Old Patrick’s Shriveled Nuts

Here it comes again! That dreaded day of the year when fools the world over (though, mostly in America) will take to the streets to engage in drunken revelry to commemorate some tradition they know absolute shite about. A lot of them will claim to be “Irish” and ask for kisses, all because some ancestor of theirs had sex with some drunk who once set foot in what was once Eyreland.

Anyone of true Irish origin would do well to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in the only manner worthy to reciprocate what the old green man did to the Blessed Island: find out where that fucker is buried, dig the up his old corpse and kick him right where his sanctimonious balls once were. But, they’re raising a glass to either the IRA, the Church, or the Crown; the three entities who’ve conspired to fuck them over.

old patrickgreen boobsbaby green

Now, I’m not advocating the defiling of graves, or any other activity that might bring down the hammer of the church or their controlled assets in government and law. Heck, you might risk being burned alive as a heretic .. but we’ll come back to that. I already wrote about the stupid holy-day/holiday last year, but thought I’d do a quick post to unload a hodge-podge of unrelated items sitting in my pile [of bar napkins] that don’t fit in to any of the planned future themes. The longer I wait, the more moot they will become. For example: this gem which came out last Spring:

Only Greentech Can Save U.S. Economy, Says Über-Investor: Yea, the überman is “Michael Novogratz, president of the Fortress Investment Group and the 317th-richest person in America, yesterday at the New Yorker Stories From the Near Future conference.”

Yea, by “chance” this green article speaking of “green” technology, featuring a photo of green money, randomly chose the 3/17th person in America. We are seriously being fucked with via this media barrage. On 3/11 [33] of this same month , the NY Daily News reminded us that there are now one million terrorists living among us, despite DHS deciding to take 33,000 names off the terrorist watch-list in America. A few days later (on 3/14), Osama bin Laden, from beyond the grave, released a 33 minute recording reminding us why we need him (courtesy of Rothschild’s Reuters). Yes, it’s all real. Keep telling yourself that.

Osama 22

Can I say “pussy?” I’ve sort of adopted a new cat (or should I say, she’s adopted me). One of the strays my stepdad used to feed has found her way to my house and has now made a permanent home for herself on one of the chairs in my back patio. My friend’s kid wants me to call her Jinxie, but I, a little overwhelmed by the all the completely insane world events simultaneously occurring as of late, had thought about naming her Trinity. I recalled that in The Matrix, a black cat was a sign of a glitch in the system; the architects making a change. This all may be moot however — the cat is completely deaf. So what’s the point of “calling” her anything?

egypt catmatrix cat

Related to feline creatures, I have recently learned that cats are on an heightened circadian rhythm, where their pineal gland is releasing DMT into their brain 24 hours a day. Hm, have to wonder why the Egyptians, who were a hell of a lot smarter than today’s average handicapped “genius,” worshiped the cat. Perhaps, cause they [cats] could see things as they really are? Beyond the veil, so to speak.

Reveille Radio: December 18, 2008 [19:49] (DOWNLOAD THE MP3)
Segment 1 topics: Movies, Mind Control, Cinematic Craft
Segment 2 topics: Cats, Spirits, Iraq, Virtual Reality

Moving on to the virtual reality within our virtual reality. At the grocery store last night, in the checkout line, the cover of the most recent release of [You] People [Are Really Stupid] Magazine, was revisiting “the cult” (i.e., people trying to live outside our Brave New World), a topic I focused on once before.

Oh, how they feel the need to manipulate the opinions of the sheep. They must CONform. People who don’t let their kids watch television are “cult” members. Notice the stark contrast compared to the below covers featuring dysfunctional inbred satanic broods. See what happy “normal” families they are? Seesh! {*1}

My Truman moment is turning into a Truman year. Though, when I first brought her up I was tempted to make some lurid suggestions concerning the babish blogging MM offspring of [mindless] McCain … his daughter Meghan, I reconsidered. Perhaps, she was “innocent:” a normal clueless girl with a shoe fetish? Now, she’s being groomed to be one of the “pundits” preaching false conservative doctrines to the sheep. “Kiss my fat ass?” did she say? {*2} Honey, you should read my blog!

people palinpeople obamapeople mccainpeople cyrus

Damn you Hannah Montana! Must I have your incestuous relationship with that derelict “daddy” of yours thrown in my face every single fucking day? Continuing with my Truman year, the sis forwarded me an article where Billy Ray don’t speak much [be it by executive order, or lack of capacity], but in four shorts sentences, manages to bring up: poop, incest, Eyeraq and mind-control [he mentions being mentored by notorious MK handler Kris Kristofferson]. Of course, the cover shows her in purple and adds purple trim. Ben’s done yet another post on the “purple star,” challenging my word total on Disney’s number one mind-shaping nymphette.

What’s wrong with those damn FLDS people anyway? Why don’t you guys want your kids to be “normal?” I’m getting really fed up with your holier-than-thou attitude! Why do you guys have to be different? If you’d just let your children watch television like all good normal Americans out there, I bet the state would leave you guys alone. Here’s just two harmless [and yes, “real”] clips their developing children missed by NOT watching Nickelodeon while they were growing up:


Speaking of Disney, the most recent episode of South Park was actually fairly honest about Disney, the Jonas Brothers and the agenda to sexually over-stimulate and morally bankrupt today’s young girls. But, I guess those on the, ahem, “cutting edge,” just like those in the mainstream media now, have to cover these topics. The reality of the agenda is becoming too obvious, even to the mAsses. Speaking of the team … was going to save this for another post, but a response I got back from a fan[atic] of Monsieurs Parker and Stone is too funny to not print here:

Dear Celtic Rebel: Who are you to trash Trey Parker and Matt Stone? They are hilarious comedy writers that created the funniest show on the planet. The whole point of them making Southpark are to bash douchebags like you. You suck and so do your videos. Thats why theyre on Comedy Central and youre on youtube. You assclown.

Dear Mr. Fanatic Thank you for your keen wit, unbiased observation and demonstrable example of the cult-like devotion the media can fabricate. I am quite content to spend the rest of my life on YouTube, were it to mean that I’d never have to take Philippe Dauman’s cock in my mouth. Ask your leaders, Parker and Stone, for details.

Moving from “young adult” cartoons to “family” cartoons, the Simpsons, since the last episode I devoted some serious space to, is steadily getting more insane as well. Pushing this stupid “global warming” doctrine as fact, increasing homosexual suggestions exponentially, and blurring/distorting history and knowledge in the minds of its viewers. There was one scene I had overlooked, from an older episode, that would have all too neatly stitched together my “unrelated” topics of anal penetration, pink bicycles, the dumbing-down agenda and homosexuality. Voilà!

homer bike rapekaty banana

And here we have Katy riding a Banana. I know I’ve been saying that Katy’s being used to promote the lesbian agenda, but trust me on this one, she didn’t rise through the ranks of Disney without fellating A LOT of bananas first. Fame does not come cheaply. It is either given to you cause you are under control [either directly mind-controlled, or so utterly social engineered or brainwashed, as today’s top “hip-hop” stars are, that control is completely unnecessary]. Otherwise, you pay for it via, your orifices, your dignity, your life force, and maybe even, your soul.

Let’s not overlook her paying homage to the microphone while riding a banana. Gang-bang? [BTW: just to clear up the matter, a threesome consists of two women and a man, any number of men and one woman is a gang-bang.] Now, I don’t claim to know exactly what is going on, but a lot of the subtle nuances of “the craft” coming via the wizards over in Holy Wood Land are becoming obvious.

Watching a few moments of Scary Movie, rather than focus on the microphone the reporter was holding [where years of subliminal and superliminal programming should have drawn my attention], I kept thinking, “There seems to be a deficit of one 6 here,” whenever she’d show up on the screen bearing two 6‘s. It didn’t take long for a third one to make it into the shot. Every time.

666number of the beast

So now, within a few short paragraphs, we’ve managed to connect some other, ahem, “unrelated,” topics: South Park, Fellatio, Satan, the Jonas Brothers, and Phalluses. Reminds of an image I had put together a long time ago. It’s been a banner Truman year folks.

Also caught part of Eyes Wide Shut again recently. So much to learn from Kubrick. His use of red and blue was phenomenal and constant. Red means danger, blue safety. And yellowish shades are a sign of transition (to the best of my interpretive skills). Oddly, an extremely inferior film on mind control starring mind-controlled Lindsey Lohan, I Know Who Killed Me (which I being lazy, had been hoping Ben would do a post on, so I could just link to it), overuses this exact same theme:

lohan scaredobama joke

Thus, thanks to prior exposure and observation, I was in for a treat when I watched the inauguration of the anointed one. What did I see? Red and blue. Red and blue. Red and blue. Everyone there was wearing a color selected for the occasion. Oddly, one stood out, and she was wearing yellow. Yea, the black widow herself. The only thing missing was a bunch of penises. Oh, never mind, found four of them.

That same day, something else struck me. Perhaps, the red/blue/yellow confluence triggered the memory of something my sister said a long time ago. We used to watch Star Trek together as kids [hm: red, blue, & yellow]. After Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and alas Voyager came out, my sis, sort of influenced by the feminist movement at the time, expressed in anger, “So, what they’re saying is that there will be a black President in the United States before there is a woman?”

kirkpicardblack guyjaneway

Yep. Understanding something about predictive programming now, that’s exactly what they were saying. {*3} I’m sure a lot you in the “sphere” have already become familiar with the argument that Freeman has put forth that Buraq may actually be the clone of Akhenaten (aka Amenhotep IV, aka Moses). If not, be sure to check it out. Yeah, it’s insane, but so is the world we’re living in right now.

So, does all this studay of social engineering and predictive programming give me any idea what’s going on right now? Maybe. Then again, maybe not. It’s already crazy. As far as what’s coming, all I can really say is I don’t know. I honestly never ever expected to see a Baraktopus (thanks to KnowNothing for the heads up). It’s gonna be crazy. Really crazy. The chaos is coming. And, I’m sorry, but it’s not gonna be pretty. Cthulhu is arising. The signs are all around us:

baractopusfamily octopus

Having dinner at a Greek (in this case, not Hellenic, cause we don’t know what “Hellenic” food consisted of, most likely, reading the greats, it was vegetarian), I tried to avoid eavesdropping on a conversation some locals were having about the OctoMom [as it consisted of the “talking points” of welfare impact and boob job the media had been putting out]. But, something kept drawing my attention. Aha! At that moment I realized the Greek words for “8 children” and “octopi” are almost the same. Ochto pedia vs. ochtopodia. [οχτώ παιδιά vs. οχταπόδιa]

After hearing Freeman’s first airing of his Akhenaton theory, the follow-up host, a tad overwhelmed, said, “I don’t wanna do a normal show about news tonight. This is so insane, I’m willing to entertain anything. If anyone out there has some truly insane theories, please call in.” Thus, I had to [Global Reality Feb 2008 MP3].

I did say this was gonna be a quick post didn’t I? Well, I lied. I guess I am incapable of a “quickie.” Were you laying opposite me at this moment, I guess that would be good news for you. But, if this is a “fuck”, it’s gonna be more of a mind-fuck. And that’s the kind of fuck you just want to get over with as quickly as possible.

So, my apologies. One, I don’t have the photograph I need to wrap this up (send it already, man!). Two, the sun’s getting ready to set and I gotta go out and (a) try to get laid [physically] and (b) curse that son-of-a-whore, St. Patrick.

To be continued? Cheers!

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Mar 2009: Saint Patricia is on Fire [P2] Mar 2008: Saints of the Vernal Equinox

*1: Thought about integrating some “Cult” lyrics filed away in the recesses of the mind. The first that came to mind was “love removal machine,” which pretty much describes exactly what societal programming is doing to us; replacing “love” with an compulsive-obsessive need for companionship, making us more dysfunctional. The second was “hot sticky scenes, you know what I mean.” That would have fit in too well, but spoiled the effect of seeing the images to follow. [LB]

*2: Hm, just found this picture of Meghan McCain, I would presume “blogging.” Doesnt’ look like her ass may be all that “fat.” I’d probably that! Heck, could even be coerced into letting her transfer some life energy my way. 😉 [LB]

*3: Someone cornered me recently and chided, “Didn’t you tell me Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president?” Yes. Yes I did. I was wrong. Perhaps, she was a redirect, foil or “beard,” while Barrackhenaten was the plan all along. Perhaps, they put the kid into the game late and were overwhelmed, saying, “Holy shit. People are really swallowing the bullshit that comes out of this kid’s mouth! Change the game plan.” That all said: does Captain Janeway look more like Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin? [LB]

~ by celticrebel on March 17, 2009.

18 Responses to “Old Patrick’s Shriveled Nuts”

  1. CR, thanks for continually coming correct on the psy-op media brainwash tip. These days, the telly, the billboards, and hollow wood’s fare are more comedic than ever, although I do pity the mind-numbed trough feeders.

    I hit up the ole Star Bar the other night for a bit of drunken revelry in your honor. Keep up the good work mate.

  2. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Johnny Peepers, thank you. I am far more worthy of your raised glass than Patrick the murderous witch-hunter.

    Jon Kidd, appropriate response. 🙂

    ALL: Had to rush the post out due to the Osiris deadline, but I just got around to posting footnotes. Be sure to check out Meghan McCain. Oh my!

  4. On the whole Barakhenaton theory, it’s quite possible he’s a clone: nytimes article

    Still, if we’re to entertain the notion of reincarnation, I don’t know if they have the control or ability to transport the correct soul or consciousness into a biologically cloned body. OR CAN THEY?! O_o – ! Sigh. I need to brush up on my BSG. Have you watched the new series? It’s a synchromystic’s (wet) dream.

  5. I tried to watch an episode of BSG recently, and found it really confusing and militaristic. Boring.

    A gray cat has found its way into my room recently. It likes to claw cardboard boxes when I’m trying to sleep. “Get outta here, cat!”

    I’m sure you’re aware of the Family Guy episode where Stewie actually turns into an octopus creature and reproduces asexually. Octobama next to Stewie reminded me of it. Apologies if you’ve “covered” it already..

    The reason I stopped watching TV and keeping up with the media is because there are so many triggers in them… It becomes a little fun to “decode” everything (especially if you’re lucky enough to have an HDtv in your house, small details are seen easier and it’s “pretty” looking), but it’s really scary at the same time when you realize how many brainwashed sheep there are, and how the shows program their minds, and in essence the global mind… Boycott the media, boycott TV.

  6. BSG: – as a serialized drama, it’s hard to get into if you don’t start at the beginning. If it helps, the original premise was derived from Noah’s ark and the contemporary premise was supposedly derived from a post-9/11 world.

    The Creators borrow heavily from not just laymen biblical themes and iconography, but pagan symbolism, astrology and clear achetypes from the Major Arcana. It’s also interesting that even the soundtrack has Celtic influences against some strange Greco-Asian costumes, set designs and the like. And then there’s the huge emphasis on spirituality.

    It’s good to start at the beginning, but w/ a little bit of work, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

    The issue of the Cylons (12/13 models, 7 revealed, 5 initially hidden) – having originally been created by their human masters to serve them, I thought Celtic Rebel (and the like) would find interesting. Even though they are literally “machines” – they look like humans and rebelled against their programming, thinking that they are being divinely guided to destroy the human race. (Of course, this is early on in seasons1-2.)

    Their bodies die, but their consciousness is then downloaded into a new body. It’s also interesting to watch what happens when they resist or go against their initial programming.

    It isn’t a show to fear, but I think to study.

    btw, I’d think twice before investing in hdtv

  7. Babblebot – I’m not the one who bought an HDtv, I’m broke and I never watch tv, and my dad works in tv so that’s why we have one in my house (imagine the disconnect there)… I’m not saying that no one should watch BSG, just stating my opinion on the show. Probably in the minority here but mainstream “sci fi” isn’t my cup of tea.. I’m sure the show’s full of symbols and stuff though. From what I saw it’s like corporate battles in space or something.

  8. bobblebot, I was unfamiliar with BSG. Will try to check it out sometime.

    Tommy, NO! I missed that episode. Gonna have to chHULU it now… And, I’ll have to agree. My TV “exposure” is limited to a few short hours a week, usually on Sunday night. I “may” be a little better protected (via my “chaos shield”) than the average Joe, but I’m very leery of what they’ll be embedding in HDTV broadcasts in the future (as boblebot’s link points out). May not even be worth interpretation.

    You Two, I moved up one of your comments to connect them together. Now, I’ll have to contemplate using the “threaded discussions” feature in WordPress. Hm, maybe I’ll poll it.

  9. hey celt,

    i had an epiphany last night while imbibing green beer and introducing myself as “osiris” (only two of thirty-some people had heard of the name). maybe it was because i was intoxicated and i was misinterpreting, maybe it was because i read about this sh!t all the time and i’m primed to look for it, maybe it was because it was happening before my very eyes….. i felt the covert media programming becoming very obvious in every observation/encounter and the cubes of mind control were as bright as the matrix’s green digital rain. most everyone blabbering away empty rhetoric about their lives, jobs, politics, economy, 911 truth (think alex jones style though), the world, etc. it seemed the alcohol fueled this subconscious or lower-level of functioning.

    before i knew it, i was grinding with a hottie to beyonce’s “if you like than you shoulda put a ring on it” with it’s dissonant, weird harmonies (some evil stuff in that song) acting like one of the mASSES, being a monkey, talking like a jigga, and channeling my internet porn hero’s behaviors (now i KNOW i’m programmed).

    it took me a few minutes to realize the alcohol, music, and women/sex triggered me into a mindless, people magazine reader with no connection to reality (the reality we talk about here).

    my epiphany – DAMN, THESE GUYS ARE GOOD! problem is i feel intimidated and have a fear of being out-casted (more programming) if i talk about barakhenaton, octopii, dumbing/gaying-down america, occult symbology, masons, holographic universe, fluoride, etc. these fears only reinforce how good these bastards have programmed me into their mind games. DAMN!!


  10. Hi Celt, in Germany we already have a female “President” or Bundeskanzler – but I think you know this ugly virago. I can’t even see a women in Angela Merkel.

    Talking about pseudo-feminism (and that’s exactly what it is: PSEUDO! – REAL feminism would be: Women would try to be women, live their natural abilities and not career addicted “men in female bodys”. An official german statistics proved, that 78 percent of all marriages, where the man was a househusband, were divorced. The psychologist Hermann Meyer from munich explains it: When a man does works, that are naturally female, the women looses all sexual interest in the man. Simply said: Don’t fuck with mother nature! Even though todays women talk about a “soft and emotional man” they want… for real they want a strong man!
    If everyone would live his inherited natural characteristics, then relationships would work. This may sound “sexistic” to the classical PSEUDO-feminists and repressed and brainwashed “men” but it is a simple truth. Men and women even have different brain structures. If a man doesn’t follow his true nature (providing his woman and kids with food – or in modern terms: money) and tries to do a female task, he will fail miserably. The same thing, when a woman tries to do masculine things – the man will be mentally castrated – which can result in erectile or other sexual disfunctions and general failures in life.

    Hermann Meyer explains many things you often write about in his books: Why modern realtionships fail, how one can change it. Modern men and women complain all the time that the opposite sex is stupid and useless etc. – BUT everyone creates this things for himself because of his or her own stupid behaviour.

  11. raffi, a whole 2 getting would be surprising. Maybe they were just nodding their head cause they thought it was some band “hip” people know about? I’ll be pissing off some of these 911 Truthers in the next post. While they’re better off than the average couch potato, I wanna sream at them “Your Life is an Inside Job!”

    Yes, they’re good. But, if you can get into the mix with Beyonce’s discordant pulses and it may lead to coupling, I envy you. I try to be in this world and not of it, but am failing at the former presently. 🙂

    C, I can’t hear the word “Bundeskanzler” with thinking bunda {portugues for “ass”) counselor: which is a good job in brasil if you can get it. 😳

    Hermann Meyer is correct. We’ve been so brainwashed over over a century now that women who aren’t whoring their minds/time out to corporations are being “repressed,” that to speak out against it makes one a chauvinist (a bullshit term in my mind). You go to remote places in the world where there never was a feminist movement … and discover that women there have ALL the power.

  12. surely your sister knew something….there was a billboard last summer at a popular beach resort, it was located in the girls changing area and depicted a guy “spraying” tanning lotion on a girl. the lotion was milky white with streams of it located on the girls chest and upper arms. interestingly enough the advertisement was for jeans?! my first instinct was to cover my nieces eyes and inform her mother of what was going on. however, it soon became clear that i was the only one who had a problem with that image, so it’s validating to see the “diney porn” you so kindly provided us with.
    now what’s this about cats rebel? you must tell us more..and i like trinity although maybe you should name her/him after your dad?
    now anything in “ate” and “eight?”
    and lastly…here in greece they do not celebrate f#@*&#@ st.patrick’s day…and that’s a blessing!!!

  13. I came across this today, not sure if you’ve covered it before. If you haven’t, it’s worth a footnote. The Svedka Vodka Fembot/Android. There’s a new ad with the not-so-human looking ‘female’ android facing away from our perspective, turning ‘her’ head back and featuring ‘her’ plastic or alloy posterior for our, I guess, ‘enjoyment.’ Of course ‘she’ is standing in front of a sexy reddish pink colored REPTILIAN background. Vodka never looked so – scary. I welcome your analysis.

  14. Lalan, more cat and dog syncs for you coming soon. There may well be a reason for the 8/ate sync. I do seem to recall you mentioning the you eating and octopus and the great Cthulhu awaiting your arrival on his menu. No festival for the green man, but one for that whore Bouboulina, however. 😉

    Arc, anal sex with robots? How’s that any different than what’s happening right now? 😀 I think I address the topic in my newest issue.

  15. Hey there Celtic, great posts as always mate. Just thought I should let you know I posted on Lindsay’s ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ in the middle of this Lynch post (scroll down; lots of owls, mirror, twins and all the usual shit): Surveilling the Lynch Mob. No plans on writing it up for it’s own post (the film is too slow and painful to put myself through it again!), I end up covering most of LiLo’s movies in posts with people she’s worked with, dunno if you saw this one on Tyra playing a living doll with a young LiLo (made by Disney of course) starring too: Next Top Monarch Dolls

    Oh yeah and arc I saw that Svedka one too! Had similar thoughts, let’s “Party like it’s 2033!” and it’s spot on with “The Future is closer than you think” (if people don’t start wising up that is) check out a quick (not a serious one, I’m interested in Celtic’s analysis too) post on it: Put a Fembot in the House

    Official site (those purple/white circles within circles/spirals look dodgy to me; looks like they took down the main site I took screen captures from for the post, hopefully they come back with some crazily MK/occult/transhumanist themed website making for a great little post ;p): http://w3.svedka.com/

    PS: this billboard ad of it fits your post nicely so thought I’d link to it. http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/661/svedka.jpg

    PSS: Just saw this and had to link to it, her 21st birthday (back in 2007) was originally going to be sponsored by Svedka vodka. Lindsay Lohan’s Upcoming 21st Birthday Party (mentions the Wonderland ‘rehab’ in that link) [notice the eye in the triangle, all the pink/purple and stuff in her recent fashion ad, which people are misspelling as ForNARNIA ]

    But the Svedka sponsored 21st was canceled and she ended up back in “rehab”! http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20044387,00.html

    Svedka even held some inauguration ball (with the 2033 on display everywhere) thing after the election: SVEDKA Vodka’s Inauguration Soiree

    Cheers CR, keep it up.

  16. I read this again and came to this conclusion..

    America-Fuck-yeah-coming-again-too-save-the-mother-fucking-day-yeah. Your article in 12 words.

  17. Hey Celt, LOVE your work and your insights…but why bash St. Pat? He was one of the good guys. If he were here today he’d reading your website and agreeing with you.

  18. Ben, thanks for dropping in. Yea, I put off writing anything on IKWKM, cause it would mean the painful experience of sitting through it again.

    Love, how the robot ads say “feel different,” while programming us to be just like everyone else. THIS IMAGE is kind of a spooky admission of how much control they have of whatever robot is in the white house, and how he is beholden to [svedka], i.e., the corporation.

    Thanks for all the links and insight. While the media [including those outlets entranced by it] focus oh her alcoholism, that fornarian ad makes it abundantly clear the overlooked issue is how she moves/does/walks on command.

    Jonny, that may oversimplifying it. But, I am starting to get the impression that someone involved with SPark is reading this blog. Catch the closing of the most recent episode?

    hopespringseternal, don’t know if you caught my prior look into the Green Saint. It’s hard to separate myth/legend from history, but if Patrick was even partly responsible for getting rid of the Druids [i.e., snakes] and bringing the unholy Vatican into Ireland, he’s on my shit-list.

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