The Anvil has Dropped [II]

In my last article, I meant to remark I had hit the century mark, my 100th post since I started this endeavor [the blog], and how post 101 should be one that taps into synchronicity. Was going to use a work-in-progress compiling some really concrete random examples of how/why synchormysticism works. However, due to part i requiring a second, synchronicity is dictating this will be my all-important [for me] 101st entry, and that makes sense; the art of understanding synchronicity is letting it [the river], and not the conscious mind [the oars], guide us.

Orwell’s “Room 101” is the place where one must confront their worst fear, and my worst fear has always been that I will wake up to discover myself living in a soulless world inhabited mostly by automatons {*1} Keeping with the theme from part i, that fear is the hammer that frightens me [and hopefully, many of you]. The anvil is the reality that I already go to bed in such a world every night. That anvil didn’t proverbially drop on my head [that only happens in cartoons], but those among us who choose to willingly ignore this reality, thus consciously parting company with non-cartoon universe, risk literally becoming the victims of this falling anvil.

acme anvil

The clock of synchronicity struck [08:55] while I was undertaking this current effort. The forged product most associated with the hammer and anvil is undoubtedly the sword. On the same day I posted the text of the first part, a Mario Majorski, armed with a pair of Samurai Swords, attacked the Church of Scientology [read Through the Looking Glass’s double-dippin Dose of Duality take]. Two days before that, one of my readers, Jonathan, responding to the “preview,” sent me an e-mail stating:

Interesting snippet for you – one of the favorite scientology expressions within the cult for the higher ups is …
“we are the anvil that breaks all hammers”

However tempting it may be, I’m gonna stay out of that rabbit ho … oh, I can’t resist, let’s hop in it for just a second. I have to point out that Scientologist Tom Cruise was seen swinging two samurai swords in The Last Samurai, and I also recall dark/evil Batman Christian Bale dressed in the familiar white smock of a Scientologist, yielding same in Equilibrium (a bad ripoff of Brave New World).

bale cruise

If I can now twist back out of that hole and forge ahead with where I was going (the Brave New World, the one we already live in), I’ll sequeway by saying the latter film can be summed it up in only a few words: “The Matrix meets 1984 meets Brave New World.” Throw in about ten minutes of dialogue and you’ve got a film that caters to the mind of today’s uncritical audience. Come to think of it, I’d be willing to bet money that phrase was exactly the one used to pitch the film to the studio.

But, I did watch a movie more centrally focused to Huxley’s work this weekend, Brave New World (1980), which I underappreciated when I first scanned over it [literally]. One point made by said made-for-tv release was how classical works were retooled to reflect the simplicity of thought of the modern audience. Using Romeo & Juliet as an example, they showed Romeo telling Juliet how much he’d like to “pound her sweet ass,” or something to that effect. Supporting my thesis of our reality anvil is the proof of just one of the latest remakes of the classic and the upcoming one (starring Lil’ Romeo’) which I can conservatively estimate, only 50 years ago, simpletons would have required a full-frontal lobotomy in order to enjoy.

One of the ideas behind Huxley’s new world is the breakdown of society into five classes of people (Alpha through Epsilon), and the film (from where below images came) goes so far as to envision some type of labeling system. Look around you today. Wouldn’t stamping the letter/rank on people’s clothing be superfluous? {*2} The second pic is of two women in a communal shower discussing their sexual prospects. Is the vacuous look in their faces not one you see every single day?

alpha betabrave new bimbos

The movie (which is three hours long, and allegedly there is a four hour version out there somewhere), fails cinematically in my opinion, by attempting to look too futuristic. Still, my deeper look into the movie was rewarded with multiple points of interest/syncs, Here are some of the highlights:

  • The women wore a “malthusian belt,” which prevents pregnancy.
  • The character names were amusing, to say the least. Some examples: Nikita Firestone, Henry Exxon, Ronald Jagger, Anwar Bowie, and Lenina Disney [played by Marcia Strassman who also played Mrs. Meyers in TV 101].
  • In the above scene, the woman on the right expresses looking forward to “engaging” (i.e., having sex with) Adolf Rockefeller that night. Interestingly, she adds that he was a “BETA.” Hm, that could be saying volumes about who the true “ruling elite” are [most likely, ones that you’ve never heard of].
  • There was also a “Miss Rothschild” who was black. Maybe that is the reason why this movie is so hard to find? Can you imagine how that virulently racist family of eugenicists enjoyed that one? [“Oy veh! A schwarzer!”]
  • One character was accused of possessing “deviant overintelligence.”
  • There was an “erotic training class” for little kids, where they played games like “hunt the zipper.” [Not so “futuristic.” It’s coming/being pushed from both present political and “expert” sociological spectrums.] {*3}
  • The “ruling” alpha (who, interestingly enough, did not have a “+” next to his letter), reprimanded one of his assistants with “can’t have people asking how and why!” [Recall my point about hows/whys vs whens/whats?]

An annoying facet of the movie was the John Savage character emphatically quoting Shakespeare throughout. Yes, I know Shakespeare’s Bacon’s prose is poetic, but the indoctrination centers and movies have worked overtime to convince us of this “fact,” no? I mean, how many of us go around throwing out quotes from Shakespeare without having even the slightest idea of what they refer to?

e.g., “A rose by any other name,” most likely (in my opinion) refers to Prince Edward (the “rose” of the Tudors), who, forced to leave England, reappeared in Europe disguised as the “other name” of Christopher Columbus. Read the rare/suppressed New Truths About Columbus by Grace Fendler if interested in that mystery.

However, I do have to give the movie kudos, because one of the “new world” characters, inspired by the Shakespeare quotes, retorted: “Obviously, whoever wrote that was a first-rate propaganda technician!” I was reminded of another classic about propaganda, or should I say, the “manipulation of history” theme:{*4}

Fahrenheit 451

Synchronicity is indeed afoot. My wanting to take a brief look as said interrelated futuristic vision turned up the above poster, and then my uploading the image into this draft, raised my mind to question, “Why does that name [Bernard Herrmann] look familiar?” Ahah! It’s from the closing image of part i. Who the hell is this Bernard Herrmann? Born 1911. Hm! Won an academy award for Devil and Daniel Webster. So? Did all the Hitchcock films. OK. Was also involved in the Rockefeller / Welles War of the Worlds broadcast from the Ford Theater. Cha-ching! {*5}

Of interest to this discussion is Fahrenheit 451’s idea of book burning(s). The fear of such a day is the “persuasive hammer.” The lack of interest in reading, and the fact that most people choose to read only tripe and indoctrination material is the anvil. However, the unforeseen result of the forging process [¿is ore capable of envisioning steel?] is the methodical breakdown of “feelings of community” as foreshadowed in the book, but overlooked by most readers (i.e., the “inexplicable” collective move away from front porches). Thud! The anvil has fallen. {*6}

Another line from the movie I really enjoyed was the description/boast of the Alphas as “conditioned to believe without knowing and to know without believing.” Hm, what profession/class of people does that remind me of? Note how the first image [most likely] produces a [programmed] feeling of comfort and security?


The two subsequent above images should be the precise mental image our minds first conjure whenever hear someone utter the word “doctor” or see a doctored [couldn’t resist] image such as the first. Ugh! Doctors! What an utterly useless [or useful, from a strictly Malthusian perspective] profession that has become.

Recently, a friend took her 17-year-old daughter for a checkup. The [d]octo[r]pus tried to push the deadly HPV vaccine. My friend responded she was opposed to the experimental vaccine with a track record of fatal and debilitating reactions, so “no go.” Like a good programmed Alpha, he kept reciting the Merck sales literature and my friend grew weary, asking him to please move on. He then turned to her daughter and said, “Well, you’re going to be 18 next year. So, you can come back here and get it on your own. You won’t need Mommy’s permission.”

I’m sure this is but one example of how the system’s advanced. This doctor’s not just an excusable ignorant end-product of an intense expensive pharmaceutical salesman training system disguised as “medical school.” He’s gone the extra step, even using teenage psychology against them, to destroy health and lives, solely for the profit of himself and his masters. There won’t ever be any type of real revolution [see video from part i] until the average mother in the world utters the phrase “my son’s a doctor” with the same level of haughtiness with which she’d say “my son’s a garbageman” [albeit, a more useful profession], AND our reactions [i.e., the ego feedback loop] to such statements reinforce the proper sentiment.


In Huxley’s “science fiction” [aka predictive programming], “Soma” was the drug of choice. Not only did it replace genuine “undesirable” human emotions with euphoria, it also destroyed the psyche/mind. All those out shouting the “New World Order is coming,” and trying to rally their brethren to fight the beast, are failing to see the obvious sign-posts [above] this brave new world order is already here.

Oh what a shiny happy world Soma offers. For those who may be unaware, both Paxil and Prozac are laden with Fluoride (a chemical which saps the will). Ritalin is simply crystal amphetamine in pill form. Some may wonder about the logic in giving hyper-active overstimulated kids crystal-meth? Well, the drug [legal or illegal form] allows one to become very single-minded and lose track of time. Hence, good focused students, capable of immersing [i.e., losing] themselves in anything, even capable of spending the entire day sharpening pencils.

Aside: a woman who labeled me a “lunatic” back when I was in my “must tell the world” phase, was recently given the choice of either putting her daughter on a crystal meth regimen, or having her daughter taken away by the state (who would then turn her over to a foster family who would, per statistics, likely abuse her too). But, I take no glee in her plight. Feel no need to relay “I told you so,” or await the day she’ll grovel and admit, “you were right.” I am not doing this for my ego.

take onenew freedomazt

A pill to cure every problem. Take one of these! {*7} I marvel [have to concede genius, even when it is “evil”] at how, among American youth, over the past few years, prescription drugs have grown in black-market demand right up alongside the most desirable of “illegal” drugs. Don’t people even pay attention to the end of the advertisements listing all the horrible side effects of these drugs? Um, you idiot, those aren’t “side effects” … those are THE EFFECTS!

Welcome to the new freedom [initiative]! Freedom is [now officially] slavery! The image I chose [center] is the correct one, the “new freedom” is the metaphoric “panty waste” the minds the children of the future [¿present?] most closely resemble. The AZT image came from an article written by either a complete moron, or a Malthusian genius. HBO [a massive social engineering force], of course, reinforces marketing disguised as poignant social commentary, in their movie Sometimes in April. {*8} In one scene, a Rwandan survivor of the massacre laments the unfairness of his surviving country-men dying of the disease while “their murderers awaiting trial have access to the best drugs like AZT.” Oh how sweetly subversive! Delicioso! [Did you bring that “vomit bag” I recommended in part i?]

AZT is basically “sure death” in pill form. It was originally used on cancer patients, but proved so toxic, that they had to stop “treating” people with it, but they found a way to remarket this deadly drug after AIDS came onto [was released into] the scene. Repackage as a “status” drug for wealthy dying people. Oh, how they work the public mind! Reminds me of a conversation I overheard where these wealthy older ladies were boasting of how they took Lipitor, because they could afford it, or had such a good corporate health plan from their “successful” husbands:


First of all, “high cholesterol” is a yet another monumental scam run by big pharma [aka, the medical mafia] on the general public. Basically, they changed the method for calculating cholesterol count, and then relied on their legions of alphas [aka, doctors who “believe without knowing”] to push their solutions [drugs] on their patients. One of the many benefits [to the architects of our brave new world], aka “effects” of the drug is memory loss. He who has no past, has no future!

This human piece of excrement, Dr. Robert Javrik, while not a concocter of Pfizer’s drug, is by no means “innocent.” I reserve the right to judge him, for he unwittingly or not, took part in an attack upon my family. My own Mother, who sometimes listens to me instead of her doctor, finally stopped taking Lipitor (thus her aches and pains subsided, and her memory “malfunctions” declined). Perhaps I’m being harsh on him from a personal perspective, and he is simply the best Alpha to come off the assembly line (i.e., he “knew without believing”).

NOTE: I’ll point out the above advertisement, like the Orwellian article I mentioned in part i, does contain a 36%, aka 3*6, aka 666 sync/reference/warning.

So, what benefit does a Thief of Memory derive? Well, I’ll go the extra step and suggest that those who have no memory, have no memory of the past, and are therefore, condemned to repetition in ignorant perpetuity. [Note: those targeted tend to be of the older generation, the last which might “remember” the last major round of scams, e.g., WWII.] Looking at the two below images, the first of awaiting Jonas Brothers fans, the second of awaiting Adolf Hitler fans, should strike a disresonant chord of ire and trepidation in the mind of any RATIONAL viewer.

jonas fanshitler fans

Of course, those having “no memory,” or those “units” whose memory has been wiped and re-written [programmable via the education system, and then boosted / adjusted via television] or auto-dismissal of the obvious [programmed response from clever ego-appealing systems] will, fail to “see” the sync. And, if you reading this are such a person, ready to discredit ANY similarity in the above images, I must marvel and ask, “How/why did you make it this deep into my blog?

A possibility: May I dare suggest that “curiosity” is your soul gently nudging you via whatever means it can, to “wake up” and enrich its human experience?

Frustratingly, I must bring this to a close and continue the article with a part iii. I have been struggling with this part of the [now] “series” for days, randomly adding new directions and sometimes, removing entire sections. On occasion, I’ve been overwhelmed as there seems no bottom to this well of exploration, and saddened, because the demon in the abyss I’ve feared for so long is standing here opposite me. Sure, understanding the “brave new world order” may explain my personal frustration with the lack of substance most social interaction with people here at ground zero of the global social engineering agenda [that would be the USA, as the country code would suggest] offers, but it doesn’t help me feel any better about it.

Well, no surprise here. A journey into Room 101 is supposed to be a personal hell. It’s supposed to test one’s mettle. So, as tonight’s remarkable and visible [from my front yard] alignment of Venus, Jupiter and Luna humbly reminds me, this is but part of a much bigger picture. In part iii, I’ll be looking deeper into the results of this mass collective loss of memory, and try to envision the forged result, i.e., the message being broadcast into the future, will seek the proverbial glimmer of hope and MAY even put another video together. {*9} Until then…


:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


*1: Stygian Port’s Room 101 post is a must-read, and a good example of how the most enlightening and important info you will find this day, is not taught in any university, but freely distributed by truth-seekers on the internet. [LB]

*2 : Secret Sun made the observation that “chavs” in the UK are already willingly starting to look like the Epsilon class (the lowest one). Oh, and I didn’t footnote earlier, but “08:55” is a clue. Hint: think about a clock-face. [LB]

*3: Didn’t think I was going to footnote this, but as I was looking for a story about Jocelyn Elders, the former Surgeon General under Clinton, who was fired for promoting the idea pre-schoolers should be taught to masturbate. Frustratingly, most of the stories “google” turned up are those praising her as some kind of visionary, in other words, re-writing history (here is one ridiculous example). Yes, she was scapegoated, but was merely following orders and testing the waters of public reaction. [LB]

*4: I already discussed the Orwellian tenets of censorship and on-the-fly historical reconfiguration in the first part. Another blogger, Dedroidify put together a pretty good collection of censorship quotes worth a perusal. [LB]

*5: In Huxley’s vision, “Ford” (i.e., Henry Ford) was the new religion, sort of the idea of taking the automation of manufacturing the same model/make of car to type/class of people. In Ford’s defense, I believe he was against what he perceived as the international Brave New World Order conspiracy, as his The International Jew would suggest (another great American Joe McCarthy, thought it was a communist conspiracy). As is usually done, after his death, the Ford Foundation was subverted to serve the same beast he so vigorously opposed. [LB]

*6: Another unforeseen change I have not seen discussed anywhere is the conving of the American public that a green lawn with zero nutritional content was desirable over a more practical garden with even a limited amount of edible plants. I recently heard free-spirit Freeman remark on his radio show, “If everyone planted gardens instead of lawns, people could travel freely across the country,” and literally, “eat their way across America.” [LB]

*7: The day has even come where penis enlargement pills (long a staple internet scam run by bored/entrepreneurial “Jewish chess kids who double as neo-Nazis,” read a good Wired article on the topic, which I can’t find now, but here’s one of the guys), are now regularly advertised on late night television. For those who’ve accused me of being gender-specific in my attacks of the media-induced stupidity of women, I’d say this “one item” clearly demonstrates how utterly pathetic and gullible men can be. [LB]

*8: Name any New World Disorder agenda, and you’ll find HBO (Home Box Office) in the fore-front of promoting it. I may have to devote an entire article to this crafty underhanded social engineering centre. [LB]

*9: I think I’ve footnoted this thing to death by now, but one of my readers, KnowNothing quoted a “Neil Postman” in response to my last release. So, have to include this relevant quote from same author: “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” So, what is that message we are sending??? [LB]

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22 Responses to “The Anvil has Dropped [II]”

  1. Excellent article again Celt.

    I haven’t been to see a doctor since my last visit, when my mother forced me at the age of 17, one more year and I’ll have lived half my life without any injections or other nonsense they push. Hopefully your friends daughter does the same as me. Sadly my mother goes regularly and harasses me non stop about getting a check up.

    I too worry about the day when I awake to a world of all walking dead. What will we have to do when pills and shots are required for food and survival in the ‘Brave New World’? Will there be any kind of resistance? Cause brother we and those fellow aware peeps are like 1% of the total population.

    The pick comparison of the Jonas/Hitler arrival should scare the living shit out of peeps, but it sadly doesn’t. Hell you could have used a picture of the mASSES awaiting Obama and it be no different.

    Until next time…

  2. I am the son of a Air Force physician, so I had to get all the innoculations and even take fluoride suppliments (little red pills) when I lived overseas where the water was not fluoridated. 😦 Once me and my sister went to get a TB test shot and the inept nurse shot us with *something* which left a small bubble on our arms, which we eventually tore open and drained. We don’t know what we were given, but it was probably not a TB test.. Though we have identical scars on our arms now which is funny since we’re twins. My dad is highly intelligent and a freedom supporter/activist these days, but everytime I mention a medical conspiracy he still has obvious aversion to even thinking that he was used to perpetuate medical crimes by going with the flow. He took up acupuncture which I guess shows he’s not so strict on the medical dogma. Anyways I just sent my parents an email with some stuff you mention here to see if my they are willing to finally really look at this side of the story.

    The new Romeo movie reminds me of proposed text books (I don’t know if they were ever really used in school) which would include commentary in the margins for stories which are hard to understand these days. For instance, Romeo’s description of the East, and Juliet as the sun, would be supplimented with “This means that Juliet is Romeo’s bitch.” (Ok, maybe it didn’t say “bitch” but it was something equally ridiculous.)

    I look forward to more ‘Hammer into Anvil,’ and thanks for the footnote!

  3. I too didn’t need a doctor for many years, I only needed a doctor for a note so I could spend time with my former girlfriend… This was always an easy way to get a few days off. The doc’ didn’t even look longer than a minute and wrote me a note… these “gods in white” do have advantages too… 🙂

  4. bard, good for you. What an advantage a lot of us would have now had our own parents had the awareness to limit the number of dumbing down chemicals they let the medical establishment poison our brains with, huh? As for my friend’s daughter, I’m not so optimistic, she’s an MTV addict and on that channel, via commercials and fake “medical advice” shows, they push that vaccine.

    ViolatoR, Fluoride supplements??? Ugh! That “trust” older people have in the medical establishment runs deep, my Mom, even though she’ll admit she’s way better off the Lipitor, still doubts me when it comes to other medical advice which runs contrary to her doctor pusher. I’d be curious as to how your parents responded to what you sent from here.

    We’re not too many years removed from those margins actually saying “bitch.” And no, thank you for reaching deep into the aether and sharing such a piece.

    C, well, you may as well work the system to your advantage, rather than let it take advantage of you. Is the point of the vid the “forge ahead” line or the alien / feeling of displacement angle?

  5. This is great stuff bro. You keep getting more in depth every time, which would warrant you to have three parts. A few things of note:

    The article you linked to about a more recent upcoming remake of Romeo & Juliet didn’t have a date on it, but seeing as how they referred to Lil’ Romeo being 13 years old, that would make it 5-6 years old. So it would be safe to assume that ridiculous idea has since been abandoned.

    The “ELders” article had some interesting syncs including MM, which they blatantly pointed out towards the end of the article.

    Also, to supplement the Jonas fans/Nazi fans comparison… I urge you to click the link below and watch the video at the bottom of the page called “Priorities Fail”. Idolism at it’s finest!

  6. “Is the point of the vid the “forge ahead” line or the alien / feeling of displacement angle?”

    ..well, sometimes I think I stranded on this planet by accident… ha ha. Like someone lied to me and said: “Hey, you MUST try life on planet earth – it’s GREAT!” – and I ate up that crap… and thought: “Hmmm, let’s give it a try… now I am here and ask myself: “What am I doing here? This is planet plastic!”

    Talking about plastic: Yesterday, I made a pilgrimage to the consume temple, thinking of lighting a few incense sticks to the widescreen tv’s… in a toy store they had this playmobil pyramid…

    Man, it’s boring sometimes… can it be MORE obvious?

  7. Your re-search is profound. Albeit scary. The good herbs are illegal, the poison is pushed. My nephew is on the meth pills, It kills me to see his parents give it to him even on weekends! Your post is most thoughtful. Respectfully, Dennis from Oregon.

  8. You have inspired me to watch Brave New World online and I am doing it now, and although I´ve just finished the first hour I think it might be one of the best movies I´ve ever seen. Every minute detail is of interest. I didn´t like the book when I had to read it in school – the movie tells a much better story. Very scary! And great article btw.

    PS: about 1 hour and 4 minutes in they mention Iceland!!! 🙂

  9. Thanks Anesti, though now I guess it’s going to be four parts. As you can probably guess, I’m a little behind the curve in keeping up with pop music, first time I heard of Little Romeo dude. Probly a good thing.

    Oh man, I missed the “ELders” sync! Lots of M’s in there and I get More on Masturbation [NOT literally] in Part III. The “Fail” page has moved, I’ll contact you to update your link so I can see that. I empathize with you on the nephew; have been watching a friend’s little girl’s potential deteriorate monthly as she grows up, cause they refuse to limit media influence. Not my/our child, so what can I/we do?

    C, well, there are some who feel that we are all souls who’ve been trapped in a vicious cycle of reincarnation and imprisonment on this planet. That LEGO pyramid set is something else!

    Oddly, I’ll be using part of a song from an album called “Plastic Fantastic” in part IV. Would be interested in your German perspective on part III. Tschüss!

    Dennis, thank you! Hm, 2nd mention of “scary” in this series … is it the realization of an overwhelming cradle to grave [and perhaps beyond] system of total control.

    halkatla, watching the details in that movie really changed the entire impression of it. As I suggest here, maybe it was “too” insightful … have to wonder about that hard-to-find 4th hour. So, would “Iceland” be a good place to get away from the system? Recent “news” suggests otherwise.

  10. Hierasolyma Est Perdita!

    Sinks that visited me lately in regards to your article…

    Rhodium Ring on the finger his dark queen =

    Rhodian law …this one is loaded

    original oannic inhabitants of this spear shaped citadel island

    Note #1 points the way, its dark light a veritable Shining

    “it’s starting to hit me like a two ton heavy thing” – Queensreich’s ‘Empire’

    New post at Ustream.

  11. My friends who were born in what we call “developing nations” all show me the scars of their “fob shots.” (Fresh Off the Boat shots).

    Basically, anyone born in the 80s in a nation populated by Brown, Black or Yellow people all tend to have a raised white scar of a bubble on their arms from their “standard” vaccinations and immunizations.

    A needle’s a needle.

    So why do the same needles carrying supposedly the same vaccine (toxins) create raised scars on the arms of those in non-Western countries?

  12. Celt,

    Well done I must say. I think you caught my little adventure down the pharmaceutical hole at my blog on the CONspiracy breakout where I was misdiagnosed by the rubes in robes, and thusly place on an “experimental drug” that created such a wall/veil over my mind, I could hardly function. That was a hard learning experience.

    Fortunately for me, I was shunted to another lower level doctor, who was fresh from England or Oz(Aus) I forget which, who said it was rubbish after reviewing the case file. He gradually removed me off the poison, to which I totally was able to stop without any problems what so ever. Man, it felt like I had been trapped in time with no way out until that day. Hard to describe, but how the hell can something thats “supposed to help you” possibly could ruin your liver? I had to go for REGULAR needle sticks (blood sucking) to monitor the crap.

    Anyways, it was my mom that took me to that doctor and she apologizes to this day, because that doctor had his license removed for..wait for it…abusing his own prescriptions! Go figure. Ever since this escapade, I’ve not seen a doctor nor do I want too, I manage my own health because I figure I know best, not them. They never listen to what you say anyways.

    I remember that BNW from the 80’s and thinking “man, the future really stinks!”, course I was a sci-fi [predictive programming] junkie back then too. *sighs*

    Thanks for the uplifting post, makes me want to dig up more on those PTB’s thats useful.

    Be well bro.

  13. I came across this passage in “Reading Egyptian Art,” which reminded me about that bit about the double-sword use:

    “The twin sycamore trees between which the sun was said to rise each day are sometimes referred to as the ‘two knives,’ probably because of their knife-like form and also because they symbolized the success of the sun god’s struggle with the powers of the underworld every dawn.”

    tree-knife-pillarmids. Also the two trees in the garden of Eden, which have a gematria relationship to the Golden Ratio…

  14. Eugene, the syncs/trail between Rhodos, the Templars, and Cecil had escaped me. Have to now wonder if his surname was chosen and not given. Lots of 3’s and 17’s on the island there, not to mention the Dagonian angle. Last article I see at Ustream is June 10th?

    Just noticed Wikipedia’s managed to collect 3.5 million from fools so far. There is profit in disinfo. 🙂

    Good point bobblebot. Quick, someone find a [malthusian] scientist to offer a [il]logical explanation of why darker pigmentation leads to vaccine reactions.

    Michael, All aboard the Peer Transacation Bus? Pimps That Ball? 🙂 I’m guessing you means ze Powers Dat Bee?

    I liked Guylaine Lanctot’s perspective (from her Medical Mafia), where she espouses that our health, should be partnership of equals between us and our doctors, working together. We’re the experts on our own bodies and they, having learned some useful things other than drug pushing in medical school, may posses some useful knowledge. Hence, why we’ve been trained to look up to doctors as all-knowing rock-stars and subserviently cow to their “expertise” in their presence.

    ViolatoR, thanks for the insight. Have to wonder why the repetition of double-sworded warriors, for if I recall from my youth fascination with warfare, yielding two equal lengthed and weighted swords produced a disadvantage to the warrior. Two trees? Choices.. choices… kind of where I’m going with part iv.

  15. Amazing post as always ..

    As a quick aside, have you ever read the book “We” by a Russian author called Yegevny Zamyatin? Pre-1984 .. pre-Brave New World. IMO that’s the book that Equilibrium ripped off. Anyways, I could not agree more on the pharma scariness … I once tried one of the ADD pills my dad’s gf is addicted to and it was far worse than any other pill pop I’ve encountered. Scary scary stuff .. thanks for the informtaive and well written post as always!

  16. Celt,

    Room 101 as you state is room of synched tesselated truths. These ores are smithed to get what lies beyond/within.

    Dark Queen = Mrs Obama’s promised Rhodium Ring (ie element 45, Beatle Paul ties as well) $30,000 or so for becoming First Lady.

    Most precious of metals, ie lots and lots of time on Smith’s anvil

    Smith is Vulcain is Cain, ie undoer of vanity, ie the ores and mixed lots that are pregnant with metals

    Rhodium phonetic tie to Rhodes, ie spear shaped Island fortress of Telchines, ie artificers who became evil wizards the Gods destroyed. Also the home of Maritime law, ie Brittania, phonetic playon to Marytime law. Wallaw the rule of the one occupant of earth, the water.

    Colossus of Rhodes built from war materials left behind equal to 300 talents, ie 30,000 ring of dark queen, 30 pieces of silver of “handeroverer”. Colossus of Rhodes just so happens to be the exact same height as Statue of Liberty.

    Dots, thats all.

  17. Iceland is a bit different from most other countries, both in good ways and bad. Our history being very good, and then our mammon-worshipping 20th century culture being bad (in many ways, not all ofcourse). There isn´t much illuminati activity here but the people are mostly sheep anyway. Thanks to the money disaster we will propably get a revolution soon though, right after Xmas 😉

    Basically people here have just always worked really really hard, and I mean work work work, that was all there was and to not want to have 2-3 jobs was to be branded a looser. No handouts here I´m afraid. And now 90% of the population have lost most or all of the money that they worked for and everything they own is basically worthless. It´s a rough wake up call for these middleaged average-joes/janes who have been proud workers all their lives, to say the least! And now we´re getting a loan from IMF and the conditions of that loan will turn us into slaves for decades to come (although I don´t think there will be many decades left under this world order – so I´m not worried about it yet) and the european union is waiting like a vulture at our doors, many folks here think that will somehow magically save us, wich just goes to show how extremely ignorant many people are. Having all these well educated young people will not help us at all, they just want to get awarded for going along with the program (the award being a job with a fat paycheck) And I won´t start talking about our media, they are not corrupt, but only too stupid for words. People trusted the news and politicians and this whole island is living proof that that is basically the most dangerous and stupid thing u can ever do.

    About Iceland being like a “free island” in the BNW, I think we could have a future here for “free” people if we just stay away from all the unions and such that say they want to “help” us. Basically no-one can or wants to do that. We should stay under the radar as much as possible because when the shit starts to go down – NWO style – we might just get “left behind” – or blown up since we aren´t of any use to anybody. We´ll see 😉

    In the brave new world movie it was almost like the people had been programmed to fear Iceland most of all. Bernard and the Beta-women almost seemed to have some trigger-reaction to the word being mentioned. And they didn´t go outside much but they were still REALLY afraid of the bad weather in Iceland, lol, so I guess Iceland was the last place “the system” wanted to send these people who were still under the programming 🙂

    But I also have a slight feeling that Iceland really matters somehow, in the grand scheme of things… a lot of things seem to have their beginning here anyway.

    PS:I should also mention that this (banking disaster) has caused the biggest trauma in Icelandic history, and the first one that isn´t nature related. There have been a few of those… but they don´t break people down as much mentally and spiritually as this has done. Maybe that was the point all along? Who knows…

  18. Seska, how you been? No, hadn’t heard of We. Sounds interesting, will have to add to that dreaded “list.” This is exactly why I love comments. Thank you for informing me of this little known work.

    And yes, it is “scary,” as synchronicity dictates was chatting up a couple of girls last week and they were telling me how wonderful these ADD pills were for studying. When I asked if they “knew” what they were taking, they both shouted “WE DON’T DO DRUGS!” and labeled ME a lunatic. May have to write that one up!

    Euguene, that’s some amazing info you’ve provided there. Am still trying to wrap my mind around it all, especially the syncs with 30, 300, 3000.

    halkatla, thanks for sharing all that. ICELAND is the first western nation to ever get an IMF loan, which is always a precursor to stagnation, poverty and indenturement. From a synchromystic angle, Iceland could be interpreted to simply Island, implying it was never misnamed as the “land of ice” and just came from some guy neglecting the S was meant to be silent. Islands, wether in Huxley’s vision of as a chance to get away from the MAINland which has always been ruled by tyrants. Then again, there’s the isolation/confinement angle (recall this image). As you say, “who knows?”

  19. Oh Celtic Rebel, it is I who should always thank you. My little tidbit is but a grain of sand in your beach of information .. ooooh .. poetic hey!
    More on those ADD pills .. a friend of mine takes them and told me she has a very small window of opportunity to get doing something productive or she may end up picking at her face in the mirror for several hours, or performing some other equally disturbing obsessive act. Sounds a lot like meth now doesn’t it .. oh wait .. it even calls it such on the label! I have never had such a restless, depressing, sleepless state as in the afterhours of that horrible ingestion. Not healthy .. and yet people think they are good “legal” pills and can do them no wrong. Just like all the other pharma products out there ..
    Thanks CR .. I am off to read your newest blog. Let me know what you think of We. : )

  20. Indeed “who knows”, an apt ace of spades like calling card from the gnostic YahVeh, ie the owl as symbol of the all seeing dark one…

    Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name, whats puzzling you is the nature of my game, who who, hope you guess my name, who who

    WHO may show up in Iceland and elsewhere as always passing out some ‘philanthrophic death’ in nice packaging. Collapsed economies everywhere equals plenty of needing needle folk. The fee of all will always be 30 pieces of silver on this moving merry go round.

    “In the 3.30.300 column the theme of movement is clear. Beginning with the uncontrolled archetypal movement of the Wheel, descending to the controlled organic movement of Justice, the Wheel in existence, and unifying in the universal cosmic movement of Ruach Elohim, Sheen, Judgement.”

    Iceland as sign would be “queen of the north” ascending, ie she freezes all the heroic movement as per CS Lewis Chronicles of Narnia, to her one demand … all conscience belongs to me. King Edward of course will succumb to candy/Katherine.

    Candy that comes in a heart shaped box. Love/93 not under thelema/93 is evol. Her power lies of course in her name “Jadis”, ie the power to say “once upon a time”. Whoever has the power to impose his-story rules ‘Belief’ as in “faith comes by hearing”. Escher showing the seering insight of Bosch, highlights the ‘B’ in belief as sole power needed to send the entire thing to its end trajectory. Anvil and smithing make the tools of the trade… wind-bag music to capture the soul and the knife of intercision, straight from artificer Tubal-Cain. Plenty of ass directed knowledge with this hellish pic, no?

  21. I can tell that this is not the first time at all that you mention the topic. Why have you decided to touch it again?

  22. Seska, yea it’s sad. The effects are exactly the same, but most ignoramuses are CON-ditioned to see a difference.

    uGene, at one time, I thought the paintings of Jesus in the garden were the fancy of dumb Christians … the image raises interesting possibilities. What daemons will crawl out of that rear hole of possibilities?

    Random, what topic?

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