Being Human Again [I]

Alex Robinson, my unevil antipolar fraternal twin from down under was back yet again, but not for the second round of the tournament of roses. We addressed far more pressing issues, things I deem far more important: being human again.

alex alex jessehuman being

There are indeed some crazy things going on right now, dogs and cats may not necessarily be sleeping together yet, but it would be hard to deny that the mass of society is going about life ass-backwards. To live or to leave, that is the question:


Assuming the chemtrails haven’t killed them all off, perhaps the latter option is what the great flocks of migratory birds decided to do? Those were just of the topics discussed on the show; a lot more to being human.

When we critically start analyzing the information [shit] our masters are feeding us, via both the mainstream and the alternative to the mainstream, instead of just [continuing to] swallow it, we begin to see the how a lot of this steady diet is meant to change us [and not some mysterious “them,” i.e., anybody but us]. Once we realize how transformative the human stargate can be, then we can opt to instead, change ourselves for the better.

As summarized in the show, MK-Ultra has long-ago ended, else there wouldn’t be so much [declassifed] information readily available to us peons on the program. We are now in the age of MK-Mega [my naming convention for the program, the official one would be unknown]; mass-mind control aimed at the masses, to transform the all into dysfunctional [dis function all] mentally-compartmentalized ass-ass-ins. {*1}

man boy loveno pain

I’ve talked about it at length before, but another way for us to evolve individually, instead of becoming the soulless robots we are being programmed to, is to regurgitate [right choice, as in to vomit/reject the poison we’ve been fed] the notion there is a “one” or “soul-mate” somewhere out there waiting for us.

The current set of perceptions and expectations about relationships is simply [and meant to be] destructive. As one Marti Jones crooned [during a break]:

i’m addicted to a man, everybody knows i am
and you know that it’s true, and you know that it’s true,
he’s protected in my shed, dreams of promises i made
sharing all of my world, sharing all of my world,

face the music of the lie, every day until i die
and you know that i will, and you know that i will

if i could away from him, i would run away with you
you’re the only boy i found, who i could ever say this to
if i could away from him, i would run away with you
and i do, every night in my dreams i do

we met, your face was like a magnet
we kissed, i couldn’t take the heat
i lie and wait for my conscience to sleep

every night in my dreams,
i walk away from him and i run away with you

The timing of the music was uncannily synchrorific, yet honestly “random;” from a wonderful carnaval suggesting going with the flow and jumping madly into passion with a random nearby stranger, to the above lamentation of a sad passionless existence far too many [princess-programmed] women condemn themselves to. Finishing it off was Graham Parker reminding me of the local girls, aka the mind controlled whore collective which makes up the/my American um, dating pool.

One thing I now for sure, living the existence Marti sings of will drive one insane, just as surely as taking in all this externalized truth movement info [while not looking within], will drive most of the people who consume it bat[man]shit fucking crazy. The technological solution is to delete [i.e., erase, rip out], but it’s a little more complicated than that.

The system, which is, as said on numerous occasions, aimed squarely at women, is [behind the scenes] little more than a vicious cycle of consent and participation. To be a good mother, is to indoctrinate your daughter with the provided sets of fairy tales, which will ensure she grows up to become so dysfunctional, that she will do same. Wrapped up in one word, “shit.” Is the only way out, somehow “through?”

Many people [i.e., idiots], even in the mainstream, speak openly of how the objectification of women as sexual objects has reduced women to “meat.” They will also speak of the pleasures of the “flesh,” while consuming vast amounts of it. Is it so hard to make the connection to our DIE[T]. Are we blind and addicted to death?

prime cut meat

Regardless of how stupid Prime Cut (1972) was on the surface, they still felt the need to make abundantly clear, what far too many of our brethren can’t/refuse to see. Lucy favourite seranade-boy, Billy Idol dropped a few more hints: {*2}

There’s a change in pace, of fantasy and taste
Do you like good music? Do you like to dance? Oh yeah.

Hangin’ out for a body shop at night
Ain’t it strange what we do to feel alright? Oh yeah.

Father loves his son, mothers, daughters, too.
It’s an old old story, cries the new world too.

We want … flesh, flesh for fantasy
You cry … flesh, flesh for fantasy

Perhaps the musical synchornicity was part of the conspiracy; a good one in this case, to stop us from delving into the more esoteric [such as deciphering apples and golden asses]? What’s the point when so many of us can’t even get the basics down [like eating and copulating]? Hence, the subtitle for Part II of this show will be “Back to the Basics.” There is a way out, and may be simpler than we’d think.

The other bit of real “truth” in this movie, was the unpleasant fact that for longer than most would care to know, the [mafia-run] slaughterhouse industry has been disposing of all sorts or “undesirable/pesky” humans by putting them into the food supply. Yes, it is disgusting, but kind of amusing too; particularly when you consider the virulent negative reaction most carnivores express to the idea of cannibalism.

Alex may have been right about how some ridiculous breast implants are making women look like they have a second ass under their face? Is that what Dr. Mephisto was telling us when he said he’s already perfected the monkey with two asses? The above [left] image is butt one example, if you care to dig, many more such quizes can be found on the net. Butt, aside from the back-fat boobs/ass, perhaps enough collagen injections could lead to he perfection of the four-assed monkey?

Consent is, yet again, a big part of the [magickal] formula. The plastic implants are made of [the Earth’s] shit. The ass-loving priest, MeFistOh, didn’t put a gun to anyone’s head to force them to get the implants, or to eat a steady stream of toxic shit [hence, fatten up]. Mankind, upon judgment of confinement/torture/murder they enforce upon other beings, and then stuffing the stargate with the remains, are transforming their themselves, and justifying their fate. No help required.

monkey man

Long ago, I mentioned how if more of our [stupid] brethren cannot look at the above image and realized that they are looking into a mirror, then mankind, as a race, will remain damned and doomed. So, how much of this lie movement [that fools call the “truth” movement] brings up this one undeniable fact?

Yes, the woman in the below picture has a bit of a Lucy thing going on. Remember, Lucy is here to help you along, whether it’s on your way to damnation or salvation, it’s your choice. Jehovah, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to give a god-damn. His dogma teaches that our choices, end up being meaningless in the long run, as long as we prostrate ourselves before him. His worldwide death cult seems to care little beyond fucking as many of our children as possible before we’re extinct.

We added a few more words to the idiot lexicon this week: “protein,” “calories,” “carbohydrates,” and the utterly superfluous “electrolytes.” If you have been using these words in your vocabulary, then stop it. You used them in the past because you were ignorant, to continue now is just a sure-fire way of admitting stupidity.

Would it be considered less cruel if we used the word “toxic waste dumps” instead of “fat” to describe those who’ve been eating at Chez Hell for too long? Honesty is the best tool to address ignorance. Whether it’s stupid men bending over to let some pervert violate their rectum, or women putting their legs in the stirrups to let another pervert manhandle their vagina, the end result: a bunch of dumb cunts.

While we continue to let the Pederasts of Holy Wood dictate for us what our past was like, then we will continue to let these same ass-hounds control our future, and we will continue to remain stupid. How much of this useless conspiracy movement have you heard repeatedly cite the infamous Orwellian quote, “He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past?”

Yet, how many tell you that is exactly what is happening with every single program you absorb [take in/digest]? It’s time for us to, as Alex suggests, seize back control of our past, by doing so, we can then control our own future. Otherwise, they may eventually find us laying dead, with the above stupid look of “surprise” as to why on our face, while we lay there with our own suicide weapon in our hand.

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*1: Don’t worry, you’ll start hearing similar shit from other [g]hosts in this medium now that I’ve put the idea out. Heck, I even dedicated a show to such persons later. [LB]

*2: In one of the podcasts in the Dinner/Andros series with Stygian Port, I discussed how in cAssInOh, among other films, I had seen a pattern of female asses displayed next to dead meat, but can’t recall specifically which podcast(though the last referred to same film). The [discussed] part about the program instructing women that to swallow a man’s semen was a way of expressing “love,” rather than the truth of the matter, which is consuming the toxic waste the men couldn’t digest is a topic addressed in the “last/missing podcast.” Perhaps, next time I take a show off, I’ll put that out instead. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on January 24, 2011.

22 Responses to “Being Human Again [I]”

  1. Hi CR,

    Good article of protein.



  2. Wow what a great show, and what a fantastic caller!

    Seriously though, good job Alex and Alex, really enjoyable.

    I thought of something as I was falling asleep…what is it that we are really doing when we go to sleep? We are simulating our own death then birth. Think about it. We go unconscious. We have a bunch of strange visions through our pineal. Then we “wake up”, and what is our first condition? Well, we are blind and surrounded by darkness until we open our eyes, just like in the womb. We are surrounded by warmth and softness. Gee, I wonder what it’s like in the womb? Prob pretty warm and soft I’m guessing. And we are obviously very comfortable and don’t want to leave.

    I personally actually stayed in the womb 2 weeks longer than men wearing white coats said I should have, so that fits too, for me at least.

    Anyways besides that, hard to disagree with you on pretty much everything you said here. Especially that guy who shot his congresswoman, being linked to each others you tube pages. The thing is, they have to make it SO OBVIOUS at this point, because people, and I do mean all of us, are SO STUPID.

  3. I have to say this was a truly special show, when things come about themselves instead of trying to force topics you have magic. Many thanks to the both of you.

    cheers from down under

  4. wow, Alex – u must see the latest episode of Robot Chicken. I think Lenon H. is correct about not having the ability to be creative, when you are all about destruction. Seth Green and lackeys have absolutly zero talent. This is like a 100% confirmation they steal your work.

    – sorry for being off topic here.

  5. In regards to the new age and the fluffy, mindless belief that positive thinking will solve the world’s problems:

    Q: In general, under what circumstances are people most likely to be told to be calm and that everything will be OK?

    A: Just before they die.

    Fook all tho death worship cults!

  6. steven uk, not a bad article and written in the proper tone. Good point about why the meat industry is so heavily subsidized. Protein overdose not only leads to all sorts of health problems, but keeps the gut busy and distracted from thinking likely.

    Jon, thanks. Actually, one point I’ve been meaning to discuss is why modern doctors/morons feel so compelled to induce labor for babies that aren’t naturally due yet.

    Dion Duffield, relistening to this and writing up now, I’d have to agree. I feel this was one of the best and most relevant.

    dystopeon, wow, how blatantly they still my shit. Addressed on the following week.

    Recapitated, you make an excellent point. Kumba-fucking-ya, huh?

  7. Gehenna is the table of the surface of the earth.

    It is how we feed our creative power (manifestation in flesh is children) into service to how we see/believe/serve/attach ourselves to g-o-d.

    As Lord Krishna says “I answer men in how they see me.”

    Idol’s answer. There are only two gates:

    Iso-Jesus and the tower built out of the water.


    Exo-Jesus and the regression back to one’s mother.

    One is flowing and releases to be consumed by the one and only great consumer. A feast of one. There is no idol. The other is building and protecting shells. A feast for none except fools. This is the idols answer.

    Wine and vinegar have the same gematria = 400 !! The on the cross episode of not drinking the vinegar = I’m also giving you my mother.The drinking of wine by Noah is also a regression of forms, ie flood of water and all is reset.

    Peter who is the ultimate expression of regression is the church beholden to Mary…my mother. Peter is the ultimate golden ass.

    Mem final, ie when it finally overcomes all the boxes it created, and after all there is only one occupant on earth = water, it becomes 600. The ultimate union as the riddle logion would say “have yourselves eaten of god.”

    TOOL in track 69 of Undertow ‘Disgustipated’ – “And the angel of the lord came unto me, snatching me up from my place of slumber. And took me on high, and higher still until we moved to the spaces betwixt the air itself. And he brought me into a vast farmlands of our own midwest. And as we descended, cries of impending doom rose from the soil. One thousand, nay a million voices full of fear. And terror possesed me then. And I begged, “Angel of the Lord, what are these tortured screams?” And the angel said unto me, “These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots! You see, Reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust.” And I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat like the tears of one million terrified brothers and roared, “Hear me now, I have seen the light! They have a consciousness, they have a life, they have a soul! Damn you! Let the rabbits wear glasses! Save our brothers!” Can I get an amen? Can I get a hallelujah? Thank you Jesus.

    Life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on……..

    This is necessary.

    Life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on life.

    It was daylight when you woke up in your ditch. You looked up at your sky then. That made blue be your color. You had your knife there with you too. When you stood up there was goo all over your clothes. Your hands were sticky. You wiped them on your grass, so now your color was green. Oh Lord, why did everything always have to keep changing like this. You were already getting nervous again. Your head hurt and it rang when you stood up. Your head was almost empty. It always hurt you when you woke up like this. You crawled up out of your ditch onto your gravel road and began to walk, waiting for the rest of your mind to come back to you. You can see the car parked far down the road and you walked toward it. “If God is our Father,” you thought, “then Satan must be our cousin.” Why didn’t anyone else understand these important things? You got to your car and tried all the doors. They were locked. It was a red car and it was new. There was an expensive leather camera case laying on the seat. Out across your field
    , you could see two tiny people walking by your woods. You began to walk towards them. Now red was your color and, of course, those little people out there were yours too.”

    Once along time ago, in another arc of the supreme quadrature, there was a feast where the teeth were not sharp.

    For now … the teeth are sharp. Since we are in the arc of Kali we cannot but be in the “Meat Show”. And as Ryden encodes this is “se to hawm”.

    The only understanding of “hawm” is in A-HAM-KARA!

    Alas…nuttin is broken!

  8. an interesting segment from a larger series. Assangel makes leaky 😉

  9. i enjoyed the discussion on relationships and nutrition/food. regarding the cervix, its cancer is probably linked to all the garbage (condoms, lubricants, douches, etc.) being pumped into it, and add insult to injury by a traumatic pap smear.

    today’s westernized civilizations rely and almost pray to processed food. again, our declining health IS linked (has been proven many times, especially at the turn of the last century with the introduction of mass food production) to the processing of our “food”.

    we don’t need more research to follow what we already intuitively know from within our [higher] selves. this applies to everything around us. be the autodidact.

  10. I’m glad this show went in the direction it did. It was hard to listen to some topics regarding how girls are programmed at an early age of their expectations for relationships, because it hit too close to home. But it’s what I needed to hear, so I thank you both.

    Very happy to hear a female’s perspective, you’re right, there’s not enough 🙂

  11. they took rebels rabbit hole joke and how to clean your butt properly and make them skits in robot chicken, watch fo yourself its only 11 min long.

  12. Eugene, you’re gonna have to come back on the show and explain some of this to us idiots. 😀 Interesting Holy Wood shows us the second gate is the gate of fire, but we know those bois fear the vagina. Looking at the Tool lyrics after finally “seeing” the Idol lyrics above, I’d have to say rock concerts have long been mass religious revivals for the unaware who fool themselves they don’t go to church.

    zwoof, after seeing a few such efforts, I’d have to say there’s just something very “invasive” about that presentation style that just doesn’t sit well with me.

    raffi, good points. Argh! Pap smears, it is ridiculous how so many women willingly subjugate themselves to such abuse.

    garry, thanks for the link. Those god-damned thieving temple doggies are quite shameless.

  13. Thanks for the praise!

    It’s amazing, what you both are doing. A globally involved and broadcast discussion on reality between two innovative minds where no topic is taboo, only rudeness. Has there ever been such a thing?

    Alex (peninsula one): Around the same time I heard your new insights about Chicago meat, I also heard on the news Taco Bell being forced to admit that 50% of it’s beef is filler. An extreme thank you goes out to you for partly influencing me to stop eating meat BEFORE I learned these two things. It could have turned ugly with just about any meat I might have consumed.

    Alex (archipelago one): Your thoughts on “No future” made me think of Terminator 2 where Sarah Conner carves “No future” in a picnic table with a knife, and following the advice of “There is no future but the one we create” (Memory may be a bit askew).

    This made me wonder if the evil powers that be did a preemptive program on the conceptualization of that idea forming in people’s brains by leaving out two words from Sarah’s advice: …the one we create FOR OURSELVES. As (peninsula) Alex illustrated with the Congresswoman shooter, people are being influenced to believe that the ONLY way to change the common reality is by taking personal action externally instead of internally. And that’s what public and national talk radio has become: A bunch of people all telling each other what they should do, so they themselves can live the life they want instead of everybody just living… um, the life they want.

    Thanks to you both for bringing sanity …um, back?

    the living tiki

  14. Salutations Rebel, I throughly enjoyed your show this week. I saw this photo and since you are on the topic of food. This photo is telling how deep the program unconsciously runs. One love, keep up the revealing work.

  15. Meet the man of tomorrow; today!

    “But 19-year old Andrej Pejic is not your usual male model as you can see from these pictures showing his two starring turns on the catwalk this past week for Jean Paul Gaultier.

    The gorgeous blonde Veronica Lake ringer in gold and furs at Gaultier’s menswear show? Pejic. The beautiful hourglass bride at the finale of Gaultier’s haute couture show in Paris, resplendent in ruffled tulle and feather headdress? Pejic again”

    Or perhaps my original comment should be, “Meet the man of today, erm, today.”

  16. Rebel, thought you’d find this interesting:

    “According to sources in the fragrance industry hired to develop Lady Gaga‘s first fragrance, the pop star has requested that the scent “smell of blood and semen.”

    Gaga’s Fragrance Will Reportedly Smell Like “Blood and Semen”

  17. On a lighter side. This week maybe talk about hormones. I always wanted to know what makes a whore moan.

  18. the living tiki, any praise we hand out is to those deserving. Good points you raise. Leaving those keywords out is a powerful NLP spell. Not that I see through the wizardry better, I see more examples of how such mental manipulations are inserted into The Mind.

    amina, christ! 😯 When you see it from that angle, it is so bloody obvious. Uncanny to think how many times we’ve seen more subtle versions and didn’t notice.

    Steven UK, and their little bitch-boy is covered in torture and death (furs and feathers). Yes, your title is far more accurate than theirs.

    Rolf Eder, egads. They really do like rubbing our faces in it. Though, I’d recommend waiting for V2 of his/her next hot fragrance, which will add the smell of shit to the cocktail.

    WhatsItAllAboutAlphie, hehe, whatever the media tells her feels good. Last week it was the imaginary g-spot. This week, it’s rectal exploration. 😛

  19. It all started with me falling asleep this afternoon [after a night on the “tiles”?] while listening to this new “Being Human…” show. Something you must have been talking about in the last hour, when i fell asleep, gave me Night[day]mares. Your voices pervaded my dreams. I awoke with my mind brimming over with fright, i felt like the walls were closing in., not just on me, but the whole world. I had this sick feeling humanity was stuffed, so to say., that life was futile. We were all part of something bigger, something out of control, we were the Nu-Ham, off to the slaughter., riding the rails to destruction like a convoy of cattle.
    The Rebel and Alex’ voices a distant echo in my sub conscious now as the dreams faded….I got my thoughts together. So, like a “Hair of the dog?” i listened to an older show, the peasants are revolting 4, went through some of the old posts. So after an afternoon of marinating this in my mind, it comes to the evening, in which my 17 yr old daughter, her friend, and my next door personage (neighbour) are all here at my/our house, having a drink of wine [but not partaking of any rituals involving wine or wafer in which we eat of the flesh and blood of one Jesus whom was sacrificed for the ‘hell’ of it], watching a movie (as you do) when i start in on asking all present if they would leave their children in the care of a person who had similar questionable moral ambiguity to the thing in the Corner that we were all staring at, that was the T.V., of course. So my 17 yr old daughter tells all : “He thinks the whole of society is based around the ideas of Pederasts and anal sex” . Yeah, She knows this reality isnt real. Ive told her enough times. I try to explain the deception to which we are all subject. Have been subject for the duration of modern history. We live in a real life Wonderland, yes indeed.
    So then i begin to pass on the tools of this “learning process” to these others, in the hopes my fellow humanity see things with eyes not so wide shut, but rather more open. Its true, the truth has to come within, you cant join the truth on ‘Facebook’. Its only attainable when your own eyes are open to it.
    Anyway, at the risk of becoming a Cheeseball or starting to talk Idioms, i digress. My point is this: I want these tools of ‘Prometheus’, i want to impart knowledge to those i care about..and others..but what the hell, I sound like a Mini-Celtic-~Rebel?! Although not a bad thing, its not a good thing! I dont want to be a repeater. Its just, this life is so overwhelming at times, and all this truth movement with Jesse Ventura pouring gravy over people, its bat shit crazy. I find this Blog/show an oasis of calm right now where things that have always been a “Splinter in my mind” (Thanks for that Morpheus) become clear to me. I Feel Equipped, spiritually well, after immersing
    in the clear, unsullied waters of the Rebel path.
    Youre right of course. This info (they have given us) is having an effect on us. I think we are entering into a new spiritual revolution. Screw the “Revolution” of the 60’s., it was a distraction. Something real is happening here. Lets try and bring as many people as will listen and see.

    Keep up the good work One Rebel.

  20. LOL! Lady Gaga spoof (VID). I actually laughed out loud, and that’s a rarity.

    PS: Looks like Hot Tub Toilet and The Temple Whore has been taken down from vimeo. Anything to do with exposing the true (anal) agenda is being censored, while anything else goes. Strange world we live in eh?

  21. Training doctors to treat human beings like animals.


  22. When my daughter was 3. She noticed a Womans Clevage and called it a Boob Crack.

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