The Butterfly Legend

“To you,” said Jesus to his elect disciples, “it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, but to them [the πολλοι] it is not given; therefore speak I to them in parables [or allegories]: because they seeing, see not, and hearing, they hear not, neither do they understand.” [Matthew, courtesy of H.P. Blavatsky]

What does this passage have to do with a movie review? Nothing and everything.

legend, i am

I had been looking forward to seeing I Am Legend, especially after noting the numerological significance of the 12/14/07 release date [i.e, “33,” discussed previously]. Upon initial viewing, however, the analysis of this movie was going to be quite short, because while I observed a whole lot in the arena of the “the real sales pitch,” accompanied by a liberal sprinkling of “disinformation“, I found very little “actual dissemination of arcane knowledge.”

From the very beginning I got the impression we were going to receive a [¿un?] healthy doses of predictive and neuro-linguistic programming. The reappearing monarch butterfly is usually a pretty good indicator of heavy mind control. {*1}

The virus turning its victims into parasitic vampires, while symbolic, reminded me too much of 28 Days Later, which in every way imaginable, on the surface level (i.e. the plot), is a far superior film. We’re told the virus is “a constantly mutating super virus,” which should indicate, to a critical mind, that such a virus was probably hatched out of someplace like Fort Dietrich, or other biowarfare facility. {*2}

bridges burning

The president then issues an executive order to seal off New York City and blow all the bridges connecting it to the mainland. How bloody annoying! Is this conditioning the gullible public to accept executive orders are legitimate laws? Executive orders [per the constitutional paradigm] were never meant for anything other than deciding what china to use for the state dinners or who to invite to the White House Xmas party. Their use as directives or law is a flagrant abuse of power.

More ominous, from a synchromystic perspective, is whether the scene was symbolic of destroying The Rainbow Bridge, thereby trapping our souls here on this plane of existence. The choice of the parallel bridges [the Manhattan and the Brooklyn] syncs heavily with the Bifrost. The road to Valhalla is lost! {*3}

sickness of charactercruel sadism

I also had a major problem with the movie promoting animal testing as somehow beneficial. Never has been. Never will be! All it does is perpetuate a cycle of waste and cruelty, dehumanizing each and everyone of us, because the practice condemns us all. To any reading this who condone the practice, yet vociferously complain about the “inhumane” conditions a lot of people in this world have to endure:

“What I think about vivisection is that if people admit that they have the right to take or endanger the life of living beings for the benefit of many, there will be no limit for their cruelty.” –Leo Tolstoy

So, Will Smith, the Scientologist, is working on a vaccine to cure the infection. A vaccine? “You idiot,” I wanna shout. Vaccines never stopped anything. As a matter of fact, vaccines have caused way more ills than they’ve cured. Oh wait, this falls under “superficial means to sell products.” Sorry, I forgot. They gotta sell vaccines for the vaccine manufacturers. Gotta pay for all the fancy special effects! 🙄

a boy and his dog

I will concede the film one noble plot point: it hints that the projected “cure” for Cancer may have actually ended up causing the entire problem. If you believe that cancer is caused by genetics and even for a second, blame your fore-fathers [who living naturally and free of vaccinations rarely if ever died of any form of cancer], then you are the victim of a mild form of mind-control called media brainwashing.

I was about to give up on the film, but my attention perked up again, when one of the few surviving members of human-kind “showed up.” A Brazilian woman!

rainbow bridgelegend poster

Well, how lucky is that? If one of the few surviving women left on this planet happened to be Brazilian … well then … there just might be hope for us all. 😀 Slightly reinvigorated, my mind caught a few overt or cryptic items of note:

  • As he was filling up, the price of gas was $6.63 a gallon. Um, if that’s predictive programming, get ready for an expensive 2009.

  • The phrase “ground zero” is mentioned twice, including at the end when he uses it as the justification for why he “can’t leave” Manhattan. [Man-Atom? Man-Aten?] That opens some interesting possibilities, and also causes me to reflect on Ouroboros (Fight Club Revisited) and the Freedom Tower due to arise from Ground Zero in 2012.

  • Will Smith plays Bob and the Brazilian woman is named Anna. Both of these are palindromes. Perhaps another hint at “the Alpha and the Omega” and the Ouroboros serpent?

  • Anna saying she came from “Maryland” connects her to the Virgin Mary, Isis, Astarte lineage. Also, she said that she and her son were going to “Vermont” [the “free” state, i.e., “freedom”].

  • Anna’s son’s named Ethan, which means “strong, permanent, perennial, ever-flowing,” hence a synch with Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain (Ver-Mont in French) Boys, hence Osiris.

  • Will Smith quots Bob Marley saying “How Can I Light Up the Darkness?” while playing the Legend album. Interestingly enough, as the camera pans across the mantle prior to this keystone scene, the Kermit/Osiris frog is shown, followed by Van Gogh’s Starry Night [a reach, but possible link to Astarte].

  • The disease having a 90% kill rate sounds pretty much in line with the Elite’s depopulation agenda. With uncanny timing, Prince Philip, the same inbred moron who said he wants to reincarnate as a virus and kill us [humans] off, has fallen gravely ill.

The above items, in conjunction with some of the aforementioned elements, force me to ponder if the Butterfly, on a deeper level, implies a positive metamorphosis.

monarch butterflybob marley

Hm, mixed messages [¿trance-formation?]. Further, I wonder whether some things we conditionally label as “bad,” and prefer to avoid, may be painful, yet necessary steps we have to undergo nonetheless. My optimistic side muses if the 911 Ritual opened the Stargate [his daughter and wife dying while in the helicopter could be a metaphor for transcendence], than the “ground zero” event may have been positive step towards the next stage of our evolution [no, not the shallow Darwinian view] … until I ask myself, “Then why would they destroy the Rainbow Bridge?”

The film was begging for a second screening, but that final sticking point, made the task seem abhorrent. This was not metamorphosis. This was mind control, and of the type used by our hidden masters to beat down humanity for aeons; keeping us ignorant, fearful and unable of realizing even a fraction of our true potential.

Have to also consider then whether spending too much time looking at movies of late, may have led to myself being dumbed-down somewhat, and that I’m havaing a hard time differentiating if certain messages were intended for insiders or the masses. I chose another film that weekend, The Simpson Movie and surprisingly, found quite a bit of “truth” in it. That movie rather bluntly suggests:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger will be our future President [¿2012?]

  • The President’s masters do not allow him to make any important decisions.

  • Mickey Mouse is the “symbol of an evil corporation. [Yes, he is.]

  • The NSA is listening in on every insignificant detail of our lives, but have yet to learn anything even remotely connected to terrorist activity.

Perhaps, I was expecting much more from I Am Legend because of the syncs with Independence Day [which also featured Will Smith]. Under the guise of what I refer to as “the ritual act of revealing,” the latter movie spelled out, in very clear subconscious language, that on 09/11/01, New York and DC would be attacked. The closing of I Am Legend does throw out a possible synchromystic nugget:

In 2009, a virus came. On September 9, 2012 @ 8:49 PM he found a cure, @ 8:52 PM he gave his life.

I seriously doubt that direct a message would be provided so overtly in a movie like this, despite the heavy-handed Christ/Conan metaphor. {*4} Breaking it down numerologically, we have an 11 and a 23, but of more significance, two doses of Jesus’s “3” days later, in the form of minutes and in years. [It then occurred to me that one “3” in the trinity was missing. Would it be the one we’d at to $6.63 to get 666? Aha, trifecta!] But, am I stuck on an inappropriate level of evaluation?

The above scene with Smith quoting Bob Marley was my dilemma. “How can I light up the darkness?” Notice the deliberate pause as he speaks those words. He’s not quoting. Is he asking? He is asking the same question that Jesus answered for his followers at the beginning of this article. And, it is the same question we should be asking ourselves. “What can I do?” The answer to this ancient riddle is right under our nose, right in front of our very eyes. But we can not hear, and we cannot see.

We are the eye at the top of the pyramid. Rather than looking to others for blame or answers, we need to look within ourselves.

I was now ready for the answer. It synchronistically appeared. I found it/it found me. The answer lies in the alternate ending to the movie. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend doing so before proceeding (fortunately, someone has posted a copy online for the time being). Once I saw this, my entire perception of the movie changed. Suddenly, the whole movie makes perfect sense (on the deeper levels).

self in the mirror

Will Smith, in spite of his Christ identification [likely from indoctrination] resists the path of sacrifice, and acknowledges, he is not the Jesus in the Matthew / Blavatsky parable. His eyes are open. He puts down the gun, and opens the door to his bestial adversary. The ghoul/zombie shows he is not a raving head-smashing lunatic, but only wants his mate/lover which Will Smith, captured, imprisoned and subjected to clinical torture. The butterfly serves as a metaphor for transformation, and the glass separating the adversaries proves to be nothing more than a mirror.

“When we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal conditions on this earth?” –George Bernard Shaw

The ghouls/humans now go on their own path, and Will Smith takes Ethan and Anna away to Bethel [yes, Bethlehem], Vermont. And what is that they cross on their way out? A bridge? Wait a minute … weren’t all the bridges destroyed?

night bridge

So, the rainbow bridge has been restored! And how was that done? By looking within and finding our own humanity again, and realizing our own power to change our world; by stopping to look for adversaries to blame for our own ills.

“Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection — the lovers, the dreamers, and me.” –Kermit the Frog, aka Osiris

So, one question now remains. Why was this ending removed from the theatrical cut? The ending alone changes the entire continuity of the story. Was the chosen ending indicative of something more insidious at work? And, which hand was it [per Secret Sun, the “who” may not necessarily be as obvious as the director].

That question, I will leave for others to riddle.

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

*1: I counted five (in order): the poster he drove by, his daughter making the shape with her hands. a live one in the corn field, his daughter repeating it before the helicopters came, the voice he hears at the end. I missed: the butterfly in the shattering glass, Anna’s tattoo, the tattoo on the patient/vamp on the table. [LB]

*2: The ghoulish/vampirish appearance of the victims, may or may not be planned association with the effects of the bioengineered AIDS virus. The aversion to SonShine that the Infected/Vampires have though, does raise an interesting sync with another solar movie (Sunshine) by Danny Boyle (28 Days), which I discussed in a prior blog. [LB]

*3: I had always had a fascination for Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, that Norse (i.e., Gaelic) warriors had to cross to enter Valhalla. The Greek’s had Iris, the Goddess of Rainbow. This winged figure was the “messenger” the Gods used to communicate with humans, and interestingly enough, one of her duties was leading the souls of dead women to the Elysian Fields. She was born of a goddess and a Titan, hence was a half-human hybrid, which I believe comes from the Titan side, the one I feel mankind should have been rooting for in the war between the “Gods” and Titans. [LB]

*4: Yes, the similarities between Jesus and the warrior priest Conan are “legend,” but outside the scope of this article. However, while pondering the former idea, it occurred to me that the scene dwelling on the movie Shrek seemed rather innocuous and random at first, until you see Ethan/Osiris identifies with the Green Man (Shrek), while Will/Bob/Jesus identifies with the donkey. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on April 29, 2008.

17 Responses to “The Butterfly Legend”

  1. Great Post!! I thought your connection to the movie “28 Days” was right on. After all, 28 days is a method of counting time in the lunar cycle. Not just the stars light up the night sky. I am sure your also aware of its representation of Isis/Mary the lunar goddess. Symbolic of Tarot Key 2 (High Priestess- Gimel) representing the sub-conscious. The path on the Key 18 Moon (Qoph), meaning back of the head, has a path too. It is also connected to the idea of sleep or being unconscious. However, while we are to walk the path through the shadowy night past the pillars (bridge towers) onto awakening. The movie definitely has the notion of putting us to sleep as Will Smith walks toward us in the poster with his dog. The Dog being symbolic of the conscious mind in the Tarot key 0 Fool (Spirit-Aleph) (Ground Zero). Trying to ritually undo the perennial wisdom that is meant to wake us up.

  2. And the menstrual/fertility cycle come to think of it…

    Thank you for helping make some sense of the dog element, which was troubling me. I really need to spend some time educating myself on the Tarot/Torah. I stumbled across this odd synchromystic image after contemplating your words. And then, there’s the apocalyptic A Boy and his Dog. Hmmm…

    Come to think of it, I did fall asleep the first time I saw the movie (and the other above), and so did several people I spoke to. Seeing that the subconscious can still be spoken to while the conscious mind sleeps, I have to wonder if that was the intent.

  3. At the newyear I ripped up and burnt my copy of the bible. I ripped up every page except for one page that fell on the floor and escaped my anger venting. It was the page that contained your starting biblical quotation..

    I thought it very appropriate that that page be the one left over.

    great article regards gavin

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing that gav. Your synch helped me recall the Bob Marley lyrics that bridged the gap between the parable and Smith’s line.

    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
    None but ourselves can free our minds.
    Have no fear for atomic energy,
    cause none of them can stop the time

    I had wanted to include it in the article, cause it addresses looking past the fear-based mind control elements, Smith’s decision in the alternative ending, and it ties in to 2012.

    How long shall they kill our prophets,
    While we stand aside and look? ooh!

    Indeed, songs of “freedom.” Bill Hicks, Bob Marley, and so on …

  5. This is an excellent blog: and thanks for the ‘plug.’ Your work on the Goddess of the Vulva is also of great interest to me. If you would like to correspond on these subjects further, please contact me at the above address.

    Great work.

  6. From what i’ve read:

    3 days = 72(0) hours
    720 degrees = 2 x 360 deg cycles [The Butterfly]
    Transformation, yes, possible, but the mirror is in place so that we do not see the other (twin) cycle.

    There’s so much to understand on the above issues – which i don’t fully understand myself – but….

  7. Wow! I missed this!! Amazing post Celt!

    The alternate ending did provide a much better insight to the movie definitely!

    Great work my friend!

  8. Commenting paragraph by paragraph:

    “Let’s hope it resurfaces at some point.” Whenever one comes across an excellent source of information, one should save a copy it for later retrieval independent of the remote source, otherwise, “You didn’t see it.”

    “…use as directives or law is a flagrant violation of the constitution.” Not necessarily, Article VI of the U.S. Constitution provides for the enforcement of “All debts contracted and engagements entered into…” It is these previous debts and contracts [engagements] that are the “supreme law.” More on this to be posted later.

    “…blow all the bridges connecting it to the mainland.” This is not the first time the theory of isolating New York City has been propounded by “them” to the masses. Remember the 1981 Movie “Escape from New York” with Kurt Russell? Also, another movie that seems very popular among certain circles at present is the 2008 “B Movie” “Cloverfield” which also depicts the destruction of New York City. Obviously the isolation and/or destruction of New York City is an old and recurring theme.

    “As he was filling up, the price of gas was $6.63 a gallon.” They couldn’t say $6.66 a gallon now could they? Too many of the sheople would notice and panic.

    “The disease having a 90% kill rate sounds pretty much in line with the Elite’s depopulation agenda.” Another movie that depicts a similar circumstance is the 2005 movie Serenity in which most of the population of a certain planet dies off from a certain allegedly benign and beneficial chemical being introduced into the atmospheric processors with the same outcome as depicted in I am Legend.

    A vectored contagion is introduced leading to the rapid formation of three (3) groups, which are, in no particular order: Group One (1): The mass population, 90 to 99.9% of which die rapidly. Group Two (2): A small population segment, that does not die immediately and rather is gravely affected by the contagion thereby becoming extremely violent, psychopathic and murderous. Group Three (3): A small population segment, apparently unaffected or immune to the “vectored” contagion, constantly being hunted for extermination by group Two (2).

    In the current 2008 movie remake of The Andromida Strain, we see essentially the same thing. Mass group One (1) dies off. Small group Two (2) does not die immediately, is gravely affected and kills themselves and/or others. Small group Three (3) is immune and at risk to group Two (2). Do I see a trend here?

    One thing that I’ve pondered is, is there a hidden group Four (4) [“Them” and their ilk.”] just sitting back controlling and watching it all happen?

    “Arnold Schwarzenegger will be our future President (¿2012?)” This has been said long before to the sheople in the 1993 movie Demolition Man: “The Schwarzenegger Presidential Library” and “Even though he was not born in this country, his popularity at the time caused the 61st Amendment…”

    “In 2009, a virus came. On September 9, 2012 @ 8:49 PM he found a cure, @ 8:52 PM he gave his life.”

    When I reached the end of viewing I am Legend, and the aforesaid 09-09-12 date was proffered, I as you reached the identical conclusion that “they” have big things planned for the sheople in 2009. I have a friend who alleges that the next big “9-11” date is 07-07-09. I suspect there may be a possible 09-09-09 date as well.

    Based on the 09-09-12 date as a reference, I am Legend depicts Neville continually living in the past three (3) years previously, replaying recorded news of the events as they unfolded at that time. There is rough mention of other dates such as his birthday and there is a time code of some type displayed on the news programs as he is replaying them. A careful re-examination of the movie searching for date clues to formulate dates may reveal other dates in the year 2009.

  9. I disagree with your allegation that the aristocracy’s decision to “…seal off New York City and blow all the bridges connecting it to the mainland” is “a flagrant violation of the constitution.”

    The aristocracy’s decision that some of the [infected] slaves are now a threat to the rest of the productive slave population which should be culled [exterminated] as so much “useless eaters”, “human weeds”, “human waste”, “oxygen wasters”, “reckless breeders”, “lives not worth living” by isolating Manhattan Island as displayed in I am Legend is nothing unusual. [Is this sentence grammatically correct?]

    Article VI of the U.S. Constitution specifically gives “them” the authority to do these things. Stated another way, Article VI of the U.S. Constitution specifically acknowledges and continues their pre-existing authority before the U.S. Constitution existed to do these things.

    These actions are authorized through the “All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution…” in Article VI. The ignorant sheople are always whining about “bad judges” when the judges are just following the supreme law of the debts contracted and engagements entered into.

    For further information concerning the U.S. Constitution as being a bankruptcy reorganization document, go here:

    and request:

    Treaty of 1782–Annotated “This is a treaty mentioned in Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution that establishes a £28 Million debt to Rothschild’s Bank in Paris/London.”

    Treaty of 1783–Annotated “One of the Treaties mentioned in Article 6. Established that the £28 Million must be paid in Pounds Sterling”

    Nutshell ~ Timeline 2000 ” Our own overview of how and why the U.S. is an economic colony of the Bank of England.”

    I’ve found the Nutshell Timeline document to be particularly enlightening.

  10. Chet, thanks for all of the detailed and well-thought out feedback. Hope you don’t mind the minor formatting changes…

    I had considered saying “violates the spirit of the constitution.” You appear better-versed than I on matters regarding the US constitution. I’m falling under the impression that this country built on the mass grave of native people’s is an illusion. As I recently heard Michael Tsarion say, “The smartest thing the Crown ever did was fool the the Americans the impression they actually won their war of independence from England.”

    As for Ben Fairhall’s article, he informed me that said blog would be remade available to the public at some point and I’ll link it herein.

    Someone pointed out to me recently that if you read the gasoline price sign top-bottom instead of left-right, you do get a 666.

  11. There is something about the alternative ending that changes the entire plot of the movie yet I am not able to do anything other than reduce it to human selfishness / greed / infactuation / gratification on both Will and the ‘lead beast’; I feel there is more to it, what am I missing? Insight?

  12. Hmm…interesting stuff although you could do with a little more research. For example your post “Goddess of the Vulva”…as a practicing Christian I find nothing novel about your post. Yes, Mary is modeled after earlier Virgin Goddess figures. This isn’t shocking or even surprising…and its never been hidden. An actual acquaintance with history might help a bit. I was merely going to enjoy your ramblings for what they were and leave it at that but the line in this post: “If you believe that cancer is caused by genetics and even for a second, blame your fore-fathers (who living naturally and free of vaccinations rarely if ever died of any form of cancer” really deserves some attention. Your “fore-fathers” did not “rarely” die of cancer. Cancer has been around for a long time and killing lots of people for a long time. It’s been a medical diagnosis since possibly the Ancient Egyptians. The reason so many people die of cancer today (or the reason why you perceive it that way) is…….POPULATION! Greater population means more people die of cancer, means more visible phenomenon….

  13. Qsakira, I guess I could have expanded on the alternative ending more. If you see the glass as a mirror, then both Will Smith and the lead vamp/beast see themselves in each other, rather than as the adversary. Smith, to the vamps/beasts is the epitome of evil. He hunts them while they sleep and then takes them off for torture. Smith, sees himself as better than them and is obsessed with the idea of making them like him (even against their will).

    So, in the alternate ending, they both turn to love instead of fear (the only two bases for ALL human emotion). The vamp/beast, to love of his mate. Will, to love for his fellow man. Peace. Acceptance. Hope that helps.

    HOLYONE, you probably should have left this as two comments. They are unrelated.

    We could ALL do a little more research. Does the church bother to tell most Christians that they’ve disquised the vagina with the story of some holy virgin, and her labias as “robes?” How many other there realize they are praying to a vaginal orifice? Personally, I think there are better ways to spend my time interacting with a vagina, other than “praying” to it.

    As for cancer, the “population” idea was put forth from the Malthusian eugenicist pricks at the turn of the last century. I’ve written briefly on the origins of cancer, but would highly recommend Murder by Injection by suppressed author Eustace Mullins (a partial video can be found online).

  14. The hostile occupation of planet Earth will be defeated when the goddess and her cannabis are returned to the temple.

  15. “Keep repeating to your self: Its only a movie! Its only a movie!”

    I’m not trying to be cynical to your website posting, but you’re really getting a lot of material from Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend” short story, which was the basis for George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”, Vincent Price’s film: “The Last Man On Earth”, and Charleton Heston’s “The Omega Man”. I don’t get the references you have seen in this screenplay and film, but as a philosophy prof. of mine once said , “If you look at a cloud long enough, you can envision anything under the sun.”
    You have quite an interesting site though. I mean that as a complement. I hope that you find the hidden truth you’re seeking!

  16. Miss Me Ma, if it were only that simple. Interesting site you have. Not saying that I necessarily agree with it, but an of the opinion the only reasons “the demon weed” has been so demonized is the pharmaceutical industry can’t figure out a way to monopolize it and it doesn’t help the agenda of making people hate each other.

    Wdabrock, you’re free to dissent, of course, but I have never read the book you mention, am unfamiliar with Vincent Price’s movie and had not seen Omega Man until after I wrote this piece. I’m sure some of what I wrote within may sound somewhat radical, so would recommend my The Art of Revealing to any unfamiliar with how movies are used, hence can be interpreted.

    As for George Romero, he is on the record as saying that his movies are an allegory for exactly what he perceives is happening to society as a whole. I plan to delve into him in an upcoming video project.

    Were I to talk to your professor, I would retort: “If you look at a chemtrail long enough, you can eventually convince yourself it is a cloud, and if you stare at a book about the Big Bang Theory long enough, while ignoring the entire field of Quantum Phycics, you can convince yourself it’s plausible.”

  17. This is a media meditation I perform and I invite others to do likewise:

    watch, in this order:

    Last Man On Earth (Vincent Price)
    Omega Man (Charlton Heston)
    I Am Legend (Will Smith)

    and see the true legend evolve and get stolen- heterosexual survival and normalness in a world of zombies and vampires turn to baffled white chief in a world of black and white savages turn to theft of the trope by Will Smith- Oprah-s annointed one and tanist of the Obama tanist.

    Everything’s gone ass up, as Schwarzenegger would be delighted to observe.

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