Gays are the New Jews

Here’s the latest show. Yea, I know, a difficult topic [or twelve] to say the least:


But the reason for that, as stated, is not the topic, but the programmed reaction to it. Oh, they are already going nuts out there, scrambling about like angry naked little boys fighting. Don’t worry, it’s, as mentioned, “classical art.”

The above image pretty much sums up the “opposition” to the information I presented tonight. Whether they are bunch of stupid programmed but useful idiots, or those so prone to perversion, they have one thing in common. They will stop at nothing in order to defend the rights of grown men they know nothing of, from having unlimited access to naked young boys.

References: Saints of the Vernal Equinox, The Jesus Box and the Event Horizon, The Cross the Crown and the Jew, Boy Toys of the Gay-Lites

Note: I have of late been updating articles. Aside from the most recent, be sure to check out Xote de Goalhangers, and more importantly, Good Year for the Asses [III], which contains some new and revelant information.

~ by celticrebel on April 25, 2011.

38 Responses to “Gays are the New Jews”

  1. All hail Lucy fur! That entire show was so great. Thanks for teaching me something again.

  2. I tend to think the whole gay “revolution” is all part of on overall agenda but the male and female agendas are to undermine different aspects of Christian / Western society. I have written a lot of this in the past. What bothers me is how universally accepted the whole gay movement is, but then when the zionist-owned media decide to push something, you know mainstream public will follow.

    Their “pride” parades seem to go a long way towards drawing a crowd who enjoy the brightness and fake cheer, never thinking that perhaps “Straight Parade” would be laughed out of existence. Family values for perversion….

    The “ladies” are being pushed to titillate male fantasy and further degrade morality. Another main component is the breakdown of the family unit. The male aspect is just there to lower values in many ways, further erode family values and the position of straight males, AND to open minds to the growing pedophilia movement so beloved of our leaders and the elite. And this is just touching the topic.

    Remember, the Frankfurt school had a motto:
    Make America so corrupt she stinks!

    The passage of the american hate bills last year was icing on the cake. Americans let that slide by without a peep giving necrophiliacs, pedophiles, etc etc, more or less protection under the law.

  3. I was banned from David Icke forums for mentioning and linking to your work. David Icke makes a lot of references to the rabbit hole. I guess im not allowed to mention your work haha, screw them, that shows their fear.

  4. i think this image is relevant for this podcast:

    PS: although i haven’t really looked into the album’s lyrics, i do know the lead singer, jon davis, said he was molested as a child. even more interesting are the song titles and their order… almost a disgusting bear/cub story (which of course starts with a ‘twist’):

    1. “Twist”
    2. “Chi”
    3. “Lost”
    4. “Swallow”
    5. “Porno Creep”
    6. “Good God”
    7. “Mr. Rogers”
    8. “K@#Ø%! [Kunts!]”
    9. “No Place to Hide”
    10. “Wicked (O’Shea Jackson)” (ft. Chino Moreno; Ice Cube cover)
    11. “A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I Dream About Sex)”
    12. “Lowrider (Sylvester Allen, Lee Oskar)” (War cover)
    13. “Ass Itch”
    14. “Kill You”

  5. deer1234, thank you!

    Noor, well, assuming they didn’t fall into the trap of defining themselves as “straight” I think would quickly be demonized as tyrannical fascists, whether by programmed-response or calculated media reaction. Yet, this is acceptable? Either way, the boy-loving Patriarchy wins.

    Myles O’Howe, for “some reason” that doesn’t surprise me. 🙄

    raffi, wow, what a find. As if beyond the obvious pederasty, the image doesn’t also communicate the “truth,” the song list spells it out it in sequence, and with clarity. Disgusting!

  6. You may be interested in the article below from the Guardian earlier this month…….

    “Jesus as an openly gay man: What if the newly found codices provided evidence of Jesus’s same-sex activity? ”

    The most astounding finding from the newly discovered lead codices is that Jesus Christ was unambiguously and openly gay. He and his disciples formed a same-sex coterie, bound by feelings of love and mutual support. There are recorded instances of same-sex activity – the “beloved disciple” plays a significant role – and there is affirmation of the joys of friendship and of living and loving together.

    A whole new complexion is given to that rather puzzling passage where Jesus exhorts his followers to break family ties: “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14, 26). It seems clear now that this is less a negative repudiation of family and more a positive exhortation to join in affirmation of a gay lifestyle and love.

    The classically educated Paul, who was himself gay, saw that same-sex activity was inimical to the success of Christianity in the highly homophobic societies in which he lived. Hence, same-sex affections and activity were concealed, to be known to and practised by only the leaders in secret – the guardians of Christianity as one might say. Obviously, this is a tradition that has flourished and lasted…..”

    Michael Ruse, Monday 4 April 2011 13.15 BST

  7. Bacc-anal! Wow that’s an eye-opener (!) A symbol associated with Dionysius/Bacchus was a staff with a pine cone on top (spine and pineal gland?). The Vatican was built on the site of the Bacchus temple in Rome. The Pope carries a staff with a pine cone carved in it. Some threads coming together here.
    Put me down as a ‘I like tits’ man by the way.

  8. A “Go” West…

    Check this out!

    Subtle possession seems evidently played out in movies and governs decision making and I would protest in real life. This guy says: All the West buildings are in fact Psychotronic Generators® for walk in technology. They generate electrical voltage spikes in human bodies that enable the human to be possessed, exorcised or given psychic visions, powers.

  9. Laugh out bloody loud!! thats Hilarious mate. The Truth Movement is a Fag!! [discernible difference between being Gay and being a bitch boy Temple-Fag, here] …does that make the truth gay by association? [i didnt want to call the Truth a Fag, maybe its just a bit Gay?…i wouldnt want it to pour gravy on me].

    I reproduced your pic of the Hirsute Poo ‘Bear’ along with footnotes on my FB page[of all places] …and yes, i Credited Thee Rebel [but that was only incase of reprisals by Disney Zealots]

    Very interesting about the colour coded Hankies? More [Han]Keys of sorts. There is no denying the gay culture at this level has been subverted and is driven by an outside agenda. Rife with submission and domination. Mind control. Its like a secret society of sorts. Secret codes and nods. Maybe there is a particular secret handshake ala Freemasons? Except the bitch boy one would be extremely limp and …sweaty. Possibly a tickle of the palm during said handshake. I’d say the Modus operandi is thus: Recognition of Handkerchief: Followed by a Nod, Followed by a wink and a finally a Tickle. Ahem.

    Without going into too much detail, i find your anal-isis of disney very Accurate. The Boy, reared, ahem, by the old man who is not the father, I find Pinnochio a very insidious little tale. also, the JACK’s of the nursery programming are many. Jack and Jill, Jack Frost (he’s after your fingers and toes!) , Jack sprat, Jack be nimble, Little Jack ~Horner, the house that Jack built, Theres also Jack-a-Nory, Little Jack Jingle, Jack-a-Dandy, Jack Rowland, Jack Tar, and Black Jack Davy.
    Definitely onto something, although maybe Jack was a generalisation for a “Young boy/cub”, i dont know. Over here in England, we had a term for wanking off called Jacking Off. also theres the term “You Dont know Jack”.

    Anyway Good show, Keep in Touch with Lucy… she is Lucid.

  10. The Mongoose, I addressed that, along with support for the idea in referenced Jesus Box article. However, a lot of spinning seems afoot there, given away by use of the inaccurate and meaningless “homophobic society,” personality bleeding through, and of course his being a “Rose” (by any other name). Heck, even the crucifixion (alternately, rape and murder) of the savior has been spun into a “good” thing.

    Ross, wasn’t aware they built the future temple of boy love, on the past temple of boy love. Yea, the [33RD] pine to apple [mini]stargate skewed on the end of the [full-grown] penis/staff is indeed adding up.

    LucyIamyourFatHer, seems a wee bit spammy, no? Then again, look at the crap most truthers are hawking.

    Stephen, yea, the Jack term/name, always seems to have some sort of seedy angle to it. Alex had commented that in cards, a Jack is a “knave.” If I recall correctly, the new and improved version of Karate Kid [casting a younger boy, how else], changed the main meme from “wacks on, wacks off,” to “jacket on, jacket off.”

  11. I think I heard BAC-on laugh. A back (bac) in french is either a recipient or the undergraduate degree.

  12. Hi Alex, great show! (Thanks for the shout out on the 46th Question btw)

    Have you not seen Al Pacino in Cruising (1980), a movie which covers many different homosexual themes, as well as the gay sub-culture? The hanky code gets a few shout outs in the film as well. There’s a scene where Al Pacino’s character, who plays an undercover cop tracking a “homo killer”, anyway, he goes into a shop and notices all the hankys for sale. There were many different colors and a few were explained. Anyway, it moves on to the next scene where Pacino’s character is in a gay bar wearing a yellow hanky in one of his back pockets, I think the left one, so another guy with a yellow hanky around his neck walks up to him and says “Are you into water sports?”, which Pacino replies “No, but I like to watch.” or something to that effect. Anyway the gay kinky dude with a yellow hanky around his neck leaves in a huff (you could say he was a “top”) and says “if you like to watch, take that hanky out of your pocket asshole!”

    That was just one scene that stuck out in my mind, specifically. This movie was jeered by gay rights groups, etc. I wonder why? I think you’re once again on to something Rebel. There seems to be a sub-group of people that want to remain “in the closet” and they do not like women or gay men who are “out”. This is they’re dirty little secret, and by exposing all our of collective subconscious minds to this type of programming (or filth) it basically degenerates everyone in the end, and that of course leads to major depopulation like you were saying.

    I suppose the best way of dealing with it is showing it for what it is, and hopefully people will eventually see it for themselves. Doubtful, but we can hope, can’t we? 😉

  13. This interview of Frank Zappa by ex-band members Flo and Eddie that was recorded in 1989 shows how enlighten he was to the “medes” and cause and effect that occurs. Frank by the way lived in Laurel Cannon during those crazy late 1960’s. The interesting part is around 17 minutes where he answers the question concerning drugs and LSD.

    It’s Flo and Eddie interview Frank Zappa 1989 on YouTube.

  14. Gay’s make good assassins but as for the outright takeover of the world not really… Perverted rulers like Obama make great pets for the ruling elite… Gays are great but not out of the closet gays… they can’t be bribed and controled like the closet gays. I believe the talmudic communist jews have this nation as well as most western nations including Japan in their pocket… Their is a racist/hatred element that runs deep and for over 2000 years… I know you think that the the Rothchilds are not the the rulers and I agree they are just one part of a much larger group of talmudic jews who have been been trying to rule the world since the time of Jesus…
    I DARE YOU to Read this book for Free… Audio of DAVID DUKE’s my awakening “this is much more then a bio” Rebel It shows the talmudic communist in action and how they have been taking over the world by taking down every culture and tradition preaching multiculturalism and interbreeding… While Jews keep their own traditions and culture…
    Here is a white european preaching white heritage and he gets attacked like the most evil man alive… Short of being killed He has been demonized for his views on truth about genetics and race differences… Irish are now the minority in Ireland how did this happen… Read the book its free… Its a long book but not boring at all… Extremely Educating to the point that I look at the world much clearer then ever before…

    Example… Thank you Celtic Rebel for awakening me with all the hidden messages of porn/pedo and the gay agenda… But I have noticed how the movies also demonize the white race and promote multiculturalism to the extreme… Blue eyes and Blonde hair is not only demonized in the movies its an all out war… Their is no race in the world that threatens the Jewish race in supremacy more the the white european race… And no religion threatens the jewish rule then islam and previously christianity until they destroyed the catholic church and christian nations… Countries like russia and china might try and take a last minute stand but the world as a whole is in the pocket of the jewish elite… I know this sounds outlandish but the more I understand WW1 & WW2 and how the US was suckered into both wars… I really believe that the jews have the USA by its balls… Does the military have more power then the jews… ??? I don’t believe so… They are just pawns…

    Celtic Rebel… Please investigate the Pro multiculturalism promoted in the movies… and how jews are always portrayed in a positive light and how white christians are demonized…
    What is the end game… A dumb down mixed race class of people who are disorganized and over pervertized to care who rules over them… Homosexuals are welcomed foot solider’s to battle christians and islam… Jews don’t want to fight islam head on they will lose so instead they get dumb down americans to do the dirty work…
    This battle plan has been in the making for 2000 years… Its much bigger then the gay agenda…
    PS: Look at the movies as a pro european white and you will see dirty work of programming to destroy culture and heritages… I am not racist but I am pro truth and their are many breeds of dogs why would it be any different with humans… We don’t call dogs racist for wanting to breed with their own kind…

    PSS: I am a colombian american… and I have seen the destruction of the colombian culture first hand… Its like a plague… “Kill the best of the Goyim” its funny how the most Racist and Hateful people are the same people cry hatred and racism from any one who dares stands up against their lies…

  15. effel, interesting, as that suggests a “bac” is also one bent over awaiting initiation.

    Wes Tilson, we have to hope. 😥 That scene would suggest Pacino met a literal “peon” who felt he was the victim of bait and switch.

    WhatsItAllAboutAlphie hard to imagine many in the Laurel Canyon set not participating in the weirdness. The part where they joke about the Brown Boy was a bit amusing.

    Nick, who said take over the world? I don’t disagree that Judaism, be definition, if not observed practice is racist. However, I do feel that most Jews, just like most gays, have been brainwashed to such great extent, they have little comprehension of what they push forth.

  16. First of all, whats the deal with wedding bands? The word is very similar to bRands. This made me think of the “branding” sexual fetish mentioned herein, and I realized that most wedding bands do leave a “brand” of some sort on your skin. Could this be another method used to bind and constrain us? Why would you physically mark someone’s body who you care about, and furthermore why would that mark/symbol be aimed at basically saying “This person is my property, I paid for this person and now I own them.” Pretty STUPID when you just think about it critically.

    Anyways, the only other thing I can think of right now is….and for fooks sake i hate to keep giving attention to these sodomites when honestly this show is going in such a great new direction with the humanity lately…but this one just has to be pointed out.

    I was hanging with my friend, and he plays a Lil Wayne song called “I’m me”. Lil Wayne is that gay babyfaced rapper who I believe there is a still shot of in don’t go west with his lips VERY close to another rapper. Anyways, you just can’t escape this stuff, I don’t listen to this type of music anymore (thought I actually once sadly considered this particular song my literal favorite song…god how stupid we have been for so long!), but like what am I supposed to do shun my friends? Not gonna happen ya know. It sucks, but thats the world we live in, can just try to do your best to be human, not a degenerate like Lil Wayne who wrote these rap lyrics, which in the context of the Rebel’s diligent, relentless, largely unrewarded body of work, speak for themselves (bold added by me):

    “Junior, its Cash Money over everything…It’s in my blood I feel it runnin in every vein…I’m from the mud, I am a missle like the scud…What’s really good, I’m about to ruckus like fudd…And I stay on my flow and cash money like a rug…Tied to the fuckin Birdman like a log……Let’s go, niggas, don’t see me, cause I’m better than both…The only time I will depend, is when I’m 70 years old…Thats when I can’t hold my shit within, so I shit on myself…Cause I’m so sick and tired of shittin on everybody else”

  17. Understanding the Muladhara seems to be the focus of the Celtic Rebel. He has helped me in numerous ways to decipher the hidden meanings that surround us all.

    For example: Mae West was quoted as saying “Those who are shocked easily, should be shocked more often.” In my previous state of being, this would have barely registered as a concern for humanity and its “rabbit hole”. Now, with wit and wisdom, fire and ire, I feel more prepared to take a whack at the zombie mentality where it matters most. The family level.

    Just wondering though, are we ever gonna move on up to the belly?

  18. A must see

    I don’t know how more blatant it can be 😮

    PS iphone hey

  19. Hey Alex, remember that “Slut walk” I was telling you about here in Canada? Well here’s the news report for it:

    Pretty dumb us humans, really dumb… 😦

    P.S. All the women they interviewed THINK that they think. They also think they’re progressive and smart, savvy if you will. I guess human beings like to build their own prisons, and pay for it too..

    Eat Fresh!

  20. Nice one again, Alex!

    In my view the humour with which you convey your opinions and experiences is a very important part of your show. For example, I find it really funny how you quoted this obese guy complaining that he can’t find a woman with a beautiful vagina. This sort of handling with such darkness one is confronted in daily life is an important part of the spiritual armor to protect you from constant bitterness, I think.

    As you have mentioned that further Bobs will appear, I would suggest Social Retard Bob or Shy Bob, to express it less harshly.

  21. jon, well, I’m sure were we to go back there was something to the idea behind combining two rings, which forms the vescica pisces, which IS the key to life. Sodomites worship the single ring (the anus), and hence “death.” However, thanks to the latter, the of the former ring has been reduced to the material, capped by a grid/diamond, reducing women to whores (branding them).

    IAmLonefrog, love that Mae West quote, would seem to be a good tag-line for my show. Thank you. We’ve moved all over the digestive tract, have you not been tuning in?

    effel, hehe love it. It’s twisted but worth a laugh, particularly at the end result, of which programmed christians will think Satanists have taken over. But, seeing the context, we’ll know better.

    Wes Tilson, pathetic. Feminists are their own worst enemy, but too stupid to know better. There was some completely [shaved] bare naked whore among them, highlighting my prior quote.

    Max, I think so, humor is a powerful weapon as we observe the machine/zombie infection spread. It dispels much. Another Bob? 😯

  22. So much history is His Story not the Real Story

    Ireland’s Holocaust… Now I no the hatred of the IRA against England… Celtic this is a must see…

  23. Wes Tilson

    Please tell me that Slut protest “story” was a parody. It looks like something out of the Onion.

    Hey Alex. Funny what you were saying about bares being with cubs and vice-versa. Odd how in the cartoon, Yogi, you never saw Boo Boo hanging with cubs his own age….Hmmm….

  24. kuma, it’s unfortunately NOT a joke.
    I am sad to say that event happened in my country. If you think your MTV is bad, the Canadian version is far worse. They have this show called, 1 Girl 5 Gays, where one girl asks all of them questions like:

    – what is your most embarrassing erection
    – How much say should a man have in a woman’s decision to have an abortion” (they all said none)
    – where have you seen the highest concentration of good looking people
    – how do you feel when you buy condoms
    – Who would you “do” Prince William or Prince Harry?
    – What fictional character would you like to have sex with?
    – Do you like handjobs
    – What is the most offensive gay stereotype (answer: “That we all have HIV or Aids”, and “I hate when they do the connection with homosexuality and pedophilia”)

    okay that’s just some quotes, but you get the picture.

  25. Some of the worst NLP I’ve ever seen. Watch closely (but not too closely)

    MSNBC: Believing In Conspiracy Theories Is A Form Of Psychosis

  26. Rebel, What is the damn deal with the latest southpark (HumanCentiPad)?! I can’t believe they are leading the season off with what can only be described as the most highest reflection of shit ever. Why are the medes constantly trying to mess with our asses!

  27. Nick, wow, thanks for sharing that (while the author was wrong on some points), the main point is one I’ve since looked into, and there is tons of support for it, yet nothing contrary. What a slight of hand they pulled on that period of white slavery.

    kuma, wes said “sadly, no joke.” Yea, Yogi Bear, despite the most recent blatant admission, has always been about pederasty, and likely created by the pervert subculture I spoke of on the show.

    Shattered Butterfly, thanks for the example, which made for a good point to raise on the show the following week. Comparing variants of “MTV” though, may be like trying to determine which load of feces dumped on our face was worse.

    lugh, both those guys are setting the gaydar off the scale. Summed up, two closeted perverts telling conspiracy theorists they are all crazy. Love it! 😈

    meefs, that shite from those two temple-dogs has since been discussed on the following show.

  28. Hey Alex

    Ugly guy that-women-find-repulsive here. Great show as always. Again, you’ve forced me to look within and examine my Self. I must admit I do envy your way with the opposite sex; you exude confidence and that’s something I lack. My attitude towards women isn’t hatred so much as indifference. I don’t posses any qualities that women find attractive; whenever I attempt to talk to them, I get ignored, dismissed or rejected and that hurts. So to pre-empt that pain, I put up a mental barrier or wall. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to relate to humans in general, actually; and I guess that’s playing into the N.W.O.’s hands…

  29. Another great show – I marveled at your guts at speaking out about such a protected topic. When we define ourselves as other than ‘human’ we create great divides & surely our world becomes more boring & senseless & narrow – isn’t it bad enough already?

    You made me think, you often do, which is not bad for a stupid person 🙂

  30. Ms Alex Robinson,In my school we are told that we are defined by our race,sexuality,gender,class etc..

    Yeah,there is no “human” identification.

    Michael tsarion helped see this.

  31. The best show yet !!!.

    In your show you talked about how the truth movement consists of mostly dicks and no vagina;s.

    Maybe because a vagina in her Right-Mind will tear down the fragile truth-heroes-universe.

    And the boys wanna keep playin their game.

    They say that women are naturally more intuitive.Rightbrain.

    It was Eve who saw the truth in the snake’s wisdom and Adam was too stupid too see that God was an illusion and an opressor.

    Thats why the Catholic Church hates women more then anything else. Cause they know they can keep the Men in check very easy.

  32. I never even considered the implication in the words “Wax on…Whacks off”….and that phrase became like a meme….

    Anyways, thought you may like to pull this 10 second clip apart: you may recall this logo from the 80’s /90’s cartoons: features a boy in bed, a star, a huge Dic on screen and a boys voice asking for said Dic.

    DiC Kid in Bed Logo Remake

  33. Myles:
    you only see what you want/allow yourself to see..

    rebel: remember: what you focus on is where your creative power/energy goes (since your website is sporting the ‘flower of life’ i thought you knew that).
    so, are you aware of what your true intentions are/were; reads: what is it you’re creating?

    let’s celebrate life, folks!

  34. for starters I wouldn’t lump the synchromystics in with the truthers but regardless I don’t feel a majority are fags, I may stretch and conceded that 33% of ALL bloggers (male, female & other) are closeted gays and in turn say maybe a third of all synchromystics & truthers, (and birthers & schoolers for that matter) are not 100% heterosexual

    I think he only other Oracle radio shows I listen to occasionally are Freeman and Jack Blood and I don’t think they are closeted gays

    your show helps me get thought my daily commute to and from work but even you have to admit you sometimes exaggerate, I mean I realize why you do it but I think you can admit most truthers and sychromystics are not gay

    I don’t watch that many hollywood big studio movies but I am willing to concede a majority of them have ass references

  35. “you can’t smell your own shit on your knees…”
    -cake and sodomy, manson

  36. Found this example of using homosexuality to get sympathy.

    ‘The reported kidnap of a U.S. lesbian blogger in Syria has come into question after a woman in Britain claimed that photos being used to call for her release are actually her.

    Thousands of campaigners joined protest groups after media outlets across the world reported that Amina Arraf, a blogger known for her frank posts about her sexuality and her open criticism of President Bashar Assad had been detained.

    But a woman in London came forward today claiming the photos being circulated were actually her, raising questions about the existence of the blogger.’

    PS: “Gyllenhaal” could be interpeted as “Gyllenhål” in Swedish, wich translates to “Goldenhole”.

  37. Some recent pop-culture sightings through the Celtic Rebel lenses:

    1. Preview for “Real Steel” starring Hugh Jackman and a young boy about boxing robots. The boy tells Hugh, “you’re going to have to fish your keys out of the sewer” and in the next clip Hugh quips, “stubborn kid.”

    2. I caught five minutes – tops – of the Nickelodeon show “Big Time Rush” which is about a boy band and their fat slob pedophiliac music producer. In those five minutes I saw: 1. The boys singing flamboyantly in a studio for the producer who then tortures them with sonic weaponry; 2. The boys poolside, convincing their friend not to hit on a girl on a nearby pool chair; cut to the girl, who puts on a Jason hockey mask and then chases the boy around the pool with, as I recall, a chainsaw — girls are scary, keep away; 3. back in the studio, the fat producer has a poster on the wall of the band “Boy Blast”; 4. one of the boys gets Slurpees for himself and his female crush — one pink and one blue — and then claims the pink one for himself; 5. another boy falls for a tom-boy roller-hockey skating chick who carries around a corndog; 6. A montage with the two roller skating around, beating each other up and a grand finale of them linking arms and each eating a corndog salaciously — ARE YOU KIDDING ME; 7. Another boy rehearsing for a school play with a girl, when they act out a kissing scene, and then kiss for real — the boy reacts in horror, reels back, gasping, panicking, high voice, and freaks out and runs away like a little bitch. All of that in FIVE minutes!!

    3. This last week, the Sex and the City episode “Old Dog New Dicks” — featuring NON-STOP pro-circumcision programming — has played at LEAST five times, in ONE WEEK.

  38. Hey Alex, check this out!

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