The Carrot and the Codgel

Dave McGowan was a last-minute cancellation, but as we say in “the business” (whatever the hell that means), “the show must go on.” Missed a great op for 3-6 (i.e., 666) look at sur-real killers, but travelling, or lack thereof, is a good start.

Our inability to connect to other human beings via a slow measures and counter-measures amied at isolating us spiritually is a big pat of “the system.” Hence, devoted the entire first-half of the show to it:


The second half was in regards to another methods of keeping us divided. One of those would be our stupidy and tenacious grasp we have on the neuro-linguistic subroutines running through our consciousness as part of our identity. The other would be the occasional agents, or I guess agent programs running through many a useful idiot, who all too gladly accept the role of unpaid bitch to the system.

I’ll try to get caught up and add some other images/ideas to this post later and also, make an announcement as to next week’s show and upcoming guests soon. In the meantime, I’ve revised the write-up of Back to the Baiscs (Alex Returns), so check that out.

Note: There will be a guest this Sunday, March 13th. Dennis from Illuminatus Observor will return and the topic will be, looking at English from the perspective of a ideal [neuro-lingustic] programming language for the Human Computer.

~ by celticrebel on March 7, 2011.

29 Responses to “The Carrot and the Codgel”

  1. Thanks rebel as always! I’m a bit pressed for time so i’ll listen to it tomorrow evening with a fine glass of wine.

    P.S. Download link has an extra 3 in the end of .mp3 so you need to fix that…

  2. synchroneurolinguisticism

  3. Love having your show to look forward to each week, thank you!….. You should have Charlie Veitch from the Love Police on one day, yes he’s a “truther”, but I think the two of you together would make for a fairly fun show.

  4. Love the blog and radio show, and have been a listener for the past year now. First time commenter, but this is an important topic that I, as a part of “the shining ones” diaspora must need seek your advice on.

    I seek your knowledge regarding the corruption of the hellenic image and history as presented to the world, and as regarding the practicing of making certain cultures known for sodomization. I’ve seen a recent resurgence of hellenophilism, but there are fundamental concerns of corruption within our society and the current crisis that is happening with the greek state, and greeks abroad in general.

    I hope to see a future article concerning the hellenic sodomization and culture corruption. I admit, I know the odds of seeing a personal inquiry into such a topic being fulfilled, but not having the time for the in-depth research that would be required to fully understand this, I seek your perspective and insight to consider with this. I thank you for any considerations taken, and I am humble to comment on a philosopher with as great a sense of wisdom as yourself.

  5. “alas, i know who the big guy is… it is me.” loved that analogy of the umbilical cord and the cocoon. deep, celt. keep living with passion, brother. it’s contagious and helps us all to revitalize our humanity. btw, my grandma (may her soul have escaped our diamond sky) always lived with that kind of passion… she didn’t sweat the small stuff. every day i try to reprioritize what really matters so i don’t battle the quixotic windmills. it’s pretty simple until my cellphone rings, i start to text, i worry about work & money, etc. there i go sweating the small stuff, and wallowing in dung piles! it’s a process, but everyday it’s worth the effort. keep up your efforts πŸ™‚

  6. This is the best show since the advent of computers! I cry not for myself, but for those that never felt the joy we felt, Each time you speak to me I hear a tender rhapsody of love now! T.C.R. is not only the best thing to spend your time on of any podcast, but is the only voice around to continually bring the awe (and do it with aplomb under attack). Alex is a good man. Fear not and walk the rebel path.

  7. grr… I know it’s hard not to be mean to truthers, but(t) – my younger brother kept going on about how everyone is attacking Sheen & I snapped. It’s confronting to see the programming enabled like clockwork. Especially one’s own family and friends. But I will keep trying with him, because he is my brother and I love him.

  8. Hi Alex!

    Thanks for another great show, I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Anyway, that clip I sent you, the one from a British TV special, was in fact Derren Brown. Here’s the clip:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    So, the term research itself literally means to go over and over the same topic, going around in circles, researching, researching. It’s much better to search for something, especially when it’s from within. I was guilty of making that statement myself many times, “Just do the research, research it for yourself man!” And now I feel like a complete dumbass. If I only knew then what I know now.

    Now, in NLP, there’s something called the illusion of choice, otherwise known as a double bind. (Red Pill – Blue Pill) Double binds can be either positive or negative. Holywood is using double binds on the mASSes in a major negative way. The list could go on and on, but I think you’ve summed it up pretty well. Neuro-linguistic sub-routines that are installed into people via suggestion wrapped inside stories and characters that people can relate to. This process is called Installation and transference. We all use transference to a certain degree, and it comes out in the language. (eg: you know when you X, and you feel Y? – X&Y = anything you want to place in the empty space) These patterns are even more powerful when the person using them on you (consciously or unconsciously) has authority over you in some way (eg: boss, doctor, clergymen, parents, TV/Media, etc) This is otherwise known as leverage.

    So using language, story telling (accessing submodalities or subroutines) and anchors / operant conditioning, you can basically drive people to the destination point of your own making. Otherwise known as Magick. πŸ˜‰

    Later, and take it easy,


  9. A TV show you might like πŸ˜€

  10. I bet you a Libyan Dinar, if Alex asked Charlie Veitch to join him for a show Charlie wouldn’t do it. Besides, Charles is a dark horse follower…i.e. thinks he awake but its just a dream within a dream! (Sorry Charlie)

    @Wes, that’s such a weird sync, I used the Red Pill/Blue Pill image on my blog the other day. I noticed other bloggers also using the terminology of the Matrix, there must have been some kind of NL sub-routine happening in the media lately for this to turn up again (out of the blue so to speak) Maybe that other Charlie (Sheen) has something to do with it all?!


  11. “The Future”, by Leonard Cohen “You’ll see your woman hang upside down, her features covered by her fallen gown”

    Thanks for the show, I’m a grandmother listener, I religiously listen to your show, and relay it to my 32 year old son who is non English speaking. I understand and can relate to what your talking about, I don’t think you’re at all crazy, (only in a healthy way) love the way you have progressed and your boldness and sense of humour. I also enjoy your guest Alex from downunda, her input and perceptiveness are very refreshing to hear. It’s good to have people like you two also Kyle and Denis and your usual guests, in this world. Makes me feel not so strange in my strangeness. Thank you

  12. Hey Brother, I just heard you about a month ago. I LOVE it, you inspire me. Because of your inspiration I contacted a woman from 20 years ago and just thanked her for the beautiful memories and well, thank you for helping me step outside my comfort zone and become human again. Keep it up.

  13. I just watched that Derren Brown video again, wow! He’s not talking to the conscious mind, he’s talking to the other mind. The unconscious mind. The subconscious. Here’s a little secret about ambiguity in the English language. When you use the term “your unconscious, mind.” it actually comes out as “You are unconscious.” The more you say it, the more the person “trances out”, so to speak. The power of ambiguity is the driving force behind hypnotic language patterns (NLP).

    @ Marie, that’s cool about the synchronicity. I get them all the times, sometimes 5-10 times a day. I’ve come to realize that there nothing more than the result of giving myself post hypnotic suggestions. The unconscious part of our brain is very powerful. It’s our dreaming mind, our creative outlet, our source for accessing something more profound. Or something like that πŸ˜‰

  14. “a bang on the ear”
    is gypsy slang for
    “a phone call”

    the song makes a lot more sense now eh?

  15. Good show Alex. I laughed a good a laugh between your peni comments to your mom pulling the church card. I also though some good thoughts. Don’t sweat the “trolls/brown boys”. You once said something about being an individual puts a target on your back or people not liking you. I am paraphrasing, but you don’t need to justify yourself to a Zombie. They won’t understand you anyway. All they need are brains/assimilation. At any rate keep it up.

  16. I’ve been a fan since 3000, 300’s articles and I Like the direction the show is going.
    I’ve found NLP to be present on many levels throughout media. All media is infected. I found Robert Tennyson Stevens’ work years ago thanks to the Conscious Media Network. Although he comes across as a little too new-agey for my taste, he does a great job of revealing how language can act like a virus and what we can do to overcome our own programming etc…

  17. CR the path is long. And it is endless. Truthers started the journey somewhere. They will hopefully evolve. Keep the compassion. Please.

  18. Hey ALEX… Something powerful has happened to me… I don’t like porn anymore… I am no longer a wanker… I am no longer a sheeple… I have learned alot about how I’ve been subjected to a tentacle mind controling addiction called porn… I feel wiser, stronger & smarter thanks to sites like yours and the Honorable Lenon Honor… Great Show… πŸ™‚
    PS: I am disgusted by how porn has evolved in the last ten years… I remember looking at beautiful naked women… and ended up looking at sick demented porn… I kept walking “wanking” down the rabbit hole…And I have escaped the porn/movie/music perversion… But now I dont even want too see any movie or listen to the radio or watch the news… I feel like I am detoxing my mind… its hard… A real man does not wank… I feel like I am in control of my mind…
    PSS: Orgasm is a mind thing and I no longer am being perverted… I find real women more and more amazing and fake images have no power over me… I understand that the illuminati is fake… But those who own the porn industry are very real and they all happen to be Jewish… And I no longer want to be treated like a goyim…

  19. when I found the philosopher stone
    I discovered that I was the eye..

    there I was under the influance of ayahuasca.
    feeling horrible.. ooh I want to feel.. your nice energy.. aya. give it to me.. please I even took out my shirt. hoping it would help.. hoping I would feel good.. but I did not it only got worse..

    give it to me why I am not feeling it. here I was going horrible on psychdelics. then I decided if this is what it takes to be a sorcerer.. a shaman a mage.. than its not worth it, I just want to go home be with my friends be with the ones I love…. suddenly there it was the sun.. the stone.. rising up. in my boddy.. and I cried,,.. I cried I cried.. I cried and laughed as I found what I was looking for.
    then the voice.. my voice told me now you are the eye on the piramide…

    I told a girl who was there.. we are the eyes on the piramide.. and she said. neeeeh that cant be right..


    PS: bullshit. I know many girls. that actually went out to nepal.. sometimes volunteering sometimes allone.. one of my female friends is now hanging out in india having the time of her life. go out there ladies.

  20. Man, I think it’s dead on regarding self-growth being the only real hope for evolving ourselves. The reference to the chess game, where all the pawns first go before things become ‘interesting,’ is something to think about very deeply. Especially for everybody that was involved in this ‘research community’ or ‘truth’ movement, whatever it may be called now. People may say it was hijacked or perhaps it was filthy from the beginning, but as long as some of us can expand and constantly keep asking ourselves questions and trying to grow, none of the sparkling mysteries will be able to distract.

    Conspiracy is like a light at the end of a tunnel that will never be reached. Something that looks so damn assuring and prosperous but has no end point. The real solution is self-discovery, or like you referred to, admitting our own idiocy and moving on!
    I was part of that.. Swooped away by 9/11 truth, The matrix and all of that. Embarrassing, yes.. But even more idiotic is trying to stuff the ego and pass over the fact some of us where in the phase of being dumbasses. Maybe I still am! That’s fine, we are in the western civilization, let’s look around and admit mistake.
    The Cosmic Schmuck theory reminds me of what you brought up… Anton Wilson’s theory that we
    can only move on by admitting our own follies because being ignorant of our mistakes causes
    a backlash to ever getting anywhere and looking back to say “Shit, I guess I was wrong.. So
    let’s fix it.”
    Construction over destruction. Let’s stop blaming and falling into darkness and change ourselves.

    Wrecked… wrecked is the only word I can really think of when I look outside into the accepted norms and also into the alternative ‘movement.’
    Mysteries ARE interesting. Sure, They’re damn interesting and…distracting.
    BUT! When an answer is presented people scatter off like cockroaches underneath the fridge because the answer almost always involves the SELF. It is the self that must be addressed and that is so
    much homework and responsibility compared to blaming some invisible force.
    Whether that force is real, spiritually or physically, alchemical or whatever it may be
    does not seem to matter, but our allegiance into submitting to a force we are uncertain of
    is the real tragedy.

    It is bitching about oppression at water cooler breaks of employment jobs where that very participation keeps us locked into a mental chastity. It’s so simple! Free will does exist, we’re just distracted to a real point of being blinded of choice.. Blinded by our own repetition.

    Yeah, I went to college. I learned that it’s fucken expensive and I learned it was a horrendous choice. I hopped into a car with a lacking amount of cash and met some wonderful people and saw pure beauty. I learned that with the internet now college is obsolete because every course of study has the same information available open to our own approach to wanting it.
    Graduates of business management, or research, design, whatever it may be– they’re all left rejected and working shite jobs because of the manipulated economy anyway so none of their skills are able to be used. They’re slaving away paying back tuition fees that never existed in the first place. A traveler goes through a quest and change of scenes and paces that builds character, where the same bright white walls every day keep you mentally trapped.

    Neural programming.. You pointed it out within movies, have you applied that to music as well yet
    or is that something you have thought about? Meaning, the same repetition with movies scenes and plots can be applied to other senses like how choruses are beaten into our heads with banal pop songs. The use of a chorus in pop music always interested me.
    That’s a good example of the woman you spoke of who only dates a certain race or specified person
    of fashion or style reflecting the programming of music. Just look at all the fake-lesbianism resulting from “I kissed a girl” or that mind-wreck of a movie ‘The Black Swan’
    For example, maybe relating choruses as mantras, programming the youth into being so
    self-draining and lacking of a positive force with the structure of repeating,or, yes, focusing that
    youthful force of rebellion onto monotonous useless things like fashion or out lash. The natural force of rebellion gets filtered out through areas that have no real effect.

    I tried to tell an acquaintance that the Matrix was based on earlier works like the book Neuromancer but this person was in such an allegiance to the movie series that he said “I couldn’t care less if the movie was based on a piece of shit book that nobody reads.” Such a defensive reaction shows the real cult like nature of that movie.. Makes ya wonder.

    Hey, people toss the infowar, Let’s start healing.
    Spartacus, Alex, Spartacus! haha!

  21. Soul is NOT something that you can play around with.

    Be cautious Aya lovers.

    PS: Lee I appreciate what you’re saying, but you need to cut it in slices and you need to CUT DOWN, so everyone can read, follow and have an interest in what you’re saying.

    I’m already having a hard time reading black background on white text and trying to read what you typed, it almost gave me a headache.

    CR please brighter background please.

  22. @ Lee, you mentioned Robert Anton Wilson. It’s a sad story about his passing a few years ago. The poor guy got polio and pretty much died poor. No money. Zero. It’s a real shame because he was a intelligent and funny man. He was friends with guys like George Carlin, Timothy Leary (ooh CIA! look out! run for your lives!!:) ) and also trained with Richard Bandler in NLP during the 1990s. You know when people used to say “I only read playboy for the interviews”? Well, he was the guy that did those interviews back in the 70s (RA Wilson)

    Anyway, you may already know this stuff but I thought I’d just mention it. Also, there’s lots of his stuff available on various video-related websites. I think it ties in well with the Celtic’s Rebel’s work.


  23. The pawns are being put into place right now.
    It’s kind of like in the movie V for Vendetta, when V knocks over the blocks. All events are simultaneously growing and building upon one another, until they bring the big pieces into play.

    We truly are living in an illusion. I’m realizing that more and more each day. I am asking myself, “How much of what we’ve been told is going on right now in the middle east really true?” Day’s of Rage don’t just happen like this, it’s all engineered in my thoughts.

    I found a great article by Matt & Sheree at Truth Frequency
    Libya: Reuters Hoaxes The World

    We live in a time of ultimate deceit, attacked on every angle you can possibly imagine. But at the same time as the darkness is growing, so is the light. And I believe quality outweighs quantity.

    keep on shining Celtic, you make the world a little brighter πŸ™‚

  24. no I was not playing parts of me knew exactly what I was doing where I was going. and what it was I had to go trough to find stability it got rid of most of the brainwash most of the bullshit that filled my life. I had to go trough the underworld to understand. to make my fricking mind realize that it should stop fucking around with the porn addiction tv serie addiction other addiction the aya got me addicted to knowledge to solve me. and it was a great gift. sometimes you need to go under to rise.

    now I am a far more stable person not that easily blown away by anywind..

    for instance I live in a student house my neighbour was angry at something and jelling again.. before I would just try not to hear it. yesterday I knocked on his door. he opened and I gave him a hug.. later he thanked me for it.

    PS: and you know what..
    I think the truth movement is undergoing exactly the same thing. I am just waiting for the dead .. you called it.
    we called it long live the dead of the truth movement

    external destruction for internal reconstruction
    and from the healthy self we recreate reality.

  25. Greeting Mr Rebel – I don’t want to inflate your well endowed ego, but I think you’re just getting better & better (or is it than I’m getting stupider?) πŸ™‚

    The NLP ‘shit’ you’re (un)covering is pure genius – this constant cross-referencing is now so spotlighted for me I can’t miss it – that alone is worth a $666,000 donation!
    Shine on oh green & firey one – you are making a real difference

  26. speaking of women, yoni, and lucy… don’t eff with lucy!!

  27. hey Reb,

    Just wanted to thank you for stopping by Kyle’s show last night and riffing on the pawns and NLP a little more. I know the chess analogies are everywhere, but they always hit home for me.

    After the show I went over to “Too Long in this Place” and checked out the latest (great) post there .. and wouldn’t you know, it’s about (among other things) going back to rip out (become aware of) old wounds and/or programs.

    The thought of going back to move forward in the right direction .. a common riff around these parts, a riff that I really enjoy.

    A quick contribution (?) to the NLP party going on around here .. Color grading or Color Correction .. you might have touched on this two weeks ago while talking about the (intentional) color similarities of The Matrix and The Day the Earth Stood Boring .. I mean Still.

    The computer let’s the editor do ANYTHING to the color pallet .. color’s being frequencies, i suppose, and using that to f*ck us harder. Here’s a link for anyone interested in modern digital color correction :

    thanks again

  28. Great show CR … from what were you reading regarding the “big guy”?


    PS: where can I find some of this Aya tea?

  29. The morning after last night’s NLP party (lol) is a major hangover. I have just discovered the most weirdest sync so far, in my personal journey.

    After getting obsessed last week with a great new British music act, I find out now that they have totally connected with the Japanese events of the past w/e… So much so I have written about it on my blog also – Like many others have – I credited you Alex, because you are part of a trifecta that caused me to question many many things… I am freaked out yet again
    …and so it continues

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