Is English an NLP Language?

Despite Ben Franklin’s evil designs, the show went on. Dennis from the Illuminatus Observor came on, albeit an hour late, and we got to the topic at hand:

That’s it [the show] below and the above image, albeit a bit cheesy is worth a laugh and temporary. As usual, the show is:


As usual, I’ll try to write this up in the next few. Tune in for Alex Robinson next week.

~ by celticrebel on March 14, 2011.

26 Responses to “Is English an NLP Language?”

  1. notes
    yes we own 33.! we are not giving it to the priest class. fuck the fake eagles

    what is going to happen with english is that its going to be very rich as there are many non english speakers like me thats going to make allot of mistakes and at allot of words.. so its there to self destruct.. in chaos and evolve on the internet.

    its beyond there control with all the people that say fuck you to spelling and gramar.. you really think its going to be like this for a long time? everything can be grey for one moment.. and than bang.. everything will be chaos again..
    more notes to come..

  2. Another fine effort from the rebel. Despite being beSet by calendar issues, he can bring the funny. This show is a marathon not a sprint. I laughed, I cried, and then I learned something. After that I laughed some more. This broadcaster knows how to relate to others in a real way. A lacking in most folks I meet as of late. Rebel path: walk it!

  3. That was a fine Show. I Commend Thee O Celtic Rebel, and Knight thee on the order of HM Queen’s Garter Belt! -Twang that bitches knicker elastic!??!
    Just wanted to say, just discussing the ‘fallout’ apparently coming to a Theatre near you..oh, i mean, A U.S State near you, as Japanese Nuclear radiation is on its way over on the Weather systems, they say, An American friend joked that they were packing up and heading out, i asked “Where to? Where will you run to?” and i was put in mind of this old Hymn i was forced to sing every morning in primary school. You may find the lyrics interesting that we should have been praying to the Lord while the Moon was Bleeding (?)

  4. I don’t think we can have a chat about language, imagination and culture without Terence :

    Enjoyed the riff on the specifics of the masculinization of women.

    Also, I’ve never heard your Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, 1-2-3 programming punch riff before .. very nice.

  5. I will plead again to people. Stop listening to music with lyrics (esp. English). Learn to think/imagine in sound, and sound alone. If we had a functional education system, music alone would be proto. If you don’t understand the music of the original Rainman (Satie), how can you understand ANY modern music? (and its effect). Sound comes before the word, this is why we are stuck in ‘language’. Learning another language will NOT fix this. Let us understand frequency before tone and tone before the word.

  6. Had to listen to the show again, just soo that the complex concepts could sink in. Great show as usual, and the brainstorm is just getting better and better, just as the guests and the host interaction.
    Since moochoo was very kind in helping me with the microphone issues, i hope my next call wont be from the damn submarine …

  7. From the book “The Alphabet versus the Goddess” by Leonard Shlain he says that Language is more associated with the left hemisphere of the brain and images with the right.

    The left hemisphere is associated with more masculine activities ( linear, logical, etc ) and the right feminine ( intuition, holistic, etc).

    I’m not sure if the brain works exactly in that way as I’ve also read in “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot how the brain can adapt itself if parts of it are cut out and still function normally.

    The right hand is connected to the left hemisphere and the left hand with the right hemisphere.

    The left hand is more protective than the right. “The left hand is the one that commonly holds the baby regardless of hand preference for other tasks, and the left arm wards off blows. Hunters and warriors carry their shield in their left hand.”

    “In Italian the word sinistra means left. The English word sinister comes from the same root. In French, left is gauche, which also means clumsy. Droit, the right, means correct.”

    Other examples of left used in a negative way:

    to be LEFT out
    to be served LEFT-overs
    to receive a LEFT-handed compliment


    to the RIGHT thing
    to write

    “The dominant right hand is the agent action. It throws the spear, picks the fruit, or flakes the flint.”

    “The left hand passively steadies the nail. The right hand reaches; the left hand holds.”

    Gathering nurturing is more right brain/feminine, hunting/killing more left/masculine.

    Every person has both masculine and feminine, both are needed, but in balance.

    The preference for the left/masculine is programmed into people at a young age through the schooling, and in the language itself, as the examples above show.

    Societies focused too much on language rather than images are more hierarchical, warmongering, and value women less.

  8. I absolutely loved the show this week. Dennis was excellent as usual and I found both of your streams of thought meshed well together. So much to comment on but I want to keep it brief. The computer programming analogy was perfect, especially how the computer languages function and how limiting they can be in their own ways. All good stuff. Enjoyed it and thanks for all the insights.

  9. Great show
    I think that in order to work ‘for us’ English has to be wrestled to the ground & forced to act according to our rules – we have to be prepared to make up rules as we go along, we have to be willing to strip it naked – it is not a friend & conceals knives in unsuspecting linguistic places – you know it reminds me a little of your ‘Lucy’ – you shouldn’t ever turn your back on it.

  10. Happy Birthday to me, I’m officially 33 years old now! So does this mean I’m going to be initiated into the 33rd level of the Scottish Rite? Am I Illuminated now?!? πŸ™‚ Alex, you’ve got the “inside” connections, hook me up! I want in! I’ve got what it takes πŸ˜‰

    Just joking around. It does feel weird to be 33 I must say πŸ™‚

  11. Hark now!, All minds here must be aware of the relation between Calendar and Consciousness. Esp to note where the new “Galactic” cycle of evolutionary consciousness came into being..1999. Might shed some light on why the concentrated effort via MMMC (mass media mind control) to promote Fear and trap our consciousness within a spiritual Grid(of chemtrails, for the physicality!).
    We are living a Lie!


  12. Besides his epic body of work, The Fetch’s attitude and opinions regarding Zionist Israel and the priest-class Jews is spot-on and refreshing. It’s hard to get an unbiased discussion on the subject , especially between intellectually advanced and rational people like you two, who have nothing to gain ,nothing to lose, and don’t give a flying fawk about conforming to the political agendas of a “movement” ,or whatever.

    Remember,ONLY LIES NEED MOVEMENTS.Lies have spawned hundreds of wars, thousands of industries, millions of jobs, and trillions of dollars wasted. Lies will always need a movement.


    If my HTML coding doesn’t work, just click on my name to watch an updated playlist of Don’t Go West[V2.0].

  13. Excellent show chaps, thank you very much. I echo the comments above about how refreshing to hear an unencumbered discussion about Is-Ra-El and the cult of supremacy. It is extraordinary how effective the taboo created around the Hebrew word for burnt offering/ritual sacrifice i.e.holocaust has been, a very powerful spell indeed. Part of the maintenance strategy has been the creation of ‘neo-nazi’ groups to promote the myth. No right thinking person would want to align themselves with such obvious meat-heads, so rejection of them becomes support for the myth itself. If discussions such as yours become too prevalent, expect someone to daub swastikas on some Jewish gravestones in Paris (it’s usually Paris for some reason!) and for that image to be everywhere across the media for a day or two – a classic NLP trigger. Similarly, as discussed in the Ben Franklin Hour, the “There is a gay agenda” meme was pushed out through the legion of ludicrous ‘Christian fundamentalist’ ‘preachers’ so that everyone apart from their ‘flock’ would just laugh at such a ridiculous idea.
    Regarding infant mutilation, euphemised as ‘circumcision’, I have a couple of thoughts, Firstly, at a few days old, the child’s consciousness is in a state of total trust in mother. I think the trauma induced by the pain of anaesthetic-free surgery shatters that trust, the pure emotional and psychological bond is broken, feminine absolute love is tainted with distrust and therefore distanced. Also I wonder if in the very early stages of life there isn’t an etheric umbilical connection, the emerging male’s consciousness connected to the mother’s higher feminine consciousness. That cord is severed by the rabbi’s scalpel, and the masculine consciousness is set adrift from the feminine before a fully human balanced consciousness has had time to develop. This would leave the wounded boy to grow into a stunted man lacking an innate feminine half. A perfect being for a monotheistic male deity to lord it over.
    I’m fascinated, if somewhat daunted by Dennis’s analysis of the deep coding of the English language. It seems to me that one advantage we have is that the language is promiscuous, if we lack a word for something we can just go out and get one from somewhere else to fill the gap. We couldn’t discuss psychology for example, without all those German words – angst, gestalt, schadenfreude etc. – that were absorbed in the late 19th early 20th century. Perhaps we could start to aggressively look for words to bring in and help us to unpick the locks crafted by Bacon and chums.
    In the meantime, we need to hold on to what we’ve got. I’ve been observing how the language is being changed in front of our very eyes. In the 1990s the words ‘bad’ and ‘wicked’ were programmed into that generation as meaning ‘very good’. A complete reversal of meaning, a generational divide created and a blurring about what is good and what is bad. Another alarming example is ‘sad’. I’m not sure if this has spread outside the UK but to most people under 25 here it is used in place of ‘pathetic’ – ‘what a sad man’ meaning ‘what a pathetic man’. So if ‘sad’ means ‘pathetic’, what word do we use to describe sadness? This is one of the most complex human emotions, consisting as it does of both warmth and cold, you cannot feel an ache/pain about something if you have not also experienced warmth for it. In fact I would say it is perhaps the most human of all the emotions, an essence of what it is to be human. These corruptions are not accidental I’m sure.
    Finally, have you noticed how many people (including myself) now say ‘absolutely’ when they mean ‘yes’? ‘Absolute’ is the limit, it should be rare by its nature as there is nowhere to go beyond it. This is part of the ‘tabloidisation’ of our language and therefore thought. ‘The best ever’ and ‘the worst ever’ happen again and again, the gamut within a continuum reduced to the two extremes. What the shrinks would call bi-polar. We are being programmed, by the perversion of our language, to be mentally ill.

  14. The sun rises from the same spot on the horizon in 33 years, so when you turn 33, it’s in the same spot as when you were born. Anyhoo, just testing my wordpress account to comment here. Hi everyone πŸ˜‰

  15. Someone’s been watching Disney.

  16. I found a perverted Disney advertisement (what a surprise!) Very obvious, almost super-subliminal.

  17. Its quite funny how things do Sync up, yes indeed, Following on the “Lucy” aspect that you have discussed regularly as a source of , ahem, Human “Illumination”, i found another Lucy you may be interested in, this Lucy was/is the forerunner of Wo/Man as we know it today! And very interesting to note why they named HER Lucy-after Lucy in the sky with Diamonds.

  18. Have you read The Four Agreements?


  20. @glad, thats a very interesting reading of Toltec wisdom. Seems to me its metaphor for the “light of consciousness” i.e the dawn of intelligence upon prehistory (when it was HerStory,LUCY, as opposed to HisStory) , when Man “came out from the deep” of the ID and formed the “Mind” as a tool for decoding reality.
    Then again, these handed down stories and creation myth from prehistory are always metaphor, if you know what to look for.

  21. VIDEO:

  22. just done with watching your movie,
    and watched indiana jones and the crystal skull. I tought oke lets put this to the test..

    give me a compass..
    just give it to me.. you know north east south,
    other guy : west..

    other scene nuclear village: walks out in dispear he puts his hand on a doll of a little girl. it moves to the cross of indiana jones

    later in a bar, the motor rider kid pulls out a knife.. then Indiana Jones says I am sorry to say but you took a knife to a gun fight. they escape and indiana jones sits behind the kid on the motor cycle..

    other scene.

    kid is playing with is knife

    other scene, indiana jones borrows knife of kid,, then he gets bigger knife of dead men.. s

    its endless.. I bet I do not see half.. but its so full of this bullshit.!

    the priests use the themes that the subconsiouse likes.. and use it for there own agenda. this is really fucking dark magic.. I am not saying black magic as that is not this. nothing wrong with black.. as black and white has to be balanced but this is not black.. this is the darkness.

  23. Bobs Burgers is west man, way west (check the latest ep, if you can BbBbBear it).

    Me and my friends actually used to call (wrong/unnatural) things “West” when we were younger. Two of my friends that actually coined the phrase are happily married with lots of kids, they’re only 29. They both new about this thing we call going “west” instinctually, hence are far from it.

  24. the “it won’t play in peoria” saying is actually a reference to when peoria was a big-time spot, back in vaudeville days. just thought you’d like to know. πŸ™‚

  25. English is completely dissonant, water is not effected by it as other languages. Colonization is the rape of entity of it’s spirit for the white washing aesthetic improvement which is entirely perspective based to be considered positive.

    America is where it is today on the back of global consent to allow them to be a charity case, a black hole on every nation by holding the reserve currency, this came from marketing(psyops) and having favoured global persona. It ends soon as massive inflation from the viral debt is felt world wide, since america shows such pride in using that consent to print money and fund terrorist paramilitary invasion globally, this will end when you can’t continue to cover irresponsible consumption to production ratio and the interest on the ever building debt can no longer be covered by printing money, the world is already fed up with swallowing Americas insanity. It has nothing at all to do with innovation your inventions come from theft and reverse engineering of few great men and the reach of their work is still suppressed. If you think innovation is the creation of manners in which to thieve and suppress others is innovative then perhaps but this isn’t a purely American activity.

    There is a large issue in the English language in it having no true masc/fem identity as do other languages similar, it is bisexual if you will and facilitates it into people quite well.

    ASS-humiliation, assimilation.

    Idealism is innovation creation…realism is stagnation death… That English is a backwards artificial language that doesn’t extend spiritually beyond mentality of it. It converts so well into what is being said because its another lanugage reversed and translated through qabbalah, you working within your own understanding of something that is qabbalah which is death science. Of course within your frame work you see it how it is. You perceive the qabbala as something greatly spiritual but it’s vampirism, the most efficient way to bleed your energy to jehovah or the luciferian all-lies. multiplication of binary “anding” binary is only qabbalistical in the ruach and nepesch, the fragmental feminine and masculine mind.

    In the practice qabbala is fibonacci, implosion as it’s merkaba vehicle is based on that of nature and nature is designed generative science which is death, creation and destruction science. Binary is holographic it is creative expansive and reflective, it does not require destruction. There is no flow to the English language that even hebrew has which connects with nature, it’s dissonant and mechanical. English is this, the disconnection from spirit and nature and that was it’s purpose. the masculine in the feminine is the stellated octangula the merkaba, the masculine and feminine unified, nested tetrahedrons. Teslas 3’s, 6’s and 9’s. This is creation it is overunity free non destructive energy.

    The red queen of Australia Gillard uses shame, extremist, angry(as if anyone that opposes her is simply irrational and emotional), moving forward (completely ambiguous progressiveness), radicals and speaks in a constant monotone of lies. She is un-stomachable. She put her face to the May 1st dark ecstasy just like obama. She promised prior to election that there would be no carbon tax, has since made it the priority of government while scrapping programs that help self-sufficiency on the back of what anyone willing to be critical as an amazing level of incompetence and greed or a state sponsored flooding of Queensland they then slashed these programs to rebuild Queensland. The government within the government completely pulls the strings. The Murdoch family owns our media. A well rated prime time talk show that spoke ill of him was cancelled instantly pulled from the air.

    Well done on talking of the hair factor, the native americans used in the military that were trackers that lost their hair were useless they were no longer in touch they could not foresee ambushes as they could before and perceive dangers they were usually capable. So the jarhead uniformity kills of the spirituality.

    In the symbols, the eye of horus, vishnu, brahmi these are all found in the brains physical construct.

    The Israelis now want the Americans to do the damage in the middle east for them as it doesn’t reflect as badly on them.
    It isn’t like the Europeans and Americans bombings didn’t cause millions the deaths due to starvation in the supposed WW death camps. America and the all-lies in it’s military has always been as Hitler was presented.

    There are agencies in regulations for energy agriculture, specifically built to make sure there is trade and not self-sustainable society, this facilitates the black hole charity nations like Israel and America, If all other countries closed up borders the decadence of one nation or state would become all too apparent that it was a vampire on the rest.

  26. awsome!
    ” and my friends actually used to call (wrong/unnatural) things β€œWest” when we were younger. Two ”
    you made me lough =)

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