Part III a Comin’ (This Sunday)

Part III a Comin’ (The below image has nothing to do with the new promotion for the Lost DVD Collection Box Set, but is an apt statement for the mass of humanity (aka “us”) who think we might have a actual clue as to what anything “outside” of ourselves truly is, much less where the hell we are.

Since it is Part III, felt that those who’ve missed any of the other parts may want to give the prior parts a listen:

The above links are provided courtesy of Don the Bootlegger, be sure to thank him.

The above is one of but many topics the series has broached. Most of us who “think” we can contemplate the question, aren’t even capable of thinking outside of an artificially constructed programming language.

Focus within, for all else is folly…

~ by celticrebel on March 22, 2014.

2 Responses to “Part III a Comin’ (This Sunday)”

  1. Awesome song, awesome band:

  2. LOST is actually quite an amazing body of work, yes the concept and lots of the writing was created/done by members of the tribe but it doesnt contain any nonsense in that regard. It has a positive spiritual and enlightening message , i believe its one of those rare shows that are few and far between,and something that will be talked about for years to come as its esoteria is deciphered.
    What i wanted to mention was the similarities between lost’s plotline and the saga of the missing Malaysian flight mh370. Its seriously like they lifted the event off the pages of the script. Theyre currently searching off the coast of Australia , thats where theyve ended up, and one tagline throughout lost was that “australia is the key to the whole game”…its a mystery, right?
    And just as theyre currently searching the ocean floor with a remote submersible, so they did for the missing plane in lost, but the plane they found down there was not the authentic one, but a plant, the real plane was somewhere else altogether, as were the people of the flight…

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