The Agony of The Feet [Grimace]

Oh what to talk about tonight?

greeks lose

Current events, how’s that?

netherlands dive

But we can’t let events beyond our control a/e-fect us.

greek girls

Maybe I’ll talk about perspective…

~ by celticrebel on June 29, 2014.

2 Responses to “The Agony of The Feet [Grimace]”

  1. Hey rebel, would this week be a good week to have a show on the history of greece, and your perspective on its rise and downfall? You’ve been teasing us with one for weeks, and dropped a few points on it here and there throughout the shows. I’d like a show devoted in depth to, as since I have relatives over there currently, I’d like to know what the EU means for greece, the current balance of power that greece is a part of, and how greeks and the diaspora should proceed in the future. Thanks for dropping the knowledge for us, reb!

  2. hey, the Dutch were taking some dives for sure (this is because playing in SA). But the Argentinians should have been disqualified from the tournament when they played England. Blatantly hand blocking etc… and they win, as per. Same with any S.American team (they all cheat, esp. Uruguay & Brazil). Dutch should have won, got screwed as per.

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