Live Free or Die (Guest Spot 01)

A few days prior to the premier of my show on Oracle Broadcasting, I was invited to appear on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers for the duration of his broadcast.

Live Free or Die Guest

This was to be the first of many regular appearances I would make on Lee’s show over the years. The main topic this night was the media’s sexualization of children.

Several other topics were broached: the Cyrus clan, the Dude known as “Lady Gaga,” Larry David, Katy Perry, vibrator promotion, James Cameron’s Avatar, the joke known as the MTV “Kid’s Choice” Awards, Raising Arizona and Pulp Fiction.

Noah Cyrus, Friend, Testicle Juice

I tried to explain how the synchromystic “knife” can cut/lead to places where logic may not. This being my first appearance, the show also features me sharing the backstory of how The Celtic Rebel came to be and what determined my direction.

Danica Patrick is So Tight

It’s remarkable to me that people are so programmable, that when you find an online video of Back to the Future’s Promotion of Child Abuse a gaggle of idiots arise to defend it with the line they were fed: “The kid had to go to the bathroom.”

Back to the Kid's Penis

Before the end, we discussed modern Horror films and how mainstream society will tolerate their children watching women removing a man’s genitals, but should they be kissed or touched in a nonviolent manner; parents go nuts and censors censure.

True Blood Baby Bottle Penis

This posting was originally a footnote attachment to the Valentine’s Day is Over post, and has been separated here for archival purposes.



Note: This was the first of over a dozen guest spots on this program. The following appearance centered around Lady Gaga’s Offworld Telephone Call.

~ by celticrebel on February 13, 2010.

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