Xote de Goalhangers

Last week, I took a needed week off to recharge myself, and while I won’t rehash here what was said on the show, I’ll remind those most prone to complain, that the donate button, for the free content, the same button most complainant individuals have never pressed, is located to the right of this article [it won’t bite you].

The above set of images, pretty accurately describe the now ludicrous amount of [non]individuals who, bereft of their own spark of human creativity, regularly, and most literally, steal my “shit.” While many a listener who is making an honest effort to walk the rebel path may have found it distasteful or unbecoming, this thievery has been going on for a long time, and what I said, needed to be said:


One thing that is sure, the goalhangers that needed to hear this, were listening. Hearing may be another story entirely, but they’re always listening. They listen more frequently that even the most avid fan, because they have to; ideas aren’t gonna just crawl up their ass or something, or “tickle their fancy.” It an exit.

There was a lot more topics and bit more fire to the show; much aimed at the pathetic state of “progress” humanity deceives itself over [unavailable].

On the positive side, I wasn’t [necessarily] kidding about using NLP in a positive manner [or, as a purer Declan once wrote, “when I said I was lying, I might have been lying”]. It’s quite remarkable how quickly the trolls virtually disappeared from the chat room shortly after the announcement. Anything but human, man!

God forbid that should ever happen to someone who only came here to wait for me to drop another constitutional upon them [at least it would drop into an “entrance”].

He’s got the bonhomie of a game show host
And his handshake is so limp its like meeting a ghost
His apologies are tired cos he uses them a lot
His excuses are so lame if they were horses they’d be shot
He lies through his teeth with impeccable grammar
In the game of life he’s just a dreadful goalhanger

Yesterday upon the stair I met a man who’s never there
He won’t be there again today
Well, that’s what he told me to say

His lack of humility defies imagination
And he hangs round like a fart in a Russian space station
He doesn’t even notice as he sells you down the river
Cos he’s one of life’s takers and he’s looking for a giver
He smirks and shrugs his shoulders as he drops another clanger
In the game of life he’s just a dreadful goalhanger

The above lyrics, are but a few highlights of the all too appropriate song played, “Dreadful Goalhanger,” by one Billy Bragg, which quite accurately describes such personas non grata using far fewer [and less flammable] words than myself.

Honestly, once you begin to see much of what I’ve been talking about, and see how omnipresent it is in all forms of media, the world should start making a lot more, rather than less sense. Our spoon-fed conspiratorial line of thinking, would seem to require far too many people involved in a great Satanic plan leading to our mutual destruction, fails the simpler explanation aspect of Ockham’s razor.

What’s far more likely? They’re a bunch of assfuckers! If that sounds preposterous to you, well, you need to catch up. Go and give my Boy-Toys of the Gay-Lites article/show a read/listen and then start applying your own mental razor to the ridiculous stinking conspiratorial bunkpile dumped upon us by our massters.

Of late, we’ve added roses, apples, and donkeys to our understanding of the codes of such-minded “elites.” This week, we added Tiger to our lexicon, hence disabling them from playing yet another joke on us at our expense. “Frosted flakes?” Great!

Risin’ up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet
Just “a man” and his will to survive

So many times, it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory [¿holes?]
Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s “the cream” [¿gravy?] of the fight
Risin’ up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he’s watchin’ us all in the eye of the tiger

Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin’ tough, stayin’ hungry
They stack the odds ’til we take to the street
For we kill assassinate with the skill to survive

While not as blatantly obvious as the “back-street” boys cajoling us to take them in “that way,” it’s pretty straightforward once you decipher the language. For those who missed it, I spoke about Obama “riding the tiger” well over a year ago.

Perhaps, as discussed, if the gay men among us can ever deprogram themselves from the brainwashing that the universal anus is somehow “theirs,” that the mass distribution of such [neuro-linguistic] programming can lessened. For we know, far too many non-insiders in the distribution chain, know the codes, yet remain silent:

You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you

I broke apart my insides
I’ve got no soul to sell
The only thing that works for me
Help me get away from myself

I wanna fuck you like an animal
I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to God

Moving from gay men, to men who think they are gay [but aren’t], to bisexuals [translated: “i do whatever the media tells me to do”], to women in general, I will repeat the below image, to once again highlight a point that any idiot should “see:”

chlamydia development formula

The patheitic self-realized young woman I described on the air, could likely look at the above all day, and never get it. But, it’s not just women to blame. Stupid whore mothers who’ve failed at protecting their infants aside, the circumcision machine relies on one simple fact: few properly indoctrinated men will ever ever question their penis may not be whole/perfect. Hence, this ensures the same atrocities are passed on to their son. To not do so might be considered an admission of fallibility.

As highlighted in the final part of The Peasants are Revolting Series [the solution], we can’t make forward progress, be it consciously, emotionally, or spiritually, while our morality remains arbitrary [in other words, based on “fashion” instead of logic].

I closed the show with what I feel were a few valid and pertinent tips on how to properly raise our boys. It would be of great benefit to the world, if more boys grew up to become “men” instead of “old boys,” [likely, what most of the males under 50 could be properly classified today]. It may not stop the Aetheral Ass/Soul-Sucking Monkey-Demons, but it’s another step in the right direction.

A Few Other Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
Jun 2008: Intercising the [Human] Soul Jan 2010: Seventeen Again & Again
Sep 2010: Back on the Right Track [2] Apr 2010: Jesus on the Event Horizon

Special Offer: Are you tired of restless nights knowing that Aethereal Ass-Sucking Monkey-Demons may come to you at night and drain your life force? We here at The Rebel Path are pleased to offer you the Celtic Rebel Invisible Aethereal Ass-Sucking Monkey-Demon Protection Belt for only $19.95.

It’s Finally Here: Using the latest metaphysical and occult technology, our team of scientists, mediums, wizards and certified madmen, have teamed up to produce the world’s first device guaranteed to stop those damn Aethereal Monkey-Demons from sucking your soul out of your ass. You can finally sleep soundly at night, without fear of having your life force drained by Aethereal Ass Monkey-Demons. That’s right, only $19.95. Isn’t a good night’s sleep worth at least that? Order yours today!

Small Print: Please use device only as directed. Should, by any chance, device fail to operate as advertised, we will honor our guarantee and provide you with a full-refund. In order to obtain full-refund, you must capture the monkey-demon that drained your life energy and return him along with device, in order that we can verify whether device was used as directed. Please note, the device itself is invisible.

~ by celticrebel on April 11, 2011.

33 Responses to “Xote de Goalhangers”

  1. Do you like Gladiator films?

    Fall of Roman Empire caused by ‘contagion of homosexuality’: A prominent Italian historian has claimed that the Roman Empire collapsed because a “contagion of homosexuality and effeminacy” made it easy pickings for barbarian hordes, sparking a furious row.

    PS: Someone has ridden the tiger first

    VID: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RaJluPrwTU


  2. I should call in more often. Nobody chokes like me.

    PS: I’m sorry again. Next time I call, it’ll be better (couldn’t be worse).

  3. REBEL,


  4. “Sluts Say Yes”


    Too bad I missed the conference call, maybe next time 🙂

    Thanks for making me laugh. And I know what show you were talking about that ripped you off, “How Tv Ruined Your Life.” Great show actually, but now I’m wondering where they’re getting all the rest of their material from now haha.

  5. A grand show!

    Jim Bob is a man I’d like to meet (tho not on a date, you understand!) 🙂

    Thoroughly admired the guts & honesty of your spoken words last night – shine on mr rebel.

  6. The Mongoose, well, it would make sense. Do people “spark rows” for stating the obvious population maintenance mathematics? Too bad that kid with the guitar wasn’t aware no word changes necessary.

    Matt, just make sure it’s not about the chat room. 😀

    Rolf Eder, perhaps. I’ll have to consider it.

    Shattered Butterfly, argh, they’re starting that crap up again. No common sense involved. No one ask how many “sluts” honestly feel happy or “empowered.”

    alex robinson, I’m sure Jim Bob would like to meet you as well, but his wife might take the wood to ya. 😉 Thanks!

  7. Ugh. Your show and your site fucks me up. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? After being into The Rebel Path for a long while and even contributing at times, I still don’t know what to make of all this.


  8. The guy who does that BBC show is charlie Brooker, he is one of the “alternative” comedians that channel 4 like to champion. his style is irreverent, dry wit…but he is nowhere near on a par with our rebel here, and in no small part due to the fact he ‘Bends’ for the TV execs and has to mould his (or yours) material around the agenda.

    Anyway, havent listened to all of the show yet but this crossed my mind (crossed it like a pedestrian at traffic lights, no doubt): Keanu Reeves: KEY-ANEW, i.e he was fresh Ass young boy, and after he is violated by priest morpheus he becomes a donkey: or:a DONE-KEY, once his energy is drained through his stargate exit he is done, spent meat., no longer “the one”.
    also, interesting to note, apparently that asshole Con-Ya West? wel thats his REAL birth name. As GaGa would say, he was obviously “Born this way” in that case.

    p.s, liked jim bob movie review, the darned redneck:)
    Over and Out

  9. its all about dead.
    anal sex, exit poo.. rotting
    why are things rotting? why would you put shit your land? to make it vertile for your seeds..

    very simple make the mass rot to get vertile ground.. to build up your empire..where the insects ( the mass again) can fest. and those who are able to get up high you need learn them that rotting is good so you can have your empire.. anal/ rot/poo/ dead/ killing/ war/ just to vertelize your land.. yes it needs bloood people. or blood with poo..,. get rid of al the unworthy…

    as this show was partly about .. I made this up… you take this from me.. I will say I learned allot about dead talking to insects and a huge fucking spider on LSD. some people would call them demons.. yes they would..

    anyway… I tought about your comments on the how television ruined your life show.. wasnt that show made way before you did your show Rebel? or am I making a mistake. these shows are not life..


    see you around


  10. As a recent purchaser of the Celtic Rebel’s patented Ethereal Ass-Monkey Protector™ I’d like to say what an excellent product it is. Ever since I started using it I have been untroubled by ethereal ass-monkeys at night and awake in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for another busy day. Sure there are other, cheaper ethereal ass-monkey protectors on the market, but for the very reasonable price of $799 each the Celtic Rebel’s patented Ethereal Ass-Monkey Protector™ is made of the very highest quality materials and guarantees ethereal ass-monkey trouble-free nights for you and your family.
    Will this do Alex? I’m still on for 10% of sales right?

  11. yo Celt! gimme a track-list baby! I needz it… musicological reasons… 🙂 peace, great show as usual.

    P.S. that BBC show (tv ruined ur life) was obviously ripped (from u), however, notice they inject the “lonely old man” syndrome into it? really it doesn’t touch upon the positive at all, it just relegates single (man) life unto “serial monogamy” narcissism. It doesn’t UPLIFT like your own work.

  12. David, honestly, it’s a good thing. 👿

    stephen aka digitalsickness, good points on the NEWKEY and the DONEKEY. Never realized Kanye’s name was basically a scrambled homo-nym of “the one” Key-Anu.

    black_eagle, there is certainly a fertilizer aspect to all of this and that may be a good thing for the Nu Man, but not so good for the Nu Ham which is consenting to, in all likelihood, becoming fertilizer in every sense. And no, the series you mention wasn’t produced until long after they had a chance to shift through my idea bowl.

    Ross, that was a testimonial well-worth the cut of the mASSive profits this item should generate. 😆

    dystopeon, I’ll try to add a track-list to the write-up, though that require me listening to the show again. And, good point on the Solutions aspect, which they neglected to steal.

  13. Alex,

    Once you put something out there, try, try, try to hold on to it – and you will go mad. It doesn’t become you. It’s a disappointment to see you focus your energies, your vial comments on debasing others. It’s unattractive, and uncouth. You used to have so much to offer and share. Only the week feel the need to attack. Original? Nothing is original. You don’t own your ideas once they are shared. Imagine if you owned the phrase ‘butt crack’ and had to deal with all the rights to anyone breaking and entering the “butt crack.” You would vampircally suck the penetrating, dirty, window of the black hole into your universe and then what would you be made of? Butt, perhaps that is what you have done.

    Your packaging has become to filthy to be traded pirate, we’re in the 21st century, get some bubble wrap and tape your mouth shut if you can’t be more pleasing to the ear, arrrh!

  14. Great show. It was way too easy to find that dating profile.

  15. Hello almighty great one. The folks who laid the charges of you being of the ‘Illuminati’ the boy band of years past The Stynk Hole has closed up it’s blog.

    As we all have discovered music is great for keeping things in balance. In my days when I was in my early twenties The Bachman Turner Over Drive sent out some good tunes. Watch and listen to the song “Roll on Down the Highway.” At 1:03 in the song the lyric goes…Look at the sign..were in the wrong place. You will get a kick what the road sign displays. Peace, love and understanding.


  16. I sent off mail order [not Male Order] for the patented Ethereal Ass-Monkey Protector™ from the rebels catalogue and i viewed that there was an “X-display” one for half price, so i went ahead and ordered, i used Papal [sorry PayPal] and when i get my item he’d sent me a bloody Fire Guard!! A bog standard fire Guard! I asked for a Rear Ass Guard not a bloody fire Guard!

    Thanks for nothing Alex

  17. This is hilarious and right on with your show…

    Onion satire

    PS: Robert Graves in one of his novels speaks of Sodomy as “lesbian disease”.

    Reason is SDM as phonetic letter code means “all the holes become females”.

    Mouth becomes vagina.
    Ass becomes vagina.
    Hole hole everywhere and not a soul to see.

  18. TheDeathStar, I hear you, and while I’m sure it was unpleasant for many, what I said needed to be said, and there was/is a contingent of listeners that needed to hear it. Bubble wrap and tape???

    thegoldenphone, poor girl. 😦

    WhatsItAllAboutAlphie, perhaps they got bored with it, my fellow illuminati got to them? 😀

    stephen aka digital sickness, hm, Papal and Mail Order. Hm.

    eugene, on the mark satire there. Definitely, more truthful than most of the crap spewed out by the conspiracy mill. Good points.

  19. I am impressed with your show. I get so much information it is wonderful.
    Thank you for being you.

    When in a conversation circumcision comes up then I get very defensive answers. The first usually is: Oh, that is not hygienic, it’s dirty. It is for hygienic reasons. I was born and raised in Germany and I would say if that is true then we must all be dirty in Germany or Europe. Except we live longer lives than here in the US. The next answer that I hear from them, is that it looks awful, like a geoduck. I bet that that woman has never f**d an uncircumcised man and probably never saw one for real. The first time I saw my husband (now ex) naked, I made the remark “are you Jewish?”, because that was the first time I saw an circumcised man. Women are so disgusted that there are uncircumcised penises. You cannot reason with them.

    I am glad I was not a “whore mother” like the one you mentioned.

    You reminded me of a book that I have “Marked in your flesh: Circumcision from Ancient Judea to Modern America” by Lennard B. Glick. It is very interesting.

  20. good show, alex. our perversion continues. the rampant gay/anal/potty/fecaphelia humor fed to us via the medes is getting louder, brighter, and more pretty every day. the desecration of females and castration of males has become routine. these programs were easily embedded into our generation because the ‘american dream’ programming easily distracted our good, hard-working, protective parents. so, the programs were etched and the perversions were perpetrated. our values and priorities have been misdirected. hence no ascension or higher evolution as a cohesive people.

    on every level, every day we ingest shite and enjoy it… no matter how we deny it, we enjoy it. as jim bob says, “that’s just wrong”.

  21. Hi Alex, great show! I really enjoyed it, as always and just wanted to pass along this timely article by Henry Makow (sometime’s he’s right on the mark.) Anyway, we had a “Slut walk” here in Canada recently, which also happened in my home city. It was about women’s liberation in response to something “offensive” a Toronto Police Officer said recently, or some crap like that. Henry sums it up well in the article below:


  22. I agree with TheDeathStar. What happened to you, man? You were the one who first helped me out of the hole I first found myself in when going headfirst into the conspiracy literature. And now you’re whining, whining… and I switched off.
    I was going to warn you at one point when you were repeating the faeces/buttsex thing… what you study is what you become.
    You were a delight before, you were a breath of fresh air.
    And now – hey, if you feel your ideas are being stolen, that’s a compliment. Take it as such. It means your ideas are working. No ideas are original anyway, any artist knows that. You and Lenon Honor did a great job pointing out aspects of the programming going on right now. But what do you want to do, copyright your ideas? You know the copyright is one of the most fucked up nonsense parts of the World Order system, right? Please take a look at yourself, and come back better than ever, we need you – the real you.

  23. Biggi, wonderful comment. On top of the “standard” being so bloody arbitrary, as if suddenly having 9 fingers was normal and 10 unsightly, we have the ridiculousness of the phrase “uncircumcised” itself. Perhaps we should properly call people with their skull still attached “unbeheaded?” 😉

    raffi eloquently stated my friend.

    Wes Tilson, another proper take on the article Shattered Butterfly shared above. Practically speaking though, “sluts” don’t really say anything definitive such as “yes,” unless asked if they want another shot. They just tend to babble on about nothing, passing along mindless subroutines put in their head, or recounting the mundane events of their day … anything to avoid thinking.

    sundaemon, switching it off is an option. I do “hear” the criticism, and know that many listening didn’t need to hear the rant, but those who did were indeed listening and the ripples are already reverberating in the [scum] pond.

  24. Hello Rebel! I love your show and thank you for taking the time to make it! Since I’m new here, I’ll try to catch up with all the content as soon as possible.

    Concerning the mentioned Nine Inch Nails (NIN), just recently I contemplated the possibility that Jesus himself might have been (literally) nailed to the cross (the X) with, well, nine inch nails. A similar reference like the Monster energy drink logo. But it’s again about sodomy. Being no native English speaker, I just checked ‘to nail’ on the so-called urban dictionary to confirm. More about NIN:

    • their song ‘Starfuckers, Inc.’ as well as the edited version, ‘Starsuckers, Inc.’ are blatant butt-sex (oh no!) references, featuring NINs Trent ReZnOr and MM (Marylin Manson) ‘mocking’ Michael Stipe and Billy Corgan (in the music video).
    • when I look at the band logo, I see another x-box.

    I promise I will never point out any more boring boxes, octopi, oz-es, etc. as they are nothing new by now any more.

    By the way, your show is real fun, especially with all the ranting going on! Yeah!

    Best wishes!

  25. suri cruise

    the cycle continues

  26. Don’t Go West links (youtube.com/celticrebelfan)

  27. Ok, I may have to agree with deathstar and sun …. to an extent. Though ideas are always evolving, and “being stolen”, and sometimes it may be Personally tiresome to hear rants, there is something very positive to be negative and “to vent”. I had the same arguement with a “new age/live-in-the-moment/no objective good and evil” friend…. my arguement was and still is: without a personal sense of inherit wrong-doing, expressing what is on one’s mind, and “bitching” about what you disagree with….. then it would be extremely more difficult, perhaps impossible to define what one would call “right”. If we can’t be negative, how do we know what is positive?
    I have to work tomorrow until 11…. I may have to use some accumulated eto time to listen to 6 hours worth of what is sure to be a very promising, very human show.

  28. looking forward for a 6h dose 🙂 Moreeeee wineeee lucy … she will be quite busy tonight…

  29. Uptide, the sodomite references are everywhere, but everyone’s so “trained” to see Satan instead. Ha, ass-fuckers or ass-suckers, our choice as long as it involves a shit hole. 😯 No worries, feel free to point out whatever seems revelant.

    pavman, wtf, is that real? Hm, crushed up “bones” in the shape of bones (when stimulated).

    CRF, thanks for taking the time to put out what I’ve been too lazy to.

    anna diblasio, thank you, and I will have to agree. 😀 Another part of the problem, is this alternative media, is just as undereducated in basic writing/reporting as most dimwits who sleep their way up the ladder. Thus, many don’t even have a clue what plagiarism is.

    Paulo, hope you enjoyed (and retained your sanity)…

  30. Agreed Alex, and here’s something funny about the “Slut walk” in my City; They had a Police escort to protect them… A Police escort to protect the “Slut-Walkers”, LOL!! 🙂 I’d love to see all those white girls walk the streets of Harlem dressed like that. Or maybe some dangerous neighborhood in Detroit or something. What a bunch of crap! The attack is FULL ON, coming from every angle so to speak. Sometimes I just wanna retire from planet Earth and go somewhere far away from all this nonsense. It drives me insane. I’m a stupid dumbass for letting it get to me, but I’m only human (or possible a Lizard Person hybrid ;))

    Take it easy, looking forward to your next show!

  31. Jim Bob mentioned “cooter hole” .. this was the hand writing on the wall in this here collage of the six images (read box of 40) of “In Through the Out Door” .. look closely, you have to “wipe” to see it.

    Bob Planter of Heavy Balloon intimated that “Carouselambra” was the “Battle of Evermore” Part II. He said the message is … “Take of the fruit, guard the seed”.

    “Love has pitched his mansion in the place of excrement.”

    PS: The point of the “slut walk” was that a woman has to say yes or its rape, ie sluts say “yes”.

  32. I have to be be honest…you’re best with a co-host. I think it should be: “The Two Alexes”. That’s my vote.

  33. I enjoy listening to what you have to say, Alex. It is good to read about someone else compare the mind to something with sharpness. Since long ago I have compared people’s minds to blades, when I heard “You’re sharp/He’s pretty sharp”. If you don’t ever strengthen and maintain, it will rust and decay and be good for not even being able to cut little Apples. Haha

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