Release Party [DGW 2.0]

Sunday’s show, for lack of better terms, was sort of a release party for the Release 2.0 of my Don’t Go West documentary [show unavailable]:


Well, I was drinking wine, and so were a few listeners. So, I guess we can call it that. Got [and took] a whole mess of phone calls. Also, played this amazing [relevant] tune:

Little boy you look so clear around the eyes
And what they’ve got in store for you
you may not realise
So be careful when you hear the voices call
Watch out little boy don’t lose your balls

‘Cause you never know the rules until you play
First they stroke you then they screw you,
try to take your balls away
And once they’ve gone they’re way beyond recall
Watch out little boy don’t lose your balls

Balls run wild
Balls may get way out of line
You may not even know you’ve
left your balls way behind

You know money only buys you what you want
And you can’t buy your balls back
like you buy a pair of pants
And once they’re gone you’ve really got fuck all
Watch out little boy don’t lose your balls

Now, I can’t say for sure what Paul Kelly had in mind, but he is one of these relatively obscure and underpromoted musicians who has twice the talent as anyone who has ever appeared on the Grammys [combined], so it would stand to reason, that “losing your balls” could very well be a metaphor for “going west.”


While looking for some images to use for the movie, I chanced upon a publication of which I was previously unaware. Are the creators of such an honestly entitled publication insiders, or just your average run of the mill perverts? Hard to say [despite coded hints of purpose], but this snippet of theirs [also] says a lot:

“It’s a pornotastic res-errection when Jizzus Crust, the greatest cocksman of the holy era, drops his loincloth and anoints you with his blessed juices! Thrill to the whores of Babylon, as they eat of his flesh and drink of his cum! Lo, feast thine perverted eyes upon: testamental toe-sucking, prophetic piss-drinking, sacred squirting, anointed ass-licking, faith-filled fisting, and holy humping!”

The image correlating to above passage was not included above, but is linked herein [warning: extremely pornographic]. The only reason I included it, is it may answer my curiosity about the nature of Katy Perry’s massive anus [which came up in an old podcast]. One Daniel, recently informed me that she, of the rear vagina, will be playing Lonely Smurfette of Gayville (surely, not coincidental).


Those who’ve watched the movie, may have noticed quite a few mind-fucks [some call them movies] came out in 1999, which as Ive pointed out before was a significant year, and is a play on the power of 666.

This podcast was originally part of the Don’t Go West [Version 2.0] show. Some of the comments at prior may pertain to this.

I’m in the process of updating the archives, and broke it out into a separate post (as should have been done in the first place). Apologies for any confusion it may lead to with the various reader services.

June 2010: Don’t Go West [Release 2.0]

Note: I was also on Question #46 with John Preston on Friday, June 25th to discuss the film and “anal” engineering. The show is available in two parts [download1, download2].

~ by celticrebel on June 14, 2010.

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