Another Week of Guest Hosting

I was on the air twice more this week, substituting for Lee Rogers on Oracle Broadcasting. The first show went pretty well, IMO [unavailable]. Got to blow off some steam about the prostitutes and crack-whores whom a good number of us allow our children to look up to and idolize. For those without a clue as to what I’m talking about, that would be today’s celebrities (actors, poop singers, politicos).


Wish I had saved a couple of the discussed images [those intentionally suggestive of deep anal probing] off the Zionist disinfo rag known as the Huffington Post. Lo and behold, the following made the front page of Drudge Report two days later:


I’d like to thank the person from the chat room who appraised me of the above, um, “headline,” shortly before the below show [May 27] commenced [unavailable]. Coincidentally, the “randomly” selected words of the headline would have fit all too well in the incestuous section of the documentary in the works. The Medes do seem overly intent on pushing that meme on their uncritical recipients.


This podcasts was originally part of the This That and Nothing [W3] show. Some of the comments at prior may pertain to this.

I’m in the process of updating the archives, and broke it out into a separate post (as should have been done in the first place). Apologies for any confusion it may lead to with the various reader services.

Note: For those who still haven’t overdosed on this Rebel’s recent flood of the airwaves, I on short notice, dropped in on Lee Rogers’s show on Friday, May 21st, to talk about the documentary [unavailable] and got dragged into/invited to/barged in on a round-table on religious issues the following Friday, May 28th [[download]. Probably nothing new there for those who’ve been following/keeping up with me, but just to let you guys know they’re out there.

~ by celticrebel on May 29, 2010.

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