Black Listed News (Guest Spot)

This was my first appearance on Doug Owens’ Blacklisted News, shortly after I joined the Oracle Broadcasting Network. Some may find it of interest, as it is about as close as you will get to hearing The Rebel doing traditional Patriot Radio.

The Celtic Rebel on Blacklisted News

Yea, we got into 911 Truth, the TSA, Big Government, RFID Chips, and oddly enough, looking back at later developments, Fake News. Some may find the stories surrounding bringing me on the network and old-school listener response amusing.

Although, we did get into some nontraditional Rebel topics, such as toilet habits, human deevolution, social engineering, the gay agenda, and of course, anal sex.

Lesbian High School Girls Softball Coaches Dream Pervert Job

I close with the above image, which is a phenomenon [one I’ve mentioned repeatedly} that people have seemed to disregard for years and years. Yet, we, as a society, for the most part, just don’t really seem to care.



Note A: This show was sandwiched between my discussed first show on Oracle (Vagina Day is Over), and the second, the upcoming Smoking, Drinking & Driving exposition [now available] that we discuss at the end of this show.

Note B: This was to be my only guest appearance on Blacklisted News, though a couple of years later I was featured as a Guest Host {now available].

~ by celticrebel on February 22, 2010.

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