Snowpiercer Gets It Right

Recently saw this movie, and as time began progressing and I began reflecting, couldn’t help but notice that the film is about precisely what I’ve been speaking of lately.

Le Transperceneige

Thus, devoted the whole show to on Sunday night. This will be one of those rare times I feel I must warn you the show will be full of spoilers. Do watch it before listening. The film contains some rather well-thought out surprises (so kudos to writer and director).

The Masses of Humanity

The show ran way over, so do need edit it down somewhat and will make available.


It was truly remarkable how well this film about life on a train so thoroughly encapsulated so many aspects of the lives of so many (if not all) on this planet.

Happy New Year

And, as I said at the beginning, touched on so many key points of my evolutionary view beyond the victim mindset, into one of impartial observation and comprehension.

You Want to Save Them?

And, whether by cosmic synchronicity, or through intelligent design, it answers the most rudimentary of all riddles. The same all great thinkers through time inevitably arrive at, but continues to evade all of even the most strident seekers of “truth.”

Alpha and Omega

And that’s all folks. That’s the end.

~ by celticrebel on March 28, 2014.

10 Responses to “Snowpiercer Gets It Right”

  1. Hi Alex

    thank you for suggesting this film, it was Powerful on some many levels.

  2. yes, definitely. thank you for sharing. very enjoyable movie. almost felt like it was co-written by the Rebel himself. thanks to don the bootlegger too.

  3. Pretty good clip on the modern problems of perpetual adolescence or “youth culture”, created largely through the redefining of a traditional ideal of self-actualization.

    press CC for english translation subtitles

  4. This show needs a genuine customized nerd alert. A sound to alert the viewers that a certain topic may be of interest to them as they are perusing conspiracy theories in their parent’s basement.

  5. real men dont shave their chesthair according to this not yet indoctrinated dude in pakistan

  6. soylent people is greeeeeeeeeeeeeeen … Thanks for the movie celtic, quite a catch!

  7. Am I mistaken or is that one of the South Park bitch-boys in the left part of the picture during a recent Putin speech: (skip to 43min & 43sec)

  8. I saw you looking!! (male shaming)

  9. Rememeber when ripped off your “..but you’ll do” story for their parody of an R&B love song music video, well a Russian tv show ripped off that concept as well shortly after in 2011:

    “My woman, ordinary. Sweet, funny, cute. Though she doesn’t differ from the rest, yet I still really like her. She’s just like all the rest. There are thousands like her walking the streets of Tula or Moscow. Ordinary woman, I’ve known hundreds like this. You’ve probably even met her. Average woman, not special in the least, in the south and the north and in the center. I’ve found my own, ordinary, but I love her.”

  10. There’s a middle ground somewhere between the “I don’t care” beards and the gay culture we have now.

    Press CC for subtitles!

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