Parallel Alexes Meet in Time [E4]

I had originally thought of doing something insane, multiple voices, a party of sorts, for an end of the year blowout. However, as the week progressed, and possibly, due to the imaginary mushrooms I took before the show, I opted for the mellow:

psychedelic rebel

Alex Robinson from New Zealand seemed a good choice for a warm reflective evening; one focused on where we are going, and more importantly, where we have been. The end result was that playable below:


Nicole Kidman’s Rabbit Hole [and her most recent film] came up early in the show, fitting in with the theme of Parallel Alex’s from different hemispheres. However, unlike our show, the movie was a subliminal proponent of violating children anally:

wide open

As mentioned, to give credit where credit is due, you can see how the well programmed idiot mind [one that’s been effectively reduced to a slushing shitpile], will almost automatically dismiss the appearance of the comic panels as “chance.”

demented clue

After all, it’s a sports-analogy. That’s how the craft works. Anything they may present in an obvious manner, very likely, is nothing more than disinformation or just rubbish. But, it wasn’t until I went seeking the prior picture that the above turned up, showing what even my arguably aware mind overlooked the first time: the more obvious reason the boy was screaming in the pane/pain before.

drill baby drillaxle oil check

And, as suggested (and discussed at length last show), we are being forced to wallow in feces, be it our own, or that of the planet; and in almost every manner conceivable. The BP Oil Spill (alternately, rupture/blowout) was accidental in neither the literal or metaphoric sense. The attention to detail, for those with eyes not covered by “rose-colored lenses,” these truths become self-evident.

For those unaware, that would be one infamous shit-rocker (as in quality of the music) Axle Rose above, suggesting the “satan” sign serves quite a different purpose for him. Well, he is from the band “Guns” and “Roses.” At least now we have a pretty good idea of exactly why he got to where he is [¿a well-oiled axle?].

super gay copsget that ass

And also, we should have a pretty good hint, assuming we’re not so blind that we can’t even see the obvious softcore gay porn quality to the above Bruce Willis movie poster, specifically what super-effeminate male prostitute Russell Brand wants to do to the little piggie in Get Him to the Greek.

For the record, that is specifically what he does to him; reaching into tubby’s anus to pull out a little red ball, like the one depicted in the [discussed] below video:

I could expand more on this two-hour long anal sex promo [the movie], but it would be overkill for anyone’s who seen Don’t Go West, or has actually been listening to anything I’ve been saying for several months. It is a crappy movie, but as said, brilliant social engineering. So kudos to the guys who are turning have turned us into a bunch of degenerates and then rubbing our faces in our own poo afterwards.

Be sure to grab yourself a big tub of hot buttered popcorn and enjoy the program!

analingusbaby love

As I keep saying, this has been going on for quite a while. The secrets of the The Rose, have been known, and kept somewhat guarded by the few. However, when I say guarded, I don’t mean closely guarded, just not made so blatant that the average idiot among us might notice. Though, judging by the current trend in media, these sodomite themes becoming ever more apparent, perhaps they can do that now, because today’s average idiot is a hell of a lot dumber than yesterday’s?

blue rose pig

And honestly, I [as discussed during the fire & ire series], to again give credit where credit is due, I am greatly impressed by how well the Medes can operate so cost-effectively, rarely having to spend their own money. They’ve programmed enough wankers, who gladly gave them money to receive their programming. Montelpro operatives cost money! Wankers work for the sake of wanking.

So, why bother? No doubt, may who’ve awoken to to the old box, are quite happy and free to be in the new one, regardless of how uncomfortable that box gets. But, don’t despair, when you look at humanity as a whole, as Eugene and I discussed, the metaphor could either be a play for birthing the new man who rises above the muck, or shitting out those who’ll serve as the spiritual fertilizer for evolved man.

back door actionlast tango

Worth noticing again, after looking at the blue rose pig [courtesy of alex from the parallel hemisphere], is just like in said movie, and pretty much a lot of other movies that came up in Don’t Go West, they do seem to like ass-raping the little fat boys. I have no idea why. Why does the pig always get it in the end?

But why bother HUMAN? you’re far too good, and far too clever, to ever follow in the footsteps we’ve so clearly laid out for you, and become the NU HAM. You’d easily notice how you’re paving your own deserved path to death/destruction.

name of the roserosebud

Far too smart for that, right? No way others could so openly flaunt their jokes right in front of your face for so long that you’d not notice. No way they could so openly continue to match up pairings of old men and young boys repeatedly in front of your wide open eyes, especially after you “woke up,” right? No way, “man!” Right???

boy lovehey man

In some ways, I am gaining some respect the way the manipulators of our mind, leave behind little nuggets pointing out what should be obvious, and occasionally pearls of wisdom [I was about to ad, not semen, though such pearls can inseminate ideas into the mind]. One such example would be, beyond the truth of who a boy’s ass is for from the Simpsons, they also offer the most practical of truths: “Don’t have a cow, man!”

Note: The mystery of the rose, goes far deeper than what we touched on in the show. Expect further discussions and revelations in the shows to come. After the show, Star Theory, who joined us for the last hour, sent me this link suggesting the code has propagated from the inner circles to the outer ones.

It’s OK to feel stupid. As I’ve been saying forever, you will nexver liberate your mind without that critical step in self-awareness. Man’s downward spiral and lass of the most simple of knowledge has been going on forever. Hence, why most modern idiots we all doctors literally don’t know shit, something the Egyptians and the Hellenics of old, grasped far beyond [as Alex has gone into in her latest series]:

“The authors of our being, remembering the command of their father when he bade them create the human race as good as they could… placed in the liver the seat of divination.” Plato, Timaeus 71D

As I pointed out before, you have to stop and yourself where the derelicts who ended up running the Oxofrd Press came from [the guys who demonized and ridiculed the Greeks]. Then you have to ask youself, why is it so bloody obvious? Then, you have to put things together using the ancient Greek Hellenic skills of deductive reasoning (as also done before). Free the mind, and the body follows.

But, as suggested in the show, there’s no point into trying to escape anywhere, or even build our own Tanerlorn, until we can evolve spiritually, lest we take hell along with us. And, I have a feeling, if we bring along our mind [which is presently stuffed with shit] along, history, as one of the shows bumper songs by a couple of Kiwis chimed, will repeat. As I’ve hopefully made obviously clear by now, we can’t even begin to think about righting the world, until we start righting ourselves.

Otherwise, all is folly. A big pile of smelly folly. Alas, even in the biggest pile of fertilizer, one spore, one seed of purity, one alchemical nugget of gold can always be found/gleamed. Yes, they are degenerating our brethren to an arguably deserved, yet wretched state. Yes, that is Key Anus covered in gravy [above left]. But, do note, in the following, how sweetly, the one little factoid, albeit in just the poster, is left for those with eyes to see.

For me at least, it explains this weird journey my own path to awareness has taken, and why I had to carry the ring for so long. For those who’ve been keeping up, you may note the significance of the run-time being 91 minutes, and hence I fell into sync with 19 images created for this post. I think, no, I know that something good is going to happen.

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Note A: I’m moving forward with the updating of old shows. I most recently updated an oft cross-referenced show about How to Clean Ourselves Properly, which now includes a new improved audio file.

Note B: Just in case it was lost on anyone, HAM, is 22, which is DEATH. I got into that during one of the Peasants Revolt shows.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Just got this weird idea about rosary beads (anal beads?). Those catholics with their weird toys eh? I bet they love to pray “Glory Be to the Father” while using the beads.

    Loved the show btw.

  2. alex – last night felt like a party…i enjoyed listening to you and nz alex comparing notes on symbolism while reading comments in the chatroom…and the best part was the conf. call…what a treat to talk with people who get it and are not afraid to ask questions…your show is truly refreshing and i’m so glad i found it…looking forward to checking out the info. on your site and future shows, of course…with gratitude, lizajean

  3. Great Holy Days advertasing :

    Come to Daddy …



    PS: Interesting article on MKUltra, CIA, William Burroughs, Cobain, gay agenda, etc

  5. Moebius, I’ve wondered the same thing on occasion. Some truth probably lies um, within the pattern.

    lizajean, glad to have you find us. Also, am rather pleasantly surprised that someone can still randomly come into my work at this stage and not find it completely insane (as I fear the further it gets, it will seem even more out there).

    Mystery, Babalon, absolutely disgusting! And they’re ass-o-ciationg it with Brazil. Bastards!

    Lugh, sorry, but I removed your link. I honestly feel that song is like poison being hammered to the mind when listened to and was written very specifically for that purpose. If anyone wants to find it, they can search for it.

    As for p-planet, have noticed that such topics tend to get deleted, especially if they contain links to my work.

  6. thought this was funny thought the group here might like it

  7. Got to say , what makes this show stand out from the other rsdio shows, apart from the subject matter, is the classic Spontaneous humour of the rebel.

    my “awakening” went like this

    Alex jones
    Lee Rogers
    celtic rebel

    so now im here and the most important thing i have learnd ,which was pointed out to me by the rebel , is

    CRITICAL THINKING. yee harr see yas XX

  8. Roses. In 2007 Queen Elizabeth attended the 133rd running of the “Race for the Roses” the Kentucky Derby. This event draws in the rich and famous and of course hollywood celebrities.

    With this show being the last of 2010 I nominate Jackie Q – Ring Around the Rosie as being the most disgusting music video of the year.

    Peace, love and Happy New Year.

  9. i agree stu, critical humor is what stands out in this cacofoniaparanoia world of overloadfearinformation. We “demand” 8h shows from now on 😉

  10. Dave, amusing, but I think it’s definitely written on and passed off as a joke.

    stu, thank you for taking the time to share that. I’ve had various people tell me the route they took to get here and I do try to remain humble. Welcome lad!

    WhatsItAllAboutAlphie, lots more on Roses a coming. The video and song are actually phenomenal. Premium work and definitely far superior to anything featured at the VMA’s this year. Perhaps it’s a test?

    paulo samoes, eight hours? Although, it would fit into my beastly nature, I definitely am not getting paid enough [zero] to do that. 😦

  11. Check this out Alex.. Vortex Based Math clip.. it resonates well with your Human Stargate work.

    VIDEO: TEDxCharlotte 2010 – Randy Powell

  12. great great show

    it got me thinking recently about men’s watches. you wear them on ur wrist, what are they very very similar to? handcuffs…they go over the same area, are made of the same material, and both have a “locking” mechanism to keep them in place.

    could wristwatches represent our prison in yet another way? are we handcuffed to time, to this concept of a 24 hour day, where we eat 3 square meals a day.

    i mean, there isnt even 24 hours in a day theres 24 and some small fraction. also, they damn length of the day FLUCTUATES WILDLY around the year….

    i personally try not to buy into any of these things that are pushed on us…i go to sleep when im tired and wake up when i am refreshed, eat when im hungry, etc

    ive found that the normal human sleep cycle, at least mine, is NOT 24 hours at all, but something different, and may be dependent on the season, the moon, and countless other factors

    but yet we are chained to this gregorian calendar, to this 24 hour day. oh and where is the main location for standard time everywhere? its in great britian! SHOCKING I KNOW.

    on a personal note, i recently had a real breakthrough…for the past few weeks i had been using less and less toilet paper and just hopping in the shower right afterwards to do the REAL cleansing. well yesterday there was no toilet paper on the roll. i quickly checked the drawer where spare rolls are usually kept, but it was empty. i was then about to go to the basement storage for a roll, and it hit me. “WHAT AM I DOING?!?!”. i squatted, did my business, hopped in the shower, and used my hand to cleanse myself. and by god, it worked. and it was SO LIBERATING, knowing i never need to use toilet paper again. i mean, i SUPPOSE it could be useful if things got really messy, but i rarely have VIOLENT EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA anymore now that im not consuming the carcasses of dead animals every day for sustenance. yea, our digestive system is clearly built to be vegetarian, in my opinion and (violent, painful, explosive) experience.

    but yea, just wanted to share these things and show that anyone can make a change in their life, no matter how small, and to thank the rebel for all hes done for me. rebel, you truly are one of the stupidest ppl ive ever encountered, and i hope to one day realize i am as stupid as you, sir.

  13. the sweet november picture reminded me of the patrick swayze, demi moore scene from ghost for some reason

  14. From the Wiki page on CITIZEN KANE –

    “Film critic Roger Ebert has been a bit more specific than Vidal about the source, saying on his commentary track for the September 2001 DVD release that “Herman Mankiewicz, the co-author with Welles of the screenplay, happened to know that “Rosebud” was William Randolph Hearst’s pet name for an intimate part of Marion Davies’ anatomy.”[34][42] A resultant joke noted, with heavy innuendo, that Hearst and/or Kane died “with ‘Rosebud’ on his lips.”[31]”

    We may assume that ‘rosebud’ = Miss Davies’ frontal anatomy though the last line about ‘ rosebud on his lips’ seems to imply the product exuding from the rear anatomy.
    The wird is rosebud and not the flowering rose, which is more vagina-like.
    The rosebud is tightly closed.
    In the film its Kane’s boyhood sled. He is given away to live and be educated apart from his mother. The sled is his memory of a happy childhood before being farmed off [ a bit like Justin Bieber].

    He became a powerful man but one wonders if he had to be initiated as part of his education. The Rosebud sled name carried over to name his butt-hole and the sledding of initiation.

    Anyhow its not in the film and possibly u’ve discussed this before

    @JON – yes big watches are wierd, and their strange superstar advertising – for those who have made it.



  15. Lugh, yea that is a good presentation. Good catch on how strongly it connects specifically to my work.

    Jon, very relevant thoughts there. The observance of time is a big part of our self-imposed prison and also, a scheme by how the “gods/masters” regulate our life expectancy (you and others should probably give this old podcast a listen). Thanks for the wonderful note.

    js, there’s probably a good reason for that.

    aferrismoon, ah “the greatest movie of all time.” Glad you shared that as it resonates very closely to a line of thought to be discussed this Sunday (9TH) when the roses will bloom again.

  16. You are right about Axl Rose, he is a shit Rocker. I read that his name is supposed to be an anagram of Oral Sex. He really portrayed just how far up his own ass [never mind anyone else’s] he is with his most recent attempted revival of his long dead career. He kept audiences at concerts waiting for 3 hours on several occasions and when he finally deemed to arrive and was suitably jeered at and bombarded with objects by the furious crowds he pulled the plug on the music and demanded the crowds shut the Fuck up or he would leave. He Left. The guy is a real jerk, lost in the La-La lifestyle and severely warped by it, as are most of the HolyWood “Stars”.

    Re the Paul Mcartney photos in the write up: pretty shocking, the one with the rose in his mouth is accompanied by the bands name which i find very apt with the “Rose” metaphor: “Wings”. Would that be “Brown Wings” perhaps?
    And the other picture where he seems to be secreting a baby in his coat?: Im put in mind of SHOPLIFTING [ i.e stealing], now, Shoplifters when stealing wares oft use the coat in the exact same manner Mcartney is doing here, so it struck me as a “baby stealing”.
    Dont ask me how i know this of shoplifting, and i wont tell you. Although, I am the one who told you how this nonsense about rape/shower gangbangs/ being a ‘bruthas bitch’ in the prison system is complete bullshit, Hollywood Agenda/Fantasy. so Enough said.

    On a last and separate note: keep your eyes on the UK these coming months, we have an extremely harsh year coming with job cuts and Gov’t cuts, and the icing on the cake amongst this enforced “recession” and poverty? A Royal Wedding in April, sponsored by the tax payer, naturally. A lot of Strikes and protests are being planned by unions to coincide with the Elite Event, so expect the civil unrest to enter a new phase here. Im sure you heard about the “attack” on Prince Charlie and his whores Bentley , which im quite sure was allowed to happen. They took a direct route through the protesting crowds while on their way to the ‘Theatre’ and when the car window was smashed, it was flanked by armed bodyguards who were apparently took by surprise. It was a media opportunity they couldnt miss to garner some kind of emotion for the Elite Germans in the run up to the Wedding.

    God damn it, Cromwell’s spirit stirs again! the peasants are revolting…..

    Good show, and heres Hoping youve been Mary this X-mas.

  17. .. butt rose is no longer defined by Urban Dicktionary. You are a powerful media outlet, Alex.

  18. well, Get Him to the Greek = Get Him Greek = Make him Greek = guess what? (I hate that Greek is used analogously here) Anyway that movie was complete revelation of technique/craft and so blatantly obvious. They are laughing at us with this one and rightly so, Russell Brand is possibly the worst stand-up ever.

  19. Alex, do you know where I can find those mushrooms?


  20. DigitalSickness, yes he who uses the the pole/anal corruption of my name is! Ugh, the “brown wings” … one never knows. Thanks for the reminder, I need to address the prison sex meme on the show, which I’d realized was a gay agenda program and not reality by talking to people of experience rather than our conditioned failing, which is to “know”. And yes, you’re right, that whole bit at the end seemed like a scripted event.

    Ferdinand, very interesting there, for a period of slightly over a day shortly after the link went up, despite the site remaining fuctional, all cross-references of “butt” and “rose” just vanished.

    dystopeon, nice add. Yes, and I may have forgot to mention the plot of the movie is Brand and his “little piggie” take a trip West together to get um, “Greek.” Brand was also the voice of the child molester in Despicable Me (prior show)

    Steven UK, wish I could find them again. 😀

  21. Wonderful show to end the year. Was bummed I wasn’t able to listen live this time, but thank goodness for the archive. Something good is happening it seems. As always, the broadcasts bring up stuff that resonate for me and this one in particular had me digging up something I’d read long ago.

    Here’s a snippet…

    Zorba the Buddha is the new man, is the rebel.

    His rebellion consists of destroying the schizophrenia of man, destroying the dividedness – destroying spirituality as against materialism, and destroying materialism as against spirituality.

    It is a manifesto that body and soul are together: that existence is full of spirituality, that even mountains are alive, that even trees are sensitive, that the whole existence is both – or perhaps just one energy expressing itself in two ways, as matter and as consciousness. When energy is purified, it expresses itself as consciousness; when energy is crude, unpurified, dense, it appears as matter. But the whole existence is nothing but an energy field.

    This is my experience, it is not my philosophy. And this is supported by modern physics and its researches: existence is energy.

    We can allow man to have both the worlds together. He need not renounce this world to get the other world, neither has he to deny the other world to enjoy this world. In fact, to have only one world while you are capable of having both is to be unnecessarily poor.

    Zorba the Buddha is the richest possibility. He will live his nature to its utmost and he will sing songs of this earth. He will not betray the earth, and he will not betray the sky either. He will claim all that this earth has – all the flowers, all the pleasures – and he will also claim all the stars of the sky. He will claim the whole existence as his home.

    The man of the past was poor because he divided existence. The new man, my rebel, Zorba the Buddha, claims the whole world as his home. All that it contains is for us, and we have to use it in every possible way – without any guilt, without any conflict, without any choice. Choicelessly enjoy all that matter is capable of, and rejoice in all that consciousness is capable of.

    Be a Zorba, but don’t stop there.
    Go on moving towards being a Buddha.

    The Rebel – Osho

    I don’t advocate following gurus or joining cults. I’ve always been of a mind to be like a thief in the night… Steal golden nuggets where you can find ’em and keep on keeping on. Best wishes to you all in the new year!


  22. Hey Alex, have you seen this weak-as-fuck critical Anal-Isis of your work? It’s quite Pathetic, yet some guy named Patrick has been posting the links everywhere.

    [Shows you must be doing something right.]

  23. Hey Alex, good show as usual. This just came to me tonight:

    Astrology. Let’s break this word down, shall we?

    Ass-Troll-ogy. What could an Ass Troll be? An Anal Vampire of sorts, an entity that comes in through the out door.

    Then you have the 80s anime cartoon “Astroboy”, who’s father figure was a Scientist named “Dr. Peabody” ..

    Ass Troll Boy and Dr Pee Body. I doubt that was an accident when they came up with those names (in translation of course, since it was originally Japanese)

    Just thought I’d share that.

    Happy Blue Year, 2011 should be an interesting 365 days.

  24. Steven UK- its not the right season for mushrooms….unless you have some dried out from last years harvest, in that case, BREW UP and connect to the inner dimension! (The outer dimension is too vast and cold to make any immediate sense of)

    Has anyone seen this movie called WALL-E? This new year 9whatever year it actually is) is th first time ive had the viewing experience of it- it has a quite a few little Gems in it. Pay attention in this short scene to The “Pork” Guy being left “ass up” and the Mantra “Try Blue…Its the New Red!”

    Kumbaya and Shangrila, peace out V

    VIDEO: Wall-E…the sad future of human kind

  25. Carl, beautiful words and ideas you share there. The Zorba of Kazantzakis had a profound impact of me, and as I grew and shed programming, I realized he WAS what the idea of BEING A MAN should be. He reminded me I needed to “live.” Thanks for the note.

    PhilDeGrave, the phrase “do not feed the trolls,” in this instance, is high wisdom.

    These guys are just a bunch of wankers. Nothing more. As any good mother has told her daughter in preparation for such deviancy: once in a while, you will be accosted by a man masturbating in public (metaphorically, what these wankers are doing, and maybe even literally). If you pay attention to them, you give them what they want (you look at their stupid little wiener) … but, if you ignore them they move on to someone who will feed their psychotic need for attention.

    Sage motherly advice.

    Will Tilson, that’s a very insightful and quite plausible analysis there. Japanese society has been extremely over-engineered so it would stand to reason these engineers were into the “shit.”

    DigitalSickness, nice catch. The uploader of the video made one silly mistake though, the phrase “the sad future of” would more accurately be replaced by “the sad present state of.”

  26. I just wanted to talk about how condoms are used to prevent us from having human (Nu ham) contact with each other because they really don’t do much else since they are just plastic and covered in talc which is similar to asbestos. I’m not sure that they are all covered in talc but the majority were last time I checked. So, CR, I have to say that when people hear you speak of the AIDS scam, they must think that you are crazy because they believe the propaganda BS. I saw this documentary called, “House of Numbers” on youtube and it was en pointe with what you say. There is no cure for AIDS because they have never isolated the HIV anywhere….They can’t prove that they have actually found it so how can they cure something that doesn’t exist? You don’t even have to have HIV to have AIDS. You only need to have just one of the symptoms on a checklist (weakened immune system, IV drug users, gay promiscuous lifestyle, etc.) to have AIDS. Once you are declared to have AIDS or HIV, you will always be considered to have it by the medical community. The AZT drugs are the real killers here (watch the movie for proof). So like Alex says, “The worst thing you can do is get an AIDS test!” Sure you get free housing and sh!t, but you have to live with that diagnosis the rest of your miserable life and the consequence thereafter.

    Here is 1 of 9 part…User Zaraza99 has all 9 parts but with Spanish subtitles. Enjoy!

    Thank you both for all of the research and hard work that you put into everything that you do!

  27. BRose before Hoes, Celtic. I see Urban Dictionary has put their “butt rose” page back up. When connecting the dots, it really does make these guys look like shit eaters. “Yo, that’s the shit!”

    Also see: “rows” – as in what someone does to propel a ship or how children are taught in school, how crops are planted, and the main structure of English. Row after row, left to right. Two columns.. one on each page. Now the 2 (two-ers) have come down and 1 will replace them, symbolically being represented by the 1-page scroll of the digital screen (see kindle).

    I know if can be a little difficult to follow the tangential and non-linear thoughts I have on your show, but it is on late and I become the “most high.” I also try to cut out the excess and quickly make my points so that I can allow for the genius of the Alexi to shine through.

    By the way, R(18)+0(15)=33. Ro, ro, ro your boat..

    PS: Rosary beads! (think about it) Primrose path, burroughs, heros(e), a C-Ros(s), f-rozen, etc. I look forward to the next show. Referencing Get Him to the Greek – Infant Sorrows.. so rose.

  28. Max Martin. One man wrote a plethora of top hits from pop recording “artists.” He must be some talented!

    “Pre teen proms” becoming more popular. That’s a prom out of elementary school. What’s next?

  29. Inappropriate Russian Children’s Show Performance:

    Pretty tame compared to some videos I’ve seen, but still, the whoreification of women and little girls of Russia is well on its way.

  30. i know what you mean celtic … it appears that if you dont get along with the desumanization extorsion process you dont get payed … but now, WE , the collective hive mind demand 24h show …. JOIN US !

  31. Great show!

    Good ol’ Kanye West’s girlfriend is Amber Rose:

    Interesting fact – Kanye’s latest album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” was tentatively titled, “Good Ass Job.” No joke:

    Unfortunately “Chain Gang” never made the album cut.

    Ass Job (I like the third entry the best):

    Whenever I see the word job, I always think of the Book of Job. If anyone here knows how the story of Job might sync with your work I’d be mighty interested. Job came from “The land of Uz” by the way. Uz = Oz?

    I was looking for info on Uz tonight and within seconds I hit this ad:

    which definitely stirred my sync intuition. I just know there’s something there. Inside job/Inside Job?

    Maybe I’m off with that one, but ever since I’ve gotten into examining language I’ve always wondered about the job/Job connection. It might just be nothing more than jobs = suffering.

    Speaking of words. Kanye West… Key West, Florida, a major gay hot spot. Although that pretty much goes for most of Florida. Not surprising since it’s the cock of America… Florida keys… hmm… interesting.

    Anyway, fine show as always with the parallel Alexes.

  32. I was just watching the 1970 film Myra Breckinwridge for the 1st time. The main character a transexual played by Raquel Welch gives a kind of mission statement. It was something like: I’m back (after faking the death of her original male self) to exac revenge on traditional males and the present order of thing. It was very close to what we know their mission to be. There are many clips of Hollywood films underscoring the history of the industry’s role in shaping the culture. It was written by Gore Vidal who most certainly knows what’s going on.

  33. The syncs just keep on a comin.

    Don’t Go West featured a clip from Jarhead. Jarhead was directed by Sam Mendes. Mendes also directed American Beauty starring Kevin Spacey who is rumored to be in the closet in real life:

    Mendes also directed Road to Perdition, which starred Tom Hanks of Philadelphia fame. What’s that you were saying about all the films featuring dudes and young boys?

    Mendes directed Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road. Wait a sec, didn’t those two star in another movie together? And what was Winslet’s character’s name? Could it have been… Rose?

    Mendes will be directing the next Bond movie. I wonder if we’ll find out just what it is Daniel Craig can do with his little finger?

    And finally, the other picture under Mendes’ belt:


    Sorry, that one cracked me up.

  34. Mendes.. as in the Goat of Mendes?

    Man, this all is just too much.. good think I am Rosetta stoned on some good bud. 🙂

  35. rebel you are the man!

    that link you responded to me with also contained the start to that beautiful brazilian song, can i trouble you for the name of it? in your dinner with stygian port part 0, about 45:00 in…the song is only for a brief second but its right before you start talking about brazil and all that…

    anyway it sounds amazing…lmk i need that song…also i had listened to this before but it was a great relisten!

  36. The Illuminati needs a new name. That old stale title has had its day. How about the Crazy AssAssIns? Or the Order of the Gun & the Rose? Or possibly The Blue World Order? Wonder how much money guys like Alex Jones and David Icke really make off of all of this b.s.? (not to say there isn’t an agenda, you know what I mean.. The fear mongering and the reptilians and death camps, etc. I fell for it..) How about we call them the B-Team? (b for buttsex) Of course you could also call them the A-Team. 😉

    Any suggestions? 🙂

  37. hi alex! and alex!

    nice show. you’ve gotta read the comments on imdb about the new animation “megamind”. the stuff they showed there’s below the belt and ppl are reacting to this…there’s no word for it!

    keep up with your good work
    peace and understanding

  38. Some interesting tibits on “ham”. In the “The Curse of Ham” Ham’s father Noah places a curse upon Ham’s son Canaan, after Ham “saw his father’s nakedness” because of drunkenness in Noah’s tent:

    Kanye & Jay-z release, guess what, HAM, standing for wait for it, “Hard Ass Mutherf**ker”.

    Great show!

  39. Missed the new Show this week[because…YOU DIDNT MAKE ONE!!] *!$%!

    It took m ages to track this down on t’internet. We have this new Disneyworld Florida Ad in the Uk…it is a piece of friggin work! Kids in rabbit holes who then emerge from some kind of giant brown anus hole, must be seen!

    Vid on this page:

  40. Notice the new Kanye/Jay-Z release “H.A.M” coming from the guys widely speculated to be involved. Your eyes are wide open, but why are we (after awakening) still dumbfounded by the extent which has been taken to create this current situation? I understand the purposes of spreading the light, but what about personal deep discovery of the deep synchronistic reality that is the canvas of these energies?

    These desires of the ‘men in power’ are here, but… what about dedication to the conscious energy that harbors all of this creation? Just a thought. Love the blog!

  41. Hey Alex, you might be interested in an Australian movie called The Everlasting Secret Family (1988). It’s about a secret society of powerful homosexual men who pass adolescent boys around between them. And they worship…the rose. There’s a lot of stuff about symbology of the rose in it. Cheers

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