the mAss fassination with little sister’s royal lambchops. Obviously someone felt the need to push ths assgenda.

    lovely360, “not available in your area,” as I’ve expressed before, methinks region codes may be part of some misguided wish to be able to isolate social engineering experiments of which distance used to serve.

    Lugh, wow, that first vid was a slap to the face. Such a blatant admission of The Process, and from so long ago. Wow! Even a reference to the Rabbi[t] Hole (don’t blink). Nice find mate!

    Katherine, a lovely note … I feel that women in particular, who are a bit braver when it comes to looking back, can appreciate this particular show more. I’m guessing we’ll need to do a Part II of massive arena we stepped into today.

  6. Alex (and fellow rebels), a very strange sync happened yesterday that I really have to share. Your show airs at 12 midday, Monday, my time (Western Australia). At around 3pm, I was in the bathroom, when that Outkast song you mentioned came into my head without warning. I thought ‘wow, that song is really referencing the anus-rose there, I should totally email Alex about it.’
    I got home, downloaded the show (I’m at work while it airs), and hey presto, around 3 hours in to your show, you mentioned that exact song – which would have been just about the same time it came into my head. And this happens a couple of weeks after the term ‘post conspiracist’ popped into my head while walking home from work, only to hear you use that exact term when I listened to your show that night. Time and space seem to be bleeding into each other, and it’s awesome.

  7. Mongoose, West Midlands Calling!

    In connection to the royal Wedding, its surprising just HOW MUCH it is a [predictive] programming design, as has been pointed out, for the Princess to get her Prince, and of course ONLY the prince will do! This is where DISNEY does its part oh so well: See this photo! [incase this attachment doesnt work the link to the photo is here: although i hesitate to link the Prison Planet forum, it is ONLY for a picture]

    And here is the Disney programming enforcement for kids

    And i saw “A few Good Men” for the first time t’other day…Yes, once again we had the two Navy “defendants” who hazed the poor chap called Willy and killed him: one was black one white, Morpheus and Neo, the white one subservient to the black one. It was said at one point of the white ‘Seaman’ that he “Worships him” in regards the black one. And they ended the film with Morpheus saying to Neo “WE SHOULD HAVE FOUGHT FOR WILLY!”

    PS: Alex, can you talk a little bit about the chemtrail operation, ive never heard you, as long as ive been listening, really give out your thoughts on it.

  8. Hi Alex,

    I found this to be a timely article by Jon Rappoport. I’m not exactly sure if you like his work or not, it’s actually some what on par with what you’re doing.

    I’d also like to comment about the usage of words like “truth” and “honesty”, and how these words have been watered down or diluted of their true meaning and value. Anyway way, here I go. So, if we live in a culture of lies and stories that have been concocted or made up to direct us in a certain fashion to become a collective of total dumb-asses, which we have, doesn’t that then presuppose that we can only be “truthful” or “honest” when we become congruent with ourselves and the world around us? Congruency is a whole other ball game, so to speak. It’s when you say something and you mean it, and it’s totally reliable. You can book on it. How do you build your soul? You become completely and fully congruent. You simply become trustworthy when you become congruent, and congruency is actually what we’d like to call honesty or the truth. In the original NLP group, they would teach people about congruency and what to look for in themselves and others. 99.9% of what people say (verbally) is usually b.s. yet their body language and hand gestures (as well as eye movements, etc) are telling a whole other story. When you become congruent you start to become more connected with nature and your intuition, as well as other aspects of “higher mind” types of phenomena that most people will never experience in their lifetime. Collectivism is definitely a way of cutting people off from these types of experiences, it’s a slow death or sacrifice of du’masses, so to speak 😉 Fattening them up before consuming them is an old tradition, is it not? Hansel and Gretel comes to mind. A wonderful tale wasn’t it? Anyway, there’s plenty O’ witch crafty hypnotic tricks going on within the media these days. They like to use cause and effect NLP patterns on people all the time. Like for example, “if you eat X, then Y will happen to you.” Of course you can plug any thing you want into the X & Y slots, like X=fatty foods and Y=your hips will expand and you’ll get fat, etc. And then you can plug in all sorts of equations, like genetics (it’s your genes, you were born this way, etc) sexual genders, all sorts of stuff.) Now when you do this in an artsy way that looks nice and features flashy lights and colors, as well as cool music by their favorite latest artists, toss in a few embedded commands as well as the latest technologies they’ve got access to, thanks to their budgets,.. Well let’s just say it’s easy work. A piece of friggin’ cake. The money’s in the bank.

    So, one last thing before I sign off. There was a part in your show where you mentioned true love being uncomfortable. I know this feeling, because it’s something so pure and gentle that you don’t want to lose it, it’s almost better to just push it away then have to lose it. Not having it on the other hand is what kills us. This is a video I found that may feature animals, a mother cat and one of her kitten’s, but you wouldn’t know it. That spark of true love is there!

    Cheers, it was a great show Alex and Alex, really enjoyed it as usual.

  9. It seems the abuse leaves a scar in the form of pockets under the eyes (look at Pippa’s :D).
    If you want to change the past, do it with language. Roughly why I went back to ancient greek to learn the meaning sense of the words and letters. And that is why the gypsies left us tarot cards, it is the alphabet.
    Stop beLIEving, start crediting and/or thinking…
    Stop understanding, start comprehending (unless you like standing under poo :S). “♫ ♪ Under, under stand by me,… ♫ ♪”

    Bonus : Donald Sutherland playing Wilhelm Reich :S (with a little boy/girl of course, Kate Bush playing Peter Reich)

  10. James, that horrific ditty is indeed a catchy number.

    digital sickness, wow that’s one truly amazing picture. Beyond what fools called synchromysticism, we in this case, see a very meticulous blueprint of the nlp instruction set. I spoke about chemtrails at length in an old show.

    Wes Tilson, yes, people are so easy to manipulate into all manners of gross stupidity … ugh, if I hear one more idiot talking about protein. Thanks for the lovely vid.

    effel, ugh, how stomach-turning it was to watch that video of such a beautiful song ruined by the presence of that derelict donald and the soilings of a nefarious inside director. I tried to find some summary of Kate’s awareness of what was transpiring, and all signs indicate she’s just yet another stupid cunt.

  11. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Digital Sickness – are you saying I can’t handle the truth?

    My main point concerns Today’s Guardian (Odinsday, 1st June) which has on International section, page 21, 4 stories and one “connection” photograph.

    Top story = “Teenage victim becomes symbol for Syria’s revolution, mutilated body of Hamza al- Khatib given to family” (13 year old boy killed for calling for freedom).

    Story two – Immediately to the right of poor Hamza a picture of “Sunset and the City Manahattanhenge”, the biannual occurrence in New York where the sun aligns with Manhattan’s east-west grid and shines down all the streets at the same time.

    Story three – Ireland, “Candidate in row over paedophilia comments”, man tipped to become Ireland’s first openly gay president (David Norris) said this in 2002:” terms of classic paedophilia, as practised by the greeks, for example, where it is an older man introducing a younger man to adult life, there can be something said for it [paedophilia].”

    Story four – France, “Philosopher claims former minister abused children”. Former education minister Luc Ferry told a tv chatshow (not the police that would be silly) that a member of the previous government had “an orgy with little boys” in Morocco. He refused to name the minister.

    In the middle of story 3 & 4 a picture of Dominique Strauss Kahn (IMF perve) leaving his lawyer’s office with the headline (I shit you not) “New York outing”.

    From London, with love.

    ps.Synchromystic goalhangers? – In the occult of classical antiquity, cledonism, or cledonomancy, was a kind of divination based on chance events or encounters, such as words occasionally uttered.

    pss Sorry to post again but I forgot to say that the poor Hamza boy was allegedly castrated.

    Also, either synchromysticism is alive and well or people are trawling your blog for articles because on the 25th May I posted comment “the approved method of ritual Talmudic circumcision:One sucks the membrum?” in your Lucy in the Sky sans Diamonds.

    Today, the 1st June, and linked in;
    By Rev. Ted Pike National Prayer Network

  12. Metro Bob will be happy to see a guy named as the 98th sexiest women in the world:

  13. Really enjoyed this show. Its good to hear the banter between you and Alex. In fact, your program gets richer, the more you interact with special guests and callers.
    Some really good links in the comments too. I never heard about River Pheonix being this ‘type’ of rebel before. Makes you wonder about the drug overdose now.
    Regarding false memories. The exact same thing happened to me. I think I posted about it once. Every Xmas Day for years in the UK, the TV would show the original Wizard of Oz. For a while I use to believe that at the end, where Dorothy is in bed, she would pull the covers off her to reveal that she was still wearing the ruby slippers, to prove to everyone at the farm that her dream was real. When I watched the movie years later this never happened and I realised that I remembered what I THOUGHT at the time was going to happen, and NOT what I actually SAW.

    Here’s a nice news story for you today… veiled reveal of exactly what you and others have been saying… disguised as ‘politics’… with a nice picture of Friends just to prove the point!

    aka Marie

  14. This was a hard-hitting session Alexes, thank you both. Very humbling

    Lady Alex – so glad you’re on the Rebel Path. You’re a gem. Thank you for your points on the sadness of women whose lives are empty. And of course, for the parable about the mother bird. Can’t even tell you how relevant that was to me.

    Rebel – I don’t think any less of you for not wanting to date obscenely-fat women. Lol. But Lady Alex raises a good question there. I just wanted to reiterate on your point of going after the woman whose eyes hinted at something deeper – and let you know that I never would have gotten over my own weight problems if someone hadn’t recognized me as a beautiful person first. Regardless of my being huge, you know? That built me up.

    Again – not saying you should have to date anyone you don’t find attractive – just saying that a lot of women who are on the larger end are at a loss at what to do. Since you know so much about being healthy already yourself – maybe with the right approach, your input could be of use to these women who already have that desire to change in their hearts.

    Another thing I wanted to ask – just a rhetorical question about how you see the ladies… do you prefer women who haven’t been programmed (like the ladies you met in Brazil), or do you prefer women who HAVE been programmed – but are not as susceptible to it? Or – at the very least – they can recognize it for what it is?

    I ask this question because these two types of women really are apples and oranges – they’re practically different species. So yeah – I worry about you favoring one over the other. Just a thought.

    Thanks again for this session, this one really meant a lot to me. Best, Joanne

  15. Okay… I have boycotted the movies except for the exceptional movie thats is free from the gay/jew agenda like SOUL SURFER great Movie… Any haters of this movie can go to %&$%….
    Anyways I went last night to see Kung Fu Panda 2 with my nieces and nephew and besides all the violence and bits of gay jokes… I noticed something very disturbing… I felt like I was watching a another Hilter war war 2 propaganda… The evil bird talked and acted just like hitler and the the wise old goat acted why too jewish… Just my thoughts… The world war 2 jewish holocaust hoax is still as strong as ever and is being put into the minds of children without the parents even noticing… WOW… oh ya & multiculturalism too…
    PS: I am not against multiculturalism but when all groups are equal and embraced to be strong in their culture not mixed up and destroyed being replaced by hip hop mixed culture of sex & violence… 🙂 MUCH LOVE NICK

  16. On monogamy: We are a higher consciousness ensconced in a biological mechanism which drives our natural desires. As such, our primary desire is the procreative continuance of our genes. So when we ‘fall in love’ it is because at a fundamental subliminal level we see a mate that will potentially produce an offspring with the best chance of survival. To inform us of this we are flooded with ‘happy’ hormones which both propel us toward and reward us for this critical step towards biological fulfilment. Research has shown that these highly elevated hormonal levels decline gently for about three years, then sharply fall away. This would imply that in our species the male role is is to support and protect the offspring until it is has reached a certain level of autonomy from the mother. Then, biologically speaking, we move on.
    From a biological/evolutionary perspective, for both male and female, it makes sense to spread our genes as widely as possible because that offers the best chance of at least one set surviving through to reproductive age. So the anthropological model best suited to us would be a tribe where serial monogamy ensured the best mix of the genes available, and every member had either a direct or indirect interest in the survival of all the other members of that tribe, because each individual’s genes would have the best chance of survival within that group. It’s quite possible that this is how humans lived at one time.
    Granted this is a dry mechanistic analysis, and does not allow for the emotional upheaval associated with relationships ending, but who knows to what extent they are natural reactions and not just deep-set programmes playing out?

  17. These women are in exactly the same place as men have always been having to be sir lancelot. Men also are played to have to be the hulks on tv, a male to look good to be this ideal that the girls swoon over and are therefore programmed to swoon over is ridiculous gym regime that puts you in a gym with all these other men. A woman to look good takes sweet fuk all, basically put down the fork is all it takes. Otherwise the man again needs to be Mr.BIG the gay rent boys dream. For the women, girls seriously get into relationships entirely for this aspect of security it has nothing to do with even looking at the person in the eyes and investing emotionally its all cowardly following the program the women are being dictated to because they consent to it and pass on the favour. It’s being ridiculous in saying a man is meant to be diving into a self loathing blob and as soon as a woman is not a self loathing blob her ego is hyper inflated becoming this new persona they identify with. Right now meg fox is parading on tv programming girls to idolize and imitate those being insecure as humanly possible

    Power is the ability to convince another to follow your ideology.
    Women like everyone else are sold that they were being hard done by rebounded on it and became a NWO. Like all other threatened minorities and everyone lets them have their sympathy for which none is deserved this is the power of persuading to an ideology, the perception was the issue not their role and the perception rules today the persona the fakeness prevails.

  18. We have this awful ‘Show’ called “Britains got talent”, im sure youve heard of it, America has its own one courtesy of the Puppet master behind it all Simon Cowell. anyway, the 2011 show has had some controversy as a whistle blower [former employee] has blogged that one of the contestants , an effiminate 12 yr old boy, has basically been “Groomed” by Cowells production company “SYCO” to Win this thing., and that the kid was already on the Books, as it were. They have totally pushed this Boy/girl all the way to the finals. Now cowell has got the POLICE in to arrest this Blogger and hush him up.
    So yes, such a POPular show for the mASSes is this, and the fact that an overtly feminine young boy is to win it is the controversy for me, never mind the other stuff. check out this video, particularly the interview, clock the body language

    p.s Good video Mongoose! Also when they interview the two seamen in the film AFGM [for the first time] and they ask about the offence wherein they tied willy up and Homosexually-hazed him to death [tied up, gag in mouth], asked why they did it,they say they were told to do it, and did it because the CODE that they abide by dictates they should. And when he says it, the two interviewing officers turn to each other and say in Tandem “ITS A CODE”.

  19. have been thinking on a far stretch

    kate bush -> take bush .

    or am i now really going off my knockers…

  20. I have to laugh. Wesley Crusher is one of the most unpopular characters in television history. So much so, he warrants his own category in “Television Tropes and Idioms”. The category: “The Wesley” of course. In a nutshell:

    “The main characteristic of The Wesley is that the writers’ focus on them is detrimental to the show, not so much that the parts featuring this character necessarily suck more than the rest, but that so much effort is being directed to them that it detracts from the quality of the series as a whole. It’s as if the writers think that there’s nothing more important than browbeating the viewers into falling in love with this one character. And it never works”

    Why this character was rammed down viewers’ throats is a mystery to most, but but obvious to anyone paying attention. Here’s the full article for anyone interested.

  21. Alex and Alex, I love you and I dont think you understand how much good you two have done for me. My name is Petri Hjalmarsson and i live in Lund Sweden and the Info you transmit to me here is totally transmuting my existence hare and my surrounding. THANK YOU and i bless you eternally!

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